Old comments from CovertProfessor's page:

2007-04-03 22:48:50   Welcome to the wiki. I'm glad you decided to join as there are not nearly enough professors on here. As it is right now, the wiki seems to be dominated by undergraduates. —WilliamLewis

2007-04-03 22:56:04   Thanks! Yes, it is good for me to hear the undergraduate perspective, but I agree that more voices are needed. (Hey, if you're out there, join in!) —CovertProfessor

2007-04-16 10:06:15   I totally agree with William— plenty of profs read the wiki but their contributions are regrettably scarce. I'll definitely check out the tuna melt next time I'm at Fuzio's and the muffins at village bakery. BTW, if you want to maximize the number of people who read your reviews, I recommend you put them on each restaurant's pages. Right now, your visibility is limited to (achem) wiki gnomes, or people who have seen your link on the dental fraud and faculty pages. —CraigBrozinsky

2007-04-16 11:41:41   Well, glad the gnomes are stopping by, anyway. :-) I suppose I've been torn about just how "visible" I want to be (I am "covert," after all), but then again, there's no point in my doing a lot of work if hardly anyone is going to see it. (And I won't motivate other profs to join in if I am too covert). I think I'd like to keep my restaurant reviews all together for now, but maybe I'll increase my visibility if I put a link on the Restaurants page. And really, I should be commenting on some professor-oriented things. I'm open to suggestions for places where that might be useful. —CovertProfessor

2007-04-16 13:38:04   For professor-oriented input, a couple pages that come to mind are UC Undergrad Neglect and UCD classroom etiquette. As for the restaurant reviews, you could have them both on the restaurant page and your own with a little cutting & pasting! : ) —LillianChow

Thanks — those are all good suggestions. It might take me awhile, but I'll get crackin'. —CovertProfessor

2007-05-02 22:55:06   Awesome reviews, keep up the good work, one day I will figure out a way to determine who you are, just to take your class. —DavidPoole

Thanks! :-) Of course, I'd love to have you in my class, but not if I have to blow my cover. Just take classes that you're interested in, and maybe you'll stumble on me anyway... —CovertProfessor

2007-05-03 03:10:09   Nice reviews added yesterday; I like the specifics. —JabberWokky

Thanks. I think specifics are very important for restaurant reviews, because every restaurant that is in business will have some people who like it. So, it helps to know what a person does, or does not, like about a restaurant. Then the reader can decide if that is something that is important to him/her. —CovertProfessor

2007-05-03 14:00:25   The Wiki does, indeed, seem to be heavily undergraduate-oriented, but there are a few like me who throw in the occasional thing, and I'm not even associated with the University. Anyway, good to see your entries here. —DanLawyer

Good to see yours, too. The wiki should reflect the community. —CovertProfessor

The top editors, accounting for a heavy percentage of edits, are not undergrads. The top ten editors have a percentage appropriate for the town. I'd say that the wiki has a heavy undergraduate orientation because Davis has a heavy undergraduate orientation. It's sort of like having the Las Vegas wiki being gambling oriented; if it weren't, it wouldn't reflect the actual city. Having seen the wiki operate for a few years now, I can say that we're coming into summer, when the edits slow and the non-student editors tend to stand out a bit more. —JabberWokky

Makes sense to me. I haven't been here long enough to get a sense of Davis as a whole, anyway. But the wiki has really eased that process, for which I am grateful. —CovertProfessor

2007-05-09 15:40:48   In my opinion a salad should only complement the main entree, and I don't like salads that are presented as meals. I love iceberg lettuce for the very reason that it has no nutritional value - whatever happened to eating food for enjoyment instead of nutritional "value"? Excepting the lettuce comments I like this page a lot. —TusharRawat

I also am not a big fan of the "salad as meal," although they seem to be all the rage. And your point about eating food for enjoyment is well-taken. I can't say that too many of the tasty desserts that I eat are good for me. I guess I never thought about people eating iceberg lettuce for pleasure — I had more in mind people thinking they were eating something healthy, when in fact they are (from a nutritional point of view) eating a bowl of salad dressing. But for those like you who eat iceberg lettuce for pleasure — more power to you! —CovertProfessor

  • Actually iceberg lettuce is a good source of Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Iron and Potassium, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate and Manganese. On a 5 star rating system (of health value) by nutritiondata.com iceberg lettuce recieved 5 stars (as did most non-starchy vegetables). Yes it may not have the most nutrients out of all the lettuces, but to say it has no nutritional value is actually just perpetuating a myth. My nutrition major freinds gringe whenever someone makes this type of statement. However, its not your fault because it has been perpetuated by the media and even well educated people in the medical field. However, i do not perfer iceberg, since i thing it is not as flavorful as other greens. But sometimes its nice when you just want something crisp and fresh. By the way the best advice for eating vegetables, is eat the rainbow, very the types of veges as much as you can. Pretty much all veges are good for you, even iceberg. -MattHh
    • You really need to consider portion size. Lettuce, iceberg or not, is mostly water, and though it may have big benefits in a salad sized portion, it doesn't make a big dent nutritionally if you plop a single leaf on a burger. A leaf of iceberg lettuce fulfills fewer than 3% of your daily dietary in all categories with the exception of Vitamin K (5%). In contrast, the equivalent amount of potato chips have about half as much vitamin K and are a better source of crunchy deliciousness. —CraigBrozinsky
    • Ok, guilty (of perpetuating a myth) as charged! I checked into it and you are right — iceberg lettuce does have some nutritional value, although much less than most other lettuces. —CovertProfessor

2007-06-19 17:30:23   thanks for the feedback, CP. Although the crisp text and rough bike was an intentional juxtaposition, maybe a change is for the best. —EliseKane

2007-06-20 13:20:27   thanks for helping with the links to the Blue page! —JessicaRockwell

2007-06-29 18:29:29   I agree with you about being against moving all Sacramento based pages from Davis Wiki. Something is lost indeed. I proposed a solution that I hope most people would agree satisfies everyone. —EdWins

It's not me deleting anything, I only edit my page and pages that apply to the community. I actually constantly refer other people to other sitters quite frequently as I am swaped most of the time. Sorry for the confusion ,but look elsewhere for the culprit. —ElizabethBarthel

  • As WilliamLewis pointed out, there is evidence that you've deleted competitors' names from the wiki. —CovertProfessor
    • I only edited the page a couple of times and deleted by mistake at first and once on purpose, I wanted to do some research from people to find out the validity of the new students business and whether or not I could look to her as a referral because I believe other students should help students. I have since referred people to lone roan pet sitting and sorry this had to happen it will not happen in the future. As far as the comment about the dirty house and such there is only one case and they had a dog and cat(hearsay as far as i am concerned) please address all future comments to me directly and not on the business page if you please i will answer them and if you still feel the need to make comments then i or you can addd them to the page. Thanks for your advice, i have learned a valuable lesson

2007-07-17 11:06:59   Howdy,

It's actually accepted practice on Davis Wiki for individuals to do what they please with their own userpages. So, Elizabeth Bartel was acting reasonably when she removed the comment(s) from her own page. That doesn't apply to her pet sitting page, of course, since it's the community's page about her service and not a page "owned" by her.

That said, thanks for helping to keep the wiki contents legit. —GrahamFreeman

2007-07-17 23:31:16   Heh. You're just lucky I was busy creating the Hawaiian Barbecue page :) . —KevinChin

Heh... now I know your weak point...

2007-07-18 20:04:00   Dammit, now I want a hot dog. —GrahamFreeman

  • Seconded, curse you professor, making me miss Davis all the more. ~Dave

2007-08-02 14:35:06   Hi Covert professor I am Leonardo Fasulo owner of Osteria Fasulo in West Davis I saw you question about the patio and bringing dogs , we welcome dogs and my customers love it and i was thinking of having a dogs night out,hope to see you soon, Leonardo —LeonardoFasulo

2007-08-04 09:55:28   zogm anyone who doesn't have a dog can be crossed off the list of potential CP's... —StevenDaubert

  • Hmm... Or, I have a friend with a dog... —CovertProfessor P.S. What is zogm?
    • ZOMG is a bastardization of the Internet shorthand term for 'Oh My God', OMG. The term is commonly used to express humorously overwrought excitement
      • That is a good definition... notice how OMG is misspelled to further the sense of excitement? Damnit CP, don't point out the logical failings of my attempt to cull potential CP... —StevenDaubert
        • I got some minor lulz out of this whole exchange. :) —WilliamLewis
        • Zoh my god, it's hard for old farts like me to keep up! (Does that cull potential CPs, too — or are all Ps old farts?) But I wouldn't be very covert if I let slip *too* much relevant info. :) —CovertProfessor
        • Or your admission could be subterfuge in and of itself. Aha! Didn't think we'd catch on to that, did you? —KevinChin

2007-08-17 11:10:25   You are a hamburger-linking maniac!! Nice job. —JabberWokky

Thanks! And I've been psyched to see the edits that others have made to the page — it's even better now. —CovertProfessor

2007-08-18 11:54:45   You know, when I left that note about the photo on the hamburgers entry, the thought went through my head "I'll bet CovertProfessor uploads a photo". —JabberWokky

Well, how could I resist? My first Davis Wiki photo, too, although I neither took the picture nor ate the burger (next time)! —CovertProfessor

2007-08-27 16:44:06   Hi CovertProfessor, welcome to Davis! I'm going into my final year at UC Davis and have had a few years to try out the Davis food scene. I'm biased because I currently serve there as one of my two jobs, but it seems you have had bad experiences with "Japanese food" in Davis and urge you to come to Zen Toro (I was a weekly regular before I started working there). If price is a concern try us out during lunch we have some good lunch combinations priced from $7-$10, and if you have some more moolah to spend, try out some of the nigiri or specialty rolls (three is a good number for two people). For rolls, in order of preference I recommend the SSC, Lobster Roll, Avo-Negihama, Ocean Kings, and Stuart, and our customers seem to like the ZT Crunch, Tataki Attack, Citrus Breeze, and New Age Bake California. As for entrees try the Hawaiian Kalbi Ribs, the Loco Moco, or Grilled Saba. If like many people on the wiki you desire off-the-menu items, try the Seafood Chazuke (rice and assorted sashimi with a special broth poured over it). PS - we make our own teriyaki sauce (it seems like bad teriyaki sauce is your pet peeve). —AlvinTsao

  • Thanks for the recommendation — see my review above. And yes, I did like the teriyaki sauce! —CovertProfessor

2007-08-28 16:08:47   Tucos does allow dogs on the patio. At least, they did when I worked there. —ElleWeber

Thank you! —CovertProfessor

2007-08-30 23:14:03   Nice job splitting the Best Western pages. —WilliamLewis

  • Thanks. This was something I found confusing when I first came to Davis, so I thought it might help others to split the entries. And you are right, we should keep the plain Best Western page with just the links. —CovertProfessor

2007-08-30 23:45:15   Could you tell us what department your in, or at least a general field (ie. physcal/math science, soc science, engineering, humanities, bio science, medical/health science etc.) Im just currious, you dont have to answer if you think that will give your identity away. —MattHh

  • Isn't it obvious? :-) —CovertProfessor
    • Um. . . Food Science & Technology? Viticulture and Enology? . . . Vet med? Ninjutsu? —KevinChin
      • Hi! Out of curiosity, not trying to offend you, but how do we really know you're a professor? A couple of my housemates and I were just having a conversation the other day and we thought you have quuuuite a bit of time to edit the Wiki so much as a professor! -AmyLee
        • Amy, you're right, you don't know — you can believe me or not, and it doesn't really matter to me one way or the other. You're absolutely right, though, that I tend to spend more time here than is good for me. But I have always been this way... I work a little bit, I play a little bit, I work a little bit... it's all on the computer, so it's just a matter of switching from one app to another. If I wasn't wasting time on the wiki, I'd find someplace else to do it. Small anecdote: As a high school student and a beginning undergraduate, I always thought that I had lousy study habits. Then I took a psychology of education class, and read about a study that claimed that studying for hours on end was actually *not* a good way to learn; that your brain needs time off (say, every 20 mins or so) for things to sink in. Whether that study was correct or not, and whether that applies now that I am writing, preparing lectures, etc., I don't know — but it's my story and I'm sticking to it. :) —CovertProfessor

2007-09-05 21:37:46   I believe it was necessary to out Talia because she was abusing her wrongly assumed anonymity to try to get revenge on the person who pushed her out at the Aggie. Talia has nothing to fear from Kacey at this point because she is not and has never been Kacey's underling. Of course, the childishness of her actions today could have adverse effects on her career should they reach a wider audience, but that's her own doing. You, on the other hand, aren't abusing your anonymity and have no reason to fear losing it. If someone did out you, I'd be the first person to bug Philip to memory-hole the edit. —WilliamLewis

2007-09-05 22:29:37   thank you for helping. —JessicaRockwell

Covert Prof- I edited the comment because 1) I am no longer a davis police officer, and 2) the paragraph is pejorative and implies that I directed threats of bodily harm to persons, which is not true. :) Hope you're enjoying Davis! It's a lovely town, really. —CameronMenezes

2007-09-12 23:39:33   Hi CP —StevenDaubert

2007-09-14 11:26:22   Hi CP. I'm a professor too, new to Davis this year. I appreciate the restaurant run-down. I'm a native Californian previously stranded in the Midwest for 6 years, so one of the things that drew me to Davis was the many ethnic food options. It's a bit overwhelming, though. I laughed out loud at your initial experience of Pluto—walked in and walked out again, completely daunted by the customer interface and the tyranny of choice. I did exactly the same thing a month ago before finally trying it out. Glad to know I wasn't alone! —CynthiaCCC

2007-09-17 15:16:39   I love the restaurant reviews. Try Chuy's Taqueria if you haven't yet— wonderful fish tacos. —BrianLum

  • I'm not a big fish taco person myself, but my partner is, so we'll have to check them out soon. Thanks for the tip! —CovertProfessor

2007-09-17 15:45:04   Nearly an alliteration, awesome. Seems like the new year is off to a good start, thanks for the grammar correction, it is a common problem that `fects me. —DavidPoole

  • Yes, I was pretty pleased with it, personally. (Ok, stop me now). —CovertProfessor

2007-09-17 16:15:17   zomg hai cp!

_ —StevenDaubert

2007-09-21 11:15:47   i totally understand about not wanting to subject your dog to sitting alone in a cage. if you'd like to give it one more try, you might try making an 8am appointment (the store opens at 9, but the grooming dept. opens at 8, just knock on the doors and they'll let you in), try an evening appointment or ask the groomers when a low-volume time/day is so that you can minimize the amount of time your dog has to sit in a cage. or just give in to the joys of grooming your own dog. it's fun for everyone! water and fur everywhere! ;) —JennSuzuki

Thanks, Jenn, those are good suggestions. For now, we're giving Fo' Paws a try. I'll post my experiences here once we've been there a few times and can really judge them. So far, they seem like a better option for us because it's a small place where, even if the dog has to be in a cage, it is not by itself (the people are right there where the dog can see them and the people can talk to them). I should also acknowledge that Petco's setup might be less of an issue for a dog that was OK on its own in a cage, but not all dogs are used to that. And if Fo' Paws doesn't work out, we can try going back to Petco and get the early or late appointment, as you suggested. —CovertProfessor

2007-09-25 11:38:05   Thanks for moving the Dos Coyotes stuff to another page. That was a lot of well, pointless discussion. —BrentLaabs

Yeah, I kept hoping someone else would do it, but no one was rising to the challenge. Then I got inspired when I saw the $5000 pita page. —CovertProfessor

2007-09-25 12:46:45   Nice filibustering/tempest cleanup. —JabberWokky

Thanks! —CovertProfessor

2007-09-25 20:12:53   there's no joke about SOS and BPP that i know about. should it be deleted from the see also section? —JessicaRockwell

Looks like it's gone now. Good riddance. —CovertProfessor

2007-10-14 20:30:27   Sorry, I should have looked at it more carefully. The only explanation I can think of is it was a joke about parking at the Post Office, Toad Hollow, or the gravel lot behind the Post Office and walking across Pole Line or through the tunnel (which is actually something I have wanted to try someday). Weird. —NickSchmalenberger

Ah, yes, I think you're right — it must have been a joke. Well, if you can think of some other way to spell out the connection between Toad Hollow Dog Park and Toad Tunnel, go for it! —CovertProfessor

2007-10-18 23:37:08   Every once in a while I will see a professor in ali baba's or somewhere, and wish to ask if they are you, but then again that would be rather rude. Just to ask, what do you think of the veggie special at ali baba's at the moment? —DavidPoole

Have they changed it recently? Last I went I liked it. —CovertProfessor

2007-10-25 20:29:52   thanks for leaving a comment on my page —kelvinkay

2007-11-10 13:43:44   What type of dog do you have? —EdWins

  • :( Alright, what dog group is yours? (Hound, terrier, toy, etc). I actually am curious, since you've mentioned the dog in so many edits but maybe don't want to be too specific. My girlfriend has a little Sheltie (a picture is on my page), but we never really had the opportunity to take her around Davis.
    • I think he's in the non-sporting group? Not sure, I'm not too up on these things. Anyway, you should take your gf's very adorable Sheltie out and about! Davis is pretty dog-friendly as these things go... lots of restaurants with outdoor seating, a fair number of dog parks/runs, nice walking paths on the greenbelt and the arboretum. —CovertProfessor

2007-11-14 09:19:00   Replying to a rather old comment you left on Town Wildlife, Town Wildlife is for wild animals like Bats, Town Flora is for emus and other domesticated animals1. Some, like Turkeys, are both wild and domesticated and thus there is overlap. There is also Wiki Animals, which are companion animals of a variety of species. —JabberWokky

  • If that's the intent, then maybe we just need to fix the pages. I think having coyotes and deer on the Town Fauna was one of the things that threw me off. As for the Town Wildlife page — are there any wild chickens in Davis? Maybe I've just missed them! Rabbits, I guess, are reasonably on both pages, along with turkeys (as you mentioned). Frogs, snakes, toads, turtles, and lizards all could be on both, but they're just on Wildlife. Snails, too. But that just increases the duplication, so... —CovertProfessor
    • Fauna and flora are the animals and plants of a region, which to me at least implies the animals and plants that naturally occur in the area. So, fauna seems to be an incorrect title for a page of domesticated animals. —JimEvans
  • Please see ["Town Wildlife/Talk"] — I started a formal discussion about renaming them.

2007-11-20 21:18:19   Actually, the problem I've had is that I've been running various flavors of Unix. Is it Mac/Windows only? —JabberWokky

I'm not sure, JW. Sorry. —CovertProfessor

2007-11-20 22:28:55   Hi there, CovertP. Thanks so much for the kind words and thoughts about our pet grooming shop. One of our customers turned us on to your comments when she brought her furry best friend in for a "spa" treatment today. I don't know who you are, but I'm sure glad you and your dog enjoyed our service. We aim to please, and we really do enjoy what we do. Thanks again, and we hope to see you and your canine buddy again soon. Fo' Paws staff. —cbenjamin

2007-11-24 09:15:01   excellent point about the burn out. But generally for me, I lower scores because im constantly comparing the restaurants to eachother. For example, i originally did not like Guads, but lately ive enjoyed them very much. to remedy this in my ratings i lowered other mexican restaurants scores and raised guads. Probably the best example of my score lowering comes about a couple months ago when i drastically lowered every japanese restaurant in davis by 1-2 points. I noticed that the scores were too high in comparison to the other cuisines (considering that the japanese food here is not done very well in my opinion). So generally i lower scores because I am constantly comparing the restaurants to eachother. I generally lower more often because there is a lot more room there. If i allready give a good restaurant an 8, and i think they are about 2 points better than any other restaurant, and ive allready given the other restaurants a 7. There is much more room for lowering the other restaurants than increasing the good one. —MattHh

2007-11-25 18:18:29   oops, sorry. i must have used the wrong clipboard (select & center-click vs. ctrl+c & ctrl+v). —ArlenAbraham

2007-11-26 19:08:09   hi covertprof - I was reading your restaurant review, and I tend to appreciate your taste in food. I got to the chinese section and I noticed there was no write-up on Hometown Chinese Restaurant! Hometown is located at the south davis chevron, and it may take some time to get your food during busy dinner hours, but don't let either of those deter you from giving the place a shot ( You can also call ahead to place your order for pickup ). You may also want to give Zen Toro a try - good sushi, clean presentation and a decent selection of rolls you will likely not see in other sushi restaurants. —rgysel

  • I finally got around to trying your suggestions — thanks, both places were good! My reviews are above. —CovertProfessor

2007-12-02 07:39:05   I've added a border to the table on Taqueria Guadalajara to help distinguish the columns a bit more. Does this help? Also, is International House of Pancakes bugging you, or is it just the 3+ cols? —WilliamLewis

2007-12-07 11:25:28   This version or did you mean "and I didn't think that was [...]"? —EdWins

You're right, there's a missing "think" there. I've fixed it. Thanks for letting me edit it myself. :-) —CovertProfessor

2007-12-08 13:43:58   hi. so a few things. 1) it was obvious to me your comment was sarcastic. 2) you should come to the Wiki BBQ Jan 2008. 3) you may or may not find this interesting, but people refer to you as "he". i don't know your gender, and neither do these people. so why are they referring to you as male? it's totally contradictory when these people claim to see no gender online but then turn around and use gendered pronouns. a few times they have defended their use of "he" by saying that the things you're writing somehow show you're a male. i don't know what it is. is it your style of writing? the topics you choose? or the fact that 70% of daviswiki editors are male so based on probability you're a male? anyhow, i found this amusing and thought it should be shared. —JessicaRockwell

  • If you do show up, don't feel pressured to decovertizise yourself, which honestly may be difficult being that professors are a bit rare on the wiki.. maybe you should get many more professors to join the wiki or come up with a clever disguise? ~Dave
    • Jessica, even worse — do they assume I am male because they see "professor" and think "man"? Anyway, thank you for the invitation to the wiki bbq. But as Dave says, I'd probably end up decovertizing myself, and I'm not sure I want to do that. Though I do wonder, Dave — is it really so obvious who the professors are? I mean, not all of us walk around with sport coats with patches on the elbows and a pipe. (Does anyone do that anymore??) —CovertProfessor
      • I keep threatening to get Sarah a pipe when she joins a faculty. She already has the coat with patches. Actually, given our sense of humor, I probably will give her one. By the way, I think I've used 'he' before just due to the constraints of language, but I'd not be surprised at all either way: I actually picture you as a fuzzy bust silhouette. Seriously. White background, dark gray fuzzy outline from the mid-chest up. I'm not sure if that's an improvement over assumption of gender, as I seem to have mentally pegged you as a tenebrous non-human. —JabberWokky

2007-12-14 22:05:57   Thanks for the link to the Vet Med Center... that's what I was trying to get at in the opening paragraph, but couldn't find the exact entry. —JabberWokky

  • It just so happens that the other night we thought our dog might have a serious problem — thankfully, it turned out not to be. But it made me realize that I should have the emergency info at hand (duh). Well, it took me awhile to find it, which was disturbing. So, I hope I can help someone else out by making it easy to spot. —CovertProfessor

2007-12-14 22:38:11   Ha! I plead distraction due to looking for the correct Vet Med entry while riting what I rote their. ;) On a more sober note, I'm glad your dog wasn't seriously ill. Your scare may well have prompted revisions that will help another animal in need of emergency care. Somebody with a sick animal at 2am is likely not going to be in the frame of mind to do leisurely research looking for help. I hope that a "more than one pin on the map" system goes into place fairly soon, as it would be a good idea to map the parking as well. —JabberWokky

  • I agree. I tried to figure out an address for the place to map it properly, but I don't think that UCD buildings have distinct addresses? Or, if they do, I couldn't figure one out for the Vet Med Center. So, linking to the campus map was the best thing I could think of. —CovertProfessor

2007-12-18 21:04:19   I like the last edit you made :) —ElleWeber

  • Thanks. :) That so cal-ism drives me crazy!
  • Not even people from so-cal put the word "the" before interstate. "I am guilty of putting it before numbers though." That page was apparently like some-other-planetism. —MattHh
    • So, they say, "The 80" but not "The I-80"? That almost seems worse! But it seems to me I have heard people say "The I-80." Don't know where they're from, though. —CovertProfessor

2007-12-28 05:17:11   Yikes! Sorry about that. I forgot there was a separate discussion going on there. I only meant to delete the comments responding to mine. Thanks for noticing that! —RichLindvall

2007-12-30 23:53:34   Hi CovertProfessor! I'm glad to see that a UCD professor is representing! Love your reviews and I tend to agree with you. Iceberg lettuce? Gross. I'm so curious as to who you are and what you teach. Although it sounds like you came after I graduated from UCD. Anyway, good job on staying covert! —CurlyGirl26

2008-01-19 14:46:38   Huh, I swore I searched for Dimple before making a page, and neither the Downtown business listing page, nor the Tower page pointed to it. Of course, I can no longer find the Dimple page _I_ made, so I guess someone already integrated it, or at least deleted it. (I think mention of the Atari 2600 games and Timex Sinclair should be there; no time to edit current page ATM; Wiki BBQ to go to!) —BillKendrick

2008-02-23 23:04:42   Usted es mi inspiración. You are an extremely positive individual. I am glad you are here. :-) —incognitoTA

2008-02-26 08:43:32   I llike you willingness and bravery to jump right in.. I am trying to figure this out too. How grand of you to come to town and participate! Good luck -ksullivan (but, haven't figured out why it is not a link yet ;-) —ksullivan

2008-02-27 17:16:20   I think the best Mexican food in Davis is found at Taqueria Davis, which is near the intersection of 5th and L. I love it. They are consistently good and I eat there very often. My favorite's the California burrito, which adds potatoes to the mix. —YuanNiu

  • I haven't been there yet... I will check it out. Potatoes on a burrito does sound good. One of the things that I like about El Mariachi is that you can get a vegetarian burrito that actually has vegetables in it. —CovertProfessor

2008-03-18 23:16:21   Oh no Kabul is gone. I figured id share my frustration with someone else :(. I guess Ill have to vote Kabul for "Best Place to Reminisce About" in Davis Wiki's Best of Davis 08. It makes me wish I frequented them more often, it was really a Davis gem. —MattHh

  • Sorry for the late reply... yes, I am missing Kabul, too. I feel the same way — should have gone there more often. And there is (or is going to be?) a Japanese restaurant there? Don't get me wrong, I love Japanese food, but I can't see where this town needs another Japanese restaurant. —CovertProfessor

2008-04-16 19:15:07   where did you go? —ElleWeber

2008-04-21 11:43:31   Where did you go, Professor? Did we scare you away?! —CurlyGirl26

2008-04-21 14:02:16   Sorry I've been scarce! I've just been very busy lately. Maybe in the summer I'll have more time to contribute. I'm still out here lurking, though. And thanks for the comments, it's nice to be missed. —CovertProfessor

2008-04-22 13:03:16   hey c-prof...I know you're supposed to be covert and all...but can you tell us what exactly you teach? That doesn't reveal too much right? —ArianeMetz

2008-04-23 00:31:58   I'm dying to know, too! —CurlyGirl26

2008-04-23 00:53:32   BUT THAT GOES AGAINST BEING COVERT! DON'T DO IT CP IT"S A TRAP!!!!1!!!five —StevenDaubert

2008-04-27 10:37:26   Hay CP, whats a good "their," "there," and "they're" mnemonic? Thanks —StevenDaubert

2008-04-27 11:42:23   So does this mean that CovertProfessor is in the English Department?! —CurlyGirl26

2008-05-20 09:34:13   I can't really be sure why you are being asked, but those databases are horribly inaccurate at the local level (I say that as a regional publisher who uses them). I created Yolo with the history and a map to the location, although it doesn't really help with your actual specific question. I left the wording of the internet purchase note the same, however I'd be perfectly content to see it made ambiguous. What have you filled it out as in the past (assuming you were successful in having the item shipped to you)? —JabberWokky

2008-06-12 05:21:56   CovertProfessor you are one cool dude —DavidLiu

2008-07-20 22:46:12   If you ever go back to Dos Coyotes, I suggest the Navajo Nachos. They are delicious. I agree that their burrito selection sucks but in terms of nachos, they are awesome! —willowspirit10

  • Hmm, ok, I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the suggestion. —CovertProfessor

2008-07-29 09:54:28   Covert Professor, You're reviews are extensive and helpful. Thank you! I look forward to more reviews!

So, being a Covert Professor makes you like a cyber Batman or Superman, eh? Well never know your true identity...not even Lois Clark?...but you're saving many Davis dwellers from the horrors of bad food:) —everdrw

  • I like that image... if you're going to have a super power, "taster of good food" is a good one to have! —CovertProfessor

2008-09-15 10:03:11   How are they to respond on the page, if they will violate the HIPAA in doing so? —StevenDaubert

  • They can respond in general terms: "These are my policies and practices: etc." No violation of HIPAA there. —CovertProfessor

2008-10-02 19:44:31   Arugh! An arrow through the heart! My answer regarding blueberries is "politically correct"? Question my parentage before wielding that appelation! (And it is a sign of the times that I feel I should add a "smilie" to the end of this to make sure you know I'm being humorous rather than actually being upset). —JabberWokky

  • Don't sweat it, it happens to the best of us, jw. A blueberry isn't just a blueberry anymore. —CovertProfessor

2008-10-03 22:42:58   Nice review on hunan, I agree in every sense! —StevenDaubert

2008-10-21 00:12:45   I've had classes where graduate students are the instructor of record. Perhaps there is a difference in classification between graduate students with teaching appointments and full time lecturers who do not carry out research? —WilliamLewis

2008-10-26 15:32:46   impromptu wiki folk gathering later, you should stroll! —StevenDaubert

2008-10-28 18:05:33   you lose points for your blanket rejection of UNIforms —StevenDaubert

  • I am sorry to hear that, SD, but if you'd been paying attention, you'd have already realized that I'm not out to win points. —CovertProfessor

2008-10-28 22:51:03   Hi, Covert. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on life as a professor. How is it different than you might have expected? Do you get to spend as much time as you would like on your research? What suggestions do you have for the future professors out there? —IDoNotExist

2008-10-29 17:13:04   Hi, Covert. Most people who meet me find that they haven't, although some who haven't yet probably have. :-) But if I met you, how would either of us know? I obviously couldn't see you, as you are remarkably stealthy. And I wouldn't be there in the first place, even if I were (but I'm not)!

Thanks for your comments. I'd not heard about the service component before. What is it?

I've seen many profs working very very long hours up until they get tenure. How long does tenure take to achieve? What makes someone well qualified for tenure? What makes them unqualified? Is it all about being able to bring in funding?

I've also heard much of politics being a big thing among professors - fighting for lab space, funding, and whatever else professors fight over (what DO they fight over?) How do you handle the politics? What causes it? Can it be avoided? —IDoNotExist

2008-10-29 17:50:06   If a professor talks on the wiki, but can't hear themselves, do they make a sound? How do your grad students find you, being so covert? :-)

How hard is it to get grants?

What makes for a good prof. applicant? You must have been a great grad student to get a job at a place like Davis! —IDoNotExist

2008-10-31 18:37:04   re the UNIforms: To me it seems out of character for you to have a blanket rejection of the establishment based on just attire...

come hang out tonight at uncle vitos! ~20:15 - 20:30 wiki folks arrive! Better yet go and just get a spot in a corner and then tell us you went to further our intrigue! —StevenDaubert

  • I don't think it's so out of character. Yes, I like to eat out, and I try my best to be fair in my restaurant reviews. But I am deeply disturbed by these uniforms. To me they reinforce the idea of women as cute and subservient, and I think it is selling food through sex appeal. Of course, there is a place for women to dress in these kinds of clothes, but it's not in the workplace. I find it particularly disturbing that it is young women who are wearing the uniforms, just at the age when they should be taking themselves seriously and thinking about the contributions that they will make to the world. I think it's bad for the employees themselves and bad for the image of women in general. This is a university town and we ought to know better. Some people think my view is outdated — well, I look at some of the things that have happened in the recent election, and regardless of what one thinks about Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin, it can't be denied that both struggled to be taken seriously. I realize that the employees are probably freely choosing to wear these uniforms and may like them. But women make choices that are harmful to themselves and to other women all the time, so this would be nothing new.

    Ask yourself this: does Sagat wear the uniform? I'd be surprised to learn that she did. And if not, why not? Would people take her seriously?

    I think if you look back at the edits I've made on this wiki, I have taken strong stands on a number of issues. I never do so lightly. So, what sort of person would I be if I said that this was really important, but then I said, "well, but go ahead and eat there, the food is good!" Which is more important, the image of women in society or whether the food at a restaurant is good?

    Thanks for the invite — sorry I can't make it. :-) —CovertProfessor

    • Ahh...see this is why I thought you were an Anthro Prof...but then someone mentioned English. Now I am all screwed up (Since I am an Anthro AND and English major...) Aree's ongoing Saga—"Uncovering the true identity of the Covert Professor"—CONTINUES!!!!—ArianeMetz
      • Maybe you should just think of me as an "everyprof." I am all of the disciplines. :-) —CovertProfessor

2008-10-31 23:33:24   One might almost think that you don't exist...but that would imply that we are the same person, and clearly, since I don't, you can't not exist too.

You know, I DID see a number of ninjas walking around tonight (Halloween). Perhaps you were one of them, as you are rather covert... :-) —IDoNotExist

  • No one can be you, but everyone can be me... we are polar opposites. —CovertProfessor

2008-11-01 00:47:18   Hi CP! I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for sharing your views on the uniform controversy. Forces some to not only consider another position, but to question their assumptions and look at things more critically. At any rate, I believe that the Wiki is better for it. Keep it up! —CurlyGirl26

  • Thanks, CurlyGirl26. I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but if I can get some people to think twice, that's good enough for me. —CovertProfessor

2008-11-01 10:56:29   So does that mean that if we run into each other, we are annihilated? :-) That could be a good CovertProfessor detector. If I suddenly cease to exist when I run into someone, then I've run into you. Oh, wait... —IDoNotExist

2008-11-02 12:17:35   w/e

I really wasn't asking in that context, just kinda morbid curiosity... —StevenDaubert

2008-11-05 01:53:01   Pretty much, yes. —NickSchmalenberger

2008-11-05 11:04:46   I noticed you have not gone to Jade Garden chinese resturaunt, try the general chicken or the wonton soup, both are my favorite. Also there is a new dimsum/ shobu shobu resturaunt that you might like to try and review. —DagonJones

  • You're right, I haven't tried either of those places — I will try to get to them soon. The dim sum place is particular appealing, not because I'm crazy about dim sum, but because I really like the other restaurant run by the same owners (Davis Noodle City). —CovertProfessor

2008-11-13 15:18:11   Where is this new Dim Sum place? I would love to get good Dim Sum in Davis, but I didn't think you could get it here... —IDoNotExist

2008-11-13 23:14:06   Thanks, extremely stealthy, well educated educator of educated people seeking more education! —IDoNotExist

2008-11-14 02:26:26   Symposium's pizza is tied for 2nd with Lamppost? Really?

Outside of that though, I love your huge list of reviews. It's really cool to get to see what one person thinks about everything, rather than what just a bunch of random people think about one place. —OscarSabino

  • I think I know what you mean. Symposium's pizza is, for lack of a better word, a bit more upscale. It's a richer food. But for me, that makes it hard to compare to Lamppost's — a bit like comparing the proverbial apple and orange. Sometimes I just want a basic pizza, in which case I go to Lamppost. On the other hand, when I want a decadent treat (in case pizza wasn't decadent enough!), I go to Symposium. Anyway, thanks for the kind remarks. —CovertProfessor

2008-11-24 22:45:52   Yay! Professor input on the Concealed Carry issue. Thanks for weighing in, CP! Glad to know that I'm not the only one who has serious reservations about such a policy. —CurlyGirl26

  • Thanks, CurlyGirl26! Yeah, it's like dropping a match onto spilled gasoline... —CovertProfessor
    • The only solution to spilled gasoline is to spill more gasoline. -ES
      • ...or for a clear thinking person to use one of these. —JasonAller
        • For a less inflammatory version of what I meant by countering firearms with firearms, '"If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun." — The Dalai Lama, (May 15, 2001, The Seattle Times) speaking at the "Educating Heart Summit" in Portland, Oregon, when asked by a girl how to react when a shooter takes aim at a classmate'. It is a controversial topic...but really, has anyone proved that licensed concealed weapons carriers are equally or more likely to commit crimes with their firearms than members of the general population? I think the general sentiment, as expressed at least by CurlyGirl26 and perhaps others, is that not everyone can be trusted with a firearm, which is exactly right, and is the reason that SCCC is pushing to allow already-licensed concealed carriers to be able to carry on campus as well as off, rather than to just completely level the playing field by issuing every John and Jane Doe a gun. The scene from RoboCop 3, with that guy handing out weapons to every criminal in the jail? Not our aim. —BrendanChan
          • If that's your position, then you shouldn't go around saying things like: "The answer to bullets flying is almost always more bullets flying," if only because it doesn't help your cause, but also because it's irresponsible. Even so, though, I think there is a fairly large leap from "'If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun" (which I pretty much agree with, though it very much depends on the circumstances) to "already-licensed concealed carriers [should] be able to carry on campus as well as off." I think there are certain conditions on a college campus which make having firearms there particularly problematic. I'll name two. First, as any counselor on campus can tell you, college is an extremely difficult time psychologically. Students are overworked, underslept, and overstressed. Professors and staff, too. Not good conditions for people to have guns. Second, many times there are large numbers of people (read: innocent bystanders) who are present, such as in large lecture halls or the MU. I'm sure you'll object by saying that this shows all the more why we need lawful gun carriers to counteract the actions of the unlawful ones — but my point is that adding more guns, wielded by individuals who are already psychologically on edge, in crowded situations, are the last thing that we need. —CovertProfessor
      • Well said, CP! Thank you for pointing out the psychological aspect. All true. I have seen otherwise healthy individuals crack under the pressures associated with the rigors of being an undergrad or grad/professional student. I've also experienced first-hand what happens when one of those said students has their gun handy. Their legally owned gun. My discomfort lies with the fact that we are talking about students and guns on university campuses.—CurlyGirl26

2008-11-24 23:22:18   Excellent replies! I can imagine your qualifying exam questions about replying to false choices on wikis. :-) —IDoNotExist

2008-11-27 23:02:38   It's good to see other wikifolk on here on a holiday. :-) —IDoNotExist

  • Agreed — and someone needs to keep an eye on the store. ;-) —CovertProfessor

2008-11-27 23:07:41   The wiki was down for a while earlier. I felt a great disturbance in Wiki Spot. It was as if a million edits cried out in terror, and were suddenly reverted. But then the wiki came back up again. —IDoNotExist

2008-11-27 23:11:16   It seems that I might have run into you tonight, had I followed through with an urge to go to Baker's Square instead of eating healthy food. :P —IDoNotExist

  • Alas, it wasn't meant to be... I was just passing by and noticed the lights on and people inside. —CovertProfessor

2008-11-27 23:19:26   I had walked by and checked it out as it was the only place open last year, so I was curious if it was open this year. Of course, neither of us actually exist, so none of this actually happened... —IDoNotExist

2008-11-30 10:29:32   No, it was decent fog. I have yet to see indecent fog in Davis. :P —IDoNotExist

  • Indecent fog wouldn't dare come into Davis. Not even on little cat feet. —CovertProfessor

2008-11-30 20:58:28   Thank you so much for fixing my mistake. I only meant to delete my comment and not the entire page...and was panicking, trying to undo what I did. It was such a relief to see it fixed. —kestrel

2008-12-09 23:58:43   The Colossus burgerStevenDaubert

2008-12-10 15:06:17   One of these days I will get around to doing nutritional info...

Man that thing is just plain unhealthy! —StevenDaubert

2008-12-10 15:30:33   Spice was something that I couldn't tolerate when I was younger, at around 16 I started dabbling in Death sauce. Now I'm used to sauces that are on the low end of insanely hot, so normal restaurant spicyness usually isn't. —StevenDaubert

  • Difference between insanely hot and N.R.S.? *clueless* I don't draw distinctions except for "tolerable spicy" and "spicy to be conquered". —BrendanChan

2008-12-13 23:39:21   I gave the 2nd go around a little more thought —StevenDaubert

2008-12-14 22:22:23   I get fed up with the war on Christmas when Christmas has been waging war for quite some time

double standards

¯(°_o)¯StevenDaubert You make the Baby Jesus cry when you say such things.—CurlyGirl26

2009-01-01 12:42:21   figured, but it's still kinda ruthless overkill to expect drunk grubs pizza to stack up to VB —StevenDaubert

2009-01-01 13:30:40   The comparison of Uncle Vito's pizza to Dan Quayle in the 1988 VP debates is a scary one:

-The pizza, like Quayle, is rather young for a Davis pizza place. -Dan Quayle was potato (but not potatoe) free. So is Vito's pizza. -Quayle was not a good debater. Neither is Vito's pizza. -Quayle believed that everyone should conform to his set of values, even fictional TV characters. Vito's pizza comes in only one size. —IDoNotExist

2009-01-02 21:25:50   I plan to be in Davis for longer than most students, should I be covert as well?! —StevenDaubert

  • If you want... but seems like your cat is out of the bag. —CovertProfessor

2009-01-03 01:31:15   Doesn't that depend on whether StevenDaubert is really StevenDaubert? He might actually be Shakespeare... —IDoNotExist

2009-01-03 17:18:46   Is Jim Morrison really Shakespeare? Or Daubert? —IDoNotExist

2009-01-05 10:46:42   Californians have a different standard for what is "cold" than people in many other parts of the country... —IDoNotExist

  • I know, I've learned that. But still, it raises questions about what people "need" versus what is nice or pleasant. —CovertProfessor

2009-01-06 07:55:17   me of year, when I take my dog for a walk at night (on leash), both he and I come home smelling like smoke, and the air is really thick, especially on

It's probably just cleverly worded disinformation... "MY partner" and I were both leaning in this direction... —StevenDaubert Hee!—CurlyGirl26

  • I'm not getting something here... sorry to be dense. —CovertProfessor
    • If you apply a scrutinizing eye to your actions (what you say, how you say it, and where you say it from) on the wiki, inferences can be made that drastically reduce the number of potential CP's. Daubert
      • I have a male dog... that's not a new revelation. And the fact that I walk him shouldn't be a shock. —CovertProfessor

¬_¬ Just pay me no heed. With the information already gleaned I think could find out with a combo of some social engineering and data mining. On a random note, I think you need a comment archive. Daubert

  • Ok, whatever — I still don't know what you're talking about. Have fun. I remember when I thought about starting up on the wiki, I thought that "guess the professor" might turn out to be too tempting of a game. I guess I should have heeded that inner voice. —CovertProfessor

W/e, just know that you have the wrong take on this situation. Daubert

2009-01-06 08:48:21   That's just what Covert would like you to believe! Or what Covert would like you to think Covert would like you to believe. Of course, Covert has already taken this into account, and changed their wording accordingly. :-) —IDoNotExist

2009-01-06 23:18:16   I think that Daubert has concluded that your dog is not a smoker. :-) —IDoNotExist

2009-01-07 13:35:33   CovertDog? —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-01-07 13:43:35   Unless the dog is very stealthy, it is probably pretty obvious that it is a dog. Of course, on the Internet, no one knows you're a dog. I might even be the covert dog! If I existed, that is. :-) —IDoNotExist

2009-01-07 14:28:49   Don't worry, CP. Daubert is odd. And I won't tell anyone that your use of the word "dog" is being misinterpreted as the wrong kind of dog. I know four professors with a raccoon dog, and seven with a prairie dog. I know one grad student who claims that Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg hang around with his PI, and I know another professor who took a hiatus because he's on tour with the Dogs (since their drummer left in November of 2008). And there's probably a lot of professors I do not know in the department of engineering who walk around with their dogs. Nonetheless, the hunt is on. You're lucky I'm not still in Davis to track ya down :P (If you ask me though, you seem to be the kind of guy who likes prairie dogs. They're rather covert too, some of 'em.) —EdWins

2009-01-07 14:31:15   On a side note, I always enjoyed your reviews (or side comments) over the last few years in regards to (typical) dogs. I only wish my girlfriend and I were able to bring her pup out more often. —ES

  • Thanks, ES. It helps that Davis is Canis lupus familiaris-friendly. —CovertProfessor

2009-01-07 14:40:41   Actually, having a dog is a *requirement* for being a professor. Most people think that you can't get a PhD without completing a dissertation. And they are right. But it is also the case that you must have a dog. Even better if it is a puppy, because you can use that to melt the hearts of the people on your committee. When you apply to be a professor, the first question they ask you is whether or not you have a dog. The second one is whether or not it has been trained. When you get your own lab, you are granted an allowance of grad students to feed to the dog (it is important that the dog remain healthy and strong.) They would use undergrads, but when grad students get consumed by their...work (yeah, that's it. They call it work, not dogs), nobody notices if they disappear. :-)

Right, Covert? :-) —IDoNotExist

  • *gasp*. I'll have to direct my committee to my wikipage, and videos of my poor hamsters (RIP) such as this one. It should melt hearts of stone! —ES
  • It's true, oh nonexistent one, though it's a little known secret. It figures that someone who doesn't exist would be the one to notice the hidden requirement. —CovertProfessor

2009-01-11 23:49:20   Have you tried the food from the meat lab? It's very good, and may satisfy your cravings for steak... —IDoNotExist

  • I keep meaning to go over there, but no, I haven't yet. Of course, then I'd have to cook it myself... —CovertProfessor

2009-01-12 00:07:39   You could bring it to the wiki social, which I might or might not attend (even I don't know if I will). I'm sure that someone there would take on the grilling duties for you... —IDoNotExist

  • Ah, but just as a nonexistent one can't go, and therefore exist, a covert one can't go, and therefore be uncovert. Thanks for the suggestion, though. —CovertProfessor

2009-01-12 11:27:39   You could go as the SecretPostDoc! :-) —IDoNotExist

2009-01-14 02:13:17   Hey...how do I know that you aren't me? I mean, if you are sufficiently covert, I'd really have no idea that you were me, now would I? Furthermore, how do I know that I'm not you either? —IDoNotExist

  • Well, perhaps I *will* be there, then, except covertly, and not really existing. Ouch, my head hurts. —CovertProfessor

2009-01-14 07:35:39   Well, no. Of course not. The pain is generated by the brain and nervous system of the person with the cooked hand in response to having their hand cooked. —IDoNotExist

2009-01-14 09:34:58   That's ok. Your head apparently doesn't exist (assuming that it is also my head). :-) —IDoNotExist

2009-01-14 13:56:30   If Covert is not me, then I would assume (again) that Covert indeed has a head, but is just very stealthy about it. It's only in the case where Covert and I are the same non-existent person that they would have no head (as you can't have a head if you don't exist.) —IDoNotExist

  • Seems logical, assuming I can make that determination given the unknown status of my head. —CovertProfessor

2009-01-30 04:08:43   In response to the Crepehouse Uni UNIforms...

Sagat does not wear the uniform because she is constantly traveling back and forth between the unit and to various locations all over Davis. For her to wear the uniform, it would be great hassle as she would have to then change about 40 times a day between her casual clothing and the uniform. The uniforms are custom made and they are not made to handle the wear and tear of a casual outfit. Sagat cannot lift heavy boxes and cartons of gelato/milk while wearing the uniform that could quite possibly tear or become dirty. Also, it would not make sense for Sagat to wear the uniform outside of the unit because it would be unsanitary to bring it out in public over multiple trips and then wear it while making crepes or handling food.

Sagat is taken seriously from what I have seen, as she has made many accomplishments and she is a very hard worker. She works diligently to run Crepehouse Uni and she would not force her employees to wear something that she herself would not. If you look at the picture on the Crepehouse Uni page, Sagat is wearing one of the UNIforms. So to say that she does not wear the uniform as a matter of being taken seriously is a total misconception. Sagat does not wear the uniform to allow the convenience of constant travel and errand running. If Sagat had to change 40 times a day, she would never get things done. —ThUn

2009-02-02 14:57:35   Awesome! —IDoNotExist

2009-02-26 15:27:30   Are you the CovertChancellor, and does this mean that you've gotten a promotion (covertly, of course)? :-) —IDoNotExist

  • Perish the thought, oh non-existent one! I have no interest in being an administrator. But who is this CovertChancellor of whom you speak? —CovertProfessor

2009-02-26 18:58:26   See http://daviswiki.org/Sockpuppets?action=info for some more Covert Co-ver-ri-tas —IDoNotExist

2009-02-27 17:52:33   I liked your comment... —IDoNotExist

  • Thanks. I'm glad you (and KellyM) brought the issue up. I probably would not have ever said anything otherwise, but it's worth discussing. —CovertProfessor

2009-03-02 23:23:11   Hey, Covert. I've been wondering for quite some time where the professors disappear to when they are not teaching or researching. (Not you, specifically.) I very rarely see professors around the city of Davis itself. Of course, that could be because I only know a small subset of the professorial population, or it could be because there are so many undergrads running around that they provide lots of obstructions for professors to hide behind. :-) But I would at least expect to see people in their 30s - 70s running around Davis who are *likely* professors, and I usually don't. So where are they? Do they cease to exist after their office hours? Do they run to random respites when not researching?

The same question also applies to postdocs. I don't see many of these around either... (of course, there are probably fewer postdocs than professors around to begin with.) —IDoNotExist

  • Well, I'm not sure if the 30-70 set who are professors look much different from the 30-70 set who aren't... but you're right, there are a lot of undergrads around. Half the population of Davis, in fact. And then when you add in the children, teenagers, and non-undergrads in their 20s... plus the over 70s.... yeah, so there aren't as many in the 30-70 set as you might ordinarily find in a town. But we're out here. We go to restaurants, the farmers' market, the greenbelts and arboretum, various Davis festivals and whatnot... but it's true, a lot of the time we're in our offices or at home, working. Or, if you're me, on the wiki when you should be working. :-) But it's also true that not all professors live in Davis; there are a lot who live in the Berkeley/Oakland area. So, if they're not in lab, in class, or in their offices, they're probably not in Davis much. —CovertProfessor

2009-03-03 11:15:43   That would be quite a commute (from Berkeley)... —IDoNotExist

  • An econ prof I had my freshman year who lived in Berkeley said there was a bus and that the commute allowed her to catch up on reading. —wl
  • The train is also an option from Berkeley, and also allows you to get work done. —CovertProfessor

2009-03-03 12:14:34   Is Berkeley a nicer city to live in? I've always gotten the impression that it has 3 areas: UC Berkeley, the hills (with *very* expensive homes), and the flat area, which seems run down, and I'd guess is where the students can afford to live. —IDoNotExist

  • I don't know much about the various neighborhoods to live in. But I think people like to live in Berkeley because it is a little more urban than Davis and because it is closer to SF. —CovertProfessor

2009-03-03 19:44:48   Do many profs live in Davis? —IDoNotExist

  • I think a good number do (there are also a fair number who live in Sac or Woodland), but I don't know the statistics. —CovertProfessor

2009-03-05 09:25:53   Hah! re: Luci's. The effect is more impressive if you zoom out your browser. —KevinChin

2009-03-07 00:34:01   What is your cute count cutely counting? —IDoNotExist

  • I think it will become obvious over time. —CovertProfessor
  • Very funny, a cute way to make a point." —Andrew

2009-03-07 11:43:11   So if someone were to do something, like say, use a lot of exclamation points (!!!!!!), would that increase the cute count, or does it only increase for things that you do? —IDoNotExist

  • I'm not counting exclamation points or things that I do. —CovertProfessor

2009-03-07 14:57:42   Can you identify the 7 other times when the cute count incremented? (Or rather, can you tell us what they are? I'm sure YOU can identify them. ;-) ) —IDoNotExist

2009-03-09 18:07:38   Well, that's cute... —IDoNotExist

2009-03-10 19:05:26   Do dogs, or other furry life forms, increase the cute count at all? —IDoNotExist

  • No, sorry... as cute as they are, they don't increase the cute count. —CovertProfessor

2009-03-10 19:12:27   An external bio on her. VMTH mention of her. Chief of Service of the Clinical Animal Behavior Service. Of course, that trainer obviously is not doing that in every or even many clients, but if she says that's what people have reported, I'd vouch for her. With her background and post, it's a noteworthy allegation, especially in contrast to the previous comment about being recommended there by VMTH doc's. —EdWins

2009-03-10 19:14:19   Just saw we left comments on each others pages...I don't know what dog psychology entails, I was referring to the "praise-based" part, which I imagine wouldn't include chokers and punishment. —EdWins

2009-03-10 19:15:20   Do certain events cause the cute count to increase? —IDoNotExist

  • Yes, but it may be awhile before we witness one of those events... I can't predict how long it will be, unfortunately. —CovertProfessor

2009-03-10 21:22:44   Do those events involve (each of the following is a separate question): 1) One or more people 2) One or more animals 3) A combination of 1 and 2

? —IDoNotExist

2009-03-10 21:37:08   Only the extremely stealthy education oriented researcher can answer that question. But I enjoy solving interesting puzzles, and this seems to be one. —IDoNotExist

2009-03-10 22:11:21   Than I shall not guess... —IDoNotExist

  • Thanks, one who is not there, I was getting a bit weary. But I do think it will become obvious in time. —CovertProfessor

2009-03-10 23:24:34   Well said, on my page and the one in question. —EdWins

2009-03-15 12:59:36   a) you still need a quote archive b) I still call it swirl —StevenDaubert

a) I'm sure you're right, but I also like the totality of the comments. b) Swirl was a much better name. Cultivé is a dumb name. —CovertProfessor

2009-03-18 04:40:21   Thank you for participating in a very reasoned manner in the Sredni discussion. You said some things that I was mulling over. —JabberWokky

  • Thanks, JW. I do understand why people are annoyed with SV — as someone said already, he raised a number of stinks, got people riled up, and then tries to bail out, leaving a mess in his wake. But we've let plenty of people delete comments in the past — even when their removal ruined the surrounding conversation (generally, the rest of the conversation was deleted, too). So, it seemed to me that the gnomes were thinking of either 1) changing to a policy where people could only delete comments if the comments weren't part of a conversation, or 2) changing to a policy where people couldn't delete their comments at all (this is the policy that I think would be draconian). By saying this is about "policy" rather than this particular case, I am assuming that we would want to be consistent about how future cases were handled. Anyway, now we seem to be off on a tangent about the CC license, so I'm not sure where things stand. —CovertProfessor

2009-03-18 09:51:54   Ew. I'm sorry. —ElleWeber

2009-03-26 02:16:59   No, I'd say that rates at least an eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww +- w —IDoNotExist

2009-03-26 05:18:24   re: Cloud Forest Cafe: I see the beep as you head toward the bathroom as a short fanfare as you journey through the innards of the building in search of a greatly desired destination. In all reality, they probably have the alarm system set to do that to alert them to people coming in. It is a bit annoying compared to a simple hung bell. —JabberWokky

2009-04-07 22:02:28   I'm so thrilled that people are enjoying Thai Dynamite, too! I really want to see this place do well!

And yes, the "My Partner" reference is somewhat of an inside joke. I'm just being silly. It's an inside joke directed at my parter (who is also a wiki user; I'll leave it to you to figure out, if you wish :). As you know, I am anonymous here on the wiki, but my attempt to stay that way is only half-hearted (like, I'm not as anonymous as you). Anyway, it's just a joke because while I claim to be "anonymous", I drop lots of obvious clues about my true identity all over this place. —CurlyGirl26

  • Ah, no, I hadn't realized that you had a wiki-partner! And I know that I'm not truly anonymous either (I suspect that anyone who knows me outside of the wiki could figure out that it's me relatively easily), but I'm anonymous enough for my purposes. —CovertProfessor
  • Exactly. Same with me. It's enough anonymity to suit my needs. —CurlyGirl26

2009-04-08 08:39:15   If you take a look at the comment directly above hers on the page, you may figure it out. However, as an uninvolved looky-look, I may be completely wrong :) —ElleWeber

  • Ah, an interesting hypothesis. The two comments do seem to mesh. —CovertProfessor
  • Very astute observation. <smile> —CurlyGirl26
    • Is there really such a thing as an "uninvolved" looky-look? Something grander is clearly afoot.
      • Von Neumann machines are going to increase the density of Jupiter, causing it to fuse into a star?
        • Just as the Bike Church is about to set up shop again, something comes along and screws up the whole solar system... FATE!

2009-04-11 10:46:42   you should at least move the comment box to the top instead of having it be 1/3 of the way down and I have to search for it, cause your nevar going to make cp/archive

but I digress it's kinda like those commercials where everyone wants to be like mike, but instead of mike it's CP ^_~ on a slightly more serious note, check some of my more recent restaurant reviews, you will see lots of my partnering going on ¬_¬ —StevenDaubert

2009-04-11 15:48:24   I agree that it would be helpful to move the comments box, or to archive or restructure the page. It can be hard to find. —IDoNotExist

2009-04-11 20:38:15   You both are missing the handy item in my menu that says, "Leave a comment for the CovertProfessor." No scrolling necessary.

SD: It's hard to find what you've edited since your username page forwards to Daubert, and that page has no "user info" link. —CovertProfessor

2009-04-11 21:14:41   Ooohhh...you are right. Nice linkishness... —IDoNotExist

2009-04-12 07:06:30   Also with redirects, you can click where it says redirected from and go to the original page with what you want to see. —NickSchmalenberger

2009-04-12 12:08:23   Thanks, BL and NS, very helpful. —CovertProfessor

2009-04-27 17:46:53   Concerning the Hometown Cafe comments I've tried to revert and delete; I intend to eventually remove *all* anonymous, one-time comments that I feel are unfair to the target. For more info on my feelings, see [Anonymous_Criticism]. I created the page because I feel strongly about the subject. Leaving or failing to revert mean-spirited smash-and-grab anonymous criticism does *nothing* to improve daviswiki and potentially does much harm. I have no problem with leaving comments up along with a challenge to follow up for some length of time, but they absolutely do no good left up forever. I'm going to go back and revert your revert and I hope you will leave it alone. —JimStewart

2009-05-04 18:44:10   you are trying to badmouth my business. Stop. You dont know the facts. Please stop. Read what is written in the comments on the help computers page its not badmouthing, it simply what happened. —RealComputers

2009-05-04 18:49:19   Fool I deleted the comments on that page after having a wiki for about 5 minutes. I didnt understand how this worked yet. I am not trying to mess with them at all. Please just stop this. There is no reason for you to be harasing me. —RealComputers

2009-05-04 18:51:33   If you have such a big problem with this then delete my comments from help computers. —RealComputers

2009-05-04 18:55:07   I should not have to erase something that is entierly true, however the comment has been deleted so leave me alone. —RealComputers

2009-05-04 18:56:38   Please explain to me how removing a true statment ws the right thing to do? did you even read what was written? —RealComputers

2009-05-04 19:06:49   To everyone who has issues with me, Yes I edited some pages in a way I regret when I first signed on to wiki. I did not understand the nature of this site. Now I do and I am not trying to do anything to anyone. Please do not hold things that I did before I was used to wiki against me. I am not defending the fact that I deleted a page or two (though I knew they would promptly get undleted so I dont see why its such a big deal). In anycase, I know better now so please just leave it at that. —RealComputers

2009-05-05 10:45:06   What is this mysterious "BlueDot"? If it wasn't for their edits on westsacwiki I'd assume it was a wayward revert-bot. —MasonMurray

2009-05-11 12:29:48   Hi CovertProfessor,

I wanted to ask if you have been to other Vietnamese Restaurants outside of Davis? I cannot say either Sunrise or Bac Hoa Viet are good at all. Their food proportions are ridiculous for the prices and although they are owned by Vietnamese people (and the food is cooked by Vietnamese people), the quality or taste of the food is not all very tasty or near authentic to real Vietnamese food.

I would go outside of Davis for some real Vietnamese food. In Sacramento, on the streets of Stockton Boulevard and 65th Street is a great Vietnamese plaza with delicious food. If you happen to go to San Francisco or San Jose, the Vietnamese food there is even better than up here. San Jose has one of the largest Vietnamese populations. —missmochi

2009-05-22 23:00:51   hahaha loneshark "my partnered" on the black bear page —StevenDaubert

2009-05-28 17:49:12   You might enjoy this product: http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Apostrophe_20Shooter#1004115600TheAmazingLarry

  • Yes, I would definitely like one of those! —CovertProfessor
    • Have you also noticed how often wiki editors ask questions but end them with a period instead of a question mark.

2009-05-29 09:04:22   Oh, it's? (Think about it...) —JabberWokky

2009-06-05 17:05:26   Can we call you CovertTenuredProfessor soon? :-) —IDoNotExist

  • I am every professor... the assistant, the associate, and the full. :-) —CovertProfessor

2009-06-05 17:28:55   You are *every* professor? Wow! You must have awesome funding. No wonder you got tenure track so soon!

When can I attend your Nobel prize ceremony? :-) —IDoNotExist

  • Alas, being every professor keeps me so busy, I don't even have time to go myself. —CovertProfessor
    • In your ascent to Nobel laureatedom, have you been more R-dent or SAS-ie? (or other?)

2009-06-05 20:46:56   That's OK. One of your other selves can go for you. You are all professors, after all! —IDoNotExist

2009-06-08 00:07:32   a) get to sleep b) have you tried davis Taqueria Californai burrito?


  • a) Always good advice, but tough for a night owl. b) Not yet — should I?

2009-06-08 00:44:59   Do we get to find out what the cute count referred to? —IDoNotExist

2009-06-15 21:04:54   Cindy's doesn't qualify as a decent diner in Davis?

  • Ah, I thought someone might ask about this. Truth is, though I have been to Thai Dynamite, I haven't made it to Cindy's yet. Maybe I'll try to get over there soon. Is it good? —CovertProfessor

how about Don't dinner in woodland? (granted it's not Dtown) —StevenDaubert

2009-07-01 15:48:18   I witnessed the same kinds of things that are listed on the Stonegate page (although I don't believe I've added to that entry), but I received perfectly fine service. I think there is some kind of sexism, ageism, studentism or zero tolerance for ignorance or idiocy at play. Something sets off the owner resulting in zero respect for you and treats you accordingly. Either that or there's something invisible like a chronic illness resulting in pain flareups or otherwise non-obvious event that affects the owner. In short, there is really impressively caustic treatment of some customers, although I'm not sure exactly what triggers it. I'm hesitant to actually mention it on the page for fear of rampant unsupportable speculation. —JabberWokky

  • Hmm, ok — I trust the report from you, JW. It could be some of both. Certainly, there is plenty of anti-student-ism in this town. I think the bad eggs have made many of Davisites anti-student. It isn't fair or right, but there it is. And I do know that "Pop" has some health problems (something I learned during my long stay in the office). Health problems can make people cranky and exacerbate already existing prejudices. Again, that doesn't excuse it, though, just explains it. Thanks for replying — that gives me an alternate view of things. —CovertProfessor

2009-07-01 16:39:56   I get the impression that they may not be very happy doing what they are doing, but have to anyway, and that may be what is showing through. I went out of my way there to be extra patient, even when it was a major inconvenience, because I knew there were issues there, and there were not many storage options in Davis. I shouldn't have had to do that, but with very limited options, it seemed prudent... It's a sellers market when it comes to the services that they offer. —IDoNotExist

  • Well, I was pretty clearly cranky after my long wait, and they were nice to me anyway. So, who knows? Guess I caught them on a good day. —CovertProfessor

2009-07-03 22:05:38   I appreciate your comments and sincerity in wanting me to feel welcome, but from that first reaction I can say that I do not. However, I understand that people have used the Wiki in ways that are questionable and undesirable. May I suggest asking me the validity and goals of said Wiki to understand if it is in fact a business that is simply being made aware to the community before assuming that I have similar motives as another individual. While I seem to be having to defend my integrity without a proper welcome in the first place, let me clear it up by saying that I do not require a lecture from you about how this community functions. I fully understand the concept and the need for people to be actively involved (by editing entries, commenting, and so on) for DavisWiki to grow. Furthermore, I am completely aware of the ownership of the page I created and that it belongs to the community as a whole. There was no reason for you to assume I did not other than your suspicions. Perhaps next time you can post a proper welcome with links to the appropriate welcome pages in DavisWiki.


P.S. To clear up the IP address situation. My friend was with me in the same room as I was creating this Wiki. I used her input to help me create the page and she posted an honest review. The comments posted on that Wiki yesterday affected me as well as her. But, hopefully clearing this up can help to put it behind all of us. —PKS

2009-08-02 21:22:36   Hey, Stealthy Instructor! I hadn't seen you posting for a long time (until just now.) Are you on sabbatical? Or perhaps wiki sabbatical? —IDoNotExist

  • I took a bit of a wiki sabbatical... highly recommended for stress relief and getting work done. :-) —CovertProfessor

2009-08-04 20:06:09   Do you have grad students? Secretive ones? And how do they find you, since you are covert? Also, do your undergrads know when you are teaching? (They could think you are a TA or something...) —IDoNotExist

  • The most covert are the ones that are right in front of you... hiding in plain view. I am seen, but not seen. —CovertProfessor

2009-08-05 13:51:19   I imagine that it must be harder to be covert than not to exist at all! —IDoNotExist

  • Well, not existing would certainly make it a lot easier to be covert!
  • Perhaps, but most people don't claim to see things that don't exist...most of the time. My flying unicorn, my free lunch, and my perpetual motion machine all agree with me!

2009-08-06 15:00:48   Please dont argue for the sake of arguing. Im not wasting anyones time. No one is ever forced to get involved. Its a choice. Further comments left by you will not be read, only deleted, as I dont want to argue. —RealComputers

2009-08-06 15:09:37   Its funny how you talk about wasting time as you continue to argue. If you were really paying attention to anything ive done on the wiki today, I think you would have to admit that I have acted more than appropriately. Seriously. I dont want to argue with you about anything at all nor do I want to have to keep deleting your comments just to keep argumentativeness at bay. —RealComputers

2009-08-11 19:48:19   Hello there, Thanks for the praise on my restaurant reviews. In answer to your question, El Mariachi's California Burrito derives its name from the central/southern California tradition (particularly in San Diego) of American/Mexican fusion. The California Burrito contains steak, french fries, cheese, and sour cream. It is an interesting combination, and quite well executed at El Mariachi's. It certainly requires salsa (or ask for guacamole), as the french fries do make it a bit dry. —RDRIII

2009-08-19 19:01:32   Your irritation was noted. Would you have preferred that the page stay on Davis Wiki? If that page stayed where would the line be drawn? —JasonAller

2009-09-01 12:19:07   I'm amused that the practice of bolding the title in the text is associated with me. It's actually writing "salt" — a mechanical device that forces a good practice. In this case, highlighting the actual subject of the entry forces you to make sure that the entry contains a very basic description that answers: "What is this, in terms that anybody arriving at this page with nearly zero context can understand?" It also draws the eye to that starting point that provides initial context for the rest of the text. It works for me, although I just used it early on to tag the ones I had made sure had a basic description of the subject. —JabberWokky

  • Oh, I agree it's good practice — definitely draws the eye and makes the entry clearer. You're the one I've seen doing it most often, so I've just followed suit. —CovertProfessor

2009-09-02 22:32:22   The place where I've had the best experience with that in Davis was actually a car dealer. They take much longer (although you don't have to wait in line for the people ahead of you quite as much). On the other hand, they are *less* expensive, don't charge for fluids, do a good job, and give you a comfortable place to work with wifi while you wait. In terms of actual lost time, I actually lose more at the rapid fluid swapping places because I'm productive at the dealer. —IDoNotExist

  • Sometimes dealers are good, sometimes not. Unfortunately for me, the Davis dealer for my car is not good. I think that Davisville Lube had wifi... someone had a laptop. And they didn't charge anything over and above their standard price for fluids. Of course, what I really want is a good, honest independent car mechanic. Haven't found one of those in Davis yet, but I've got my ear to the ground. —CovertProfessor

2009-09-02 23:17:16   If you find one, please let me know... —IDoNotExist

2009-09-03 10:46:04   Regarding car mechanics, we've been very happy with the service and honesty of both Redfield Machine and Triple A Automotive. —LillianChow

2009-09-14 23:19:14   It shows up for me... I assume you mean in seed. —JabberWokky

2009-09-15 13:02:25   No worries; I work with gifted artists and publishers all day who don't understand the web or databases at all. In comparison, the ability to say "Nope, I see it" and then you check your cache... that's a pure delight! —JabberWokky

2009-09-15 18:22:11   From talking to one of her customers I'm pretty sure its Landscaping but i've left her a voicemail and I should be able to scan one of her business cards too. I may also be able to get her to write on the page herself. —NickSchmalenberger

2009-09-16 01:46:23   If it's the same Jess who does landscape style work then there is a good chance that 3 degrees of Davis are two, or one —StevenDaubert

2009-09-16 09:27:59   http://daviswiki.org/Superdog_Inc._Better_Dog_Training?action=diff&version2=23&version1=22 and http://daviswiki.org/Superdog_Inc._Better_Dog_Training?action=diff&version2=31&version1=30. Really, arguing that a photograph of a bunch of dogs off leash means they're good? Constant dropping of the URL for the service? Those are two characteristics that really stand out and lead me to believe that the comments were left by the same person, or at the very least, two people who have collaborated. But on another note, I think we should delete Bonnie's comments. First she claims to be a customer and then admits to being involved with the business ("In regard to the Call Kurtis TV report, the "client" featured was sent to destroy our business by a competitor who was under a Permanent Injunction to not harass us and send others to do the same.") —WilliamLewis

2009-09-16 10:06:15   http://daviswiki.org/Superdog_Inc._Better_Dog_Training?action=diff&version2=4&version1=3. —WilliamLewis

2009-09-16 15:15:00   We don't want to have to lay off UC Davis students because a competitor badmouths us wrongly. Character assassination is not free speech, but "the refuge of cowards." This person makes us sound like expensive crooks. We do a good job and often are the dog trainer of last resort. Just look at the website and judge for yourself. We try and treat people right. Putting bad news stories about others then attributing them to our company is disingenuous, unless you think businesses that hire students and do a good job are evil. —judgemiller

2009-09-16 15:23:47   Bonnie Gordon was a client of Superdog and now works for us. Both true statements. We do have a Permanent Injunction signed by a judge and I can provide you with a copy. How would you like it if someone said you were a pedophile and you had no way to refute it? Everyone would always think that about you and remember the annonymous statement, not your weak pleas to consider the source. Be fair to us. If someone has something bad to say, you verify it and post it because it is true. Newspapers don't let people write things without a last name because people are honest when everyone knows who it is. Thank you. David Baron, (916) 927-7725 —judgemiller

2009-09-16 15:31:57   I'm a citizen too and me posting all over Davis that you are a pedophile is NOT an opinion or a different lifestyle I would be entitled to. Why. Because it is wrong and it would hurt you. Leave the bullshit down or verify it to make sure it is from a real person. David Baron (916) 927-7725 —judgemiller

2009-09-16 17:55:50   I would like to communicate with you off the wiki. If there is a way this is possible without breaching your anonymity, would you be willing to leave details on my page? Thanks. —WilliamLewis

2009-09-17 16:24:57   stonegate video and coffee - best pastries in davis, and best video rentals. the coffee sucks, but I choose to suffer a weak bean than support starbucks or peet's. And it is family run, the husband and wife ownership are in there 16 hrs a day 7 days a week, often with their kids running around. Probably the only establishment in davis which will recieve a positive wiki review from me. Their chocolate croissants are the bomb, and they have computers. —JustinMehlhaff

2009-09-18 11:14:06   iirc correctly she does design, and normal landscaping...

why the sudden energy on gnoming? —StevenDaubert

2009-09-19 23:57:10   Never put off procrastination until tomorrow... —IDoNotExist

2009-09-25 12:59:36   What did he do? I must have missed it... —IDoNotExist

2009-09-25 14:08:29   Wow. Makes me think that some sort of metamoderation system might be needed for the wiki. We've had a rash of users who have a severely negative impact on it lately. But it would need to be done in such a way that no one can decide they don't like someone and cause them to spontaneously lose editing privileges. (Group consensus?) —IDoNotExist

2009-09-25 14:54:37   Perhaps each time you get reverted by a gnome, you lose the ability to edit for some amount of time. That time starts very small, but doubles each time. Over time, if you are good and don't get reverted, your penalty gets reduced. If you start a revert war and get reverted by gnomes frequently, you'll automagically lose your editing ability for quite some time, and the revert war will die almost immediately. —IDoNotExist

  • Yeah, that could work. I don't know if others would go for it, but maybe? I guess one problem would be that some people think that some gnomes are a bit quick on the revert button. —CovertProfessor

2009-09-28 07:45:36   When I saw the "Young Americans for Liberty" entry pop up, I was envisioning a Glenn Beck group and was shuddering to see how that would go over locally. —JabberWokky

  • Yeah. As you said, "libertarian" covers a wide array of beliefs. It remains to be seen what this group is about. —CovertProfessor

2009-09-29 15:43:03   Students in the dorms aren't in Davis, how can they be included?

your numbers seem slightly high, are you including king and grad schools? —StevenDaubert

I've got the links up there now for the numbers. Of course, this doesn't show that 30K of the 65K is students. But as someone else said, students not living in dorms won't be excluded from the census. (Picture: "Sorry, you're a student — you don't count.") Living in Davis is living in Davis. —CovertProfessor

2009-09-30 02:58:32   ¬_¬

if you live in the dorms, you live in yolo county. Those census figures would go to yolo county, it's just like the trailer park over near research parkway, not in Davis, even though it clearly is. Same thing with el macero. It's not about them being students, it's about them not being in Davis. On a different note, 30k includes undergrad and all post grad students or just undergrads alone? —StevenDaubert

  • Right — read what I wrote above more carefully: "students not living in dorms won't be excluded from the census." As EdWins noted, there are only about 5K students living in dorms. And yes, the ~30K number includes graduate students (don't they count too??) but I doubt it includes postdocs, since postdocs are not students. —CovertProfessor

2009-10-03 21:36:10   Hungry? —IDoNotExist

  • Heh. No, just inspired by my wonderful YoloBerry yogurt this evening to do something I've been meaning to do for a long time. —CovertProfessor

2009-10-07 10:42:06   There is some very good discussion here that would likely be useful to future people seeking answers. Might I humbly propose some entry similar to Dental Questions, something along the lines of Academia Questions (as opposed to Academic Questions, i.e., this would have to do with the actual process of being in and rising into the world of formal academia, teaching, research, grants, application, etc). Basically, the process from undergrads looking to get into a PhD program on up (which overlaps a bit with those looking to get a doctorate to pursue industry careers, but that probably makes sense, as I know people who thought they were bound for a industry job who fell into positions in university research groups). The focus would be on UCD of course, for people passing through UCD as they obtain degrees or questions about UCD within the context of people seeking post-doc and higher positions at UCD. —JabberWokky

  • That's a good idea. How about "Q & A for Prospective Academics" as a page title? And we could prime it by cutting and pasting relevant bits from my page. —CovertProfessor
  • Excellent idea! —IDoNotExist

2009-10-13 12:06:30   The other was by request of the poster (Jon). I'm a bit hesitant to get into judgement calls regarding border cases, as that might place the legal responsibility elsewhere from the actual person posting the content. —JabberWokky

2009-10-27 13:19:45   It would be best if you stayed out of all future instances that have anything to do with me at all. —RealComputers

2009-10-27 18:26:28   BTW, grading exams was completely awful. It had it's ups and downs during the process, but now I'm pretty sure a good chunk of the pre-MED "must get a 4.0" crowd hate me right now :( —EdWins

  • Oh well, there is no way to satisfy that crowd. No doubt you'll hear from them, trying to get points back. I had a few of those myself today. Again, not the best part of the job. —CovertProfessor

2009-10-27 20:30:39   How did the pizza compare to other pizzas in the area? —IDoNotExist

  • I think that Village Bakery/Village Pizza makes the best "regular" pizza in Davis. Symposium's pizza is also very good, in my opinion, but only if you're in the mood for something a bit heavier and richer. —CovertProfessor
    • I'm going to quote you on my page, please don't remove it —StevenDaubert
      • Oh, good. I'd love to endorse your bunny rabbit with my pizza preferences. —CovertProfessor
        • I would concur wholeheartedly your first statement, what comes in 2nd in "regular" pizza (or is that in your reviews) you need a comment archive —StevenDaubert

2009-10-27 23:55:11   Expanding on Daubert's comment, since you have so many comments and reviews in your page, it might aid navigation if each type of food were listed on a distinct page, or at least if there were a separate page that contained your reviews. Pages that archive comments by year would also be really helpful in making the comments easy to sort through. —IDoNotExist

  • Agreed. There's no need for rigid homogeneity in the wiki. Having a Covert Professor's Picks would probably be fun, and anybody who wanted to could create their own "Picks" page... once there were enough, they could be crosslinked as a "best of Davis by critic" type entry named Picks. It would move a bit toward busting up the monotony of "phone number, dry description, too many reviews" that constitutes so much of the wiki these days, add some personality back, and might even prompt some editors to realize they are empowered to build out the wiki beyond what we've already got. -jw
    • I do have a "quick picks" at the top of my page, as well as within page links to each type of food for longer reviews. I know you all have been after me to archive my comments for awhile... maybe one of these days I'll do it. :-) —CovertProfessor

2009-10-28 08:03:54   don't give in! —EdWins

2009-10-28 11:16:18   please drop it —RealComputers

2009-10-28 12:58:22   I want you to stop all communication with me. I want you to stope leaving me any comments. We have never gotten along so why continue to argue? Please just do not respond to this and let this be clean and over with. —RealComputers

2009-10-30 11:31:18   He was placed on a "cool down" ban a couple minutes before you commented. —JabberWokky

2009-10-30 19:50:59   I think ["Users/RealComputers] was also trying to remove the phrase "Royally Sucks" from the page if you go back and look at some of the edits. Nice grammer fixes by the way. —JasonAller

2009-10-30 20:11:19   Much improved... —IDoNotExist

2009-10-30 20:17:00   Mmmmm... ambiguous pronoun referent.... singular their.... =) —WilliamLewis

2009-10-30 22:02:32   http://prairiehome.publicradio.org/programs/2008/01/19/scripts/english.shtmlIDoNotExist

2009-11-01 14:27:30   the city is going to get sued if they ban fires. I know a nice older gentleman who has SAD and needs a fire or he will probably kill himself —StevenDaubert

2009-11-01 14:33:01   a camera that shows 1 frame a second in a private business is different than encouraging others to help force an agenda that is misguided.

We don't have AC or heating in our house, but we have a fireplace, you really advocate having us be cold cause we don't ride a heater and chose to find and cure wood that is suitable for burning? —StevenDaubert

2009-11-01 14:34:37   and the webcam thing is just people overreacting, what possible negative things can result from that? People randomly look at you all the time on the street, it's the same thing just over the internet and with less refresh —StevenDaubert

  • I think there are few things more insidious than society's increasing tolerance of the loss of privacy, of which Yolo Berry is yet one more instance. It will come back to bite us. It is already biting us (Bush adminstration tactics, not completely ended with Obama administration; see also the UK)

    What I advocate is that we find out whether there is a problem, and then take appropriate action to deal with the problem if one is found. Appropriate action might include money to help people financially if a wood fireplace is their only source of heating. Surely you don't think you have the right to harm the health of others for your own heating needs if alternatives are available? Surely you recognize that living in a society with others requires some restrictions on absolute freedom? I realize that you don't think there are negative health impacts from fireplaces. But my point is that we should find out and deal with the situation if there are. —CovertProfessor

2009-11-01 14:45:37   yeah, pick on homeowners cause they don't have a lobby like truckers. Our energy bill is 30 dollars a month on a 3/2. Fireplaces are such a non problem it's disgusting that so much energy is put towards making them the devil.

As far as the yolo berry camera goes, I would love to see how many hits they get on it and how long ips stay connected to the feed. it's not in a public corner going straight to the police who can then yell at you thru a loudspeaker ala UK. Worry about the patriot act letting the man look at what books you check out from the library instead of some misguided business owners trying to drum up support in the cutthroat yogurt business of Davis. —StevenDaubert

  • If I am picking on homeowners, then I am picking on myself. We're all in this together. We're all neighbors. We're going to have conflicts. If it's not going to be all-out war, we need to listen to each others' concerns and find ways to solve them. You're assuming that burning your fireplace is not a health issue. I love a big roaring fire myself, but I can also tell that it affects my breathing, and I am a healthy person. I worry about the seniors in my neighborhood. Again, all I am saying is that this is worthy of study.

    If it's on the internet, it's at the police station, it's at the government; it's everywhere. As for Yolo Berry, they are my favorite yogurt place in town and I frequent them frequently. Not sure what I will do now that there is a web cam. But if their customers don't like it — for whatever reason — Yolo Berry should know about it. Frankly, I think there are better ways that they can compete. —CovertProfessor

2009-11-01 14:54:01   yeah well I talk with wes and lee, I left them a message. I guarantee you they didn't expect the hippies in town to flip like they did over a silly webcam.

it's real neighborly to get policy made instead of walking next door and discussing things like adults. —StevenDaubert

  • Glad you told the Yolo Berry folks; I do want their business to succeed.

    My neighbors tell me that they haven't gotten much traction when they tried to discuss it with their fireplace-using neighbors. Gee, maybe they react exactly like you're reacting here, whaddya think? —CovertProfessor

2009-11-01 15:00:50   were all wrong and all bad people and everything gives you cancer more legislation is obviously the key did you see the article in the bee today about the people who live next to cigar smokers and are litigating now? —StevenDaubert

2009-11-01 15:39:36   Wood burning adds soot and other particulates into the atmosphere, along with various greenhouse gases. Conversion of plants to gases in an unfiltered fire is a good way to contribute heavily to global warming, along with acid rain and smog. The emissions are also potentially very bad for anyone with breathing problems. If you are taking an action that potentially harms others, then the burden is on you to mitigate it, since other people can't. It's no different than if you were blasting your stereo in the middle of the night and waking up your neighbors. While you may benefit from it in musical enjoyment, your neighbors are negatively impacted by it, and you are in a position to prevent them from being impacted at all.

The camera thing is scary for a different reason. Covert is right. Once the video is out there, it's out there for everyone. While I really don't think that there's likely to be an issue for someone knowing that someone else bought a chocolate frozen yogurt at Yoloberry (mmm...Yoloberry...), we do have a great example (the UK) of a country where small adjustments to the level of surveillance let to it being essentially impossible for anyone to do anything in the UK without being captured on video. See this recent article in the NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/25/world/europe/25surveillance.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=uk%20%20camera%20family%20-balloon&st=cseIDoNotExist

2009-11-01 15:49:34   Reno has particularly bad air, and firewood bans and talk of it have been around since 1985. Since then, it's been talked about and mentioned a lot. Home fireplaces are big, big particle polluters. I'm a bit surprised that much of the Davis that touts it's environmental activism and love for eco-friendly bicycle culture among other things (which come up any single time someone wants to build houses) are yet still very keen on wood-burning and wave off some of the extremely well known detrimental affects. —EdWins

2009-11-01 16:03:15   not at all, it just means I have to integrate my comments and not attribute them to me —StevenDaubert

2009-11-01 23:49:59   I've noted a sudden increase in effective gnoming, now that there are fewer distractions... —IDoNotExist

  • Yes, interesting! Suddenly, enthusiasm and time to do something positive. —CovertProfessor

2009-11-02 09:00:22   It (surprisingly to me) really upset somebody whom I respect. They objected to the comment referring to Davis as a small town, which in my mind is a poetic/cultural outlook description more than strict numbers, but to them meant "dinky" or small in numbers. The point was more about the location and proximal options than Davis itself. It was a minor addition, one I didn't really see it as worth debating, so I removed it. As a side point, it occurred to me that if a sizable university is in any location other than a major metropolis, the surrounding city is always a "University town", not a "University city". Something makes just about any municipality with a heavily influential student population a "town" rather than "city". It's probably similar to boat versus ship or house versus estate — more than just size dictates the appropriate term. —JabberWokky

2009-11-02 09:32:40   That's probably true for larger cities as well. Boston is often referred to as a university town (it has at least 5 major ones), but it's a big city. —IDoNotExist

  • DC, Miami and Orlando don't fall into the term... Durham sometimes does. I think it has more to do with the visibility of the student body within the city, but that's a gut feeling without any significant thought on the subject. On the other hand, cultural nomenclature and connotation seldom holds up to over-analysis. To invoke a hoary cliche, it is what it is. -jw

2009-11-03 17:40:48   Wiki founder gets 15 minutes of fame in NY Times... http://s.nyt.com/u/DiBIDoNotExist

  • Very cool. Too bad he couldn't have gotten in a quick wikispot reference. :-) —CovertProfessor

2009-11-04 22:09:52   Did it remember its name when it was a young bike with training wheels? —IDoNotExist

2009-11-07 16:32:33   Hey, I'm trying to cross link Growth Politics (which deals solely with the actual political actions connected to growth) to the various opinion entries. I'm guessing from your edit activity that you may have made a sweep through those wiki entries that relate to the topic, so if you notice anything that should really cross link that I missed, please add it. —JabberWokky

2009-11-07 19:55:20   Nice addition. I was thinking that lawsuits would make sense within the context of political action. In fact, you jogged my memory about the city filing against Dixon over the Dixon Downs plans. —JabberWokky

2009-11-10 20:35:25   Sophia's thai iced-tea($3) has free refills Cultive now is self serve, and has more flavors (even Pistachio!) The last time I went to Fluffy Donut they were out of creme filled, but filled a chocolate long-john for me :) How is there no Chipotle review? —GreatRyan

2009-11-10 21:00:04   One of these days I'll make a poor man's wiki restaurant review. Sure Chipotle isn't that great, but there's no limit to the size, only your desire to be polite holds you back! I asked for extra cheese six times once :) —GreatRyan

2009-11-13 00:06:58   Well, I thought that Internet Service Provider was kind of long and Service was a little redundant, but I agree it has a more recognized meaning. William pointed out to me that one reason for having service is that without it the acronym would be the same as for Internet Protocol which would be very confusing. Anyway, I'm definitely willing to go either way. —NickSchmalenberger

2009-11-13 01:10:08   Wouldn't that be Internet Protocol over an Internet Provider, or IP over IP = IP / IP = 1? —IDoNotExist

2009-11-16 10:27:56   I had my doubts also, some of these things I found were from several years ago. I think it is a better fit on the street pages for me. I don't have a route for looking for stuff, so finding these things for me is most connected with coincidentally being on that street. —NickSchmalenberger

2009-11-19 17:19:12   It's a common misconception that servers get paid less than the normal minimum wage. This is wrong. In California, the minimum wage is $8 with certain exemptions for apprentices and certain kinds of agricultural workers. Restaurant workers are not exempted. Additionally, a restaurant cannot use tips to go towards this minimum wage. —WilliamLewis

  • Thanks for the information — I hadn't realized that California was different from most other states in that respect. I still think that servers in general work hard and don't get paid much, though. (And I have found the servers at Thai Nakorn in particular to be very friendly and accommodating). And I definitely don't see any reason why we should be suggesting that they be given less of a tip. Because the restaurant had the audacity to offer a coupon that is only for a small amount? That makes no sense. —CovertProfessor

2009-11-21 11:18:39   Actually, in California all employees are required to be paid at least min wage plus tips. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070617001218AA05k0fKellyM

2009-11-21 21:15:43   hi. i'm actually in china, teaching. totally happy to help spread info about what's going on since it's something that i wanted to happen when i was a student there. happy you're helping out in disseminating the information. —JessicaRockwell

2009-11-22 15:23:48   Has a protest ever actually accomplished anything? I can't seem to think of any specific examples. —hankim

  • Unionization of ucd food service workers under AFSCME in 07, the result of a long chain of protests and negotiations with the administration.
    • I feel like it doesn't count if a protest includes a strike as well because if there is a strike, there is some leverage against the other side. Although, I am unsure if that included a strike? —hankim

2009-11-28 14:35:25   Heh... —IDoNotExist

2009-11-29 14:53:08   Like the list. I believe we have similar tastes. :-D I'd wonder how you would review places outside of Davis. —atwong

2009-11-29 21:55:33   It sounds to me to be someone who is trying to give Luci a hard time, not an uninterested party expressing a valid opinion. This person bothered to leave only one comment about this topic, on one specific business page, and has made no other postings whatsoever. Seems fishy that's all. Having said that, I'm fine if someone wants to revert it back. That's how the wiki works, it just doesn't feel right to me. —Davidlm

2009-12-06 20:22:12   It looks like we may only have snow from 6-9 AM, at which point it will turn back into rain, and the snow may be melted away. —IDoNotExist

2009-12-06 20:56:40   I'm glad I'm not the only person excited about the snow tomorrow...

Hmmm... To study for my final tomorrow morning or to run out into the white and have fun? If you're hosting finals tomorrow, please be extra kind to your students :) —H4rry

2009-12-13 19:25:28   I've been wondering why reviews for Mustard Seed and Bistro 33 (amongst other "popular" spots?) seem to be missing from your repertoire of reviews..? —H4rry

  • I have heard too many negative things about the owners of the Mustard Seed — both from people on the wiki and in "real life" — to want to give them any of my business. As for Bistro 33, I've only been there once. It struck me as not my sort of place — trying a bit too hard to be trendy. And the food was mediocre and a bit overpriced for what it was. I never wrote a review, though, because I usually try to visit a place more than once before coming to a definite conclusion. The patio looks lovely, and for sure I'd go there just for that except they require that dogs sit outside the patio, a policy that I don't like. So, until someone drags me there again, I probably won't go on my own. But when I do, I'll write a review. Then again, maybe I've just written one. :-) —CovertProfessor

2009-12-26 06:11:41   good call —StevenDaubert

2010-01-04 18:20:48   You aren't the only one. —JasonAller

2010-01-04 22:16:17   Thanks for helping rewrite the page about the hospital. I'm confused though about why the two doctors offices are mentioned as places students shouldn't go in an emergency. Isn't this equally true for anyone at any doctors office? —NickSchmalenberger

2010-01-04 23:11:40   RE: Abella vs. Abba.... it bothers me a lot. I have no affiliation with either business, but I do know bad ethics when I see them. I love small business, and it really irks me when one small business uses not so nice tactics against another. My own personal opinion is that this is what is occurring with the name thing. The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology still has Abella on file in the same location, while Abba's license is new and has the old nail salon address. I would think this is fairly indicative of a new business being established next door rather than what Davis25's edits are suggesting.

I've taken a less direct approach to this issue because I seem to bring all the anonymous users out of the woodwork when I open my mouth! —MichellePalmer

2010-01-06 20:52:01   Thanks CovertProfessor for the corrections to my wiki page (Pilates Flow Fitness). Sincerely, crpike —crpike

2010-01-07 20:42:50   Nicely worded reply to Soon. —JabberWokky

2010-01-08 18:54:49   Do you want to Welcome Luther, or should I do it? —JasonAller

2010-01-08 19:49:16   Oh, I agree they are the same person. Read my comment to thomas1955@surewest.net where I suggest that they close that account and come back with another one. As such maybe the comment they left as Luther could be restored? Yes, they had sockpuppeted under the old account, but maybe Luther was an attempt at a clean slate? —JasonAller

2010-01-08 22:57:59   I agree that the sudden burst of edits raises a lot of suspicion. It does on that page, and on any other where what appears to be a business owner makes a few edits and then suddenly there are a flurry of extremely positive reviews. Keep in mind that some of them may be genuinely independent and honest, but good luck sorting out which are which. I've been feeling pretty disappointed about a lot of the recent Self Interest Single Topic EditoRs (SISTERs), particularly those editing using organizational account names. When you care for the wiki on an ongoing basis it is hard not to have times when your focus is drawn toward the edits of people who are abusing the wiki either out of ignorance, which is fixable, or an inability to see the wiki as anything other than a tool to their own ends, which is not fixable. I guess part of my reason for leaving you the first comment about Luther was that it troubles me to see someone's early edits reverted without a note being left one their user page. Sort of along the lines that if it is worth taking the time to revert, then it is worth taking the time to welcome and attempt to educate. On the other hand I don't do that on the main Wiki Spot hub wiki because there is less community there and the spammers and "people who just don't get what a wiki is for" are much less likely to benefit from the effort of trying to reach out and educate. The recent use of the term "Wiki Cops" by an upset editor was pretty offensive, and I really liked JabberWokky's response to it. My own reaction is that the use of that term demonstrates a huge lack of understanding about the nature of this wiki. When I'm editing here on Davis Wiki I'm mostly a librarian in that I'm cataloging and fixing links. I also clean up after other editors (as some of them clean up after me), and try to reach out to new editors and point them in the direction of resources that might aide in their becoming successful members of this community that so many of us have worked hard to make possible and positive. Thank you for all the really good edits you've been making. —JasonAller

2010-01-10 13:21:24   Those are specifically the places that also sell frozen yogurt. I'm actually planning on going back and doing the Ice Cream places in a moment as well. Presumably, if there were a 'frozen yogurt' place that also sold ice cream, I'd add the ice cream cross ref to them. —JabberWokky

2010-01-10 13:29:15   ...and done! —JabberWokky

2010-01-10 18:02:17   They should be (and are) crosslinked in their intros, as they are all related. I think a top level entry for just three categories is a little much, but a ["desserts"] entry and even a triple part list on "date food" (and "kids food") might make sense (I think deserts exists... which is why I'm linking it. If it doesn't, it should (edit: it does, under dessert). Desserts for their own sake fit culturally into a few spheres of activity, like dating, kids and... what else? —JabberWokky

2010-01-10 19:28:50   Now it's my turn to be a bit confused... why did you add frozen yogurt and gelato to Dairy Queen... or gelato to Ben and Jerry's? They only have ice cream and ice cream and yogurt, respectively (as far as I know). —JabberWokky

2010-01-10 20:10:20   Oh, I don't mind either way. When editing the wiki, other ideas of how to do things are always okay... and if you think this kind of linking makes sense, I'll roll with it. If you think my way made more sense (just listing the crosslinks for what they actually offer), I'll zip through and "fix" the entries. Either way is useful, so I'm not terribly concerned. My only tiny reservation is that it seems to imply that the place offers all three. —JabberWokky

2010-01-14 22:49:47   I liked your comment on the Roxie's discussion page, Speaking personally — yes, I want the downtown to thrive and be successful. But please understand that the purpose of the wiki is not to promote any particular business, or even the downtown in general. The purpose is to serve as a resource for the Davis community. Thus, both good and bad comments are retained, text that is too "ad-like" or promotional is removed, and the pages should reflect what is true and accurate.PhilipNeustrom

2010-01-15 16:16:25   Nice call on 103. —JabberWokky

2010-01-15 21:48:28   Haha, true, true...I was tempted to turn it into a big redirect-loop... —JoePomidor

2010-01-19 09:52:51   Thank you for the catch. I've been up for two days straight, launching a service and working with somebody in Italy, eight hours ahead. I'm taking a nap now. I'ts amzinag that I get thr lettres and order of words in right. —JabberWokky

2010-01-19 10:17:51   Eep! —IDoNotExist

2010-01-19 21:03:21   Things that don't exist often change history... —IDoNotExist

2010-01-19 22:33:25   The eep, however, was in relation to a certain wikichange... —IDoNotExist

2010-01-19 23:38:38   No no. More along the lines of a change in status... —IDoNotExist

2010-01-20 12:48:10   Indeed. Any idea why that occurred? —IDoNotExist

2010-01-20 18:07:21   That was really nicely written. I think you handled the issue of asking them to use their real name well. —JasonAller

2010-01-22 20:56:02   Part of the reason that Wiki Community/Archiving Comments never got an instructions section is that different people use different naming conventions and structures for archives. So far there isn't one way that emerged as the way to write up. I suppose we could write up the options for each step. Do you think if it were written up clearly that we'd see it being abused by archiving any time a negative comment landed on the page followed up by a bunch of suspiciously wonderful comments? —JasonAller

  • It seems to me that we could just recommend one common and simple way of doing it, and say that variations on that theme have been used. And emphasize that generally people archive only past years, labeled by year — and that archiving recent comments will likely be reverted, especially comments from the current year. And selectively archiving comments will almost definitely be reverted, unless we're all asleep at the switch. —CovertProfessor

2010-01-22 21:46:46   I don't think 'premiere' was meant as an advertising adjective. I googled it and it seems to be a ranking or at least an accurate part of the description of the Wizards of the Coast Premier Store Program. Per their faq stores start at a bronze tier and work their way up based on it seems their engagement and support of in-store game playing and so on. —EdWins

  • Ah, I didn't actually do my own google — I was relying on William Lewis's. If it's legit, it should be restored — though I see no reason it needs to be in all caps. —CovertProfessor

2010-01-26 20:15:19   Thank you! —IDoNotExist

2010-01-26 23:20:31   RealName != Mohammad, RealName would be MohammadX where x is a variable. I'm sure that Mohammad is his name, I just want a family name as well, odds are good there is more than one in Dtown. —StevenDaubert

2010-01-26 23:29:05   truth

good cleanup btw —StevenDaubert

2010-01-27 21:11:24   It was just my exact irl reaction, and I figured I would share with the rest of the wiki exactly how I felt —StevenDaubert

2010-01-30 21:35:55   Reverting to 132 would give this diff. Why do we need to remove the bit about the owner? Why do we need to keep the "davis location" part? Yeah, once we resolve this, removing the stop macro would be a no brainer. I think this is the edit that is needed (revert to version 147). —WilliamLewis

2010-01-30 22:18:03   I believe that's a good one... and was agreed to earlier, so it is likely to garner quick and simple positions. —JabberWokky

2010-01-30 22:31:20   (And what William said above... reverting to remove obvious bits of info and correction made since then is silly). —JabberWokky

2010-01-31 17:47:19   Brian was saying the same thing October.WilliamLewis

2010-01-31 18:03:18   Yup. And then I welcomed him to the wiki with a comment saying his criticism revealed him as an amateur. —WilliamLewis

2010-02-03 11:05:28   I did not notice that you had unbolbed the part about 24 hours on the RC page until after I rebolded it, but can you please leave it bold? I think its significant that repairs can be completed so quickly. —RealComputers

2010-02-03 17:50:21   That was "Arlen Theory". The idea is that if you write something badly enough, it will prompt somebody else to write it in a much better way. It also amused me, as I wonder how often the one sentence introductions atop long lists are read. Thus the "*cough*" comment. It was not a very serious edit, and I really should fix it. —JabberWokky

2010-02-04 20:37:53   RE: "Mobility" heading on ["Templates/Apartment/Temp"] - you caught me... I'm trying to raise the profile of the all-encompassing term. I've got this idea floating around that our community needs to start thinking about all of our transportation planning holistically. So, I'm suggesting that we merge the Bicycle Advisory Commission, Safety & Parking Commission, Unitrans Advisory Committee and the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Committee into on single commission: the City of Davis Mobility Commission. KemblePope

2010-02-05 16:32:44   I indulge quite a bit, I love ice cream and cookies -just be sure to brush and floss :) —DagonJones

2010-02-05 19:54:10   I would join you in your productive edits, but I am now stranded by snow at a Burger King (editing by phone). I scraped a foot of snow off the car, and all I could think is "I can't wait to be back in California". Of course, Sarah has promising post doc positions in Boston, so I may really hate the next two winters. Curse her career!! (Of course, Berkeley is still an open potential target). —JabberWokky

2010-02-06 15:29:11   Thank you — for the spaces! —JabberWokky

2010-02-06 18:16:53   Much better; thank you. —DonShor

2010-02-07 17:47:04   I'm sticking with local froyo, too. No Hollywood hot-shot place will take me away from the deliciousness of Yolo Berry :D —ChristyMarsden

2010-02-08 22:35:16   Looks like business as usual at Hometown. People lining up to order at the register and all. Self-serve water. Maybe they'll go full service later. For now, though, it's same old hometown, snazzy new location with more seating.


2010-02-09 08:59:56   Hey, I tried to chop down the Talk page on Real Computers, but was having trouble finding key points on anything remaining. A few people had voiced their view that the discussion should end soon, so I deleted it. In part, I deleted it because I knew the people who still might want to discuss anything (like you) have the knowledge of how to go back and pull your last active thread and restate the specific points that are still being discussed. That last version was a bit all over the map. In short, I wasn't trying to force an end to the conversation, just a cleanup and refocus, but I wasn't certain enough to be sure I'd pick out the relevant points for the people still discussing things, so I'm leaving it to the participants. —JabberWokky

2010-02-09 09:05:33   It makes sense to me. There are a few Talk pages out there with "it would be really time consuming, but a great idea if somebody...". —JabberWokky

2010-02-10 14:08:15   Real world. People who have called your dog/puppy cute? —JabberWokky

  • Which comment are you referring to? Sorry, a bit busy this afternoon/evening — I missed the edit. Everyone thinks my dog is cute, and for good reason. :-) —CovertProfessor
    • I just had a flash of inspiration regarding a possible meaning behind the long mysterious: "CovertProfessor's cute count: 8. Apparently, the cute count will be remaining at 8."
      • Ah, no, but good guess. (Though then the cute count might be 10 bazillion or something). Actually, some people figured it out awhile back, but they deleted their guesses to leave the mystery. :-) —CovertProfessor

2010-02-10 16:07:13   I have been discreetly pointed to the relevant comment, and I am now enlightened. I would not have figured that out at this date. —JabberWokky

  • Ah, yes, it's a bit of an old joke at this point. I suspect you're sorry it wasn't just left as a mystery. :-)

2010-02-14 22:17:46   Quite the plethora of stealthy people of late... —IDoNotExist

Indeed. Jealous, I guess. —cp

2010-02-16 20:46:32   gratzi —StevenDaubert

2010-02-21 10:56:47   I honestly lost track, as there were a large number of sections on several entries being consolidated, broken out and moved. I had a pattern I was following to make sure everything was carefully kept, but was unable to maintain the pattern due to cross-edits occurring — despite a few pleas to wait until the consolidation was complete. I currently hold a tentative belief that all points were integrated, but there was actual content editing (not just housekeeping edits that moved things around) while I was trying to split and merge, which destroyed the clear trail I was trying to establish. At one point I had a text editor with sorted and grouped blocks that I was adding back to the entries (cutting, so the text file emptied out as the content went back into the wiki). To add to the confusion, at one point there was a server reload, which caused at least one edit to be lost. I'm pretty darn certain I caught that one and placed it back. I wound up just quickly dumping in what I had (so it was at least vaguely in place), adding one point and then declaring that I was abstaining from editing, as someone had to back off to prevent the chaos from multiple editors working at cross purposes. I actually would have backed off much earlier (and just returned after a few hours or a day) rather than pushing forward so aggressively, except that I had actual content that was in mid-move and had already been deleted from the wiki. Those large structural moves, especially when you're splitting or merging content, do poorly when they occur at the same time the content itself is being actively edited. I had thought there was a pretty clear group agreement to make the changes, and did not expect editing to occur (or a server reload!) while I was making them. Part of it is that "foo" is a novice and enthusiastic editor who was a little zealous about very quickly correcting the "mistakes" I was making as I grouped blocks of related content together, much of which duplicated each other in different wordings (as is typical when you merge similar entries and want to have all versions in the new entry's history). If anything was lost, I don't think it was significant or unique, and there is now a (hopefully) more consolidated and useful set of entries to press forward with. The next step I envision as follow up will be to go through and either delete the Talk page or at least cut it way down by eliminating the discussion rendered moot by the changes that were made. I wanted to leave it for a day or two rather than just zeroing it out right after the changes that had been discussed occurred. —JabberWokky

2010-02-21 17:30:45   Thanks for catching those. —JasonAller

2010-02-22 13:20:39   Me gusta. —WilliamLewis

2010-02-22 15:13:12   I snorted milk up my nose when I read your "garden variety gnome" comment. I wasn't drinking milk. Should I be worried? —TomGarberson

2010-02-22 15:37:07   Dear Nose Doctor: My nose has two cavities. Do I need to get them filled? If so, do I need a medical professional, or can I just go to a swimming shop? —TomGarberson

2010-02-23 18:36:19   I have met the tommyw fellow at the luxury outhouse when I went in there once, he is a nice guy who seems to really care for his mother. I think he just got a little offended and didnt get the humor, maybe he is a bit overprotective. btw I thought it was pretty funny —DagonJones

2010-02-23 19:18:09   I was thinking the same thing when I read the name! It's like how I always make fun of l'eau de toilette whenever I am at a department store. —hankim

2010-02-23 21:19:00   For what it's worth, I also thought your outreach to tommieW was dead on, and I was totally baffled by the response it generated. —TomGarberson

2010-03-01 07:27:07   Thanks for explaining things to TanyaLawrence, that was nice. —NickSchmalenberger

2010-03-03 12:58:41   Rumors of my existence are *highly* exaggerated, and are most likely a figment of someone's imagination...

Will you be at the meeting tonight? —IDoNotExist

2010-03-03 13:30:29   If I *were* to run into you at some point (not that I would know it was you anyway), I promise not to make you less covert. Of course, since I don't actually exist, this seems unlikely to happen. But it's a strange universe, so one never knows. —IDoNotExist

2010-03-03 16:15:31   Looming deadlines can be solved by weaving grants and papers! —IDoNotExist

2010-03-03 16:15:49   Oh, and thank you :) —IDoNotExist

2010-03-04 08:45:30   Personally, I'm of the same opinion. Right now Jason, Joe and anybody else doing selective reverts are kind of "finding the water level" where those important edits are retained. Most can be discarded as fluff (actually, I think quite a bit of fluff could be pruned from here and there all over the wiki). I think I know who Srendi is, and if so, he's done this a few times before. —JabberWokky

2010-03-05 09:10:59   Just to be clear, I agree with you about the policy points and I agree that we do need to get the administrators on our side (although UCOP is far more vital there than Mrak). My objection is to the actual "protest" that occurred yesterday, not to it's supposed goals. No matter how you frame the objective, what they did was counterproductive. They're only going to alienate administration of all levels, they're going to make the UC and its students look bad in Sacramento and throughout the state (i.e. to the voters), and they're harming thousands of students' education, ostensibly in the name of protecting higher education.

If this were a sane, vandalism-free protest that was rationally related to its goals, I would support it 100%. But just because I agree with the ends doesn't mean I'm going to sit back and ignore the means. —TomGarberson

2010-03-05 09:33:46   "Again, Don, I know you see yourself as the white-knight of Davis businesses." That's a little disparaging, especially coming from an anonymous Wikian. I do think that businesses in general are treated with suspicion on the Wiki. What I really wonder is why you are so particularly concerned about every single edit that occurs on RC's page. —DonShor

2010-03-05 16:22:19   We have quite a few disagreements as well as quite a few agreements, just wanted to make sure that there were no hard feelings? —hankim

2010-03-06 23:13:14   *whistles innocently* —TomGarberson

2010-03-07 22:18:10   [snicker]]]] —TomGarberson

2010-03-07 22:25:27   <:-[] —IDoNotExist

2010-03-07 23:52:59   It is rather nice to see a generation protesting on college campuses. Really, it's about time. I was stunned by how little protesting there was in the last decade... —IDoNotExist

2010-03-08 00:01:14   I guess if I look at it as practice in hopes of figuring out how to protest in ways that aren't so counter-productive I can be a bit more optimistic about it. I don't know enough about what goes on between the UCD administration and Sacramento to say much about it, other than that I strongly suspect Oakland has far more influence than does Mrak. If it were local plus Sac and UCOP, that would certainly alleviate one of my concerns. That's still just one among many, though.

It's also probably true that many protests are ruined by just a couple of bad actors. That's something that needs to be taken into account when planning these things, though. If you're going to go that avenue, you don't get a free pass on foreseeable consequences just because your intentions are good. I'm not a fan of negligence any more than I am of shirking personal responsibility. —TomGarberson

  • The protests *did* include Oakland + Mrak + Sac. It's just that we've only covered the local protests in our wiki page. I suspect you're right that protests need to be planned — perhaps deciding on which routes and actions to take ahead of time. But there's no telling when a crowd might become a mob with a mind of its own. As I said, though, you and I agree on almost everything. I'm mainly reveling in the students taking *any* kind of action. —CovertProfessor
    • The Oakland protest was City Hall and 880, not, as far as I'm aware, UCOP. Why they went to City Hall in a city that doesn't even host a UC campus when just down the road there was the actual administration for the entire university I couldn't say. And yeah, I'm glad that there was a decent sized group at Sacramento. I guess that does fit the bill somewhat, although I still maintain that it was poorly planned and poorly executed. -tg
      • Agreed. —cp

2010-03-08 00:04:47   CP, I think it would be awesome if you hung out (read: idled) in the IRC room. Just my two cents. —AlexanderHo

  • Oh, I would — except I already spend far too much time on this wiki. I fear an even greater time drain if I got onto IRC. —CovertProfessor

2010-03-08 08:37:05   Over the last few years, I think I've almost got a pretty good guess or two of you who might be. You've certainly dropped far more hints than you ever intended to I'm sure! I don't think I would ever have met or seen you as part of my education, so it's based mostly on recollections of friends and colleagues in another discipline, but I think I'd rather not know and keep it a mystery. —ES

  • Oh, I know I've revealed quite a bit about myself. Certainly anyone who knows me would guess who I am. —CovertProfessor

2010-03-08 14:42:27   Hahahahaha!TomGarberson

2010-03-08 16:17:05   The IRC channel... it is calling to you... "CP, getting stuff done is overrated!"Davis Wiki IRC

2010-03-09 21:18:08   Incidentally, if this is a pattern, I will trip across an article or video (maybe an audio interview this time?) that lends support to part of your point of view in the next day. I'm kind of surprised All Things Considered didn't have a segment on the protests (not that I heard at any rate, although I don't always actively listen when busy). That would have been a third format. —JabberWokky

  • Well, if I can't defend my own point of view, then I'm not much of a professor, eh? I understand that you find what you find, and in any case, you have as much right as the rest of us to take a side. I didn't think you were being one-sided. —cp
    • I wasn't clear: the past couple days I've happened across things for the other participants in the discussion (or had them sent to me), and relayed them to the people whose positions they best seemed to support. I was just speculating that for the pattern to be complete, I'd have to serendipitously find a reference that applies to your positions... and for Jessica's, for that matter. Actually, for Jessica's positions, I could raid some boxes in the basement for some of my personal library. Video to Tom, WSJ link to Han, and then a radio interview for you and a mimeographed typed newsletter for Jessica. Everybody gets supporting "facts"! -jw
      • Well, if you find something that refocuses discussion on the importance of affordable public education in California, then you've found the right thing. :-) —cp
        • Like splitting out the causes at the start? :-P I have a feeling in a few weeks, there will be another opportunity for a more sedate and specific growth of information that can be better organized into a cohesive and multi-perspective whole. I actually have some thoughts and questions on the whole subject, but am waiting for things to die down. I also have the common questions that I ask in all these undergrad oriented subjects: how is it affecting grads/post-docs/faculty/administration/facilities/etc? How distinct are the med and law schools in this situation? And so on, all around the elephant. There is a reasonable first focus on the largest group of people, but if the situation for other segments of the university isn't recorded here while it is fresh in people's minds, it will be buried in history, as news media isn't focusing on anything but the situation for undergrads either. I know of at least one person who spent some time talking to the guy who had to clean up the graffiti so that his perspective could be added to the wiki. Desiderata: "Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit." When things are quieter, the calm will reappear, and hopefully their voices can be raised to a visible place amongst all those who have been shouting. -jw

2010-03-10 00:07:49   It was on NPR, although probably just on the news and Wait Wait! —IDoNotExist

  • All Things Considered, together with Morning Edition, are the NPR news programs. Personally, I fell out of listening to ME when Bob Edwards left. Dang them and their Edwards hating ways!2. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards
    • I was referring to the NPR hourly news headlines in this case. Wait Wait is actually produced by both Chicago Public Radio and NPR, and in the US is distributed by NPR. —IDoNotExist
      • So it is. -jw

2010-03-10 10:22:11   Perhaps there is a difference between what people mean when they use the term 'disrupting'. Missing some classes to ponder the position of education in society is a wonderful thing, especially on a college campus when that form of open thought and dialog should be encouraged. Blocking people from getting to the hospital or jeopardizing somebody's research is a different type of disruption. Going up a level to other protests, I think most people would say that sparking an armed conflict with fatalities is too far. This protest fell somewhere between a clearly good thing (more than peaceful public discussion) and a clearly bad thing (less than serious injury), and I think some of the disagreement is based on what people are envisioning when they hear "disruption is good". The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was a disruption, and so was the protest of the Bath School property taxes. One had a quarter million people peaceably assembling and changing history. The other was one guy killing or maiming nearly a hundred kids and educators. "Disruption" as a simple word without clarification is probably a dangerous thing to toss around in a discussion of protests without clarification of the nature of disruption you are referring to, especially when there are people arguing that any amount of disruption for an extended period of time is needed while lauding groups that encouraged open display of firearms during protests and others that fire rockets into populated towns. I am fairly confidant that you are not talking about that level of disruption, but possibly rather something more toward the voluntary peaceable assembly that disrupts by being a visible and vocal icon of an issue and drawing people into altering their normal routine to think and discuss that issue (with "what does it take to be visible?" being answered with a pretty wide spectrum of action). Note that none of this really argues anything other than for a clarification of a word that appears to have radically different connotations to different people in the discussion. (And as a personal postscript, any position that this appears to argue for is purely accidental; I used extreme or distantly related examples to attempt to avoid a particular bias toward any particular set of connotations. My personal beliefs would probably be considered very fringe). —JabberWokky

  • It seems to me that some event or action is a "disruption" if it prevents or delays some activity, service, access, or anything else that would normally be possible without that event or action. In the case of the stuff here, it becomes "disruptive" if people who do not wish to participate in a protest can not accomplish whatever they need to do as a result. For example, if someone wanted to go to class but could not reach it because of a protest, then the protest is being disruptive. —IDoNotExist
  • I agree that there are disruptions and Disruptions. It's hard to imagine a protest that wasn't at least somewhat of a disruption, given that there is a crowd of people being very loud. People may have trouble getting around the crowd, or be hampered in doing activities that require quiet. But I agree that there should not be Disruption, putting people's lives in jeopardy (closing I-80 falls in this category) or preventing them from making principled choices such as continuing their lab research. It is always possible, though, that a crowd could inadvertently cause Disruption... but that's true of a concert or a ball game, too. (One reason why I don't like crowds). —cp
    • I dislike crowds too. We should all get together and protest crowds sometime. —hankim
      • Yeah! —cp

2010-03-10 13:58:09   Did you see that Tanya Lawrence asked you a question on her page? It's the last comment. —BruceHansen

2010-03-10 23:39:59   I can't find an All About Hair corporation, fictitious name, or anything under the name of Tanya Lawrence. —WilliamLewis

2010-03-10 23:48:08   Sorry, brainfart. But I did get the name correct when I did the searches! —WilliamLewis

2010-03-13 10:39:53   Dear Professor, not having been there, I haven't fully "gronked" on the BW pain. Please relax. I'd like to think that I made an improvement i.e. accuracy without any basic or controversial changes. May improvements float. Thanks for restoring the Downtown link. —BruceHansen

  • Bruce, if you *really* want to know (or "grok," I think you mean) what happened, the whole protracted exchange can be accessed by starting here and working your way through all of the Talk page edits... all 661 of them. That's not counting all the edits to the page itself and all of the talking that went on on the user pages. It's not that I'm so attached to the current wording as it is that I don't want to see anything set that off again — for example, the new link to the comics page. Feelings are still very raw on all sides. The current wording is good enough and I think it is should stay more or less as it is for awhile. Please consider this as a personal request. —cp

2010-03-13 12:33:22   As a side note, "Premier" is a title, an official designation on Drom's and should be capitalized. Removing the bold and all caps was a good edit, IMO. —JabberWokky

  • Yeah, I'm fine with "Premier," but not "PREMIER." —cp

2010-03-13 13:57:57   When someone isn't logged in and they see a page with a mailto macro, the email address is displayed as user AT domain DOT tld (as an anti-spam measure). When someone is logged in, the address is displayed as user@domain.tld and the address is a mailto link. The anti-spam measure thing is pointless these days, as just about any scraper in the world will replace AT with @ and DOT with .

But eh.... the macro could be rewritten to be more useful in the future. —WilliamLewis

2010-03-14 11:43:59   Hello, and thank you for the link. I will have to figure out how to properly use the site after finals are over :-) Happy Pi Day! —Myself

2010-03-14 21:05:12   Hey, I can't find the Enterprise article. Do they now say that a taser was actually fired? They said early on that one was used in drive stun mode (like a cattle prod, different than firing one to incapacitate). Normally it wouldn't matter, but there's been so much swirling uncertainty, it would be good to make the specifics clear. —JabberWokky

2010-03-14 22:45:32   Okay, so far it seems fair to note at least three points: the stated reason for CHP's internal disconnect, the differences between uses of a taser and the delay in the correction until after the media coverage. (I assume William is reading this as well, and will chime in. He seems to have clarified the second point already). —JabberWokky

  • Agreed, assuming an Oxford comma. —cp
    • That is an accurate assumption, although the AP style guide is a more accurate description. I have been in the news publishing field for about 14 years, and even if you're not an actual writer the commas and title case eventually permeates your brain. In casual writing (e.g. wiki chatter) my comma use is hideous anyway. Add to that my overuse of semicolons and ellipses and it's amazing I'm not accused of being a bad William Carlos Williams fan who uses random punctuation rather than white space. -jw
      • You should get that looked at. Failure to do so may result in complications, requiring a semi-colonoscopy, or even leave you commatose. —IDoNotExist
      • My grammar is far from perfect, but Oxford commas are second nature to me both as a reader and a writer. I had to read your sentence twice to see that it contained three items. Re: semi-colon use, you should read the most recent John Irving novel. :-) —cp
        • I had thought there might be an interesting story as to why journalists and authors diverged in grammatical standards. Sometimes those kinds of things turn out to be a bar bet or an angry and defiant newspaper owner. This article points out that both forms were in use back to the 1600s, and I know that prior to that the hand scribed texts employed a much wider variety of punctuation, shorthand words and phrases, abbreviations by symbols, &c. I also ran across this article, which I only note because of the dedication at the end of the text. -jw
          • Yeah, I was actually taught that either was correct — I've just always thought that lists were clearer with the comma. But the first article shows that sometimes the Oxford comma can be ambiguous, too (at which point I'd be rewording the sentence). The dedication in the second article is priceless — thanks. :-) —cp P.S. Now that we've had all of this grammar fun, who wants the honors of editing the protest page?

2010-03-17 15:52:45   Haha oops... thanks for catching that misplaced period. —TomGarberson

2010-03-18 14:38:33   You are probably right — I read your comment in the waiting room after I filled out the forms. Sarah has seen both dentists at the practice I went to and thinks the negative reviews are for the other dentist. As it was, the recommendations were so basic and so few problems found, it didn't much matter. Thanks for referencing your note, however. —JabberWokky

2010-03-19 09:08:12   Thank you Professor! —BruceHansen

2010-03-19 21:19:16   They ignored it and edited. I actually blanked the page in an effort to get through to them. I'm mulling options, but the notice wasn't doing any good. —JabberWokky

2010-03-19 21:20:09   (If you have an idea, kick it to the /Talk page, as it's a periodic problem, and a good solution would be nice!) —JabberWokky

2010-03-19 21:35:15   It seems like a fairly extreme solution. Plus, when I blanked the Real Computers entry after an edit war with no good resolution, I wound up thinking that it was a bad idea — although that was in conjunction with a lock, which is a fairly different situation. I'd be okay with trying a "replace abused entry with a notice to communicate" to move things toward breaking a problem edit cycle. Personally I think getting working communication started is worth blanking a single entry for awhile (with a couple exceptions). —JabberWokky

2010-03-19 23:04:36  

 This entry has been blanked to try and contact the person editing this page  We've been trying to get your attention, but can't seem to manage it, so an editor has temporarily blanked this page... please read the message on your user page by clicking here. If you have messages from other editors, a yellow notice will appear in the upper right hand corner of every page when you are logged in. The wiki is edited by a community working together, so please communicate with your fellow editors. 


2010-03-20 14:14:21   Really great work on all the senior stuff, CP! Thanks for doing all of that —TomGarberson

2010-03-23 10:40:29   I do not think that I took up either side on the woman's story, I just merely pointed out that too many people these days attempt to use a difficult life as an excuse for bad behavior. —hankim

2010-03-23 10:49:18   Interesting how you got frustrated over the condemnation while I got annoyed enough to respond about people being the opposite (I guess excusatory?). =P —hankim

2010-03-23 10:51:27   It is difficult to think positive things about people taking advantage of the compassion of others. —hankim

2010-03-23 10:55:27   I know, I was just excusing people's negative views of the woman or girl =P —hankim

2010-03-23 18:51:11   I personally like it the way it is. I think it will be fine as long as people do not throw too much oil onto the slope. —hankim

2010-03-24 02:50:09   As fun as it is to bash politics, when it turns into serious mudslinging, I always remember Heinlein's bit of dialog from Podkayne of Mars, where her uncle agrees with her that it is stupid that she is locked into shopping only at the high priced port shops, but objects to her dismissing politics itself as stupid. He tells her: "Think about it. Politics is just the name for how we get things done... without fighting. We dicker and compromise and everyone thinks he has received a raw deal, but somehow after a tedious amount of talk we come up with some jury-rigged way to do it without getting anybody's head bashed in. That's Politics. The only other way to settle a dispute is by bashing a few heads in... and thats what happens when one side or both sides is no longer willing to dicker. That's why politics is good even when it's bad... because the only other alternative is force — and somebody gets hurt."

Politics may well be a con game, but it's a con game that often distracts people from wanting to arm their younger men and go fix that problem over there, either inside or outside their tribe. Perhaps human beings have evolved the best con of all — people (nearly) always talking each other out of throwing a punch.

Or maybe it's just early in the morning and the coffee hasn't yet killed my groggy philosophy side. —JabberWokky

2010-03-24 13:07:25   I know that we do not see eye to eye, but I believed that your comment on Jabberwokky's page contained inaccurate comments that generalized Republicans and kept out anything about Democrats doing exactly the same thing so a little balancing was required. —hankim

2010-03-24 13:27:38   I disagree, but again, do not want to get into a lengthy discussion about it. —CovertProfessor

  • I just dislike it when people say negative things about someone or something without letting the other side explain themselves. —hankim
    • I don't see that anyone tried to stop you. I also want to point out that I was responding on jw's page to the comment that he made just above; I was merely explaining the previous edit to which jw refers. I wasn't trying to give a defense of my position concerning Republicans (and certainly I wasn't saying anything about Democrats). And yet apparently, my expression of my opinion, on an another editor's page (not on a more "public" page) was so offensive to you that you felt you had to respond to it. ("Something is wrong on the internet!! I must answer it!!") Don't you think that I have a response to make to yours? The problem is that I have too much to say, not too little. And based on past experience, I am sure that you would have plenty to say in response, and so on. Well, this is a pretty bad forum for debating politics and economics, and I don't have the time for it even if it were. So, one of us has to exercise some self-control and nip the discussion in the bud, and in this case, it was me. —cp
      • The problem is that I know you have a response to make to mine considering your strong political views and I am highly curious about it. —hankim
        • Some other time, perhaps. Despite this being "spring break," I unfortunately have some work that needs to get done. —cp
          • Yep. No rest during furlough days? —hankim
            • Ha! Conferences, publications, class prep — they don't take furloughs. —cp

2010-03-24 20:02:52   Quite correct... I am assuming there is a different form, which makes me wonder about the dorms. Thanks for clarifying the statement (it's actually a nice feature of doing unsigned "conversations", that people can fix both sides to eliminate confusion and make a more readable end product). —JabberWokky

2010-03-25 13:05:06   Hola! What's the procedure for getting the Feature Page changed? I really want to shine the spotlight on the Google Fiber stuff since tomorrow is the deadline... —KemblePope

2010-03-25 13:46:03   little help? can't figure out why the old image is still coming up... my new google fiber logo image appears in the file directory... odd. —KemblePope

2010-03-25 13:58:58   ok, thanks. more help? now i'm still seeing the old language on the front page, and my new language on the featured page... —KemblePope

2010-03-25 14:23:46   thanks for your help. gotta say, that was exhilarating in an "all eyes on you" kind of way. —KemblePope

2010-03-25 15:11:40   Better now, all around? I want to keep the featured page there. Can explain more - do you have an email address? —PhilipNeustrom

2010-03-26 17:59:20   "Doodie!" —JabberWokky

2010-04-02 00:06:46   Thanks. I just rolled with the stuff everybody else was doing. I think it was IDNE who made the logo (although I added the text at the bottom because people often miss the point and just assume the wiki is supposed to have a red logo and dark background). —JabberWokky

2010-04-02 00:10:03   I did the original back page too. It was supposed to be what you saw as you left Davis, but people interpreted "last" as the *final* page on the Wiki, so it kind of changed direction from there. :-) —IDoNotExist

  • Which pretty much fits, as what you toss out to the community often ends up in a very different form. I had an idea for this year, but I ran into a technical problem. Somebody fixed a (minor) security hole in the last couple years and blocked my idea. Ah, well. -jw
    • I just had fun mucking with the "front page", and was glad that you started the fun off. —cp

2010-04-05 15:45:25   I was just thinking that. Change it into a short "quick and dirty" guide to the things people want to do quickly with a link to "getting more involved in editing". Quick and dirty would cover (preferably with screenshots): editing an entry, adding a photo and creating a new entry. Possibly show linking, although I'm iffy for the simple reason that you need to really get to know the structure of the wiki to know where to link things3. Everything else goes into getting more involved in editing. There should probably also be a cross link to the Welcome to the Wiki, which are more social overview than a practical editing "how to" guide. —JabberWokky

  • The quick & dirty guide (see how I snuck that in?) sounds like a good idea. As for redirects, I'm with you. Maybe it's time to revisit the issue. —cp

2010-04-05 19:03:46   So how is life as a prof, now that you've been around for 3 years or so? —IDoNotExist

  • It's a good gig if you can get it. It gives you the freedom to be perpetually busy at the times of your choosing. —cp

2010-04-07 21:21:00   I didn't see that you moved the outside link for the Stone Villa Hotel Davis to the "Reservations" slot. However, the additional link may help provide info for editing. —BruceHansen

2010-04-13 15:46:37   Both the iPad and the Kindle are good ebook readers. If you plan to only read e-books with your device, you may prefer the Kindle because of its longer battery life and lighter weight. If you want to use the device for more than that, the iPad is way better. You can read kindle books on the iPad, along with epub standard books and other formats.

You may also want to spend a few hours staring at each one whilst reading. The Kindle's screen is probably better for reading books, but won't work without external illumination. The iPad's display is more like reading on a very nice monitor.

They have a bunch of iPads that you can play with at the UCD Bookstore computer shop. —IDoNotExist

  • Yeah, I am still torn, though you're right, I do need to spend time with each device. I wish the Kindle was on sale in a brick-and-mortar store so I could spend some time with it. I like the idea that the iPad can be more than an e-reader, but as JW and others have pointed out, some of that functionality (e.g, Pages, Numbers, etc.) isn't really all that usable, and there is the extra weight to consider. Then I think the Nook supports more file formats than the Kindle — I am not sure how iPad and the Nook compare in that regard. I don't want to spend a lot of money on formats that turn out to be unsupported in the long run (when e-readers get weeded out). Or, similarly, I don't want to buy e-reader X which relies on format Y only to have it turn out that the largest number of e-books are available in an unsupported format Z. Adding to my confusion/frustration is that a lot of books simply aren't available as e-books now, anywhere (unless you go the illegal route). Oh, and I want whatever format it is to be viewable on my Mac, too, with the ability to annotate. I just don't think any of these e-readers are there yet, though I will be happily corrected if I am wrong. —cp
    • Oh my. Run. Save yourself. Do not buy a Nook. I played with one for about 40 minutes. It was by far the worst e-reader of the three. It's uncomfortable to hold, balanced in the wrong place, has poor button layout, is slow and unresponsive, and generally doesn't work very well. Other than that, it's great! :-) I think you will be far happier with a Kindle or iPad than a Nook. Or a Sony. —IDoNotExist
      • Ok, no Nook — check. But Sony's don't play well with Macs, is that right? —cp
        • Sony's site claims that they do work with Macs. But the Sony readers don't seem nearly as nice as the Kindle. They use e-ink, like the Kindle. But they can't download content wirelessly. They don't have the Kindle's nice keyboard. I really doubt that they have anything like Amazon's selection of books. (Or Apple's!) Although they do have the Wall Street Journal! So you can get a newspaper every day. At least one, that is. Honestly, the Kindle is way better than the Sony. Oh, did I mention Sony's bad habit of removing advertised features from existing products (Playstation 3), or installing malware on the machines of people who buy their stuff? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_BMG_CD_copy_protection_scandal Buy at your own risk. —IDoNotExist
          • Heh... iPad or Kindle... I'm getting the picture. —cp

2010-04-13 20:48:12   It might be cool to keep it as the Back Page, and then just point to it from the April Fool's page... —IDoNotExist

  • I'm flexible. I just wanted to keep it in some form. —cp

2010-04-13 22:31:08   You have not tried Beach hut Deli? That place is awesome. If you want something particularly tasty get the Drakester. It is turkey with cream cheese and ortega chilies. It is like a jalapeno popper sandwich. If you want the best deal, get the surfin bird combo, it is a huge turkey sandwich (with avacado and bacon), bag of chips, and a beer (or soda). The sandwiches are so so good, do yourself a favor and try their sandwiches. —DagonJones

  • Actually, I did try them once, and I wasn't that happy with my sandwich, although I no longer remember which one it was. I usually don't review places if I've only been there once, because any restaurant can have a bad day, or you can just order the wrong thing. The Drakester does sound good... maybe I'll make it back there one of these days and try it. —cp

2010-04-14 18:41:54   Thanks for reaching out to me, CP. I think that if anybody really takes the time to analyze what is described on my user page, they will see what I've been going on about. I guess maybe "delete" means a lot more to me than a typical person, especially in terms of how I'm trying to assert my beliefs into a community setting. And yes, I do generally disagree with an acutely specific sense of "purpose" as you have sensed. I just think that maybe not everybody knows the rules, and actually, if Daniel was the one who created the original non-real-name account that created the page, he may not have been fully aware of the rules. Also, he may have actually been trying to OBEY the rules later on by creating a specific page that references him. I just think it's a shame to delete hours worth of work on a technicality, and also because it is representative of a human being and how someone wanted to express his beliefs.. —ScottMeehleib

2010-04-14 20:32:41   I really appreciate your defense of my right to an opinion. It really gives me a strong peace of mind to hear somebody who at least understands where I come from, even thought you disagree with me. Thanks again; it really turned my day around. :) —ScottMeehleib

2010-04-16 17:06:56   I just hit Recent Changes and there was one note. Under Arboretum, it showed you "moving watertower", and I had an image of you out there with a shovel and a determined look. —JabberWokky

  • Hey, no one said editing a wiki was easy! —cp
  • Watertower moving is one of the duties of a professor who does not yet have tenure. Of course, that duty is typically assigned to their postdocs, who hand it off to the grad students, who might be fortunate enough to pawn it off to some undergrads who will move the watertower in exchange for a night's supply of pizza. —IDoNotExist
    • I definitely need to work on my chain of command! —cp
      • I have no clue about the conversation or edits that gave rise to this thread, but I'm giggling like a school girl reading it. —TomGarberson

2010-04-22 16:41:14   Thank you. —hankim

2010-04-22 16:44:15   Actually I did attempt to contact the original editor but never got a reply so I figured getting the ball rolling would be more effective. —hankim

2010-04-22 16:46:02   The stuff that I deleted was added in by someone else though. —hankim

2010-04-22 16:52:21   The majority of what I had a problem with on the page was made by another user, whom I contacted. Anyway, I think the page looks a lot cleaner now. —hankim

2010-04-22 17:19:19   Did I do something wrong? I deleted what I felt did not need to be on there (after attempting to contact an editor who made a large number of changes on the page) and then other editors came in and we discussed what to do then did some more editing. That is the whole point of a Wiki if I am not mistaken? —hankim

2010-04-22 17:43:54   Maybe you would prefer such a discussion before, but the other times I have made large edits to a page (for example CalPIRG) I have attempted to discuss it and the general consensus from the discussions was that I should edit what I think needs editing and if other editors disagree with my edits, then we will talk it out. Yes, I might have deleted some of your additions, but it only took a few clicks to undo that and we discussed the edits and there was no edit war. No huge disaster arose from this like you seem to believe. —hankim

2010-04-22 17:52:28   There's editing, and then there is deleting a huge portion of text in order to completely change the meaning of a page. In my view, that's not how members of a community should behave. But I am repeating myself now. You seem determined to defend your actions and deny your motivations, so I see no point in discussing it further. As usual, we reach an impasse. —CovertProfessor

  • The page was about budget cuts and the page did remain about budget cuts. Of course I am determined to defend my actions, because I did them for a reason (which is that I felt that the page needed editing). There would be no point in discussing it any further if I did not feel such a need, but I shall agree to an armistice. —hankim
    • You're being disingenuous. Of course you intended to change the meaning of the page, not just clean it up. If you are trying to piss my off even further, you are succeeding admirably. I don't object to you wanting your point of view included (that seems to be the difference between you and me) but as I said before, if you wanted your point of view represented there was a far better way to do it. —cp

2010-04-24 10:36:46   Morning CP. I'm supposed to be writing my training grant applications, and before starting I've already hit my head against the wall. I have no skills or experience in writing, much less academic/scientific papers. Any advice to make the whole ordeal easier? My PI wants a draft by the months end, and I know we'll be editing it back and forth, but I don't want my first draft to make me look ridiculous in his eyes. —EdWins

  • Who is the granting agency? That's step 1 — consider your audience. You'll want to make your research understandable to that audience, which means using fewer technical terms or explaining the technical terms that you do use. They also usually want to hear about the broader implications of your research — sometimes you have to stretch a little with that one. :-) Other than that, explain the research that you plan to undertake and how you plan to go about it, what you expect to find, again, being as clear as possible. Without knowing more about your specific situation, that's about all of the general advice that I have. Feel free to ask more specific questions if you have them. And yeah, grant writing sucks, but you'll definitely need practice in writing about your research! —cp

2010-04-26 09:30:42   By virtue of correlation equaling causation, I blame you for the server having problems. Every time you complain, there's an issue. —JabberWokky

2010-05-02 01:44:20   Thank you! —IDoNotExist

2010-05-02 14:11:27   Ah, thanks CP, I had missed it. These are NIH and NIGMS (general medical sciences) funded, but they're allocated and managed within similar on-campus departments, each with a small committee deciding. I've got to be extremely specific scientifically, and extremely concise. That's something I suck at! Apparently competition is a bit high (either from 5:1 to 15:1 applicants per slot available depending on which grant), and they might hold interviews in which they question experimental approaches. Part of my frustration is my PI wants me to apply to one that, in my opinion, we're not eligible for. He thinks it's a matter of "tweaking" our main application into an alternate, but I think it really means re-writing and "doing" entirely different experiments. Doh! Me don't need no stinkin' practish with the writings... my goal was always to piggyback off colleagues! heheheh. Actually, I'm trying to break it down as much as possible. Make an outline. Make an extended outline. Add experimental details. Make notes on the "why this is neat" type stuff. Reformulate as needed...flesh it out piece by piece. It's painful, but I've still got over a month, so I'm optimistic I can do it. Hopefully over-time I'll learn to cut out a few of the baby steps. Besides, I neeeeeeeeeed a training grant, not for my resume or personal sense of accomplishment...or to save my PI money.... but because I want them to buy me a computer upgrade >:] —EdWins

2010-05-04 20:26:37   I am in Boston, and just got back from a really good bar that pairs food to beer, rather than the other way around (did you know you can use eggplant and sage leaves as a breading for fried mozzarella triangles? It's like a crispy/soft explosion with warm lingering echos of eggplant and herbs). Right now I'm pretty sure I'm pronouncing it EXACTLY right. I'll probably think otherwise in a bit, but there it will sit, a happy link that will confuse many and amuse some. I seldom imbibe, but we've found four incredible pubs in the three days we've been here. An eight hour drive tomorrow, but hey... I *finally* got the wifi working on my laptop. —JabberWokky

2010-05-06 11:28:23   There's some technically easy solutions, but honestly I'm a little reluctant to participate in the discussion right now... —IDoNotExist

2010-05-10 10:37:11   A variant, yes. With specific limits to keep the ideal of an open wiki. The idea is to make the system tools like Recent Changes and the Info tab have information, but the actual content itself be subject to equal participation by all. Not even "separate but equal" participation for people who only add a couple things to the wiki (and whose additions would be forever automatically flagged if it appears on the content side of things). Somebody proposed something very similar in one of the discussions already under "leave it alone, but maybe new anti-spam tools", which is another way of presenting a similar end result. —JabberWokky

2010-05-10 15:16:31   Ah, there is also "Flag new edits" by altering the color of the signature. —JabberWokky

2010-05-10 16:14:56   Number six with a clarified boundary. I know there was a proposal under the new set of entries that flagged on the content. You are correct: I may have accidentally altered six rather than made it more specific. I've been on the phone all day and am under an hour or two worth of work that I need to push through. I lack the time right this moment to read through everything again and figure out the best fix without losing options. I seem to have bungled the options a bit, and am leery of "fixing it" quickly and making it worse. I'll look it over in a couple hours, and feel free to change them. Quick thought, however: using autonumbering on a poll is dangerous, as somebody inserting something renumbers everything. —JabberWokky

2010-05-10 16:17:34   In short: no time right now, feel free to fix, when I have time, I'll reply and act more intelligently. Suffering right now from the constraints of a much interrupted work day, which probably contributed to the problem to begin with! —JabberWokky

2010-05-12 07:58:55   Thanks CP! It's a lot of fun. Cool people, interesting work, and a wide variety of cases. And it certainly never hurts to have a little income, rather than living on the wife's student loans... —TomGarberson

2010-05-12 15:07:54   It was just intended to be a fun joke, I my intent was not to make anyone upset. I always thought the unabomber sketch was funny because it looks like it could be anyone with sunglasses and a hoodie. If the page upsets you I am happy to delete it. —DagonJones

2010-05-12 15:12:18   good point. how about J.R. Bob Dobbs? —DagonJones

2010-05-12 15:13:06   I chucked the Bob Dobbs image up to try to balance it. The title actually disturbs me more than the implication of the photo (then again, the Unibomber photo has become fodder for t-shirts, somewhat diminishing the impact). I was assuming there was more context coming at some point... and I doubt any harm was intended, given it was Dagon. —JabberWokky

2010-05-12 15:17:22   I am sure everyone here has wondered who you are, I thought it would be fun to start a discussion about it.


2010-05-12 15:18:16   Although the first thing I thought of was Who is the Doctor by Pertwee. We blasted that while cruising along the beach when I was younger. Got some really amusing looks. That and the Brandenburg Concertos. —JabberWokky

2010-05-12 15:21:19   Yup. The potential for creating a guessing game was what I disliked about the title. You have anonymity for clearly stated practical reasons, not as a challenge. —JabberWokky

2010-05-12 15:23:31   I understand completely, I was ready to delete it if need be. I understand and respect your desire for anonymity. —DagonJones

2010-05-12 15:24:36   Yes, but it's red and right near where you can get some pretty good tea... and an amazingly long journey to use a bathroom. —JabberWokky

2010-05-12 15:27:38   I was actually concerned about your reaction when I created the page. Thats why I put the "not to piss anyone off" disclaimer. The idea is better left for dinner conversations than a discussion on the wiki. —DagonJones

2010-05-12 15:31:37   Cultive is now, and has been for a while, self-serve. They also seem to have improved their topping choices (if you're into toppings) so I suggest giving them a second try. —TR

2010-05-12 15:32:06   Sorry about all that. —DagonJones

2010-05-12 16:02:31   Perhaps CovertProfessor = Sparticus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOCsNrzlV2k ?

(I'm CovertProfessor!) —IDoNotExist

2010-05-12 20:40:29   The Doctor? Are you a Time Lord? —IDoNotExist

2010-05-12 23:46:30   Doctor Professor! —IDoNotExist

2010-05-13 09:48:53   I don't think they can see it. Skype (or some plugin) is "helpfully" inserting that. —JabberWokky

2010-05-13 10:07:24   Google has a similar plugin for Chrome and their Google Voice service. The first version had a couple similar quirks, but they quickly updated it. They try to link phone numbers so you can click them to dial on your computer. Of course, I'm *still* waiting for Sarah and my Google Voice applications to be approved, so I turned it off after awhile, but that's a different issue. —JabberWokky

2010-05-13 10:12:30   I think you should put that Dobbs picture on your user page, good for a laugh. —DagonJones

2010-05-13 10:59:39   Wow. You look so familiar! Your face is much rounder than I had imagined... —IDoNotExist

2010-05-13 13:26:03   great picture! —DagonJones

2010-05-13 16:01:00   So you don't rock the tam? —WilliamLewis

2010-05-13 20:37:46   (Re: “Dr.” versus “Prof.”) I took a class with Dr. Michael Whiting last year, who, about two weeks into the quarter, gently informed us that we should address him as “Dr. Whiting” or “Mike” instead of “Prof. Whiting” (which a few people have, apparently) because he was just a lecturer as opposed to an adjunct/associate/tenured professor. It wasn’t that he objected to the misnomer, but that he did not want his tenured colleagues to think that he was the one requesting to be addressed as such and the workplace drama misunderstandings that could potentially follow.

That said, I’ve always liked how the University of Virginia handles the matter: Professors are traditionally addressed as “Mr.” or “Ms.” instead of “Doctor” (although medical doctors are the exception and are called “Doctor”) in deference to Thomas Jefferson’s desire to have an equality of ideas, discriminated by merit and unburdened by title. (from the other wiki) —EBT

  • While I appreciate Dr. Whiting's fastidiousness, as far as I am concerned, anyone who has sole responsibility for a college class is the professor of that class, whether they are an Assistant Professor, an Associate Professor, a Professor (all tenure track or tenured positions), a Lecturer/Adjunct or even a grad student. You aren't giving someone's title when you call them "Professor So-and-So," (after all, we don't say "Assistant Professor So-and-So"), but rather giving their position or their role ("acting professor," so to speak). On the other hand, someone acting as a professor in a class might not yet have their doctorate, and so "Dr. So-and-So" might not be appropriate. That being said, there are two issues here: One is not to insult your professor. I don't think you can insult somebody by calling them "Professor" or "Dr.", but the other possible names (yes, including Mr./Ms./Mrs.) are potentially insulting. The second issue, of course, is to call your professor what they want to be called once they have expressed a preference. —cp

2010-05-14 00:04:55   Your [adjective] and [adjective] [noun] is off putting. What sort of [animal] [bodily function] doesn't even let it be known who they are when they sit in a [container] of others. It's a long way to [verb] from the top of that [object] you've put yourself [preposition]. —CrystalWalker

  • Everyone now has the opportunity to help this comment become more friendly. Pick: 2x adjective, 1x noun, 1x animal, 1x bodily function, 1x container, 1x very, 1x object, 1x preposition to fill in the blanks, and post what you come up with! —TomGarberson
    • Ooh, can I play too? "intelligent," "stylish," "chair," "aardvark," "yawn," "bread box," "shimmy," "cell phone," "around" —cp
    • Your [colossal] and [magical] [TARDIS] is off putting. What sort of [raccoon] [sternutation] doesn't even let it be known who they are when they sit in a [barrel] of others. It's a long way to [broadcast] from the top of that [submarine] you've put yourself [beyond].

2010-05-14 08:55:55   Taking proverbial arrows in the back, eh? —JabberWokky

2010-05-14 14:20:27   My preference is for reasoned consideration of each individual case. Pretty much in all things. In the case of anonymity, it is weighing the issue of the harm that anonymity causes (a fractured community and lack of empathy and personal connection to each other and the project) against the practical considerations of the individual. You have a real reason to be anonymous, clearly explained and have an honest and open effort to be a part of the community and forge interpersonal relationships within a thoughtful boundary. You counter the negatives through your actions. Again, it's not anonymity that is really the issue... it's accountability and community. Anonymity simply is a common trait of editor accounts that cause many of the problems on the wiki. Many are created with a singular purpose in mind (e.g.: Trash that apartment that screwed me! Slam that waiter that I didn't like! Promote my business!). Others are created with the idea of acting like an ass to garner respect (as occurs in some online communities where a snarky wit is celebrated over communication). It's a tough issue, but confusing the indicator (anonymity) with the actual problems (lack of accountability, empathy, and community) is not something I intend to do. I'm perfectly happy with anonymity without the other issues. The problem is that when you're talking to somebody who has been on the wiki for a day or two, it's typical to simplify things. Thus you tell somebody, "you shouldn't remove comments, that's not how we do things here", but experienced wiki editors know that there are times in which removing comments is okay. It the same way it is a convenient simplification to say anonymity is bad. What I actually try to do is discourage a lack of accountability and encourage a feeling of commitment as a member of the community, thus forging social empathy to each other. When an editor with revert rights just doesn't give a damn about anybody else... well... we know what happens then. It is very difficult (and somewhat unfair) to dump all of that on a new editor who has just created the account IHatePlutos and expect them to understand the ramifications of their actions. It's even more tough to get into the subtle issues that a name like InvisibleNinja causes in a cooperative editing setting when you're trying to actually discuss issues as peers. I think the move toward referring to the issue as one of "identity" is an effort to find a better way to present the complex situation in an easy to digest manner.

In short, you are accountable, engage in a social give and take with other people, are not editing for a single cause and you're not using a business name for many different people to edit behind (i.e., you are personally accountable). I have zero issues with you using "CovertProfessor" and keeping the name you use on the streets hidden, much like AlphaDog or EdWins. The issue of anonymity is simply that it makes it more difficult to do those things, something that I would guess you would agree with in certain cases where anonymity has made things awkward or limited certain options. You are oft cited as a sterling example of how being anonymous does not have to be a negative, something that I agree wholeheartedly with. In my humble opinion (and you shouldn't need it), I say keep editing — you are a valuable, respected and well liked contributor here. —JabberWokky

2010-05-14 14:37:54   By the way, I hope that the above starts to explain my take on things. It is a complex issue, and like most complex issues, it lends itself to one-sided simplistic positions. I think the discussion can and should be at a higher level than that when it is between people who have experienced the multiple dynamics in play. That was the point I was trying to make on the one entry when I wound up having to protest that I was not advocating a strict RealNames policy. —JabberWokky

2010-05-14 17:24:29   I always try to answer obnoxiousness with kindness at least a couple times. I will ignore the most obvious and likely scenario and reach out as if I missed the negative aspects of what they did. If they are well meaning but stumbled with their first edits, it helps them out by establishing communication. If they are nasty and/or confrontational, it gives them a way out, and by not calling them out on what they really did, it allows them to save face. I really don't care about appearing insightful: I'd much rather look kind of dumb or slow and guide things to a situation where somebody can become a positive contributor to the wiki. It also helps if they feel somebody can at least understand some aspect of their position (which is the part that I think caused you to be concerned). None of it is intended to be shady, but rather just an effort at tactful outreach and inclusion for people who had a rather rough start. "Assume the best, even if it makes you look naive" seems to be effective. In my mind it's somewhat similar to "save the patient first". Being quick to forgive is also probably important, as we're all going to make really dumb mistakes and say stupid things eventually. Some people just start out that way. —JabberWokky

2010-05-14 20:42:43   Interesting... It's alright for YOU to edit the comments of others.... Yet you are so quick to judge... No chance you could have been ASSuming the worst??? Human beings are very much like icebergs—we only see a small portion of them, and nothing of the hidden currents which drag them this way and that. I fancy that we would not sit and judge our neighbor so frequently as we do, did we but ponder well over the small amount of data we possess. We perceive only the external act, but nothing of the motive activating it. — Fr. David McAstocker —CrystalWalker

2010-05-14 21:04:54   A comment on your own page... Are you really that self important??

2010-05-14 00:06:07 Your judgmental and self righteous attitude is off putting. What sort of chicken s*** doesn't even let it be known who they are when they sit in judgement of others? It's a long way to fall from the top of that pedestal you've put yourself on. —CrystalWalker


2010-05-14 00:04:55 Your [adjective] and [adjective] [noun] is off putting. What sort of [animal] [bodily function] doesn't even let it be known who they are when they sit in a [container] of others. It's a long way to [verb] from the top of that [object] you've put yourself [preposition]. —CrystalWalker —CrystalWalker


I did not make that change, as you can see here. What were you saying about assumptions?? —CovertProfessor

2010-05-14 21:59:05   Wow...it's like they line up to do this one at a time... —IDoNotExist

2010-05-14 22:48:48   Gawd, CP, you're such a jerkface. I hate how you anonymously add the word 'aardvark' to all of my edits. —TomGarberson

2010-05-14 23:06:08   BTW, you're such a crappy bad cop! You do a lot of things well around here, but being mean isn't one of them :) —TomGarberson

2010-05-15 11:44:58   Alright, time to get serious. Since my writing is "the sux," clearly I need an alternate approach. How much money am I going to need to drop to the committee that oversees th training grant I need. It's three years of funding (to the PI), 1k travel expenses per year (woo!) and most importantly up to 1k of personal "lab-related" allowances / year. Ed needs a new computer! This will be at least $10 and a coffee per professor, right? —EdWins

2010-05-15 11:53:49   Oh, I did see it. I have a bad habit of forgetting to reply to comments that I don’t find much disagreement with, if at all (sorry). My original comment was intended to share my personal experience with the matter as a (somewhat presumptuous, in retrospect) response to your "This just makes no sense" remark in the revision logs. —EBT

2010-05-17 09:51:36   I suggest you try the Chinese food at Jade Garden. It is very good with nice priced lunch specials, it is on of my favorite Chinese restaurants (try the general chicken). Noodle city is also top notch, but I noticed you had not reviewed Jade Garden. If you like Dim Sum the steamed dumplings at Jade Garden are very good. —DagonJones

2010-05-18 10:33:38   Jade garden is more oily than noodle city, if you dont like oily dont try the general chicken, it is deep fried bits of chicken in a spicy sweet sauce (yum). If you want less greasy get the steamed dumplings, or the wonton soup. Chicken with hot garlic sauce or shrimp with lobster sauce is not too greasy either. —DagonJones

2010-05-18 15:54:39   Looks fine now; I get trigger-happy copy-pasting with links sometimes. Cheers. —EBT

2010-05-24 06:13:36   Prediction: "Albiet" will eventually appear in dictionaries. I'm not sure why, but it appears in formal writing and some serious works (mostly historical and political) as an alternate spelling for albeit. It may just be a typo or misspelling, but it appears to be accepted by copy editors (even within the print edition of the NYT). It's not a solid prediction, as I may just be noticing the few examples of it slipping though to print. Consider it morning coffee and stroll through the park speculation. —JabberWokky

Oh, that's just disturbing — I haven't come across that yet. Why don't they just go ahead and spell it "albite"? I guess next after that will be "with baited breath." —cp

2010-05-24 14:07:41   I understand your point and agree with you on a personal level. But I also think that most people are so trapped within the "us vs. them" paradigm that they may accept nearly any kind of abuse so long as they are led to believe it will somehow benefit us as a species. For example, the famous Stanley Milgram "authority" experiment was replicated with everyday people being asked to administer fatal electrical shocks to puppies just for the sake of a false study which the participants apparently thought was of some benefit to society. Researchers repeated the experiment with a real victim: a puppy who was given real electric shocks. They found that 20 out of the 26 participants complied to the end. The six that had refused to comply were all male (54% of males were obedient); all 13 of the women obeyed to the end, although many were highly disturbed and some openly wept." source Perhaps I am just too pessimistic though; that puppy study was from 1972 so perhaps times have changed. —ScottMeehleib

2010-05-24 14:25:19   You could very well be right about all that. —ScottMeehleib

2010-05-24 14:54:20   re: stress study, I'm certain some of them are specifically focused on the primates, not on any human benefit. After all, if there's indeed lots of physiological stress reactions, that may skew data/results. Doing a study for the focus of refining methodology isn't unheard of, especially on ethical issues. —EdWins

2010-05-24 15:24:48   re: "I guess my point was that they are not doing studies on stress in non-human primates because they are worried about stress in non-human primates and want to do something to alleviate it." Actually, my point was that they very well are (some of them). It's important to try to be as fair and balanced and have complete information available. If non-human primates are being used as research subjects, then understanding what we can about them in the context of being research subjects is important. Some of these studies won't relate to humans at all, but they certainly might serve to inform and influence laws, regulations, oversight committees, etc. It's a sad bit ironic when some of them cause pain to prevent pain, and that's one hell of a ethical dilemma to ponder for the philosophers. (Use some monkeys to potentially save other monkeys? Or change the way stuff is done?). Some of these studies certainly fuel those who are opposed to primate research, and by all rights it should: that's what the data's for. Trying to increase understanding, period. Perhaps some physiological responses to things people take for granted might very well have downstream effects. ie, just because there's a set of protocols on the right way to do X Y or Z procedures doesn't mean it's the best way, and maybe it skews both research results and is justification for either side of the various ethical debates. I'm not being very clear, but I hope that you see the point I'm trying to get across: understanding them for the sake of understanding them can indeed be important. But that's a far cry away from some peoples view of 'torture for the sake of torture.' I suppose at best or at worst, it's torture for the sake of stopping torture? Rather depressing for some indeed. —EdWins

2010-05-24 16:33:14   Honestly, I don't know. My understanding of much of this stuff is very basic, and I clearly haven't gone into background information. But I have worked in labs with animals before (non-lethal...one lab used dogs for a tick study, that later get cleaned up and adopted out and now lead perfectly normal lives). There's an insane amount of oversight and laws and hoops to jump through, and experimentations are not trivial. The biggest misconception out there is that it's easy to just test something in mice, for example. No, it's not, it takes months before you can even go near a mouse. I would guess that the constant changing of laws, regulations, ethics committies and IACUC (institutional animal care and use) committiees requiring frequent recertification and approvals all happen for a reason beyond something as simple as a simple rule change. There's reasoning behind it, be it based on ethical discourse or likely some specific research guiding it. The lab I'm in now uses mice, and we're not even allowed to change the way we draw blood without submitting a request and modifications to protocol, explaining why, explaining why it's preferrable to the old way, and waiting on approval. Even if it seems as something as trivial as taking blood from the tail (there's a tail vein) versus the rear leg. The process to even use animals is huge, and it's got a million more hoops for primate research, because that is indeed controversial and a hot issue. There's a need for independent oversight as well. At the UC's for example, animals are also cared for and monitored independently of whichever research labis using them. There's certainly far more hands-on oversight at the primate research centers: there's not many of them, they're controversial, and they're kind of a big deal. My main frustration with the primate page has been the implicit suggestion that animal use happens all-willy nilly, or more specifically, that it's also done under the radar. It's just not. And when we're talking over primates, which are so highly regulated and of high interest, it's really borderline ludicrous. Now, clearly not everyone or every technician is an angel, but they're in an extreme minority. Actual abuse is awful, but it's absolutely inno one's interest to 'torture monkeys' for the sake of it as the purpose of a study (which again, need to likely be planned and request approval months to years in advance, and quite a lot get rejected. I believe I mentioned somewhere that sometimes they're collaborations with multiple labs analyzing different aspects of the same data, in order to minimize the number of animals used). —EdWins

2010-05-24 16:51:52   I'm actually not taking it personally, or emotionally. I'm supposed to be busy with work and am just writing incoherently. I completely understand your last comment to me, and think you should write that as part of the criticisms page. My last rant aside, my more serious concern is just over keeping things factual. If you look up the center, the daviswiki page is one of the top google returns. Saying ethically it sucks and it seems just wrong and ugly is fine for the page. Alleging lawbreaking and failure to report data won't be fine for the page by me, unless there's something concrete behind it. I didn't mean to get caught up in most of the nitty-gritty. 'heat of the moment' editing rather than emotional attachment, probably. —EdWins

2010-05-25 10:03:48   I've wasted more time on this monkey business than I have working on my grant. (<.<) I can't keep monkeying around with this deadline around the corner. (>.>) I....have like 20 more of those :( —EdWins

Yeah, ditto. I got hardly any work done yesterday. :( Hopefully things will be quieter today, or maybe I'll just try to ignore them even if they aren't. —cp

2010-05-26 17:58:35   slang usage, I apologize —StevenDaubert

2010-05-26 21:11:39   I figured that the paragraph break changed the feel of them. Feel free to add them back. (if you want a parenthetical at the end of a paragraph). —JabberWokky

2010-05-27 11:05:22   No worries, Professor. Plus, trifling disagreements aren't nearly enough to make me stay away from the wiki for good. —EBT

2010-05-27 14:12:49   nice work de-adifying Mustard Seed... ask and ye shall receive, huh? i like the way this place works. now, what would be really great is a full length bio (w/pic) of every City Council member in the history of Davis... and lengthy descriptions of every City Commission, with some info on action that they've taken... i'll also have a burger and fries from Plainfield Station, please. —KemblePope

2010-05-28 20:27:46   Can you show me a good way to welcome the user who left this? —JasonAller

  • Personally, I am not sure that she needs welcoming. I am not sure that every new user needs a welcome. She used a name — it's not like ThisPlaceSucks or something like that — although she chose not to use a last name. She said something pretty harsh, but I think most people know that whether someone was acting in a racist manner can be somewhat of a matter of perception and will read the comment in that light. If that turns out to be the only comment that says that or if other people dispute the comment, then that will mean something. If other people corroborate the comment, then that will mean something, too. In short I think the comment is potentially informative and the user hasn't done anything wrong. Yes, we could encourage her to say more about her identity, but maybe she will come back in time and do so on her own if she finds this a positive experience. Or we could tell her that she has made a harsh accusation, but no doubt she knows that and perhaps feels it is justified. I guess what I am saying is that unless someone has done something egregious — deleted or modified someone else's comment, said something offensive or made a personal attack, we might take a "wait and see" attitude and see how things go from there (if they go anywhere). It's not like we all don't have plenty of other work to do, or other things to worry about. —cp

2010-05-28 20:53:36   racism is a charge that gets thrown a lot. Most of the time on the wiki my reaction is that the person hurling the charge is leveling it out of anger rather than because there was really something to base it on. There is a big difference between a business putting up a "No Irish Need Apply" sign and a perception that race was a reason for perceived differential treatment between customers. —JasonAller

  • I agree that it gets thrown around a lot, often without basis. But your reaction to the comment supports my point that most people won't give comments like that much weight unless it turns out to be a pattern. And we won't know if it's a pattern unless we leave the comment. And again, someone else may dispute it, which would be informational. It is my belief that the person was probably ignored, as she said. Whether it was because of her race, her age, her clothing, her demeanor, or something else, I have no idea. She perceived it as due to her race; it may not have been. I do think that it is not unheard of for people to act on biases that they themselves might not even be fully aware of. —cp

2010-05-30 17:01:12   The use of Don's name in the edit comment seemed off to me. You've established plenty of identity here, but there are instances where when you use my name or Don's it feels pretty one sided. Maybe it is nothing, but I felt I needed to point out that it felt a little odd. If Don or I had written the same thing it would have read, "not true, Covert Professor". That space between Don and Shor turned it in my mind from his username into his real name, and the combination of that with "not true" stood out. Like I said maybe it isn't anything, but it did stand out to me. —JasonAller

  • The reason I put his name in the comment was to make sure that he read it, since he seemed to be washing his hands of the affair, and I am frustrated because I feel as though he is exaggerating the situation. I didn't mean anything by it. Sometimes I say things like DonShor or JasonAller, but I always feel a bit funny about it, since Jason is your name, not JasonAller. I do see your point about the one-sidedness of it and feel bad about it. I'm not sure what do to about it, other than to stop editing the wiki at all or to call you JasonAller. I'm willing to do either. —cp

2010-05-30 17:19:11   Please don't stop editting, there aren't enough editors of your quality. I did ask Julia on her page about her comment. In re-reading her comment the phrase "who only cater to" is key. If Strelitzia has ever catered to anyone outside the group Julia referred to then her comment starts to break down. The word "only" has some power to it. I hang out with language lawyers and so the only takes the statement from possible claim into the realm of things that Julia couldn't possibly know. Yeah, I'm using her "name"... But I'm avoiding the "only" she stuck in her username. ;) —JasonAller

Yeah, that is clearly hyperbole on her part. If her story really is true, then I suspect the exaggeration comes from anger and frustration. I know that sort of thing would piss me off, even if I didn't think it was due to discrimination. Doubly so if I thought it was.

Thanks for your kind comments about my editing. It remains a serious offer that if my harms start to outweigh my benefits, I'll stop. So, what would you prefer that I call you? JA? JasonAller? I'll call you what your prefer, though "Your Highness" might be off the table. —cp

2010-05-30 17:31:53   Might as well call me Jason, after all I'm trying to improve the sense of community around here. Besides I doubt that I could get people to call me Ishmael or JabberWokky or Archibald "Harry" Tuttle. —JasonAller

Ok, will do — though "Ishmael" does have a nice ring to it. —cp

Great. Now I'm picturing Jason in front of his computer, wearing a tall red, pointed hat and holding a freaking seven foot metal and wood harpoon, eyeing RC suspiciously and watching for flukes. Hurm... His wife would never forgive me if I mailed him a full size iron harpoon, I suppose... -jw

  • sigh* I guess you're right... —cp

2010-05-30 23:04:54   Hey CP, I removed both Brian's comment and your response, and added a note leading over to the /talk page. Hopefully Brian can keep his grudge under control. —TomGarberson

2010-05-30 23:08:29   Yeah... I'm pretty sure that's the only reason he comes here. /sigh —TomGarberson

  • The purest troll I've ever seen on the Wiki. In terms of ratio, I think he's at a zero contribution, 100% troll rate. -jw

2010-06-01 20:29:53   I turned in a grant app on Friday (noticing about 25,000 teeny mistakes afterwards) and re-edited it to submit to two more: one at noon, one at three pm tomorrow. Luckily I can use the same research proposal for all three, so right now, I'm working on a few grant-specific questions. Despite that, I'm sure I'll notice another 25,000 mistakes this time tomorrow when I'm "done." If I don't get one of these three, my head will explode, because there's no way I'm going through this process again next year. I already spent way too many hours in my PI's office editing with him last week, and two all-nighters >.< —ES

2010-06-01 20:33:09   Seriously, what kind of jerk makes you write a one page statement about "why are you interested in [this] training program." Because I want the funding and you guys offer the best additional perks you ninnies! >.< (..."best exposure, multidisclipinary, I'll be a less-evil scientist if you take me, etc"). —EdWins

2010-06-04 20:39:24   No, but they are the actual statements coming from the subject of discussion after much speculation in absentia, so I figured I'd highlight them within the long back and forth. —JabberWokky

2010-06-05 17:46:46   At first I thought the other picture on Identity was weird, because its such a different illustration of the idea, but William pointed out it also works very well. Its a positive illustration instead of negative and in general I think pictures with people in them are nicer and more interesting than without. —NickSchmalenberger

2010-06-05 23:28:06   Heh ;-) —IDoNotExist

2010-06-07 22:05:53   Sorry about widening the discussion on the Wiki Community/Accusations of Racism or Sexism entry you started. I focused on the "Accusations" aspect. I've had discussions go in directions I didn't intend and lose the focus I wanted, and I know it's frustrating. I apologize for doing that to the discussion you started. —JabberWokky

2010-06-08 09:29:09   Are you familiar with the events of the summer of 1991 in Davis as they relate to the accusations about the skateboard rapists? —JasonAller

2010-06-08 09:47:20   That August Davis was damaged heavily by charges of a gang rape that turned out to be false. The saddest victims of all in my mind were real victims of rape. I feel that way because of how events unfolded. I haven't wanted to put anything on the wiki about that event yet; mostly because doing so would hurt additional rape victims. The similarities in my mind however cause me to want to share the story with you. Can you pull up newsbank and go to the Sacramento Bee and search for "Davis skateboard rape" so I don't have to repeat the facts? Sadly the Davis Enterprise coverage isn't online as it would paint the picture a little more clearly. Let me know if you've read about the case. —JasonAller

2010-06-08 10:44:34   I pointed out the 1991 incident because it shows how Davis reacts. The graffiti and flyers from that summer and the letters to the editor made a pretty strong impression. I didn't pick that to point out because of other issues, but just because of how it illustrates something about the town and how it handles things like racism. —JasonAller

2010-06-08 19:54:19   Thanks for your edits on the xylitol page —DagonJones

2010-06-08 22:52:33   I don't think Don has said that. —JasonAller

2010-06-08 22:56:09   But that leaves out the scope it was applied to. What was the context, was it all of the wiki or as accusations on business pages? —JasonAller

2010-06-08 23:00:10   Then let's clarify with him. Wouldn't that be the right thing to do? —JasonAller

2010-06-08 23:04:13   The point is to demonstrate the kind of respect and behaviour you want to receive from other editors. —JasonAller

2010-06-09 09:35:47   In case you didn't see, I hope you don't mind. —EdWins

2010-06-09 23:46:09   "I hate wide tables." - I know, right?! That always bugs the heck out of me. —TomGarberson

2010-06-10 10:54:04   Especially if you *are* Spock. —IDoNotExist

2010-06-10 11:30:12   The younger fen running around at SF Cons (and lest it seem I am being dismissive, that's the future of fandom, and they are danged important) tend to use cosplay as a term for all costuming. Not all, and if we were a fandom wiki, it might make sense to explain the rootless nature of the third wave anime fans (who came into the culture when anime became popular in the mainstream in conjunction with video games being seen as socially acceptable rather than something to get mocked for), and how a lack of connection to established fandom caused terminology across the board to be recoined rather than inherited. It was an interesting population and interest swell during the 90s that affected (and affects) fandom in the same way the boomer generation affects the culture of the US. There are a ton of really interesting essays and books written about the topic. Fandom really organized in the 1950s, well before the internet was popular, so there was a strong tradition of tracking people and interests (just so people could find each other in the days when it was difficult to communicate among people too far away to see each other face to face on a regular basis). That tracking was still in effect during the rise of that young upswell into fandom (and has since dropped off as email and websites have made it less critical). The lineages of con committees and the disconnected new cons that appeared during that era (and an epic swath of failed cons as groups without experience learned to run cons the hard way without the help of people with decades of experience) is particularly telling.

Most established cons have masquerades. Younger, "hip" cons where people over 40 are looked at with suspicion (and to be brutally honest, often mocked), tend to have cosplay contests. And yes, I'm using the term "younger" for cons less than 15 to 20 years old, so it's a relative term at this point.

Probably more than you wanted to know, but I got wordy. —JabberWokky

  • Wow. I just have to say that's a very interesting analysis. I never thought about it that way before. —ScottMeehleib
    • Heh. Yeah, I'm only dimly aware of all of this. My comment was sparked by thinking about my nephew, who is really into cosplay. I suspect that he wouldn't be caught dead at a traditional Star Trek con. —cp

2010-06-10 13:31:37   THANKS for the heads up on those Credo Jobs. Sent in my resume today! —JackkiCox

2010-06-10 13:54:43   TABLE CRUSADERS TO THE RESCUE! —TomGarberson

2010-06-10 17:26:05   Unfortunately the County Clerk's office and I think by state law does not count write-in's unless it is an official write-in campaign. But you can take it up with the County Clerk's office about how they report percentages. I will have an article on one of the candidate's tomorrow. —DavidGreenwald

2010-06-13 10:56:32   Hey, I changed your links so they would always point to the edit you wanted them to point to, and not catch all following edits as well. (I also included a reply somebody added to one, as it paired with the original comment). —JabberWokky

2010-06-13 12:43:45   They have more salsa choices than the average —StevenDaubert

2010-06-13 12:44:26   the way it was didn't pay homage to selection, I was trying to add something to the entry other than my comment —StevenDaubert

2010-06-14 18:58:03   “Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm” —JabberWokky

2010-06-15 00:05:10   Thanks for catching that! We really do have such a high level of consumption, that the overpopulation in this country has an especially bad impact. —NickSchmalenberger

2010-06-15 14:42:11   I was just being silly in a somewhat pointed humor vein. I picked on the Dog entry because it is so well written and intelligently laid out, with a good introduction and a pretty comprehensive scope (again, it's the positioning I have issues with, not the topics at all — in fact, were they removed, I'd see the entry as missing information). Although, there are three topics I see missing on Dogs. Local breeders (while I'm somewhat personally somewhat against breeding — except for service dogs, who are bred for health and temperament rather than just appearance — they should probably be noted in the entry, including laws on breeding for profit, should somebody decide to do so), what to do when you find a stray dog, either feral or lost (and probably a section on feral dogs in general), and dog licenses (which Yolo County says are required). I did a quick search through for each topic, but I could have missed them by searching for the wrong words. —JabberWokky

2010-06-15 14:55:02   By the way: Meet Espresso, the only seeing eye dog Sarah raised that failed and became a domestic yellow-tail-of-destruction. We're probably going to adopt a black lab-ish mix after we move this August, because of the (somewhat unproven) fact that black dogs are much less likely to be adopted. I figure that even if it's an urban legend among shelter workers, it doesn't hurt anything to adopt a black dog. —JabberWokky

2010-06-15 15:29:04   I've often heard it called Black Dog Syndrome, although Wikipedia files it under Black-dog bias.

I'll take a whack tomorrow morning at reworking the Pregnancy entry in a way that presents everything in a positive manner for people who make all different choices and various needs. It just feels very "aimed at undergrads" right now, with the information front loaded towards certain paths more common for people of college age. Paths that I wholeheartedly endorse for people who need them (and that's all I'll state on my personal beliefs), but with a jarring lack of information for people looking to actually go through a pregnancy. Jessica did a fantastic job adding what she knows. Still, it is such a major topic that people going through it will really want to find and learn about local resources. Given that, it seems awfully incomplete — even just by "random Google gives more information" standards. Right now I'm thinking the actual order is probably reasonable with an intro and reorganized headers to jump to the reader's area of interest. —JabberWokky

2010-06-16 13:38:36   I was just going to add that line, make it look cleaner


2010-06-16 13:40:27   Eventually more than the grant is going to be commented on, I was just thinking long term, the comments lack an anchor to what they are referencing... —StevenDaubert

2010-06-16 15:00:45   >__> good catch, didn't double check I was more than multi tasking at the time. —StevenDaubert

2010-06-16 21:19:57   They are definitely the most awesome thai place in Davis these days. At least of those I've tried. We get new ones so frequently that I can't keep up... —IDoNotExist

2010-06-16 21:22:30   I think on the others, it is the official voting summary with a link to the full text. If that's the voting summary (rather than the Measure summary, which is sometimes different and more technical/less clear), then it is correct. Yolo County has a site with them all. —JabberWokky

2010-06-16 21:26:29   ...or you change them all to the measure summary. :) Either way is fine, I think, although I'd personally de-caps them. My editor has a mode to do it, and I'd imagine there's something on the internet to do it. —JabberWokky

2010-06-16 21:32:02   I wonder if Davis can support that many thai restaurants. I'd go to KetMoRee more, but they are so much more expensive for roughly the same stuff, and their new place that replaced Thai 2K isn't nearly as good... —IDoNotExist

2010-06-16 22:03:54   2K and KetMoRee and that place that took its place are all owned by the same person. I think they wanted to do KetMoRee instead because it commands higher prices, and could support a bar with a nightclub. But they turned off their 2K audience in the process. I used to love 2K, but the new places don't even carry my favorite dishes from there. Fortunately, Nakorn does. :-) —IDoNotExist

2010-06-16 23:18:54   I was kind of disappointed by Red 88 (see my comment on their page). But I think I've only been there once - maybe twice? Nakorn was much better... —IDoNotExist

2010-06-17 10:51:28   Hmm...you're right. It doesn't seem to exist. (How appropriate!) Perhaps I should leave one! —IDoNotExist

2010-06-17 21:45:18   Of course! You can probably find all the comments left by people who don't exist in plain sight every day! —IDoNotExist

2010-06-19 18:04:24   Thanks for the link, doctor! —AndreWaymire

2010-06-21 14:52:20   Hello. Its been a while. I no longer live in Davis but recently found an old article from 2009 that stated that the UC Davis campus was installing a new food/nutrition labeling system involving apples. I was curious as to whether it actually went into effect. I can't find a page on it on the Davis wiki, so my initial reaction was to question its existence, haha. You can find the article here nutrition news letter. The reason why I am messaging you is that you are the only person who I know of that I am absolutely positive still lives in Davis and still is an active member of the Davis wiki. So exactly how wide spread is this system. Is it at the CoHo? —MattHh

2010-06-24 23:44:38   Ha! That is amusing. I actually WAS using Pacific time (on a new OS install), and switched my time zone settings at the same time I was posting that, and checked that I was correct on the date — using a clock that was wrong (or right, but the wrong timezone). I should have checked my phone. Too many moving parts. —JabberWokky

2010-06-25 13:51:11   The best thing about wiki disputes is that people change their minds. I've gone in thinking one way and had utterly incredibly well reasoned arguments presented that caused me to view things in a completely new way. People on the wiki typically wade into discussions with the shared intent of finding a good solution for the wiki, and that's a great atmosphere for debating things. It's not always the case (some of the longest discussions were cases where there were people seeking personal gain), but everybody seeking a positive outcome for the wiki as a whole holds true for most content disputes. —JabberWokky

2010-06-25 15:59:01   I am extremely blessed to have such a great "partner." —AshleyHamidi

2010-06-26 14:16:33   Ithaca is nice. Its a lot like Davis, just hillier, colder and farther away from big cities (ooh that sounded bitter :) ). I really miss Davis to be honest, its great to have the small town feel but also be so close to major cities, and I really took for granted the biking infrastructure as well. Yep, Moosewood is still there. I can't say I am too big of a fan of that restaurant though. The best food is at this Cambodian food stand in the farmers' market. They have this chicken pineapple and potato curry that is just divine (kind of a cross between a sweet Thai curry and a hearty Indian curry). —MattHh

2010-06-27 21:55:13   Thanks for the links, they help give my page a little pizazz! —MasonMatthews

2010-07-06 10:59:19   Thanks for the comment; I didn't mean to imply we weren't looking forward to Vanderbilt or were dismissing the Vandy and Nashville community. —JabberWokky

2010-07-11 17:35:27   Have you considered creating a /Wiki Philosophy page for yourself? —JasonAller

2010-07-11 21:25:42   If a CovertProfessor were to teach a philosophy class about being covert, would they still be covert? In other words, can a covert professor teach such a class, or is that a contradiction? :-) —IDoNotExist

2010-07-12 10:52:43   I forgot to mention; I'm on a training grant. Actually...I was apparently accepted to all three I applied to, but there's a lot of grant politics involved in the selection process, and I ultimately only had one choice available (and it wasn't the one I wanted). The politics and 'horse-trading' behind it is ridiculous, I actually came out feeling more like I took one for the team and that there's no point in celebrating. Especially peeved because my PI said he's not able to buy me a new computer. But I just got a grant !&$^$(!! The only real thing to take comfort in is that I did get accepted to the one I really wanted and that no one thought I would get (due to my lab having had two members in it over the last few years). But again, that was tarnished. Boooo. Or yay. Mostly boooo. —EdWins

  • That sucks. It's true — academia is way too political. Unfortunately, it turns out academics are just like everyone else. :( But congratulations on having a grant, even if it wasn't the one you wanted, and congratulations on being much better at grant writing than you thought you were! —cp

2010-07-15 10:34:49   I hate editing the actual entry unless I know the information will not change in the near future. Why I only added it as a comment and not a page edit. Bartenders tend to a be a fickle lot and changes can occur quickly in the establishments. —WesOne

2010-07-15 11:21:34   In regards to Mr./Ms. "Truthhurts" I tend to agree with this sentiment of editing some comments (if not removing them entirely) and discussing ban. At the moment he/she seems to be nothing more than a troll who shows a slight hint of potential. I am not usually for an outright ban, especially for beginners here, but in many ways this reminds me of another Anon. user who did very similar things a while ago and was banned. I'll take a wait and see approach. Just tired of endless tirades of negativity on the wiki from this user. —WesOne

2010-07-15 11:48:48   My comment might have been a bit over the top, but it was how I felt. Glad you seem to agree. —WesOne

2010-07-15 13:18:53   I cast a write-in vote in the supervisor race for "anyone else" in the hopes that the election returns would show Don getting less than 100% of the vote. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. If Don really wanted this supervisor position so badly but didn't want to resign early, he should have paid for the special election to replace him. Instead, we're stuck paying the bill for his own political ambitions. —WilliamLewis

2010-07-15 13:23:18   Re: Online classes. There are many reasons for that. I just haven't heard a reason yet that involves quality of education or improved intellectual enrichment of the students. —JabberWokky

  • Exactly —cp

2010-07-15 14:30:52   you would have loved the blackberries from the backyard garden. My father was telling me how store berries are have been breed to have less sugar for longer shelf life but less sweetness. They were also amazingly tasty —StevenDaubert

  • Oh yum, I bet they were awesome! Pretty much all fruits and veggies you get at a grocery were bred for looks and travel rather than for taste. That's one reason why I have a CSA box and buy from the fruit stands and farmers' market when I can. Everything tastes so much better. —cp

2010-07-18 12:58:49   Write in candidates have to register with Freddie Oakley before an election to be valid, I've know this since forever... Then again I do know lots of random tidbits —StevenDaubert

  • Yeah, I always thought you could write in anyone. Silly me. I guess it makes sense that a person has to be an official write-in, or otherwise they probably won't generate enough votes to be worth someone's time to count. But still. I think a lot of people did not vote for Saylor and wrote in someone else. It's too bad we have no official count of the protest vote. —cp
  • You have to register as a write-in candidate to be elected. However, the people who run the election are free to count the write-ins no matter what. —wl
    • There was an article in the Enterprise shortly after the election saying that all of these unofficial write-ins really gummed up the works and delayed the counting. No doubt actually counting them would be more time and expense (e.g., trying to decipher something written with a big fat black marker). —cp

2010-07-18 13:04:04   it's a shame you weren't around for the crepe bistro. I bet you would have enjoyed the french onion —StevenDaubert

  • I see from the wiki page that the manager of The Crêpe Bistro now operates La Crêpe at the Silo... that's someplace I've been meaning to go to, but somehow never make it. Do they have the French Onion Crêpes? —cp

It's the french onion soup :p Crepes are good. The first owner of the bistro sold it to Max the French prof at UCD along time ago, and then Max hired Bruce (the manager now at la crepe) to manage bistro. Michelle (the first owner) now owns the cart in the silo. So it's kinda like a scaled back bistro. Best crepe in town, made by a real Frenchman

Ah, French onion *soup*. I do like a good French onion soup. I haven't had French onion soup in a long time, good or otherwise. So, I guess they don't have that at the Silo place. Still, I should check them out... maybe sometime this fall when I'm on campus more. —cp

2010-07-18 20:35:05   Stop reverting my edits. —DonShor

2010-07-18 22:10:33   I can see the deadlock. That's why I phrased the lock notice the way I did. —JabberWokky

2010-07-18 22:40:55   I'm not willing to assist with tabling at the Farmer's Market until the issue of how to deal with drive by comments from editors without any identity is resolved. I admire William's willingness to go do it. I've made many offers to the Chamber of Commerce to come give an in person Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner presentation, and even have a slide show ready for that. Why would I be willing to go to the Chamber of Commerce, but not Farmer's Market? —JasonAller

  • Jason, I'm not sure which comment or action of mine you're responding to — can you clarify? —cp
    • I was just explaining why you won't see my name on the list of volunteers to help with that process, and contrasting it to another form of outreach where I have been willing to. —JasonAller
      • Ok, I understand that position. I'm still not sure what you're getting at, or why you're telling me. Are you trying to tell me how strongly you feel about the identity issue? If that's the case, then please understand that I feel very strongly about it myself. I genuinely think that it will damage the wiki to insist that new editors have to establish identity in order to contribute. I understand your position, and I especially understand that it has arisen out of many attempts to reach out to new editors that have gone nowhere (in large part, probably, because of the difficulty of communicating with new editors). And I understand your concern about the pile-up of broken windows. It's just that some of the windows you see as broken, I don't; and also that (probably because I haven't been at this as long as you) I still have hope for reaching new editors, if we have the right communication tools. —cp

2010-07-19 12:25:58   Good example. —JabberWokky

2010-07-19 13:37:31   TY on the link fix. Sorry, but my editing skills are not on the same level as some here ... yet. ;) —WesOne

  • Sure, glad to help. You'll get there. :-) —cp

2010-07-20 08:23:36   I'm glad to see the food at Queen of Sheba was good. I love northern African cuisine, and it's now on our "to eat" list when we visit town next year. —JabberWokky

  • Definitely! Perhaps allow for multiple visits. :-) —cp

2010-07-20 10:16:55   Ha! I just IMed Sarah asking if it was too obscure a quote. It's one of the great speeches, and the tone and concept of both individual and united challenge it conveys is one I admire greatly. I had started to type "One small" and then realized that has become a nearly meaningless catchphrase unless you really ponder it. —JabberWokky

2010-07-20 20:12:30   Crap, I've added a bunch of stuff that can be seen as having "little to no value" to the wiki. Is all of that subject to removal? What if a descendant of Covell wanted to remove Japanese Internment because they felt it reflected negatively on their family name? What if a business felt that a negative comment left on their page reflected negatively on their business? What if that comment was a poorly constructed accusation of racism? Do you want me to stop gnoming? —JasonAller

  • Wait... because I disagree with you about some edits, you take to imply that I think you should stop gnoming? Jason, that's out of line. Do you think so little of me, that I am so intolerant of disagreement that I'd rather see you gone? Or is it that I must accept all of your edits or none of them? Yes, these questions are hyperbolic. So is yours. As for the other questions — it is actually my belief that the names on the Lil Sis page have no value whatever — I just didn't want to get into it, so I said "little or no" value. Something cute or whimsical — that has value. Real history, about what people did — that has value. Someone's experience with a local business, etc. — that has value. Lists of names for people who were not elected to any office or served in some official capacity in an organization, without any information about what these people did? No value. My claim isn't that the names should be removed because they might harm someone. My claim is that since they have no value, they should be removed because people have asked them to be removed, presumably because they are concerned about harm. There is simply, in my view, no loss to their removal, and no implication that other wiki information that does have value can thereby be removed. You and I disagreed over the Strelizia comment that you allude to. I thought it did have value; perhaps you did not think it had value. I think a lot of recent disagreements between editors are in part disagreements over what is valuable, or, to use a term used elsewhere in recent discussions, which edits are "constructive." —cp
    • See discussion with Tom for explanation of question. —JasonAller
      • You wrote, When I'm asking that question I'm trying to figure out if the nature of the wiki community has changed more than I've noticed and if my behavior that was once constructive is no longer constructive because the wiki has changed around me and I haven't changed enough along with it. I'm not asking it because I see an attack, nor am I threatening to withhold my efforts, I'm trying to figure out if I'm the source of the tension and problems. If people really don't see value in the things I'm restoring back onto pages then maybe I no longer understand the wiki and I need to stop doing that. I disagree with it, but if what I see as productive edits are a source of problems then I'm willing to reexamine why I'm doing what I'm doing. — I think the source of the tension is not you per se, but different and deeply held beliefs about what is best for the wiki. You and I are two participants in that larger conversation. I agree with the vast majority of your edits, but a few I don't agree with. Some people's views are more like yours, some more like mine. Surely if we can send people to the moon, we can sort this out, not because it is easy, but because it is hard. —cp
        • I know the number of removals has gone up and the number of people who do restorations has gone down. If I'm causing problems by being one of the last of the people doing restorations maybe I need to re-examine why I put in the effort. —JasonAller
          • As I said already, I agree with most of your edits, including most of your restorations. —cp
            • Ditto —tg

2010-07-21 00:48:51   oololol archives! —StevenDaubert

Is this one of those "crappy comments" situations? —TomGarberson

I was trying to wait until the end of the year, but I couldn't take it anymore. —cp

2010-07-21 15:46:48   Hi CovertProfessor! Thanks for the intro greeting! I'm glad to hear that you enjoy the changes/updates I am currently doing. Actually, I am from the City Clerk Office, and the City of Davis is in the middle of a huge recruitment campaign for those particular City Council Commissions. Would you be interested in helping me get the message out on DavisWiki about this recruitment campaign? —ReiOkamoto

2010-07-21 23:55:01   Hi Prof, I'm new to the Wiki page and I'm learning how to edit and do the whole wiki thing. I have a Press Release from the City Clerk which I would like to somehow post? I was thinking maybe there is a way to post this announcement of the Commission openings somewhere on the Front Page, so more people can see it? Any ideas to get the word out would be great! —ReiOkamoto

2010-07-22 12:36:19   Thank you for creating the page! You have been a great help! I will add to that page, but you found the right page regarding the Press Release. —ReiOkamoto

2010-07-22 20:56:53   I really like what you have done for the main page! The screenshot looks really great and hope the turnout of this campaign will be more successful than years in the past. I will continue to update and please let me know if you or anyone else on wiki has any questions! I appreciate your generosity! Hopefully my updates help the users! —ReiOkamoto

2010-07-22 23:23:40   Yep, the agreement makes sense but it made me rethink about signing up. I figured I would rather be safe than sorry in case my bike has a flat, I have a special event to go to, or I run into other problems so I thought others would feel the same too. —hankim

2010-07-23 15:17:58   I believe charm and readability have, as of yet, not been found mutually exclusive. That being said, I do not wish to enter into an editing war. —BrianPakpour

2010-07-23 21:54:36   Law students are all notable. Just ask one :) —TomGarberson

2010-07-24 08:59:49   I thought Daniel Watts graduated...was he a 2L this past year? I wouldn't say that people that ran for City Council (including myself) are notable alums...a large number of past councilmembers were King Hall alums, but aren't listed on the page. Krovoza won election, but isn't listed. —ScottLay

Actually, someone listed me once, mostly for my profession, and I took it off. I just think that the alumni list will get diluted...Stan Forbes, Sheryl Freeman, and several others would meet the threshold. -sl

Yeah, maybe I'll work on that list...maybe after I steal your nice table of contents. -sl

2010-07-29 15:13:12   Brian definitely wasn't the first person to break. There have been a number of people recently who have responded in various negative ways to their first interactions with more frequent editors. I don't really feel like digging through weeks of edits to find examples, but I know we've had several people in recent weeks who have expressed their impression that their edits aren't valued, or that new editors don't have the same voice as frequent editors. —TomGarberson

2010-07-29 15:47:40   Ahh, gotcha. Yeah, I think if arguments rehashing arguments get going on that page, I'm just going to move them elsewhere. —TomGarberson

2010-07-29 15:57:15   I mostly just like having a wiki community/can't we all just get along/get off my lawn page. I picture Clint Eastwood going from "can't we all just get along" to "get off my lawn". No one wants that! —TomGarberson

2010-07-29 16:00:45   Actually, I was kind of thinking of my own edits when I wrote that. I'm not pleased with how I handled the DLM thing yesterday. —TomGarberson

2010-07-30 22:49:51   There is a wiki on a cloud. I like to edit in my sleep... —IDoNotExist

Aren't any pages for me to bleep, not in my wiki on a cloud.

2010-07-31 00:47:34  

At the end of the page, you're another page older. And reverting it back doesn't keep out the shills. Recent changes hurry past Bad edits despite the gnomes trying Local wiki is coming at last, Knighted and spilled One page clearer from typing... —IDoNotExist

:) I don't think I can top that. —cp

2010-08-01 07:58:23   CP, do you have a (presumably anonymous) off-wiki means of communication? I'd like to shoot you an e-mail or something. —TomGarberson

2010-08-01 13:05:13   Was this a helpful way to welcome Brent back to the wiki? —JasonAller

  • Was this a helpful way to comment on my and another editor's activities in welcoming a new editor? —cp
    • My comment was pretty borderlne, but as an alternative to dragging a new user into things I stand by it. Now please answer my question. —JasonAller
      • It was more than borderline. You metaphorically referred to IDNE and I as "vampires," and attributed some strange motive to our behavior (as though we want more like us? like I am encouraging anonymity by... what? making a joke? not being nasty?), instead of the simpler explanation — it was late at night, and we were simply having a bit of lighthearted fun with a new editor who chose an evocative username. I was pretty well insulted by your comment, but tried to keep a sense of humor about it with my reply to JW's page. (By the way, my comment meant to imply: if we're such a problem, then do something about us. I have already offered to leave the wiki if my presence is so harmful, so it would not be hard). With regard to BL — he has been gone from the wiki for just a month. He comes back and implicitly criticizes the well-meaning activities of one of the most well-meaning, productive, and relatively recent editors we have (with a real name, no less!). All I did was — in a lighthearted way, I thought — point out that his past editing activities were not always entirely towards producing new content. If I remember correctly, that is a bit of an understatement. If I am misremembering, then I apologize. —cp
        • The welcome of jeanvaljean looked like this when I made my comment. I see two edits. One which is an unsigned and unlinked welcome that looks more like an excuse to show off cultural knowledge than an attempt to make a human connection and build community. The other which is unsigned and unlinked was slightly more humorous in its phrasing, but was more of the same. Neither made a human connection with the new editor. Neither reached out in a way that would let a new user know who left them or who they could go to if they had questions. So I left the comment I did to JabberWokky. It wasn't "more than borderline", it was descriptive of my reaction, my signed reaction... you know the signature that connects the consequences of what I write to my off-wiki existence. When Brent, Don or I make asses of ourselves we have the real world consequences of that behavior to live with. When you goad named editors into exchanges you don't look bad off the wiki, but the other editor does. That is inherently unequal. Although you may be convincing me to change my ways, it isn't in the way you think because you make a really good argument for why I should stop editing using my real name and pick a new IP address and a new anonymous username and then I can snipe at real people without any regard for the consequences. —JasonAller
          • None of that changes the fact that your signed comment was deeply insulting. I may not use a real name on the wiki, but I am in fact a real person. And I was insulted for what? Because IDNE and I did not sign our comments? It was an offhand thing that I gave little thought to. And when BP made a personal accusation on a page that is calling for a reconciliation, yes, I am going to say something. If I am going to participate on this wiki, then it isn't going to be with my hands tied behind my back. I certainly have said nothing that is even remotely as insulting as what you said about me on JW's page. And I am tired of you calling for other editors to be respectful when you yourself are often not respectful. If this is you with your gloves on, because you are signing your real name, I hate to think of what you are like with your gloves off. Please re-read what you wrote on JW's page, no matter how heartfelt it was, and think about how that might read to the people it was discussing. —cp

2010-08-01   Thanks CP for your help with my pages!-Derek Downey

2010-08-03 07:21:53   More pics the better? —hankim

2010-08-06 10:23:02   Haha thanks, good catch. I moved Joe's note and didn't fix it. —TomGarberson

2010-08-06 13:58:46   The first two articles there aren't horrible, but read the third one. The opening paragraph essentially states that confusion is the only thing that got him off, and calls him "accused Davis rapist." It quotes a juror who thinks he should be guilty on all counts and a rape prevention person who repeatedly calls him a rapist, and completely ignores the opposing viewpoint. Plus, there's the paragraph that reads, "In the meantime, the nine women and three men who delivered the controversial verdict are recovering from weeks of sleepless nights and feelings of guilt and disappointment that they were unable to bring this case to a close." Is there any conceivable interpretation under which that's not skewed? I mean, the article is saying "the verdict was wrong" and "the jurors feel guilty." —TomGarberson

2010-08-07 16:54:14   I did not fully scour the changes on that page, I just saw the question on the Recent Changes page and went to do some research. I think I'll rephrase that now. —MasonMurray

2010-08-07 18:28:30   Re: "R. Lugo link. Otherwise, essentially unlinked. Where else to link? CovertProfessor", link the dates and link to it from the Davis timeline. Plausibly a legal action section could be made... a handful of entries fit. However, I have been packing and loading a 26' truck for two days and have no editing mojo. —JabberWokky

  • Thanks, that helps. All I could think of was the date rape entry, which seemed a little over the top. And I'm a little low on editing mojo myself, though for different reasons. Good luck with your move! —cp

2010-08-08 17:07:03   sweet include btw —StevenDaubert

2010-08-09 15:57:26   Hey my name is Jackie, I heard ur a pro at this I was I wondering if u could help me out. I offered my hair lady help with her shops wiki page cuz I thought it wld be easy I guess a couple people have tired to help them but they also could not figure it out. I feel bad that I cant fix it so I was hoping you could help? I am trying to update Angie's Beauty Salon: It closed May 31st 2010 and it re-opened under new staff and owner as Angie's Hair Salon. If you could help out that would be great. I just don't want to mess anything up.

Anywhoo. I love your restaurant reviews! You have exquisite taste! —JackieRodriguez

2010-08-09 23:24:17   Disregard that last comment! I figured it out after a lot of trial and error! Anywhoo, I wanted to also tell about this cool pizza place I found in Davis its super good! Lampost Pizza! Let me know what you think! ;)

Jackie —JackieRodriguez

2010-08-09 23:26:05   Oh jeez just realized that you already reviewed it haa haa! Seeee I love your reviews I can always count on them! —JackieRodriguez

2010-08-14 07:30:06   Hey CP, any advice for a nice Sunday brunch place? I know Season's does brunch, which ought to be good. Just wondering if there are other good options. My parents are going to be in town, so we're looking for something nice. —TomGarberson

2010-08-14 18:53:26   Thanks, I figure I will make a couple small tweaks and then wash my hands of the entire business. It's tiring to follow it for very long at this point. —JoePomidor

2010-08-18 13:02:29   Hi, thanks! I've got wiki hiking pages covering all of northern California now (see Hiking Trails in California).

You could just make a link to the Dog Parks page and move the external links over there. As you know, on a wiki nobody needs permission to edit what somebody else has written.

Your users page is impressive. Your restaurant reviews are interesting as a group, and I see that you have also posted directly on the pages for the individual restaurants.

Unfortunately I've been dreaming about hiking more than actually doing it. Whenever I have details to offer I make links to my BRT trip reports and photo albums (e.g. Cache Creek Ridge Trail) —BruceThomas

2010-08-24 22:21:05   Hi CovertProfessor, I noticed that some comments were missing from Angie's beauty salon, of which is now Angie's Hair Salon. Then I came across your comment towards another individual saying basically the same. I am new to this and would like advise about this situation; do I make a comment about what has been accuring and post it under angie's beauty salon or do I just leave it alone. Angie is such a good person and stylist and I feel it's so wrong what Expressions Hair Design stylists are doing. Thanks for your time. —ElizabethL

2010-08-28 22:17:20   The reason I did that was because when I was at the Salon, some clients that were there at the same time, were the once that actually mentioned about the Salon being closed. And they mentioned that it was confusing and that it seemed as if Angie no longer had a business. The changes made reflect that the business is still there, and its still the same business the only difference is the beauty/hair part of the business name, also some of the people that used to work there are no longer there. —ElizabethL

2010-08-30 19:12:53   Even if this were all Luci was trying to do, deleting every comment on the salon page is still shady and tends to go against everything on the Wiki. Now, if it were an archiving mistake, maybe... I am not sure what actually happened there, but seeing her past communications and the way she tends to respond to people here... I makes me think more on the unpleasant side than the positive "oops, sorry I erred." —Wes-P

2010-08-30 23:14:12   I agree with the benefit of the doubt.. getting hard to tell around here nowadays. She is now claiming it was an ex-e,ployee/co-worker that did the edits and "hijacked" her acct. Have PN working on it to get it resolved. —Wes-P

2010-08-31 13:47:10   Thank you so much... this now makes total sense! —ElizabethL

2010-09-06 12:09:58   Perfect!JabberWokky

2010-09-07 13:07:22   Thank you for your reply, I didn't know Philip was a founder. Like I said I'm fairly new to this, but thank you. —Saher

2010-09-07 16:33:15   Knew I forgot something. thanks for the link on the reviews. :) —Wes-P

2010-09-07 22:28:03   Hello, I am sorry to bombard your page with all this. My name is Anamaria and I was one of the owners of "Angie's Beauty Salon". I just wanted to clear a few things up regarding recent changes and comments made about the salon I currently own (Expressions) and the salon I use to co-own (Angie's Beauty Salon). I loved "Angie's Beauty Salon"! Angie and I started that salon from scratch and turned it into a successful business! I poured my heart and soul into that business for the last 10 Years!

Angie and I just decided to part ways for personal reasons.

I simply wanted to let the public know that Angie and I legally closed down "Angie's Beauty Salon". We even featured it in the Davis Enterprise as a closed business and terminated the business license. Angie decided to keep the location and phone number and open a new salon with a new name and new license number, which she named "Angie Hair Salon". I, in NO way, have any ill intentions towards Angie Hair Salon.

I, along with some of our clients, wanted to let the public know where to find me and two other hair stylists that worked at Angie's Beauty Salon...that was all!

Again...I meant no harm. If our clients or I made it seem that way I am truly sorry!

If anyone wants to know more please feel free to call me and ask any questions.

Thank you so much for your time. —Anavarro

2010-09-08 11:54:16   Hey there fellow foodie, I think you should Check out Jaymes' Fat Face for some awesome sandwiches and Popsicles! You wont be disappointed! :D —AshleyMatson

  • I agree! I've had one of their sandwiches and one of their popsicles at the Farmers' Market — somehow, I've never managed to get back to have more, even though I really liked both! I wish the shop was open more hours, but maybe as their business builds they will be. —CovertProfessor

2010-09-08 23:38:01   I agree with you completely. Easier to follow, easy to see what happened. Easier to discuss. Almost every regular only tracks changes, they don't simply look at the final version, and giant paragraphs of changes are hard to track. Multiple edits are 'more bettah,' which I believe is a technical term you were looking for. —EdWins

  • If I'm doing some boring gnome edits or otherwise non-controversial edits plus an edit that somebody might take issue with, I often split them so that you can see the one clearly (and revert it if you feel you should). I agree: splitting up edits like that is often helpful for people picking through edit histories. -jw
    • Thanks — I feel like I'm in good company. —cp

2010-09-09 16:12:37   Hi CP. I took a little while to get back to you, not because I was ignoring you, but because I wanted to make sure my response was quite what I meant. Since the wiki is a conglomeration, an extension of those who make it up, don't you think it's best to represent multiple viewpoints? While I agree with you, even my second attempt seemed overly harsh, perhaps there is a better way I could phrase it to make it seem more welcoming. I invite you to continue sharing your alternate viewpoint, and hope you could give me some guidance on how to phrase what I hope was an otherwise clear point in a more friendly manner. —MasonMurray

  • Honestly — it is hard for me to suggest how to word your suggestion because I think you are simply mistaken on this one. See JW's and ES's comments above for an explanation of why it is good to split edits apart. Aside from the reasons they give, it often the case that we *do* preview, and then afterward, think of something else to say, a better way to word something, or another thing to link, etc.. So, then you are criticizing someone for simply being human and not always thinking of everything all at once. Also, if you are wary of computer/network crashes, doing things in chunks is like saving a document often — it's simply safe practice. So, in general, yes — I think it's best to represent all sides. But honestly, in this case, it just seems like you are nit-picking at well-meaning editors, and I think that does more harm than good. Sure, if someone is clearly not previewing — they are continually mis-coding the page, over and over again — then you might point out that there is a preview button that could help them out. But no one likes to be criticized, and there are so many more egregious things that editors can do (spam, shill, make personal attacks, etc.), that it seems as though the main thing you're accomplishing by leaving these notes is to waste your time and to make things that much more unpleasant for new editors. And I genuinely think it would be better if you didn't do it at all for people who are merely splitting their edits up. Sorry. —cp
    • You must find it at least a little humerus that your primary criticism is that people don't like to be criticized. Since your response basically read "Give up and do something else, you're wasting your time and not helping" (constituting flaming on most sites, I might add) and you are unwilling to help, I'll continue to try and shift my phrasing on my own. I invite you to continue sharing your dissenting opinion, but I hope you will do so with more civility in the future. -MM
      • Yes, I was aware of the irony, and hoped that you would pick up on it. Not much fun, is it? But I am criticizing in order to try to prevent what I see as a greater harm. Please consider the harms vs. the benefits. And also please consider that my reply was not uncivil. And that you did ask for my opinion. I gave it. —cp
        • OIC wat u did thar. Very nice. After the fact I can thoroughly enjoy it. I will weigh the opinions expressed here and exercise more care checking the edits rather than counting them. On an English related note, I was careful not to call it irony, because of how often the word is used improperly. I make sure not to use it unless I'm absolutely sure it would be correct. -MM
          • Checking the edits rather than counting them sounds good to me. :-) —cp

2010-09-09 21:05:36   Just to add my two cents, I don't think there's anything wrong with having sequential edits, even many of them, as long as they're reasonably adding content. Preview should be recommended when a user just failed to proof their edits and had to go back and correct things... often one-by-one. I don't see a problem with sequential edits, as long as they're decent edits.

That said, I haven't looked back over the edits made by this user, or the last time the discussion came up. So, I can't really comment on whether I think the recommendation was a good idea here or not.

My one other note is that it's far better to err on the side of welcoming, encouraging, and positive feedback for new-ish editors. Again, I'm not saying either way whether that's what happened here. But if there's any doubt in your mind, I feel it's better to limit it to "YAY, HAI! EDIT MOAR!" the first time around, and leave the fine-tuning for later. —TomGarberson

  • I think "YAY, HAI! EDIT MOAR" should be our new standard greeting. Hell with this "welcome to the wiki" stuff. —cp
    • I approve this product and/or service. —tg

2010-09-12 14:47:06   Heh. I thought of it like slapping some paint over the rust. The entry really needs to be rewritten. Right now it's like an entry for a Greek restaurant where the majority of the text is explaining how horrible Italian food is. I'll take a whack at it later; the edits were made as I was just fixing the wikipedia link format, and it's more a flag for other editors than anything else. Many years ago, it used to be called the Arlen method: make an outrageous edit and people swarm in to fix it, improving everything as a result. —JabberWokky

2010-09-14 06:54:26   Ah, probably during the weeks of chaos from the move, when I really wasn't following edits well. He can restore it... I was just worried about it causing confusion. —JabberWokky

2010-09-20 10:35:49   Thanks! —TomGarberson

2010-09-20 23:41:41   *sigh* it's true, I too witnessed the reversion. —OliviaY

2010-09-22 09:21:29   Thanks for beautifying my uggy updates =D —GreatRyan

2010-09-27 09:54:01   Sarah and I got new Android phones on Friday. You were asking about screens that are easy to read? The Samsung Epic 4G has a Super AMOLED, which apparently uses some kind of strange sorcery to sooth your eyes as you use it. There's a novel "texture" to the screen that bugged me for about two hours and is now really nice. It's an artifact of the pixels not being square, I believe. On the other hand, it also reminds me of the painted quality of medieval illuminations. Whatever it is, Sarah and I spent basically three solid days staring into tiny little screens and suffered no eyestrain. E-Ink, like the Kindle and Nook, is still in a category of its own (as it is basically a printed page that reshuffles itself), but this little screen is amazingly readable. Alas, it isn't commercially available in large sizes, even that of a ebook reader. Based on my experience (which is with the "Super" AMOLED, which addresses some issues with earlier AMOLEDs, especially in direct sunlight), I'd certainly keep an eye out for a reader that uses it. Again, that's assuming you want a reader that can also function as a basic email and browser, which is where monochromatic and sluggish E-ink tends to fail.

On the other hand, I still have yet to find any eBook reader that mimics a book enough to create spacial memory to find a section or quote quickly. I can, however, slide a physical volume off the shelf that I haven't touched in years and quickly flip to the section I want. I can also bring a pile of books to a meeting and share them among newcomers. That spacial memory of pages and an easy way to share and flip through together are going to be tough to replicate for awhile. —JabberWokky

  • Thanks, JW. So far I have been using an iPad and I'm pretty pleased with it. The screen isn't as good as it could be (so I will keep an eye out for the screen you mention, both in a tablet size and smartphone size when I'm in the market for one of those), but I find it easier to read than a computer screen for some reason. I know what you mean about the spacial memory, but on the other hand, on the iPad I can search for particular words, which I can't do in a paper book unless it has a *really* good index (most don't). And I can carry a lot more books with the iPad without undue strain. So, pros and cons. —CovertProfessor
    • While reading the New York Times and WSJ, the iPad beats out the newspapers every time. While doing medieval reenactment and tabletop roleplaying (both characterized by heavy on the spot research in groups of people), I've found that having both physical books and their searchable PDFs are incredibly useful. The two together are like an index and "pass around" version. For computer programming texts, I just use a computer screen, but that's because of their specific nature and the fact that I'm at a computer when referring to them. For long reading sessions (cover to cover reads), I think books might still edge out the iPad, but screen advances might well flip the advantage to an electronic reader. I can't really read long texts on a computer screen, but I can with the iPad, so I can see things getting better. It's an interesting time, somewhat similar to when printing presses became the norm. -jw
      • Yeah — I read a lot of PDFs. If it's just one or a few, I prefer the iPad. But if I'm referring to a number of PDFs and trying to write at the same time, I need the computer. Alas, it's rare that I get the time to do a long reading session, so maybe that's why I've been OK reading books on the iPad. I agree — things are very interesting right now. I keep wondering if paper books will go the way of 8-track tapes or if they will be more like vinyl records; if things do go mostly electronic, which books will "make it" and which won't; and how many people will end up like Jean Luc-Picard. —CovertProfessor

2010-09-27 19:31:27   I was thinking it should run from the left of the page to the blue "table of contents" box but I guess thats kinda big for the main rest. page. Just thought it would look really clean. —CraigFergus

2010-09-28 19:18:24   That's true. I think that if it's because of intimidation, though, the proper response is a cease-and-desist letter CC'ed to his ISP and the Sacramento Field Office of the FBI. —TomGarberson

2010-09-29 10:23:36   There are some related issues being discussed in email right now. That was one of two cases where nastiness expanded to off-wiki stupidity. Since it was off-wiki and happened to people other than myself, I am personally hesitant to discuss the details on the wiki without the consent of those involved. I figure this is fair — you (and anybody else) who inquires deserves the basic outline of the situation, even if the specifics are vague. —JabberWokky

  • I suspected as much, and I understand. It's why I haven't personally pushed for the reinstatement of the entry (that I originally created! in praise of the business! *sigh*) —CovertProfessor

2010-09-29 15:33:46   Hallo! I noticed that Garett deleted a couple of your comments on the Bicycle Parade page, and you had not restored them in subsequent edits. I thought the point of the schools one was well-made, though, so I reposted it with attributions and such. Feel free to delete my name or yours if you so desire. —JoePomidor

2010-09-29 17:39:09   Photo of a bike, and the parade entry is up for Featured Page in the next day or so, in my view. —JabberWokky

  • I agree. And thanks for the cleanup on the page. I didn't have the energy for it. —CovertProfessor

2010-10-02 19:21:11   in the IT world you can have about 3 minutes of downtime per month, anything past that and you lose your 99.9 % uptime, which is the goal for any sensible ISP operation, as it's more or less a standard that is expected from pro lvl hosting. —StevenDaubert

  • Yahunh. And what happens and what should happen aren't always the same. —CovertProfessor

In the real world your fired if you don't keep uptime stats like thatDaubert

  • I think you completely missed the point I was trying to make on Bob's page. 1) Bob is a troll; don't reply to him. 2) No one is "up" all of the time, a point that you seem to agree with. The fact that he says otherwise is one piece of evidence for his troll-ness.

    I am not defending Comcast or saying that what's been happening is normal or acceptable. —cp

  • Bob = me bored. I felt like illustrating for Greg the difference between a troll (Bob) and people like, say, any of the three of us, who were either trying to offer constructive advice or improve a page. —TomGarberson

    Right. I was half aiming at Greg, too, when I resurrected the trolls page. I couldn't tell if he was honestly confused over the difference between a "troll" and a "gnome," or if he was just labeling everyone who disagreed with him a "troll." —cp

Of course I missed the point, I was just commenting on the general nature of downtime, and high availability for enterprise grade network related stuff

 Availability %     Downtime per year     Downtime per month*     Downtime per week
90% ("one nine")     36.5 days     72 hours     16.8 hours
95%     18.25 days     36 hours     8.4 hours
98%     7.30 days     14.4 hours     3.36 hours
99% ("two nines")     3.65 days     7.20 hours     1.68 hours
99.5%     1.83 days     3.60 hours     50.4 minutes
99.8%     17.52 hours     86.23 minutes     20.16 minutes
99.9% ("three nines")     8.76 hours     43.2 minutes     10.1 minutes
99.95%     4.38 hours     21.56 minutes     5.04 minutes
99.99% ("four nines")     52.56 minutes     4.32 minutes     1.01 minutes
99.999% ("five nines")     5.26 minutes     25.9 seconds     6.05 seconds
99.9999% ("six nines")     31.5 seconds     2.59 seconds     0.605 seconds

Interesting table, Daubert. Since switching back to Comcast a year and a half ago, I've definitely been between four nines and five nines. Years ago when they took over @home cable (or was there one other intermediary?), they were more like two nines. But damn, I feel bad for people affected by this current problem. Being down for hours at a time can be really, really aggravating. It's bad enough when you get dropped for a minute or two. —tg

In this current incarnation of the problem, I haven't been down for hours at a time (that really would make my life difficult), but it's definitely been 10-15 mins/day at times, which also sucks. —cp

2010-10-03 14:38:05   I used to follow Dateline UC Davis, but have let it slip as I try and rebalance my online time. Darn tooting that a MacArthur Fellowship is noteworthy. Glad you caught it. —JabberWokky

  • Yeah, hard to keep up with it all. I see things on Dateline, in the Enterprise, and in the Vanguard that I want to record and can't get to. But I didn't want to let this one slide by. —cp

2010-10-04 16:55:58   Covert—FYI reason I didn't move the pic (and I agree it looks better there) is I've been criticized for moving pics before. —PeterBoulay

2010-10-06 16:48:57   (I keep thinking somebody should ask Luci if those photos are Creative Commons, but I want to do so after this all calms down). —JabberWokky

  • Oh my, yes — I see what you mean. Well, you'll have to act quickly if you spot a lull. Looking at the history of this page, it's been one flare up after another. Luci seems unrepentant and unwilling to learn about what the page and the wiki are for. The gall to ask for this deletion after all of the bad behavior floors me, although I guess creating the talk page can be seen as progress of a sort. —CovertProfessor
    • Woosies....her page is a continuing source of frustration. Don't wait—just deal with it...matter of fact—I will. Thx for the idea! -PeteB

2010-10-06 19:06:43   No problem with the links—not all gnomes are perfect :) —PeterBoulay

  • No way! I never make mistakes! ;-) —cp
    • You must not be married-my wife elaborates on all my mistakes...again...and again...and again...and... —PeteB
      • And you don't tell her that you don't make mistakes? Get on it, man! —cp

2010-10-07 09:11:14   Please don't get burned out. We've lost too many down that path. Idiots will perpetually creep at the edges. It's worth remembering the big picture now and then. —JabberWokky

  • Thanks. *deep, cleansing breath* I will try to let more of this roll off of me. —CovertProfessor

2010-10-07 09:41:20   Try out PingTest.net and SpeedTest.net. (Not to tease you too much, but teehee.) —EdWins

  • Ha! At the moment, my Comcast connection is pretty good, though not as good as yours (no packet loss, 26 ms ping, 7 ms jitter), but it comes and goes. S'what I get for working from home. —CovertProfessor

2010-10-07 14:41:29   Hello. I do realize that. I'm just updating information about the club that has been voted on a few days ago. It's been changed on Facebook as well, so I wanted to update any other pages that may not have been changed yet. Just following Campus Student Involvement policies. —JenniferGiang

2010-10-07 14:42:41   Er... I mean "Center for Student Involvement." —JenniferGiang

2010-10-07 19:08:59   You were correct in pointing out the controversy behind the issue CoverProfessor. Thank you for noticing it, and addressing it. —ThUn

2010-10-07 19:29:21   It's very troublesome, and quite upsetting. One of the reasons why I see a lot of student leaders on campus who lose their inspiration to continue fighting for whatever cause they wish. Thank you for your condolences CoverProfessor. :] —ThUn

2010-10-07 20:17:47   I'll just tough it out, and try my best to make 2x the influence I can without the need of any position or title. I'll show 'em up! :]

I also wanted to apologize for our past quarrel. I was being defensive as an employee of CHU. No longer, I have returned to the world of reason. Haha. —ThUn

2010-10-07 22:48:52   That is true. Well past is past, and again I've returned to the world of reason. :] Anyhow, I do hope this current issue comes to a more reasonable resolution. I feel as though I am an incumbent in a political campaign, and the current office wishes me gone by all means. That essentially sums up everything. —ThUn

2010-10-08 12:36:30   That is very true. Academia is very political in several aspects. It's very easy to offend another's views/beliefs too, unknowingly. I'm definitely capable of slipping up as well. My issue is that so many people these days are afraid of discourse. Instead, once offended, they get defensive and pin you as an enemy. :\ —ThUn

2010-10-08 21:45:26   Thanks for the advice. That's pretty much my approach right now. Allowing the space to cool off, then I will continue to address the problem at it's source in due time. —ThUn

2010-10-08 23:24:59   Thank you, I'll let you know if things improve. :] —ThUn

2010-10-10 20:32:31   I tried to delete 2 posts on my Chipotle page. My managers identity was used as well as her employee number. This person slandered my restaurant, used my managers name as well as her employee number. This is a direct violation of our confidentiality agreement policy. It must be removed. We are actually going to contact the police tomorrow and try to ping back to the disgruntled employee. I will be prosecuting this person. Joe Herman Chipotle jherman@chipotle.comjherman

  • Good luck, but if I'm not mistaken, confidentiality agreement would be a civil matter, not a criminal matter, and the PD probably won't help you. If it's really obviously slander, they might help you, but it's probably gotta be super obvious. I'm no lawyer, I'm probably wrong, but it's something to consider... —GarrettGallegos

2010-10-11 18:43:39   Apologies for offending. I thought it was causing drama. I saw a few heated comments on the page and deleted. —PhilipNeustrom

2010-10-13 13:06:45   Not a business, but I had to do the same thing with Hotwire. It does make sense... kind of a variant on NoLongerExists, but here's the new one. The only problem is that an include can't have the custom text you would probably need to word it right. Something along the lines of "but the same owners and staff now run Foosball Restaurant" or, for a band, "they reformed after a year as Angry Ants". If includes had mutable text (a la the [[stop]] macro), it would make more sense. I wonder if there's a way to do it with a partial include... an include for form stuff, and then space for the subject specific info. —JabberWokky

2010-10-13 16:47:36   Of the "classics", I miss the seed as well. I did that one early on, and it's actually on a number of wikis out there, Wiki Spot and beyond. It's kind of a thrill to see it in different places on the web and realize that I drew that with my mouse using a paint program. We could always kick the seed include down to an inline notice and reinstate it. Other than the HIPAA and "context alerts" (NoLongerExists, Departed Business, etc), I don't think there's an absolute need for those larger includes. The larger seed kind of pushes the idea "Hey, you... yes you behind the keyboard... you can edit this!". —JabberWokky

  • I say, bring it back! Even though it's smaller, to me it was more evocative. It made me want to help the little seed along. —cp
At your service, Professor!
  • I like this, too! —cp

2010-10-18 23:06:16   But, but! 21st century trees will devastate the world if they are not shrieked at by phallic, gas powered, windy golf clubs! —JabberWokky

  • I love it when you talk dirty, JW! Rawwwr! —tg
  • I know you hate smileys, JW, but :-) —cp

2010-10-19 16:12:15   The leaves. You asked (from memory) "are they that oppressive?" I answered! —TomGarberson

2010-10-19 16:51:12   Hahahaha! —TomGarberson

2010-10-19 22:18:53   How is someone who runs a family business in Davis expected to finish a route (there is a different one every day) when there is no blow in mow blow go? —StevenDaubert

2010-10-28 16:38:13   I was looking at the pronunciation thing and it looked kinda silly. Oh well! —Richard (Allegre) —AllegreApartments

2010-11-01 23:17:02   True enough.. I will no longer edit the spelling of comments, sticking only to the main entries. Not frustrated with the wiki spelling, just personal things and for some odd reason find it relaxing to just browse the net and make corrections. —Wes-P

2010-11-16 01:29:23   Every time I see a comment made by you I wonder if you really are a professor, if you're a prof at UCD, and if so, what do you teach? Or would the answers negate the "covert" part? Just curious :D —KaprilWooley

2010-11-16 21:38:39   Ahhhh... I didn't mean to imply that I didn't *believe* you were a professor, I was just very curious about what KIND of professor. You're so mysterious!! —KaprilWooley

2010-11-19 10:53:02   Dear Professor, please see discussion at Current Businesses —BruceHansen

2010-11-21 02:53:12   Hey CovertProfessor! I see that you've noticed my "cleaning up" of the City Commissions Page. From what the Deputy City Clerk has told me, those Commissions are no longer active, which is why there is no links of it on the City website itself either. I'm assuming those old commissions existed long time ago, which probably explains why no one was able to create a page with more information and details of them. We can possibly put them back up as an archived link? Let me know what you think —ReiOkamoto

2010-11-25 22:07:30   An excellent collaboration. Thanks! —DonShor

2010-11-27 16:44:19   Just because I have the same IP address as someone else who leaves a review does not imply that we are the same person, nor does it imply that we have the same computer. It only implies that we connect through the same router.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_address_translation was required because if every single person on the internet had their own IP there would not be enough to lease to everyone, which is exactly the reasoning behind IP6.

Since most people in college towns live with roommates since the cost of living is so high it would be especially naive to assume that because two comments are reported to have the same IP from davis wiki that they are the same person. Since essentially all home networks now connect to the internet through a modern router using NAT processing. Having the same IP address on Davis wiki could mean so many different things, that we are the same person, that we live in the same apartment, that we share internet across apartments, that we have shared apartment internet, that we live in the same dorm. It is absurd to assume you know which one it is.

Cheers. —upisdown

2010-12-06 02:55:31   It may or may not have I just got confirmation for myself and shared it with others

You are supposed to care more about dog seating then name spelling ! —StevenDaubert

2010-12-07 09:52:05   A question I have about what has been the Spiritual Organizations page, is that how the Atheists are categorized? Would you have a suggestion for a different page name? Maybe with the changed page name there are some other organizations to add. —BruceHansen

2010-12-07 17:05:03   I only removed it because the edit conflict wasn't obvious (it took me a moment to realize I had blocked an edit to my own comment). I like the original [sic]. That is decidedly an intentionally placed error in that statement. —JabberWokky

2010-12-07 17:21:25   And between you and I, Luci answered the phone and I immediately asked for Emily, hoping I could find a new person who might be able to communicate better than Luci has in the past. Emily does seem willing to listen, and earnest in asking for help. —JabberWokky

2010-12-07 17:28:48   Sometimes it is just a case leaping on an opportunity to move forward. Until Emily popped up, I really thought (and from the comments, I was not alone) that there was a pretty straight road toward locking the entry, a la Real Computers. —JabberWokky

2010-12-07 18:43:09   So question, are you still 'relatively new' to Davis? I ... think you're pretty well established, if wiki-dom has anything to do with it :D —ChristyMarsden

2010-12-07 22:28:09   Well, by Kemple Pope standards (mostly due to DavisWiki involvement) I've been decided a Davisite at only 6.5 years! You should talk to him and see what he can do for you.

... not that I actively advertise that, I feel I will never be a true Davisite as I have no intentions for living here past my educational needs. Jobs will lead me onwards. —ChristyMarsden

2010-12-08 10:21:37   If they use it again, I'll remove it. Spam accounts almost always only get used once, so I tend to only block them after they post twice (the interface is a bit clunky, and I don't want to fill up the banned account field with every one-shot spamhouse account). Normally I'd block Webmaster after the second bout of edits, but they were in such close chronological proximity, I lumped them in together as one session. Plus, I kind of liked getting the new terms for the blacklist. Periodically I sweep all of Wiki Spot for known spam links. —JabberWokky

2010-12-08 13:54:55   Hahaha... I'm picturing everyone who views that page suddenly vomiting when they see that image. You go through more laptops that way... —TomGarberson

2010-12-08 13:57:43   My sometimes likes to sit next to me on the couch. He's in for a surprise! —TomGarberson

2010-12-08 16:50:29   I have had more edit collisions today than the rest of the past year, I think. —JabberWokky

2010-12-10 17:15:40   ​valon and Brisa Villas changed management in October... they are trying to archive their old comments. Dinner just hit the table at the same time, so can you help them? His name is Daniel Choi, and is about to sign up. —JabberWokky

2010-12-11 05:14:04   (Forgive the pre coffee ramble): I figure that when somebody politely asks what is allowed and reasonable, and has already read the Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owners and given it careful consideration, they deserve a bit of help. He was concerned that there was some animosity toward apartment complexes on the wiki, and I told him that while there were a few that had very problematic issues on the wiki (deleting negative reviews, etc), there were also several who have used it to good effect (Tandemonium jumps to mind). The problem cases sometimes tend to outshine (or maybe "outglare") the majority that go smoothly, so I figured somebody trying to do it right deserved as much community attention as the people trying to be sneaky or demanding. Thanks. —JabberWokky

2010-12-11 08:46:11   Just saw the archiving you did for S/A/B Apartments. Thanks for the helping hand! —danielchoi

2010-12-23 08:34:16   Since jw hasn't responded yet, check it out. I got a couple of these. —BruceHansen

2010-12-23 09:23:07   leave me a comment? :) —EdWins

2010-12-23 11:26:47   I didn't see any bar at all. Using Chrome, 9.0.597.19 beta. Mind trying again? —EdWins

2010-12-23 13:44:52   Maybe I'm impatient, but at ~7 mins past, got nothing in IE9. —EdWins

2010-12-23 14:47:55   it's way too much for me to read, but here's a link to the ENTIRE federal handbook on at grade RR crossings. If there's any info about it it should be there. http://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/xings/com_roaduser/07010/index.htmARWENNHOLD

2010-12-23 14:49:19   Fairly positive; it's what the waitress who I usually see working the house told me. —OliviaY

2010-12-23 14:49:54   She was also the one who told me that the people who used to own Red Orchid do make the Hunan Tofu at Davis Noodle City and kindly told me I could go there for it. —OliviaY

2010-12-26 20:43:06   And while we're at it, thanks again for figuring out that confusion. I reset it back to try to allow people to see how it worked before. —JabberWokky

2010-12-29 08:35:35   John Lofland doesn't quite "get" the wiki, but he's a living wealth of knowledge about town and very dedicated to discovering and documenting the history of the town, so I'm very hesitant to just write off an edit by him. He's done so few edits here (relative to his publications) that the ones he does do are notable by being items that have spurred him to edit. In short — he did perform a poor edit, but it is very likely a reasoned edit given the source. IMHO, of course, YMMV. —JabberWokky

  • I hesitated to make the reversion for the reasons that you stated and thought about it awhile before I did it. But it seemed like an important part of the entry, and I couldn't figure out why he deleted it, unless he thought that no one would make such a mistake or that it was simply confusion to call that area central Davis, or something along those lines (i.e., seeing the description solely from the point of view of someone who has been here a long time). It is possible, though, that he had a more principled reason. Can I prevail upon you to ask him about it? I think he might be more receptive to replying to you. —cp

2010-12-30 13:22:43   Yeah, that's what I was hinting at. Getting suspended isn't something that can be blown over, and has to be pretty rare I'd imagine. I liked JW's analogy of restaurants: they may get dinged here and there on little things, but if they actually are forced to close their doors, even temporarily, then it must be pretty serious. —EdWins

2010-12-30 15:17:26   The word 'admitted' was more than ambiguous. I would call it misleading in that context. Thank you for the catch. —JabberWokky

2010-12-30 16:05:56   I read through it thinking there would be some kind of explanation. Death in the family, incompetent assistant... something to explain the lapse that caused a family to lose their home. It seems to be a major mistake with serious ramifications. —JabberWokky

  • and he earns a one month suspension... Just shameful. — Wes-P
    • Don't forget two years probation, plus ethics classes. Presumably, if there were mitigating circumstances, they'd be mentioned in that document, as there is a place for them. Maybe he was just shy and didn't want to say. —cp


1. Of course, maybe I missed a thundering herd of wild emus that lives in front of Plutos. That would be cool!
2. Technically speaking, Wait Wait isn't NPR, it's Chicago Public Radio and distributed by Public Radio International, along with This American Life and several others. Some NPR stations fill out their time with classical, folk or jazz, others fill out their time with PRI, or most often a mix of the two. BBC direct — as opposed to BBC World, which is actually PRI in the US — and to a lesser extent Pacific Radio are also common. WUNC and WXEL forever!
3. Which is why I kind of dislike long titles like Beauty Salons & Fingertanning Citadels or whatever it is. If I have to look up the name each time I want to link it, it's probably not a good name. Athough I have no ideas of how to improve the situation given the dislike of redirects.