802 2nd St. (Next to Pachamama)
Appointment only
(530) 297-1035
Payment methods
Cash, Debit, Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). No checks.

Urban Body is a professional body piercing studio that is devoted to providing a welcoming atmosphere with many jewelry options to fit your needs. As a customer at Urban Body you are guaranteed to receive:

  • Autoclaved steam sterilization on all tools and piercing jewelry
  • Implant grade titanium jewelry
  • New, unopened needles for every client
  • Experienced and talented Piercers
  • A sterile, clean environment and friendly counter service
  • A huge selection of body jewelry — the largest in the area.


Piercing Prices

Prices do not include the cost of the jewelry

  • Earlobe $20
  • Ear Cartilage $40
  • Tragus $40
  • Conch $40
  • Daith $40
  • Rook $40
  • Nostril $40
  • Eyebrow $40
  • Tongue $40
  • Septum $40
  • Nipple $40
  • Navel $40
  • Lip $40
  • Labret $40
  • Genital $100
  • Surface/Dermal Anchor $60
  • Industrial $60
  • Stretching $15





Jordan Mitchell

Chris Yoakum


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2008-01-01 16:55:36   I came to this place several times and always had a good experience- the people there are super nice and friendly- i got a few piercings and each time it was very easy and painless. Cool atmosphire and good selection- I will definitely go back again. —Keren

2008-02-07 22:37:36   I just got my naval pierced today. The piercer (probably Avi, judging by the descriptions) was nice and everything was very clean. I would've preferred the girl at the front desk to be more friendly, but I'd say that cleanliness and the piercer's ability are more important. —Kiran

2008-02-28 17:32:04   i just had my nose ring switched out for a smaller diameter, so i can't speak on the quality of the piercing's or the ink. i will say however that the girl working the front counter seemed instantly annoyed when i walked in. she did not greet me as i entered the shop and i had to offer an explanation first of why i was there. she limited her answers to the most basic responses and was dim about the whole interaction. Avi was quiet, gentle and courtious when he replaced the ring in my nose, even though it was a touch difficult. i would not recommend this shop to anyone based on the flippant attitude of the counter staff. —katedanger

2008-03-02 20:32:34   2008-03-02 I went to Urban Body one year ago and got a simple nose piercing from Avi. He was great... gave good explanations for after-care and was very gentle. Since then I have been in two more times for minor adjustments. Avi has always been extremely kind and courteous. —maggiebee

2008-03-03 09:46:41   i'm the proud owner of a few "home made" tattoos :( LOL and two years ago, the super-bowl was about to start and i jumped up and shouted "i want a "real" tattoo!!" i had an idea of what i wanted, drew it up on the computer and printed full size (just text...my kids names and a few significant words)...called down and there was a guy available..i dont remember his name..but he was large...not the owner..but a bigger guy...he talked me thru everything i needed to know, was very professional and helpful with all of my questions...everything went well, so i thought. i went home and took a pic of the tattoo...when i printed it out...there was a spelling errror!!!! I nearly pooped in my pants!! the word was "strength" and he put "strehgth" (all in caps tho)...i called frantically and went back down...he calmed my fears by telling me that because the font was so small..that once it was healed, he would be able to make the "H" into an "N" very easily...so it healed up, i ran down and he fixed it just like that "buzzz buzzz" was all it took. you can *NOT* tell that there ever was a problem. i'm glad this story has a happy ending. when i got home and saw the spelling error, i did check my artwork (hardcopy print) and it was spelled correctly....so yeah...just an honest mistake..could've been a big deal..but they handled it.....would i get more work done there? sure....i'd just make sure to ask if there was a tattoo-spell-check LOL —michaelG

2008-03-25 22:10:39   The customer service was weak, but the piercing was good. I experienced the same let down as 'maggiebee' and 'katedanger' with the woman at the front counter. I was not greeted by a friendly smile or a polite 'hello'. I had to ask for her to help me. It took a few minutes, but eventually she took my money and everything was fine from then on. I understand what it is like to be busy at work and then be accused of ignoring a customer. The woman at the counter may have been preoccupied. It didn't seem like it, but she certainly could have been. However, after reading the preceding comments, I noticed there was a trend. If the staff would work on their customer service then I would recommend this place. Danielle was my piercer. She was very friendly and seemed happy to be there. Avi pierced my friend's nose. He worked fast and was polite. The experience certainly could have been better, but the bottom line is that my friend and I got what we wanted- Clean holes in our bodies. —A.AUBREY

2008-04-04 16:09:55   I recently got a piercing in So Cal at a not so good place, I didn't know anything about it and they didn't answer any of my questions. BUT I went to URBAN BODY recently and the staff was friendly and very helpful. They switched my jewelry for me and answered all my questions. Avi was the one who helped me and he was very nice, clean and professional. Thank you —Dena

2008-05-01 11:08:06   I have had many piercings done here, I absolutely love it. The piercers and the artists are always friendly and knowledgable. Avi has done the majority of my piercings and I would def recommend seeing him, specially if you want anything original he really takes his time to make sure the placement is perfect. By the way people, everyone should lay off the lady at the counter, she's knowledgeable about what's going on in the shop and secondly people realize that not everyone is going to have a fake happy cheerleader attitude. —sdlexie

2008-07-24 17:11:26   i LOVE avi! he is amazing. he's pierced my cartilage twice and i've been there with about five other friends while they were getting pierced. avi's done a great job every time, very patient and accommodating, making sure the piercing was exactly what we wanted and answered all of our annoying questions with a smile. he's very knowledgeable about piercings and the best ways to take care of them, as he should. today i needed help changing my cartilage earrings, so i went in, expecting just to be told how to do it. but avi put gloves on and took my earrings out for me, sterilized my new earrings and put them in for me, for free! i don't have experience with any other piercers there, because i always ask for avi, and i would definitely recommend urban body to anyone looking for a safe, clean piercing! —shayna

2008-07-26 01:45:10   Avi is really friendly. He pierced my nose and I loved it. However, the lady up front isn't very welcoming. —venice

  • This sounds like it has less to do with this business and more to do with your own opinions of other people.—JoePomidor

2008-08-16 22:31:45   i LOVE avi! i bring my friends here all the time. i've recently moved out of davis, but i'd drive all the way to davis just to have avi pierce my ears again. wouldn't want anybody else to do it. —FeliciaTing

2008-08-16 22:34:27   and i love the new look! i got my piercing done back when avi only had curtains. lovin' the walls and windows. —FeliciaTing

2008-08-30 19:02:51   I went in here today to buy some earrings for a friend as a birthday gift, and unlike what everyone else said [though this could be two different people], the lady at the front was very friendly! She was helpful and offered some advice, and when telling us the total cost started rambling in a British accent. It was very pleasant. I've been wanting to get my cartilage pierced, but after reading the complaints I was going to go to Primary Concepts. I may just have to go here now!! This woman was blonde with a lip piercing. I'm not sure if she was the same person everybody else referred to, but regardless, she was very nice. —HannahFolkes

2008-09-02 20:57:53   yeah, i dont know why people say the lady at the front counter is mean, because i went in there a couple days ago, and she was really nice and helpful. —HeatherB

2009-03-17 23:02:12   don't get a tattoo from this place. this place sucks. especially the long haired guy. he did a fucking shitty job on my tattoo. i'm getting a re touched in another place. —tahoeian

**Sorry to hear about your experience at our shop! We would like to know what was the design and the problem with your tattoo. some areas on the body do require touch-ups sometimes, for example on the foot, wrist, behind the ear, etc. We would LOVE you to come back and show us the problem with your tattoo and we will do our best to fix and touch it up if needed. Taking care of your tattoo after you get it is very important and we would be interested in knowing how you took care of it. Please feel free to come and show it to us or contact us. Thanks- Urban Body Staff

2009-03-21 15:34:41   It's official. I prefer Urban Body over Primary Concepts. Although I wasn't planning on coming back to Urban Body because they had misaligned a hole in my cartilage and had to repierce it, after stopping by Primary Concepts TWICE and for them to say they were out of piercing needles (and they call themselves a piercing parlor wtf???) and then not sell retainers, I gave up and went back to Urban Body. I've gotten myself pierced three times there now, and the service is really friendly. I think the jewelry is overpriced though. —pandainatree

2009-04-12 20:31:32   I went in yesterday for a nostril piercing. The staff was neither rude nor friendly. The woman who did the piercing was quick and efficient, and the piercing was almost painless. I swelled a little overnight, and by this afternoon, my nose was eating the jewelry. So either she bent the post too short or I swell more than average. This is totally fixable and I don't hold it against her. The only problem is today is Easter Sunday and the shop is closed! Good thing I know a guy who knows a surgeon. :/

MORAL: Be very careful about what day you get your bodywork done. —MelissaH

2009-05-22 22:57:00   Follow-up: So the piercing had to come out (if only because I couldn't stand the pain another 18 hours until the shop opened). I went back into the shop the next day, and everyone was very nice. The owner was very cool about it, and said to come back in a couple weeks and they'd re-do it for free. I've had no problems the second time around. I'm very happy with them! —MelissaH

2009-07-10 18:47:53   I recently had a tattoo done here by Jordan, and I was a little disappointed with the result. It is only one color, a simple flat design, but it is on my feet and I think the artist must not have been experienced with feet tattoos, but I don't know for sure because I did not ask (the onus is on me for that). Much of the line work is uneven, and many of the lines are too short or too long (the position he had me sit it made it difficult not to twitch involuntarily when the needle hit ticklish spots, so that accounts for some of it... spinal reflex). My skin is now raised (scarred) along the outlines of the tattoo, and the filled in sections healed unevenly, but that is more likely due to it being on my feet. The outline is not all the same color, despite having used only one color of ink. It must be that he was not able to control the depth of the needle, I'm sure it was tough at times. I knew I would have to have it touched up, but I was still initially angry about how it looks. The first time I wrote this review, I was more insulting. They have a sign in their store saying they do free touch-ups at the discretion of the artist, which is a very good offer particularly for those of us who don't make much money. I do plan on going in to ask about this and to have a second go at this. I was really spoiled by my first tattoo experience at Diving Swallow in Oakland (not for those with slim checkbooks, unfortunately), and I would prefer that sort of experience again. You get what you pay for, though, and I ended up with a tattoo that needs some work, is not and will never be perfect, but that cost considerably less than it would have elsewhere. (This comment was edited 7-12-09 at 1:41 pm) —Gillian

  • Replying to the post above mine. I think, that if your having personal issues or just a bad day you should probably refrain from typing up mad complaints. Especially If you did not follow the simple after care guidelines that i constantly repeat with each customer (as you told me you did not). I want to say to the frequent writers of the internet: this is not a therapist, and should not be treated as one, if you have a problem with a local business then go talk to them so that they can help solve the problem to the best of their ability.. rather than going on rants. And to the readers: this is not the bible, you should THINK or even investigate the things you read on the internet before assuming them correct. The internet unfortunately is like the "wild west".. anyone can say anything and nobody polices it even though they have no idea what they are talking about and cant follow simple instructions. You guys can see my stuff at myspace.com/roach66 and www.urban-body.com Thanks!! Jordan
  • Actually, the wiki is a place to document and explore Davis. There's a place for the entire Davis community, which includes wacky rants from Davites — even vague and strange insinuations of murder — and also calm replies from local artists and business owners. It's pretty much like standing around at the Farmer's Market listening to people; you run into some informed experts, and some people who are urging people to call Obama about how the town is spying on him. —gnomeEvan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2009-07-14 14:39:31   customer service isn't their best feature. the owner is nice and does his job quite well. however, the minions and total elitist condescending scumbags he hires are complete tools who need a reality check. not all of them, but a good amount. in particular, one tall skinny old-looking guy with huge gauged ears. total nutjob. —datsyuk

  • We don't have any tall skinny old-looking guy with huge gauged ears who works here, sorry. Urban Body Stuff!

2009-11-15 18:50:57   It's a good place to get your piercing done. I would recommend going online for more body jewelry since its pricey but overall its alright here. —VanMenz

2009-12-16 20:32:49   Awesome guy helped me out today. Great jewelry selection. He really cares about the art and the people who walk into the shop. Thanks! —ShannonClare

2010-01-12 12:15:20   Just got my lip pierced! Alvi did a great job, was very professional and explained after care perfectly! Counter service was great! Not sure what the previous comments were about the counter service but that was not what I experienced! The girl at the counter was SUPER friendly and it was a very busy day. We all had fun talking about our piercings and tatoos and she even recomeneded a place for lunch! Will go there for all further work and reccomend Urban Body to everyone! It was my very first peircing and it was an awesome experience!!! —kahlajones

2010-04-26 15:30:17   At 50 years old I just had my first tattoo. Everyone at the shop was friendly and helpful. Jordan designed my leg piece and it turned out sooo fantastic that even my kids (all who have multiple tattoos) were jealous. The color is unbelievable! I was given easy to understand aftercare instructions and was treated great even when I called back later to ask a rather dumb question. I highly recommend Urban Body to anyone and I have a feeling that I'll be wanting more ink in the near future.


2010-06-02 12:13:06   I have to say I can't give a good review for their piercings. I went there in 08 and got my nipples pierced, it cost me $90 and I had to take them out a month later, not because they were rejecting, but because they were done too close to the top and they were crooked. Avi or someone did my piercings and I really doubt I would ever go back for anything except to BUY body jewelery. I've bought glittery balls for my piercings and that's it. I got my nipples re-pierced @ Deep Ink for free about a year ago and still have them. WTF moment of my life man. —Mogitha

2010-06-25 23:14:55   Although it was an overall nice experience, I had some problems. I merely got my tongue ring replaced, but the piercer was not sterile. He didn't steralize the ring, my mouth, or anything he was working with. Yes, the risk of infecting a healed piercing is low, but with any amount of risk should come precaution. He was gentle, but he wasn't as clean with the items as I would have liked. —Serbear

2010-08-07 12:59:45   I would highly recommend NOT going here. I have had two bad experiences at this place (I should've learned my lesson the first time). It is well worth the money and time to go to a different piercing place -to real artists- in either SF or Sac. —meggers

2010-08-07 17:41:23   I don't know what are you guys talking about?! Probably bunch of haters who have something personal about the peoples who work there. I get all my piercings here and i live in Sacramento and always been happy of the results and the service- I wish we would have more piercing places like Urban Body in the city that I won't need to drive all the way there!!! Two thumbs up!!! Highly recommended. —HannhHolly

2010-08-30 22:48:29   I went and had Nick pierce my cartilage (sp?) and navel. I was scared because my friend backed out on me and I was worried about the pain. Nick was really nice and calm and explained everything to me. When I tensed up, he helped calm me down and told me it was almost over. My piercings were exactly where I wanted them and all was great. The piercing cost is relatively inexpensive, but the jewelery is a little pricey. I won't buy any from here, but for the initial piercing it was worth it. The next day my friend noticed that the ball on my cartilage wasn't the purple gem that I had requested (I couldn't see it in the mirror because of the bad angle) I went in that day and Avi was there. He said it wasn't a problem to change it out and that he wouldn't charge me for it. He noted that I had some crusted blood on the piercing and showed me how to clean it better and was just overall a great guy. I would definitely recommend going to this place for piercings. —JessH

2010-08-30 22:57:29   I love the tattoo portfolios here. I'm not into tats myself, but there's some really fantastic work displayed. Impressive. —TomGarberson

2010-09-20 11:53:42   I went here to get my nose pierced a couple of weeks ago and couldn't have been more impressed! The shop was clean, the people were nice, and my piercing turned out great! Absolutely no complaints. —ErinFracolli

2010-10-15 22:48:37   I got my second piercing from here. Done very quickly. Nice people. —Davekhuh

2010-11-22 02:05:39   This place is Great!!! I highly recommend going to Avi. I've gotten a couple piercings here and have been pierced by another gentlemen at Urban Body, but I prefer Avi for a few reasons.He takes his time when marking where your piercing will be, and makes sure that your happy with it. He briefly goes over the aftercare instructions and answers any questions you may have and or offers suggestions in accordance to your piercing. He is very gentle and makes the overall experience painless. I've encountered the lady in the front and I must say she's just a down to earth person. She may have an attitude but just roll with it. Shes actually pretty nice. Again, I highly recommend Urban Body for Piercings!!! —SoInfamous0723

2011-01-07 08:38:01   Have gotten all of my piercings here and the service was great. I think the people here really took their constructive criticism well as the original counter girl is now a lot more cheery and they hired another really outgoing girl.

While getting my latest tattoo here it hurt sooooo baaaaadllyyyy but Jordan (the artist) was really cool about it and made it look really decent even though I couldn't help moving around.


2011-01-11 14:29:22   Had my first cartilage piercing here last night. Avi is great and the piercing didn't hurt at all. The lady up front was nice, but I think she said she was new, so probably she's not the same person as the one garnering so much negative attention in previous comments. Piercing jewelry runs about $15-20 and they have a good selection. I think some of the price listing on this page needs updating however. I didn't memorize the whole list while I was in the store, but I noticed genital piercing listed as $45, not 30 as it says here.

One other thing, it should say somewhere on this page that they accept only cash and credit, not checks. Since I'd only been to Primary Concepts for piercing before (while they still had piercing) I was expecting cash and check but no cards. Oops! Overall this was a positive experience. I liked looking at Ralph Steadman drawings on the ceiling while being pierced. —omgstarkitty

  • I added a "payment methods" section to the table at the top. If you know which cards are accepted, please fill that in. —CovertProfessor

2011-01-21 12:02:26   I have gotten my ears pierced, a dermal, and a tattoo done here in the past two years and I haven't had any problems at all. Everyone at Urban Body was very helpful and answered all of my questions, I would definitely recommend this place. —VMtz

2011-02-14 22:33:49   I got my first tattoo yesterday and I can honestly say this place in amazing. Chris does great work and everyone in the shop makes you feel extremely comfortable and safe. When I get my second tattoo I will definitely be coming here —Tiffee

2011-02-20 20:44:44   I like the place, I just got my nostril pierced (20 minutes ago). My only warning is to make sure you listen to the advise of the piercer, not the receptionist. Today I got completely different stories from both of them and wound up getting a stud instead of the hoop I originally wanted (which would have been fine, as it turns out...). Otherwise, great experience, friendly service and an excellent selection of jewelry to choose from. I'd totally recommend them. —ReeseLayton

2011-02-25 16:25:31   My friends and I come here to urban body frequently. I love Avi — he is so kind and informative, I would be hesitant to get pierced by anyone else. I got my collar bones done with microdermals, a surface piercing on my nape, and I am planning on coming back to get more work done. —AlexDao

2011-03-10 02:01:52   I just got a tattoo yesterday 3/8/11 and I LOVE IT. The artist Jordan did an AMAZING job. I simply told him what I wanted and he drew it up and it looked awesome so I got the tattoo and its a great piece of art and I am glad to say that I will be returning to get another tattoo from Jordan because he is absolutely amazing, I would most definitely recommend getting a tattoo from him because he is an amazing artist. The piercer Avi is really nice too. I had my cartilege done the day before my tattoo and he was super nice about it and made it painless. Thanks Urban Body you guys are the BESTTT!!! —EmilyMAnderson

2011-05-03 16:46:53   I just got my cartilage pierced a little over a week ago and I absolutely love it but I specifically asked if I should use liquid soap to clean it like some of my friends did for their piercings and the lady told me no. Sure enough a couple days ago my ear started aching horribly so I called to see what I should do. Of course the lady I spoke with on the phone told me I SHOULD be using the liquid soap and she told me a completely different regime to use for cleaning. So I hope my ear gets better and it doesn't prolong the healing time or leave any kind of scar :( —sadiesh774

2011-08-08 12:12:13   Got my belly button pierced here a couple of days ago and couldn't be more pleased! The woman working the front desk was incredibly friendly and helpful, and the piercer (Jonez?) did a great job and helped me through the process. The pain only lasted for about 20 seconds and they gave me clear aftercare instructions as well as providing the cleaning supplies. There was literally no wait for any of this; I'd go back in a heartbeat! —SucculentPope

2011-08-30 09:54:30   I got my nose pierced here yesterday. The piercing itself was pretty painless, and a day later there is still no redness, swelling or pain. The whole experience exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend this place. —BlytheDurbinJohnson

2011-09-25 23:47:11   I just got my cartilage/helix pierced here last week with one of my best friends, and it was fabulous. Katrina pierces on Fridays and Saturdays and we went in on a Saturday. It was such a breeze [other than me being a dork, thinking the counter girl asked for my student ID when she actually asked for my state ID!]. I was a little nervous before because I don't like needles, but Katrina literally pierced my ear and got the ring in within a few seconds. The pain was very, very minimal and if anything the popping sound of my ear was more annoying. My friend has had a piercing by Avi before [who has high ratings], and she said she liked Katrina a lot in comparison. Make sure to print out their $5 off coupon!

Also, I'm not sure about the above complaints regarding cleaning, but we were both given cards with specific instructions on how to clean your piercing. Non-scented liquid soap is on there as an acceptable solution, but you should also use a sea salt solution. Their salt is $2 for a small bag. —HannahFolkes

2012-02-04 23:17:51   @HannhHolly, No, it's called a bad experience. I don't know anyone who works at the shop personally, My nipple piercings were crooked and too close to the surface, I could SEE the metal through my skin, it's supposed to be a bit deeper than that. I'm not a ~hater~ and I'm considering going back to get my septum done, as long as I'm not being pierced by Avi. :) —Mogitha

2012-02-28 23:28:16   Got my rook, conch, and tragus here, and all my experiences have been wonderful. Appreciate that both piercers always make nice, comfortable small talk — Avi, especially. The woman up-front has always been chill and friendly, so I don't know why she gets a bad rap. I know I can get my piercings done cheaper at other cities/shops, but I do want to point out that I've never had any problems with my piercings. I'll definitely be back. —DianaNguyen

2012-03-08 02:49:07   I don't really know about this place. It's not bad but at the same time it's not great. I got the other side of my lip done. After getting it I noticed that it was slightly lower than my other piercing. I went back and they fixed it for free. The only problem that I had was that they didn't use clamps. I feel like the piercing itself is slanted and even 3 months after I still have issues with it. Trust me I took very good care of it. It was my second piercing so i know how careful you have to be with new piercings. The piercing itself hurt a lot more than the first(probably due to the lack of clamps) and I just didn't feel like it was done properly once healed. I cant wear hoops because the one I got done at urban body gets irritated or the ring is uncomfortable while the other side is always fine. Once again I think it may be due to the fact that the piercing was not done correctly . I love my snakebites but if I could go back I would have got it done at the shop where I got my first one. The jewelry is beautiful but slightly over priced. For my lip it was $60 total because the $30 was only for the piercing and I had to buy all the jewelry for it. Overall I think their piercing abilities are only okay. I will continue to buy jewelry because its really good quality but I don't think I would trust them with the nape piercing I want to get next. —CynthiaIbarra

2012-04-29 13:47:22   I went there on a saturday (yesterday). I used to have a prince albert a while back, pierced at a different place in souther california back when I lived down there, and I took it out because having one at that time in my life was inconvenient- the hole shrunk down, and for a while I left it as is. I went here yesterday in order to see what could be done, since I missed my PA and wanted it back- make do with the old shrunken hole, or make a new one? In the end, we decided to work with the old hole. A couple of comments: -The people in the front were really nice and helpful to just about everyone who came in, and were patient with my waffling between choosing either getting a new hole pierced or working with the old one -The piercer, Avi, was nice (not to mention super good looking... but he was touching my penis for reinserting a prince albert so I felt like it would be weird to tell him that in person haha) -There is a decent variety of jewelry to be bought

However, a couple less positive things: -The jewelry selection isn't huge, which is to be expected (the place is kind of on the smaller side). I was hoping to pierce at an 8 guage for the prince albert- I usually hear that piercing at an 8 guage is best, but maybe 10 for the more squeemish/pain prone, but they didn't have any 8 guage jewelry that would work, which I thought was strange since that size could be thought as a 'starter' piercing size for prince alberts. This is part of the reason I decided to work with my old hole, I didn't want to special order new parts and have to wait. - It almost felt like the advice Avi gave me for taking care of my piercing (or, rather, the slight stretching/reinsertion of a piercing into an already existing hole, more painful than it sounds haha) was very similar to the advice I received when I first got the piercing. Considering I already had the hole and there wasn't nearly as much to heal, it felt kind of odd to be hearing the same general advice again with regards for time frames and how long to wait until switching jewelry, though I may have misheard him- who knows. I remember how it was when I first got it, so I know when it's healed, not too big a deal but kind of weird for me I guess. -Finally, I've heard warnings against getting prince alberts at anything thinner than a 12 due to the 'cheese cutter' effect, even 12 is recommended against sometimes in favor of a 10 or 8 guage. Avi ended up getting a 14 guage to fit into my hole, and I'm a bit dubious about how willing they were able to do that without any warnings on the thinness of the piercing. Maybe what I heard was incorrect, but I'm still going to be ultra careful with it until I get to a thicker guage...

In the end, they are nice, the place is sterile, the follow procedure, and people seem to be happy about their piercings from there (I technically didn't get pierced, so I can't comment too much on that) but I'm not sure they get enough foot traffic to know 100% how to deal with weirder, more particular situations like mine —AndrewJacobs

2012-06-12 17:36:27   This is my home when it comes to piercings!!! I've been seeing Avi for 5 years now and it's great to truly feel (and know) that he is one of the best piercing gurus out there. He will do what's best for the piercing and for your skin, not for their cash register. Thanks for being awesome Avi, Jax, and the whole staff. You rock the casbah! —Arcamedes123

2012-08-08 14:26:12   I got my septum pierced here about a month ago by Kat and she is amazing! This was the least painful piercing ever, like I didn't know it was already done when she was like "do you wanna see how it looks?" The worst part was smelling the alcohol swab lol! The girl at the counter was helpful and very nice, so idk what you guys are talking about, she also knows where absolutely everything is. I also got my nipple barbells changed and everything went super well. I'm going back tomorrow to get my septum retainer switched out for a horseshoe hoop :) —Mogitha