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Davis Urban Legends

Please include debunking or confirming information on subpages.

Note: Many of these listed are debunkable with a little research, don't believe everything you hear!

City Legends

  • Haunted Houses
  • Jimmy Carter's visit
    • Jimmy didn't visit, but Rosalind did, to see Village Homes, which was the country's first all-solar housing developmentBevSykes
  • What's buried under the bike statue on Russell

Campus Legends

  • Cow Tipping
  • World War Two Prisoners
  • Famous Alumni
  • Invention of Agent Orange
  • The Unibomber's Visit

Greek Legends

  • Any Greeks care to spill the beans?

Actually True

  • Lands deeded with stipulations
  • "Square Tomatos" - were invented here. Most tomatoes one finds in a grocery store are "square" tomatoes. They are more robust than (round?) tomatoes, eliminating a formerly significant problem of tomatoes breaking during harvesting.
  • Sword and Sandals, UCD's very own secret society