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Davis Urban Legends

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Note: Many of these listed are debunkable with a little research, don't believe everything you hear!

City Legends

  • Haunted Houses
  • Jimmy Carter's visit
    • Jimmy didn't visit, but Rosalind did, to see Village Homes, which was the country's first all-solar housing developmentBevSykes
  • What's buried under the bike statue on Russell

Campus Legends

  • Cow Tipping
  • World War Two Prisoners
  • Famous Alumni
  • Invention of Agent Orange
  • The Unibomber's Visit
  • Girl's Face on Side of Tercero B - legend has it that a girl living on the second floor of Tercero B leapt to her death (from a second floor?!). The faint image of her face later become apparent on the wall - or it maybe it was that her friends painted her face on the wall, it was later painted over, and reappeared (which would make complete sense as one can often see the vague impression of underlying layers of paint).

Greek Legends

  • Any Greeks care to spill the beans?

Actually True

  • Lands deeded with stipulations
  • "Square Tomatos" - were invented here. Most tomatoes one finds in a grocery store are "square" tomatoes. They are more robust than (round?) tomatoes, eliminating a formerly significant problem of tomatoes breaking during harvesting.
  • Sword and Sandals, UCD's very own secret society
  • Radioactive Beagles burried on on UC Davis property - from this report:
  • The former Laboratory for Energy-Related Health Research is a 15-acre site located on part of the University of California, Davis campus...The Atomic Energy Commission and Department of Energy sponsored experiments at LEHR during the 1960s through the 1980s. These experiments consisted primarily of exposing beagle dogs to strontium-90 and radium–226 to extrapolate the human effects from exposure to low levels of radiation. Waste from these research activities was processed in a Radium/Strontium Treatment System... Waste was also buried in the southwest corner of the site in unlined trenches (Southwest Trenches).

A person by the name of Chris Watson also claims to have owned a UC Davis radioactive Beagle.