Old comments from CovertProfessor's page:

2011-01-01 16:40:27   Happy New Year! Hope it is filled with wonderful and amazing things both personal and professional. —Wes-P

2011-01-08 10:58:38   No problem. I've actually encountered the University TM/copyright types when trying unsuccessfully to modify the Gunrock logo for a FD patch. I would utterly shocked if they would lend the name to ANYTHING the University didn't control or at least profit from. —ARWENNHOLD

2011-01-09 22:40:15   A heading may be needed if the Mathematics page becomes about more than the UCD department, as "Communication" did. There's probably other subject pages that assume they're for UCD departments. Thanks, Professor! —BruceHansen

2011-01-09 22:56:31   I thought that "People" was more than a partial list of people. Regarding "Users", I thought they were something more specific than people that would merit their own page. I don't know if users should be completely and exclusively described on the "People" page. There is now only a partial description of them. —BruceHansen

2011-01-15 10:14:30   Haha I just went through and carefully excised some of the worst offenders on that page, and when I hit save there was the dreaded edit conflict. I like your version a lot better though, it doesn't screw around with any of that nonsense. —JoePomidor

2011-01-24 23:06:40   I appreciate you cleaning up the locksmith page I created yesterday. I finally learned how to create a page on daviswiki and comment after all these years. I enjoy your restaurant reviews. Keep it up! —kobe24

2011-01-25 19:43:38   Thanks for the welcome... I have been lurking a while so I'd seen all those pages, but was pleased to discover your restaurant reviews. —MeggoWaffle

2011-01-26 21:35:59   I probably couldn't tell you... I've only been a few times and I usually order the same thing. My partner got some sort of fake beef (I think) once, and that wasn't fried. —MeggoWaffle

2011-01-29 17:21:42   Hey Covert Professor! Thanks for your message. I'd love to scan the document for you and everyone else (and already would've), but it is not in my possession. Being a lowly intern, I do not have access to such legal documents, but have alerted those who do. Expect a scan hopefully in the next couple days! Feel free to message me if you have any other questions or concerns! —LeoThom

2011-01-29 17:35:59   Hey CovertProfessor! Yeah, I definitely agree with you. Hopefully, CampusCred's use of Davis Wiki will be less heated in the future. Thank you for your help! —LeoThom

2011-01-31 14:40:40   It is misleading because of how they use the logo. They're using it in a way that implies that the project is somehow affiliated with ASUCD when the only affiliation is them paying money to ASUCD. If not affiliation, it at least implies endorsement, which hasn't happened either.

Let me put it this way: What does a student groupon clone in Davis have to do with ASUCD? If the answer is nothing, why do they need the logo? Should restaurants start posting ASUCD logos? Landlords? It really makes no sense. If they wanted to have a page of local things they sponsored and they paid to display the ASUCD logo, that would be an entirely different animal. —WilliamLewis

2011-01-31 15:28:41   re: CampusCred: That seems about right. At least with the impression I've gotten from what's been said. —JabberWokky

2011-01-31 20:35:51   OK, let the non-competitors talk away about cab to cab relations. Meanwhile, I don't hear the cab companies talking about anything and no one else is saying much about cabs. —BruceHansen

2011-02-06 17:47:27   The recently returned Jason shared this with me. It's a neat topic, but the concept of the site is even more impressive!!! —JabberWokky

Hiatus comments:

Excellent, thanks. —DonShor

Hiatus, or sabbatical ?

The former, and not doing a very good job of it. Apparently. —cp

It's almost as if you no longer existed...(much as I often don't seem to) —IDoNotExist

:( sniff. —jsbmeb

Thanks, guys. I'm not really gone (obviously) just here less. —cp

It's a self-identified rumor. That's descriptive enough for a reader to make their own judgement regarding the veracity of the presented events. It's actually pretty well written, distinguishing between what is claimed and what is supposed by the author of the text. It does — and this is the crucial point — explain a great deal as to why the entry exists. I believe the person who posted it immediately deleted it with the intent that it be a "secret message" to Daubert to answer his reasonable question as to what the vague implications were. Without the missing puzzle piece of that reply, there is no reasonable way to comprehend the reason the entry was written. Another good reason to bring the rumor into the light is that it is relatively testable: it could be confirmed or denied by people actually connected to the events. Again, the source of that confirmation or denial would be important aspect, but I think if somebody is willing to stand by a statement, it is then fair to place the burden of judging that source on the reader. I'm not advocating putting an anonymous rumor under a spotlight, but rather dragging it to where it can be found by people trying to research and comprehend the matter. By doing so, it may well help interested members of the community explore the issue and possibly find some actual verifiable facts or personal testimony regarding what happened. It's basically like most entries founded on rumors. Some are rightfully dismissed by a chorus of people in the know, some fade away, and some are confirmed by multiple people in the community. —JabberWokky

In short: I agree an anonymous rumor of this nature shouldn't be used in the actual entry, but I think the context it gives is needed to understand the subject enough to make reasonable judgement calls regarding what is presented. If Talk pages weren't deleted after awhile, I might have edited differently. -jw

For someone who's not here, that was some very nice cleanup on the fire departments page :) —TomGarberson

2011-03-01 20:59:15   The PDF of his formal application to the position (written by him) is signed Dan Wolk. pdf. In a twist, the filename of the PDF is Wolk-Daniel.pdf. He seems to exclusively use Dan. —JabberWokky

2011-03-02 21:29:06   It does, however have a connection to Captain Jack Harkness (the Face, not the Tree). And he's returning to the screen in a few months. I'm rather fond of their willingness to make sure you know that things won't always turn out okay for everybody; it certain ratchets up the dramatic tension. —JabberWokky

2011-03-03 08:05:57   Hello I have added my website http://www.MyCheapApartments.com twice and both times it has been taken down marked as spam. We are currently the largest apartment search engine and we are linked on UC Davis websites. Please do not take my website down, it is a great resource for anyone looking for an apartment short and long term. Thank you. —MaryAnnLazar

2011-03-10 12:10:44   Adding "bag" onto insults is one of my favorite pastimes :) —TomGarberson

2011-03-13 14:23:58   Thanks for your help on the Bar Taboos page. It's a lot of info, and somewhat boring, I know. I just found it odd that a) no page ever existed about it before, and b) that it is now necessary as many have seemingly acted as if these rules don't apply to them. Sad really. —Wes-P

2011-03-14 14:11:48   I'm almost always inspired by your edits! I appreciate your attempts to be objective and true. You should come to the next wiki-gathering in one of those Guy Fawkes masks; we'd all love to meet you! ;) —ScottMeehleib

2011-03-14 14:15:38   Hey I just looked over your user page and I really like they way you set it up, next time I grab some food in Davis, I will definitely have to check out your use page first. Also, I am curious, what do you teach at UC Davis? —RealComputers

2011-03-14 14:21:08   So many times I feel frustrated with the UC Davis system and some of the terrible professors and higher-ups that I have encountered there, but you are a rare person who keeps me going. just knowing that you are a UC professor and that you actually care about the community and being true to yourself is so meaningful to a student like me. —ScottMeehleib

2011-03-14 18:56:36   I think there's a Mary's in Dixon, near the Chevy's and whatnot. —TomGarberson

2011-03-21 18:21:32   Please see the Wiki Community/Accusations/Talk page. —Wes-P

2011-03-25 09:59:11   Thanks for creating the page for the Commercial Food Scrap Collection Program! You are welcome to attend as well. :) jgilbert

2011-03-31 16:22:30   Two things that State College had that were very cool were multilane limited access bike "highways" (through undeveloped campus property and game land) and their composting pickup and delivery spots. Parks have a little three sided fenced in area where people can drop off any green waste and pick up rich, city turned compost made up of what was dropped off before. It's right by the parking area so it's easy to back up to and use. LinkJabberWokky

2011-03-31 17:05:15   CP! I've missed you. —TomGarberson

2011-04-06 15:27:16   By the way, my fuzzy vision of you has now resolved. I now picture you as Stephen Fry. Or at least I read your writings in his voice. No offense whatsoever should you happen to be, say, a small Sri Lankan woman rather than a tall, large British man. Neither would surprise me in reality, although if you actually are Stephen Fry himself, I believe it would startle me a great deal. I think my invented mental voice for you has more to do with how you string your words together than anything else. —JabberWokky

2011-04-06 15:58:33   I was thinking something more like his work here. In which he shows less of his comedy (although quite a bit of charm) and more of the incredible aplomb shown here. Stephen Fry in America is a good series, although Sarah and I have yet to watch the whole thing. —JabberWokky

2011-04-07 17:52:11   I dont mean to be over dramatic or stereotypical. But what you did meant a lot to me. Not many people in Davis have ever stuck up for me. Thank you. —Dozer

2011-04-07 20:37:40   One possible source for a great simple steak is surprising: the Sacramento 49er Truck Stop. They've since been sold so I don't know if it is the case anymore, but they used to get steak right from a local farm, and if the right cook was there, they had the equipment to cook it right. Great meat, seared and served. Not fancy or the most reliable (we used to ask the waitresses if the right cook was on and if we should order one), but quite good. Of course, part of the appeal is that we used to go there for hours to read or work. If they have gone downhill since they were sold to a chain (Pilot), I almost don't want to hear about it because I rather like the memories. —JabberWokky

2011-04-07 22:48:27   Thank you, I am trying to do all I can to gather proof. I am going to go through my email to see if I have any conversations saved and if it will help I will try to get my phone records to show how many times I had called the suicide hotline during that time. I am not willing to post them publicly, but I would be willing to privately email them to a site worker to prove my point. I will not post them publicly due to fear of more harassment via phone. I am trying to be as compliant and helpful as possible. I am sad I offended some people though, but this isnt personal, I am trying to help others.

Thanks again. —Dozer

2011-04-08 21:48:06   Was gonna revert Thomas' page, but always feel weird reverting negative comments. Glad you took control! —Davidlm

2011-04-09 09:25:28   The most valuable part of the comment (that I could understand, anyway) is the fact that people are offering discounts for comments. It's one of several shops I know of, and I can't figure out a good way to let people know that that's happening... —Davidlm

2011-04-09 22:31:03   Good thinking, I don't think that would work for me. For what it's worth, both David and Thomas really are very good stylists. —Davidlm

2011-04-14 16:04:36   If I were to make up numbers, cars yield the right of way four times out of five outside Davis. In Davis? One in ten times. Or maybe I'm seeing something that isn't there. —WilliamLewis

2011-04-16 21:35:52   Thank you for help editing the Team Kalanetra page today! —kmkalanetra

2011-04-20 15:16:07   I heard about that Sutter lawsuit on NPR last week (I think). Freaking crazy. One of the many, many, many examples of just how effed up the medical system is in this country. Contracts that don't let the payer question whether the services they're paying for were ever actually performed... which, as stupid as it sounds, is outright necessary because those payers are so unbelievably delighted to screw over the patients by declining to pay for services to save a buck. Then on the flip side, you've got audits of Medicaid providers that somewhat routinely (OK, small exaggeration) result in the filing of fraud charges that'll be dropped just before trial, just to (my personal theory) try and scare medical providers straight. —TomGarberson

2011-04-20 17:08:01   Whups... yeah, that was what I meant. Thanks. —JabberWokky

2011-04-20 20:04:26   I wonder if somebody contacted her if she'd allow the wiki to have a copy of the photo for posterity? Cool story. —JabberWokky

2011-04-21 23:27:11   Is there a Wiki where you can post your favorite place to eat? Or do you have to post on the page of the restaurant? If there isn't one, we should make one. Join my alliance? —NikhilDahal

2011-04-21 23:38:03   Very true, I might just put them on my page. Its simple right? I just edit my page info? —NikhilDahal

2011-04-21 23:48:34   Sweet thanks man for doing that, I appreciate it , I just learned today how to make my name in blue if I am editing (on the Picnic Day 2011, I think I may have messed up the Skype{?} )

But it's a pain in the @__ to use DavisWiki on the iPhone to edit. I have been reading some random entries on the Wiki and I'm going to share some knowlege on them. —NikhilDahal

2011-04-22 10:06:49   Thanks on that revert. I was gonna do that, but I wanted to go back thru the talk page and check What the community ha agreed to do. Also, I'm on my phone at the moment so things go verrrrry slooooowwly. —JoePomidor

2011-04-22 10:53:34   what whitewash. 30 days this has had no clarification. we are getting bids for cameras, no solid data to warrant the implication as fact. I wrote comment in good faith. why are you pressing what has no basis in fact. do you have a personal grudge of somekind? the writer has not even called or written to us, no other observation as to place or time. if its a case of personal preference on your part that Village Cab continues to have this mar, thats fine. But thats not necessarily grounds for replacing the comment. I made the comment to lower the pitch of the accusation, and now appropriate time has elapsed for someone to respond. No one has. This has been far from a white-wash. A white-wash would have made the whole thing disappear in its entirety. I don't think you realize how much this accusation has already hurt our Drivers work load. But i suppose you dont really care about that Covert. You seem to have made up your mind without facts that i have seen, that we deserve this mar. Maybe you have more facts involving the truth? —DavidPlacencia

2011-04-22 11:24:55   It looks like another visit to the talk page is needed. In the interest of keeping the conversation in one place, rather than on multiple user pages, I went ahead and recreated Village Cab/Talk. —TomGarberson

2011-04-22 13:58:53   comments appreciated. but i didnt know there had to be consensus regarding that edit. you acted alone, did you get consensus? and noone spent their time altruistically to help anyone, you have thousands of hours invested in your edits and Wiki. I have 60,000 hours invested in my business. I like many many aspects of the Wiki CP, but i do feel a grudge not against me personally, but I feel there is a bit of supercilious positioning involved when iy seems apparent that the Wiki is more important to you than the negative effect of another editors comments are having on my company. Yes i admit i feel a bit defensive after being on pins and needles over this...i have much to lose here, and i just lost my mom, she helped me start this business, and i guess its just not a great day. I did talk to other editors, just not in writing on the wiki and i gathered it might be alright after 30 days to end the unsubstantiated doubts. I know CP the page isnt mine. but the name IS. i am not a child. i know whats mine. but you have never inquired to us if new substance has appeared or not. my phone number is on the page. does it even matter to you that not 1 person has offered illumination? —DavidPlacencia

2011-04-22 14:10:02   i agree CP there should be some kind of consensus regarding removal, just how am i supposed to bring it up? there are no protocols as to whom do i direct this request for timely review? I am awkward at this, and am just more than exasperated...my grudge comment was not meant as accusation, but you experienced editors seem to get mad when neophytes dont do things the "proper" way when their is no rule book for such situations. this is OUR WIKI, right? well we deserve some rules here. This is OUR great resource for info. LETS not treat editorial newbies like we are getting on your more experienced nerves, eh? maybe you coud have responded better to my edit: like " your edit requires consensus, reposting for now. Any questions, write me- CP"


2011-04-22 14:27:57   well, have to admit the circumstances for my heavy involvement of late, are steeped in negativity. but i am optimistic about peoples intentions though, and that many minds involved will make a clear and fair path...CP thank you very much for your condolences. ...will direct remaining comments to talk page —DavidPlacencia

2011-04-22 22:41:27   Well said, and I agree on all points. —MasonMurray

2011-04-24 12:17:15   By the way, thanks for being the perfect example that accountability and anonymity are two distinct things. —JabberWokky

2011-04-24 18:26:26   Everytime I edit a page, it messes up the Skype on that page, what should I do to the settings on my computer so that this does not happen in the future? —NikhilDahal

2011-04-24 23:33:52   I'm leaving this here so as to not confuse the line of discussion on the other entry. How about this approach: Why should an unfounded accusation stay on the wiki? I'm not saying it should or shouldn't, but answering that might help clarify the issue. Is it an issue of openness so that the accusation can gain a foundation of verifiable support? An ideal of free speech? A mirror to the sidewalk conversations that already occur with or without the wiki? I am, of course, using Tom's basis of "unfounded accusation" where even the person who said it cannot verify it. —JabberWokky

2011-04-25 00:03:59   I think it's a case of the facts as being presented not supporting the conclusion. Or so I'm reading it. I'm not sure. As I said in the edit comment, I'm not so much trying to debate it as examine the issue. What's that one case where an tenant was darkly hinting that the manager would physically harm him or her if her/his identity was revealed? Also, near the same time there was Reneng, who started out as a tenant and then later claimed to never have been a tenant (among other shifts in their story). Both left long rambling rants that were mostly deleted, or at least edited way down. RealComputers left various bits that he probably honestly believed that were removed. So it's not unheard of. Thus my turning it around: what is the essential aspect that makes comments worth preserving? There is something, some criteria, as I've fought to keep comments I didn't particularly like. —JabberWokky

2011-04-25 00:15:54   Incidentally, I had a thought:


I'm not sure, but I think unfounded is a way to find harmful comments. Where good is a well reasoned, personal perspective, and bad is "I'm not sure this is the one, but I think they are the ones that rape girls at their parties". Which is a comment that pops up about once a year on a random fraternity entry. No personal knowledge, not even sure if they have the right fraternity they heard the rumor about or not, but it is still popped up online to sit there forever. Or, in reality, they tend to be deleted pretty quickly. Contrast with Sigma Chi who did have an unfortunate and persistent reputation as the "date rape frat", which was noted on their entry (as a rumor!). I'd also argue that fluff should go — "Ohh! I love crepes, but I haven't been yet!" is pretty much useless. Not harmful, but just as unfounded. —JabberWokky

2011-04-25 17:45:18   thanks, I totally missed that. I should be there and will enjoy the company of your ephemeral self :) —DagonJones

2011-04-26 08:01:24   Keep in mind that "unfounded" is Tom's term of choice. After thinking about it for awhile, I now have some new thoughts to bring in, but no time this morning to write them up. —JabberWokky

2011-04-26 13:25:50   Yes. You are certainly correct in my view. —JabberWokky

2011-04-26 20:09:51   I agree. —Administrator

2011-04-27 10:33:34   Just posted. It's pretty clearly resolved. —TomGarberson

2011-04-27 10:52:11   No worries! With the collaborative editing process, we don't always get the results we want... I'm OK with that, and respect everyone's opinion on the issue. —TomGarberson

2011-04-27 16:10:51   I see something wrong on this page! I'm going to point it out, and make a sarcastic comment, but neither fix the problem nor provide any useful information to allow others to correct it! Ha! —JabberWokky

2011-04-27 18:45:06   I notice a conspicuous lack of Sudwerk on your restaurant reviews. I recommend trying their burgers. Especially a bacon cheeseburger with blue cheese. Add some jalapenos if you like spicy. Without a doubt my favorite burger in town. —TomGarberson

2011-04-27 18:51:08   No idea if it's dog-friendly. Service there is a bit hit-or-miss; they're friendly, but sometimes pretty slow. Best wings and burgers in town, though! —TomGarberson

2011-04-27 18:53:43   I'm honestly not sure. I rarely stray from my wings, and when I do, it's usually to the burger. The Marzen Luau pizza is pretty decent, too... but I like other pizza places or homemade at least as well. —TomGarberson

2011-04-27 18:55:57   Sudwerk's patio is dog friendly! —MasonMurray

2011-04-27 23:11:31   That saved us all a lot of time. Thanks! —JasonAller

2011-04-28 11:31:50   I think the Jeff Christian Scandal should be taken off the front of DavisWiki.


2011-04-28 11:41:23   Because there has been little/no talk on the page. And I don't know if it's just me, but I have not seen/read/heard about anything on the topic. People were/are more concerned about Picnic Day/Arco Arena. I personally think it should be removed. —NikhilDahal

2011-04-28 11:49:19   Heh just saw your comment. If you think it's still an active issue, feel free to re-bold it. —TomGarberson

2011-04-29 19:29:19   Love the idea of the project. I don't currently get any local periodicals, and I'm not getting enough hours at work that I'm sure I can justify an additional expense (and the Vanguard's extreme bias in every article I've seen bugs the hell out of me). So, I'm not sure just yet about signing up. Fantastic idea, though. —TomGarberson

2011-04-29 20:18:22   Hahaha yeah, I love that video :) —TomGarberson

2011-04-29 22:00:50   Thanks. I'm sure my back'll be better in a week or two. Just landed badly, did something nasty to my lower back, and now neither my legs nor my back like moving any faster than a snail's pace. Yesterday I pretty much couldn't get out of bed without help, but today I managed to shuffle on down to the apartment office for a cup of joe like a ripe young 75-year-old. —TomGarberson

2011-04-30 22:06:13   Sounds tasty! I'll have to grab one on the way home from work sometime soon. Have you tried Costco's pot pies? They're probably as big around as a medium pizza, and we typically get around 5-6 individual meals out of them. —TomGarberson

2011-05-01 22:03:38   Haha thanks... it actually wasn't all that much alcohol. 16 3-oz. pours, I think, so about a pint and a half each (we shared the sampler). Over the course of a large, 1.5-2 hour meal. Lots of fun, though. If you haven't been, the Sierra Nevada Brewery is a fantastic trip. Great tour, great food, great beer. —TomGarberson

2011-05-01 22:12:33   Thanks for adding it. I was almost certain that was it, but couldn't find the start of the conversation. —JabberWokky

2011-05-02 00:03:04   I saw on the wish list page that you visited Monticello. I'd be interested to read your take on it! Any chance you'll be reviewing it soon? —MeggoWaffle

2011-05-02 10:34:45   Hi! Good morning! I'm hoping you get this message first. Remember that there are people who can communicate and appreciate your efforts. Those who don't seem to understand what you say are vexatious but very few in number and almost certainly not frustrating by intent. Think about dogs and sunshine, and the enjoyable aspects of the wiki within Davis. —JabberWokky

I don't know if this is regards to me, but I apologize if I didn't pay enough attention to the location or wasn't diplomatic. —BruceHansen

2011-05-02 15:07:58   I'm sick of you and your aggressive editing! How do you know it wasn't issued by a French person? Huh? Huh? (thanks!)TomGarberson

2011-05-02 21:39:41   I'm still stoked

and having just taken massive nap (it was more than a nap)

I feel fantastic

and I will try to keep my head up for more old media / other aggregate type content so I can also integrate it —StevenDaubert

2011-05-02 21:44:22   I have impeccable timing ♥♥♥ —StevenDaubert

2011-05-02 21:45:23   hey have you patronized Thai Canteen ? Don't count them out cause the are thai #8 they serve a good niche

and allow dogs in the patio seating —StevenDaubert

2011-05-02 21:47:08   also "how do you like me now" is slang esque saying of more humorous intent... Isn't a serious question per say

us youngsters ¬_¬StevenDaubert

2011-05-02 21:49:50   Currycurrycurrycurry! Most of TC's dishes are OK. Their curries are among the best in town—possibly the best in town. —TomGarberson

2011-05-02 21:50:20   Nugget also makes a decent sammich, however if you are ever in Dixon hit up the hometown market (down same street you get off to pass massive walmart on left it's down street about 1/2 / 3/4 mile on right side


2011-05-02 21:50:59   if you are ever up past 11 that is when Canteen really shines, latenight! —StevenDaubert

2011-05-02 21:52:03   Farts, old or otherwise, are bad form in restaurants! —TomGarberson

2011-05-02 21:57:45   I've only been to TN once, and liked it quite a bit. We ordered the dish that was shown on the menu in a hollowed out pineapple (I think a rice-based duck dish?). It came out in a bowl, not a pineapple. I'm still bitter about it! The food was good, though... and I'm sure we got one of the curries, although I don't remember which. —TomGarberson

2011-05-03 14:26:46   Hey there. I changed 'they claim to' to the present text on Four Star Rentals since 'claim to' implies that they don't actually do that. Given that I have done so, I know they do. (Traded in Sliders, though it pained me to do so) —TravisLindquist

2011-05-03 18:00:27   Aha! I see how I made the error! Thanks! —TravisLindquist

2011-05-03 22:25:16   I saw on the DavisWiki that Davis city council talked about picnic day 2011 today, do you know how the talks went? —NikhilDahal

2011-05-04 12:07:42   That's too bad about your experience. I bet you would be safe if you posted a review on your page instead of theirs, since it seems Rhonda doesn't check any page but her own. Most of the negative (and positive) comments were one-time users it seems, which is mainly why I asked. I do understand why you don't want to, though. —MeggoWaffle

2011-05-05 22:25:52   @—MeggoWaffle Actually, I have just been trying to follow the sage wisdom of some Davis Wiki contributors who say that I am spending too much time on the Wiki and not enough time being a restaurant slave. I really should add "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," to the I-pod here at the restaurant! —RhondaGruska

2011-05-07 17:38:38   It was great meeting you at the BBQ today! Don't be a stranger! —WilliamLewis

2011-05-07 18:03:36   That was a blast, we'll have to get together again sometime. Good to meet you! —TomGarberson

2011-05-07 18:04:48   I would concur wholeheartedly with the previous statement's —StevenDaubert

2011-05-07 20:02:11   You weren't the same in person as how I had pictured you. Now there's one wonderfulness. Thank you! —BruceHansen

2011-05-07 22:42:50   Great to finally meet you, Covert! Hope to see you again soon! —JonathanLawton

2011-05-08 12:06:11   Glad to finally put a real face to the person. You showing up at the picnic was, as I said then, an unexpected and quite pleasant surprise. —JabberWokky

It was great to meet all of you in person, too! I hope that AGTV will be careful with the interview, though. —CovertProfessor

2011-05-09 16:35:11   She's not the troll. —hankim

2011-05-09 18:51:06   CP-I've seen other pages in the past that have left the Davis, CA in the macro....although I know the macro automaps it, I don't see the difference whether it is or isn't there. —PeterBoulay

2011-05-09 18:58:34   CP-I appreciate the explanation with the info. Thank you. —PeterBoulay

2011-05-10 16:30:27   It's Cardozo. I agree we should merge it and redirect everything to Aokirama... heading out now, but I can give it a look later. —TomGarberson

2011-05-10 20:19:31   Glad Pawsitive is cleaned up, but don't be surprised if you get an earful from "somebody"-dm —Davidlm

2011-05-11 15:12:58   Covertprofessor... On your recent comments about the difference between my wife & I... The original problem was with our staff and serious issues there, it still remains the same thing. My wife was trying to use my progressive MS as a reason to be courteous about the whole thing. That changed when her and I spoke and our former employees did shall we just say "otherthings of a serious nature", that's when even she agreed enough was enough. I do apologize if you and others, including our valued clients have been caught up in things. Please email me if you'd like.


2011-05-19 21:40:03   Great news! That back patio at Sudwerk is perfect for sitting with a dog and some friends, enjoying the evening. We loved walking up there on warm nights. The proximity to the dog park might be worth noting. —JabberWokky

2011-05-21 07:29:35   I hope you don't mind me telling you that I am reminded of a story of a scientist who was either working or was going to work at Los Alamos. He was given a psychological questionaire and because he answered factually to questions such as "Do you think people are looking at you?," he failed the test. —BruceHansen

2011-05-23 17:46:08   My money's on an owner named Mark... so only grammatically wonky, rather than punctuationally challenged. —TomGarberson

2011-05-24 17:38:45   Thanks! It was kinda fun :) —TomGarberson

2011-05-24 23:52:44   I got a WarnMe text at 11:34 saying the suspect was in custody and the prior alert was canceled. —JonathanLawton

2011-05-24 23:58:40   Strange. I didn't get any emails this time nor have I in the past. I only get texts. I agree that the system leaves much to be desired. I'm particularly annoyed that it was used once to announce when/where paychecks could be picked up. —JonathanLawton

  • Okay, I just now got the email you received. How useful!
    • And I still haven't gotten the all clear. —cp

2011-05-26 17:39:17   Decidedly. They make buttons to advertise groups, events and businesses. Absolutely fitting for B2B. —JabberWokky

  • Good, thanks! —cp

2011-05-26 23:12:11   The @ thing predates Twitter. I just grepped some AIM chat transcripts and I found it being used in AOL chat rooms in 2002. Probably was used earlier than that, but those are the the earliest chat room logs I have. The screenname followed by a colon seems to be the dominant convention, though. —WilliamLewis

2011-05-30 14:25:39   @CP: nice photo —StevenDaubert

2011-05-30 17:30:23   Thanks for the vote of confidence CP! —Davidlm

2011-05-30 17:45:25   Thanks for realigning the Northern Coast Range content! —RyanMikulovsky

  • I read that sentence quickly, missing the word "content". For a moment there, I had visions of CP as a deity, shaping the geography of the planet to suit the wiki. Hehehehe... -jw
    • Ryan, thanks to you for providing the content! JW, I like the sound of that! —cp

2011-05-30 21:07:59   *groan*! —JabberWokky

2011-05-31 00:03:17   Covertprofessor: Keep your dispute off the wiki?... correct me but is this not supposed to be a community information site?... Our dispute, in case you've not been paying attention, is in both civil & criminal court(s) against these ladies & Jennifer Anderson,dba Davis lumber & Hardware Co. Charges range from breech of contract to theft, embezzlement, fraud, ecetera. That is all fact; public record. The changes I've been making to Pawsitive Groomer's page, reflect the truth & facts. —PhilAllen

2011-05-31 10:26:41   About the photo that you had on the new page Coastal Mountain Range that I redirected to Blue Ridge/Rocky Ridge and you subsequestly renamed Northern Coast Range, I was thinking about what to do with the page. It appeared that Blue Ridge/Rocky Ridge was about the same thing, but much more developed (I didn't realize there was some diffeenre in purpose.)and I ended up redirecting. I didn't move your photo because there already was a somewhat similar photo on Blue Ridge/Rocky Ridge. Despite the confusion of different editors (even supernatural perception), I think there's been a lot of development with those mountains. —BruceHansen

2011-05-31 23:21:32   You posted: If the ducks hated bread, they wouldn't eat it. Ducks love bread like humans love fatty, sugary foods. In both cases, the foods we love are bad for us.

Ducks eat bread due to instinct, not love. Ducks hate bread because (a) they can choke on the bread and die, (b) the bread impacts their crops and then they die, or (c) they get sick from the bread and die from predation. My point is, and I hope you agree, why give an animal a type of food that can kill them? Since they are not your pets, what right do you have to harm them in the first place?

We have less than 80-90 ducks (down from almost 700 in June 2009) that roost in the arboretum at night, so it will be a matter of time before all the ducks disappear and the debate over bread would be moot. —jasoncw

2011-06-01 00:28:04   Proffessor; FYI, on 5/31/11, a federal prosecutor filed formal criminal charges, 25 felony & 41 misdemenor counts against each defendant, if convicted, Pawsitive Groomers is out of business & the 4th person gets to join them for a minimum madated 15 years in a federal prison/


2011-06-01 13:53:12   Professor, we have a signed contract that shows our ending date as 4/20/11, that would mean they could not have started prior to that, unless more laws were already being violated by them. —PhilAllen

2011-06-02 13:23:53   I came very close to the same edit (removing one of the bears). I would have removed the other, but either way, it looks better with just the one. —JabberWokky

2011-06-02 17:46:21   The Davis Enterprise reported on Thursday June 2, 2011 about another door to door fundraiser scam, this time, the scammers are claiming to donate the stuff you give them to the UC Davis Children's Hospital. —NikhilDahal

2011-06-03 11:35:04   Does bumping it off-page help? —TomGarberson

2011-06-03 16:36:17   "Many of these do perform general repair"? Specifically: Kergel Autobody - not found, Mike Argo's Car Clinic - closed, ["Asian Automotive] - closed, A-1 Body Shop - nothing about general repair, Big O Tires - nothing said, Davis Muffler & Hitch Center - only related items, Davisville Express Lube - radiator/transmission flushing, related, tires, Jiffy Lube - basic auto maintenance.


2011-06-04 10:19:43   You're right! —JabberWokky

2011-06-04 16:59:23   I wasn't sure if your comment should be archived or not; I tend to think it should be now, but I left it out when I swept the reviews. —JabberWokky

2011-06-04 20:01:01   Thank you sir, I appreciate it. I am not tucking tail and going home, just to another campus and to what would be a better place. —Dozer

2011-06-04 23:44:22   I see. You have the power of flight. —JabberWokky

2011-06-05 00:31:47   Good point. I was trying to distinguish "cheap food for hungry people" from the new "trendy food trucks". Many students are actually financially similar to blue collar workers, while others have disposable income, so it makes sense for either to target them. It's also not clear where the line is... there's a continuous spectrum from the truck who only tweets an hour ahead of time where they are going to be selling acai berry creme brulees to the truck out in the fields of Lodi. —JabberWokky

2011-06-05 09:41:55   The food truck scene is interesting in LA, and out of control! Some good, some awful, some amazingly gourmet. I think you'd like it. —EdWins

2011-06-05 10:17:30   You're telling me! Try being stuck here : / —EdWins

2011-06-06 16:54:09   Thanks for reppin' with... I've watched aghast from the sidelines at this tale. I wish he had the screenshots of the facebook attacks so at least it could be character witness etc —StevenDaubert

I know, me too. People seem unwilling to think that that sort of thing could happen here, as though Davis were immune from the kind of stuff that happens everywhere else on the planet. —cp

2011-06-06 16:56:42   to further espouse my previous statement: Dozer just oozes humility while sadly sharing his story and it's just super bootsie/lame/weaksauce/bunk/whack/etc... Kinda like the GVCC drama —StevenDaubert

  • Yep, I see the same thing. Don't know why others don't see it the way we do. —cp

    you are fast... Had first reply before I posted the follow up... Yeah great minds think alike ^_~ Daubert

I have many years of procrastination practice. —cp

2011-06-06 17:10:46   I have no idea what happened, all I know is that he seems to be in a really bad place. However he got there, I hope he has a good direction toward a better place in life. —JabberWokky

Of course, I don't really know what happened, either. I just agree with Daubert that these things do happen, and that everything he did and said on the wiki came across as very sincere and honest. I also sometimes wonder about the small town aspect of Davis; everyone does know everyone else, and I suspect that is even more true for those who are prominent in the religious community. So, I thought your remark to him was a bit unfair (though I know you meant it kindly) when you said that he seems to see the world as excluding him. Some people really do get shunned and excluded — it's not just a matter of perception. Then again, your advice to talk to someone about it was good, because if someone really is getting shunned and excluded that's a difficult thing to handle, and talking it out with a third party could be beneficial. —cp

Ah, if we're talking about the same moment, that was when he started saying that he had gone to all the churches and that they had all shunned him. There's a difference between feeling like a group or some groups are excluding you and feeling like you can't fit in anywhere. The one can lead to the other, but while the first is temporary, the latter can be serious. Especially when you feel like you can't find safety and guidance (which is one reason to seek out a church community). Thus my very careful suggestion he look elsewhere for somebody to speak to so he didn't feel like there was no direction left. The actual events are pretty moot at that point: if every incident was abusive or if every incident was a misperception on his part, or any other factor — it doesn't make a difference. The end result is that he feels like all avenues for help have been cut off. I don't need to know the reality to see he was in pain... and at that point, talking like he had nowhere left to go. Add to that the fact that it can be hard to have internally founded perspective when you're young, and I thought it worth saying. -jw

2011-06-07 15:15:22   If that pops back up, I will need to change "generally agree with you". Reading his comment back, I probably don't. I do like your comment re: 18 year olds. —JabberWokky

2011-06-07 17:10:46   There's this type of chicken, have you heard? The double banded fust. The cool thing is that it almost never makes any noise. The problem is that it's really, really annoying when it does give its call. So annoying that typically everybody hates a fuster-cluck. Occasionally, however, they are darkly amusing when there's no real significance to them. —JabberWokky

2011-06-07 22:59:18   ahh being Covert eh? i was wondering why my 3carrots wasnt showing up, thx for the edit man —NikhilDahal

2011-06-07 23:12:09   That was a really great point from the wider perspective. Sometimes focusing on the details makes you forget to step back and look at the big picture. Of course, my first thought was "it's like complaining that your fast food meal was lousy"... and then I realized this is the Davis Wiki, where people come to complain. And now I feel weary. —JabberWokky

2011-06-07 23:14:55   Although as an immediate followup, chrisindavis' response on the entry is actually really well done, in my opinion. —JabberWokky

2011-06-09 16:35:12   Can you be covert and please summarize the whole frat/little Prague drama please? —NikhilDahal

2011-06-09 17:08:37   And that was aimed at .44 (who was actively playing the jerk intentionally), not Randy. —JabberWokky

2011-06-09 17:15:37   Oh, I understood exactly what you getting at. When I read your quote, it was obvious that — absent the context of the events happening at the moment that was written — it was not at all clear who was being referred to. I passed it on to Dylan. Confusion and chaos producing more confusion and chaos when it gets passed on. Aftershocks. —JabberWokky

2011-06-09 21:57:03   Hahaha thanks for editing my bolding on my info. It's funny how a guy who literally talked to a girl, caused one of the biggest drama of DavisWiki2011. —NikhilDahal

2011-06-10 18:52:08   That would be the issue I was referring obliquely to. —JabberWokky

2011-06-11 16:18:48   Hi, I am a Red 88 employee and new to the Wiki and I am trying to upload some new menu's onto the Red 88 Noodle Bar page, near the existing to-go menu. And I have hit a wall because I am unable to convert .pdf to jpg. I was hoping you could give me a hand, NikhilDahal was trying to help, but he was unable to either, and he recommended yours and JabberWokkys help. Any help would be great. Thanks -JodyD —JodyD

2011-06-11 23:45:30   Hey man, thanks for helping out my buddy. KetMoRee has a whole new menu look and I am gonna take pictures soon, so i might need some help with that as well ... —NikhilDahal

2011-06-12 22:09:15   We appreciate that, thank you for your support. The good news is, the three dogs who were in the car at the time are bouncing around the house as if nothing happened!

As an extra tidbit, I actually think I figured out that the "Sue" commenting was Sue Greenwald, a Davis City Council member. I guess people in high places stick together... —MeggoWaffle

2011-06-15 08:54:51   Milk? Also, beer in a college town is a necessity. And energy drinks. —hankim

2011-06-15 09:13:27   I'm with Han on this one, beer is a necessity. Although you can avoid CRV if you go support your favorite local beerery (it's a new thing I'm trying out... mull it over before you judge!) —TomGarberson

2011-06-15 09:17:52   Yeah, I just checked. Milk has no CRV, because it's healthy according to the government. Just another way for the government to shove their beliefs down our throats.

Also, beer is not only for college students! Who doesn't love beer? Except me. —hankim

2011-06-15 12:47:12   I just hate the fact that we are not able to go by official information on the City of Davis website because of one guy who makes ridiculous legal claims. —hankim

2011-06-15 12:52:17   I don't see why we have to accommodate someone who acts like that, especially since in this situation there is clearly a right and wrong fact verified by the city's website. And from the looks of it, he's not going to let up no matter how long we wait to change it. —hankim

2011-06-17 18:51:45   Hey CP, I'm on the fence about the VIP page myself. But I keep thinking that a scan of a business card is kind of informational. Though they are also promotional by their very nature :-/, guess that means I support whatever you do! —Davidlm

2011-06-20 12:18:07   I'm not 100% sure how to contact you outside DavisWiki (sorry!). I removed the UCD Triathlon poster photo from the UCD Triathlon Team page as we don't have the actual poster anymore. (The photo, as you know, is not truly lost once removed from in-text articles. In order to keep a record, I made sure I did not delete the photo from the files page.) I would prefer not to have the photo in the text as it may give people the idea to go looking for that particular poster. On this note, I've been trying to track down the poster for the past 2 years with no success. If you know where the poster is, would you please let me know so I can tell next year's officers? (knjackson@ucdavis.edu) I have asked next year's officers to make a new poster we can leave on the Quad. In the meantime, I suggest removing the photograph from the text OR making a section for photographs on our page. The extra section for photographs may be nice, as it will give a chance for others to post some of their favorite community memories. Please keep in mind, though, that our team has strict rules on public photographs, so some photographs may be deleted for these "regulations". Thanks!

Also, thank you for fixing the list. I had some trouble on that...


2011-06-20 15:47:55   Thanks for the help on the Triathalon pages. I got confused for a sec too! There were 2 pages and everytime I clicked on one, they both looked diffferent because of all the changes happening so fast. :) —jsbmeb

2011-06-21 16:05:04   Ah. Where did you see "tonight"? I figured it was a cookie cutter site searching for bites. —JabberWokky

2011-06-21 16:15:23   Ah. From that "Davis Wiki" site. I never go there. —JabberWokky

2011-06-21 16:52:09   ¬_¬

I noticed —StevenDaubert

2011-06-21 18:38:03   I guess the wiki is really one sided —Theangrydiner

2011-06-22 12:56:21   lulz I was about to put up the same information as soon I read that the Huffington Post was involved. —hankim

2011-06-23 11:51:22   A community never formed around sac wiki. It's just random editors usually leaving one off reviews or promoting their interests. One of these days, I need to go back and revert Geoff's deletions of content on dwiki from when he was "transwiking" dwiki pages to sac wiki. I'd link you to the page where I totally predicted this would happen, but it was memory-holed. —WilliamLewis

  • 2011-06-23 12:22:03   Yup. Pretty much. I was against the transplanting for similar reasons. Interwiki is great for certain things, but only if there's an active community at both ends. Plus many of the things that were moved had Davis specific info (travel tips, Davis perspectives, etc) that were stripped to match the needs of the target wiki. —JabberWokky
    • Yup, and I was a third person against it, mainly because of the loss of the Davis perspective. It would be great if Sac had a functioning, healthy wiki. Perhaps it will at some point in the future, but in the meantime, I agree with restoring the Davis Wiki pages. Thanks for filling in the background. —CovertProfessor

2011-06-23 19:09:03   ^__^StevenDaubert

2011-06-23 19:30:55   ~__~StevenDaubert

2011-06-23 19:41:10   ^__~StevenDaubert

2011-06-24 10:07:52   It just seemed to overwhelm the entry. It read more like "An argument for why the wiki is philosophically better than Patch" than "About Patch". It probably wouldn't be so bad if there was more in there, but as it was written, it seemed to be the culminating point. —JabberWokky

2011-06-24 13:09:12   I agree with your concerns about the issues inherent in the way Patch is being run. I just think that using the wiki as a yardstick on the wiki is a bit questionable. Comparing it to, say, the Enterprise or DCN — or the Davis Voice and People's Vanguard of Davis would be a more comfortable comparison for me. Using the wiki as the sole metric places an assumption that people are aware of things to the level that those who are editing understand them. For instance, the fact that nobody is paying for a wiki entry or that there's not some paid workers that build wiki entries — which has, time and time again, been shown to be a erroneous assumption. —JabberWokky

2011-06-24 13:12:21   The thing that really got me about the Vanguard is when I used a couple of its articles to write up one side's argument on the noise ordinance issue surrounding that daycare. I presented the viewpoint in the Vanguard article and agreed completely with it. Because I didn't know about the facts that it didn't present. I don't remember all the details now, but it didn't give any of the history about the steps that had already been taken, the results of studies, etc. It expressed one side of the argument and provided the facts that supported that side, while completely, 100% omitting context and information that didn't support it. Frankly, when I learned the full story, I was embarrassed to have written what I wrote, because it was so skewed. —TomGarberson

2011-06-24 13:40:06   Just in case it needs to be stated (for anyone following along), I see the use of the internal workings of the Davis Wiki editor community as a metric to compare something to on the Davis Wiki (a reader familiarity assumption) is entirely different than the pre-launch swarming (and how those first opinions tend to settle in) problem I'm talking about on the Talk page. —JabberWokky

2011-06-24 13:58:59   If I get a chance, I'll take a look back. Off the top of my head, I don't think it covered all of the measures that had already been taken, the recommendations that hadn't been performed, or the times of day the kids were actually outside making the noise. I remember it skewed the hell out of the story by omitting facts and context. Doesn't mean the final conclusion was wrong. But I consider it dishonest for even an opinion piece, much less a "news" source, to try to lead readers to a conclusion through omissions, rather than including all relevant information and then persuading the reader. —TomGarberson

2011-06-24 14:37:25   Have you actually looked back at what you wrote? It's extremely rude and condescending. I still don't think it's relevant to what Davis Patch is—as opposed to what any of us might have thought it'd be before it went live—but whatever. We apparently disagree on that. I just want to remind you that we bill the wiki as a "friendly" and "welcoming" place, and using such an insulting tone sort of kills that idea. —TomGarberson

2011-06-24 16:53:25   I think it's Justin Cox, not Justin Fox, btw. —TomGarberson

2011-06-24 17:50:56   I have always gotten double receipts @ BnB —StevenDaubert

2011-06-25 08:45:02  

2011-06-26 19:09:52   Yeah... I wanted to get more input before deleting. —TomGarberson

2011-06-27 15:10:23   Ahh, good call on the archived reviews. I didn't even look at what they were, just saw on a search that there was a set of fo' paws reviews that had been renamed to a subpage of craft of fo' paws. —TomGarberson

2011-06-27 15:15:53   If you don't mind my asking, is it a wiki break due to burnout/frustration, or real-life obligations? —TomGarberson

2011-06-27 15:17:11   That's good. Or, at least, hopefully good! —TomGarberson

2011-06-28 15:44:36   ¤_¤StevenDaubert

2011-06-30 15:31:11   This made me think of youEdWins

2011-07-04 23:50:33   I believe I have come up with a solution that is satisfying for all involved, save for Phil Allen perhaps. —Wes-P

2011-07-05 09:38:32   Makes perfect sense. Phil does not have a business in Davis, but Fo'Paws did split into two businesses, one in Davis with a link on it's page, one in Woodland with a link on it's page and all are interlinked together for historical context. In my opinion the only argument was from Phil, who tried to lie and manipulate from the get go making it a much larger issue than it actually is. The only issue remaining in light of his activity is whether or not he gets pummeled with the ban hammer for his constant vandal-editing of Pawsitive, illegally running a business from his residence (if it exists in Davis at all), and for his continuous threatening behavior up to and including threatening the wiki with lawsuits. —Wes-P

2011-07-05 10:05:34   It's all in the personal meaning of the word... using the term "parent" or "baby" can simply be a term of affection to a healthy companion relationship. I'm not under the illusion that there aren't many people who are great caretakers who call themselves the parent of an animal. There are also service animals that help fill complicated emotional needs for people who have emotional problems.

My dislike of the terms has much more to do with the abusive animal caretakers who treat an animal — who has the needs and fears and desire for species appropriate comfort — as if they were human children. That and the mothers of actual children at shows neglecting their biological children in favor of their "babies". More the former than the latter, although I have seen a woman say, in front of her roughly eight year daughter, that she wished she had never had kids so she could pay more attention to her rabbits. That pointed out, what I mostly don't like is the tendency for people to treat animals as anthropomorphic creatures, which I think is often bad for the poor animal whose needs are simply different than that of a human being. Discovering their strength and quirks and the long journey to understand them for what and who they are is amazing and often humbling. I respect animals, and anthro-infantilizing them has always squicked me. They aren't babies, and I think that it is unfair to force an adult animal into that role to satisfy an adult human's own emotional needs. —JabberWokky

2011-07-05 11:15:52   Yep, I'd say that's roughly the same ethical view, just phrased in a different way. If it weren't so early, I'd go and play with the mice (but they are nocturnal, and sleeping as hard as they can right now). Animals are wonderful fun, inspirational and sometimes quite humbling. —JabberWokky

2011-07-05 15:03:47   (sigh) Psst: Phil as an editor and CoFP as a topic are two different things. Pass it along! I think I'm starting to be confused, and I think there might even be some confusion between Craft of Fo' Paws and Fo' Paws going on. Yeesh. I do agree with your point about it clearly operating for a time and that there should be something written about Craft of Fo' Paws on the Davis Wiki, but at this point, I'm not sure what it would say, because I'm not sure what it actually was (or is, if it still is). I don't think it can be written rationally right now, but the entry isn't locked, if somebody really wants to wade in and take a shot. —JabberWokky

2011-07-05 17:02:24   Sorry I stomped on your edits CP...no offense meant —PeterBoulay

2011-07-05 17:05:07   Absolutely-you are correct. I apologize for my error. —PeterBoulay

2011-07-05 17:28:23   I concur wholeheartedly with previous statement —StevenDaubert

2011-07-05 23:03:48   I wouldn't say that we overlooked the reason you gave, but rather, we weighed it against everything else and didn't find it compelling. I don't think anyone is trying to be punitive by deleting TCOFP. We're just fed up dealing with an unreliable person and the drama the page attracts, especially considering the marginal value it has to the community. We found an out and we don't have to deal with him on this wiki. —WilliamLewis

2011-07-05 23:29:09   You're still saying that the consensus is wrong because we didn't consider something we didn't find compelling. What you said had been said before. We all read it. We all chose to ignore it. No thanks to you, this issue is going to keep on going and going and going. —WilliamLewis

    "'We're just fed up dealing with an unreliable person and the drama the page attracts' is not about the business or what's best for Davis or about what makes sense for wiki content. It's about PA." So? The cost of dealing with this issue is far, far greater than the loss to the community if we just stop dealing with this issue for a few months. —wl

2011-07-07 09:16:54   I may have had a skewed view of what happened the other day because I read it all at once after the fact. It came across to me as "I'm looking at this the right way, everyone else is looking at it the wrong way, so we're doing it my way." It was that process—or rather, my perception of the process—that I found upsetting, not the conclusion. Anyway, thanks for the apology. It's appreciated and accepted. —TomGarberson

2011-07-07 16:41:10   Hello again, CP. Thanks for the welcome back. I have no idea what a "pro-choice" city is. To be honest, I think it's kind of weird for a city to approve such a highly controversial yet non-binding resolution, and it therefore stuck out as being an interesting fact in the book I'm currently reading, which is why I posted it. My source is Davis from the Inside Out by William Diemer. All he wrote about it was this: "1989: Davis City Council votes 3-0, with two abstentions,in favor of a resolution to declare Davis to be a "Pro-Choice" city, before an overflow crowd at the Vereran's Memorial." His source is listed as Davis Enterprise, 1989 Year-End Edition. —ScottMeehleib

2011-07-07 23:36:06   Why the "some say?" He made those statements. He made them emphatically. He knew or reasonably knew the truth of the matter. Those statements were not true. —WilliamLewis

2011-07-07 23:37:19   Maybe that Phil fella shpuld have read Hans Wikis services for businesses haha. —NikhilDahal

2011-07-09 01:15:33   For a while I thought MaxLucas was the only editor on the Wiki..

I want this phony health inspector to make his rounds to KetMo...Lol I'll chase that person out! —NikhilDahal

2011-07-09 21:56:00   So my fiancee and I wanted to go to Sequoia Nat. Forest but in May it was still snowed in , with teh longer winter this year :( Instead we went to Yosemite where there are some trails open to Dogs, and we did go to Mariposa Grove (in the snow!). I was able to keep my sincere promise I had made her when she took my to the mountains in Slovenia last summer that I would take her where the Sequoia's grow. On the way to Mariposa Grove we also visited a small local coffee roaster (Mariposa Coffee) who showed us his coffee roasting process, and I nted that he makes his blends from pro coffee beans like Ethiopean, El Salvador and Peaberry. It was a very nice trip. I was able to ask her properly with the might of the Sequoias as witnesses and we are getting married next summer :) —MichaelNielsen

2011-07-10 17:22:19   Hello, My name is Tom Martinez and I am the office manager at The Craft of Fo Paws and I want to let you know and anyone else interested that Phil Allen has absoulutley nothing to do with the business other than the fact that he is married to the owner Terri Martinez. We have been trying to control him and his outrageous behavoir. I would like to assure everyone involved that his actions in NO way refelect the business or our personal way of thinking. Please feel free to contact me if you would like i would appreciate any help you might be able to offer as to how to reclaim our good business standing!! —TomMartinez

2011-07-13 18:25:35   Just curious, do you still take your dog to get groom in Davis? —Theangrydiner

2011-07-26 13:04:11   Thanks! I'm pretty pleased about it. Job security is a wonderful thing! I've been working here on a contract basis for more than a year now, but this is the first time I've known that when I finish whatever current project or projects I'm working on, I'll still have an income :) —TomGarberson

2011-07-26 13:05:11   And *that* is a very good thing! —CovertProfessor

2011-07-26 13:34:54   Better late than never I guess. —hankim

2011-07-28 10:05:33   Thank you CP. He was a truly a great friend. We still don't know yet exactly what happened only that he was found in his apartment on Tuesday at 12:50pm by the police after a welfare check by the police (found this out after looking at the bulletin boards online). It is a sad loss. I'll be doing a fundraiser at Little Prague taking donations at the door to help with funeral expenses for him. No cover. not sure if I should set it up as an event here or not... It's just a rough time for all of his friends right now. —Wes-P

2011-08-01 21:59:08   You know what happened in Downtown Davis today? DPD had many blocks on lockdown, not allowing people to go through, I saw yellow tape and all. I was slowly driving by and heard a police officer say 'I'm sorry we cant let anyone through' and there were police SUV's and cruisers.

2011-08-02 20:48:52   Yeah, there really aren't any reliable computer repair people in the Silicon Valley. Seriously, who wants to trust their computer to some kid who started building them out of spare parts tossed out by companies in the area since grade school? —hankim

2011-08-02 23:32:26   I'm just tired of getting the raw deal when it comes to the computer business. I have a carpet cleaning business that I own and I'm able to support myself on, but I really don't like doing that kind of work. Most of the time, I have to do the jobs myself because I don't have anyone else. Since that is what I have to support myself I have to be practical and keep on doing that business. There are a lot of people unemployed right now and I'm not going quit this business to join them in the unemployment line. I have a lot of passion for working in the computer biz. That passion propels me and motivates me to get thing done that I want to do. In this instance it gets me mad and then I start making plans and putting things into action. I will have that space and I will not rest until they either move or are out of business. Since they most likely know nothing about marketing they won’t be able to do anything that is effective enough counter my marketing. I will dominate the West Davis computer repair market.

    Now I know some people here will bring up this wiki after they read that comment, but my plans have nothing to with this wiki. Initially, I was frustrated with the situation, wanted to send them an indirect message and the frustration just motivated me to see how far I could push it before someone started saying something. Just really purely an emotional reaction.

I got the raw deal when I had a room in Fix For Less and Amit Chowdhury wouldn’t give me a key to his front door. The last few months I was there, several times week he would show up to an hour after he was supposed to open up. During that time I would be waiting for him to show up so that I could start my business day. Even though he did that he still expected his $700/mo. rent. It really pissed me off that I had to be waiting all that time. The business hasn’t been the same since after a month after I moved out several years ago. I had been talking to the leasing agent that space. Even though there is another space in the front that is much more visible from the street they choose this one that is in the back and not visible at all. That is why it has been vacant for so long.

2011-08-03 17:16:51   No my focus isn't to drive them out. I would of done what I was planning to do anyways. This just forces me to move it up sooner. They will just be collateral damage. —ToddJames

2011-08-03 19:31:49   I have definitely read that Melia is toxic to people, with citations from moderate to very toxic. It may vary by tree or method of consumption. I don't know about dogs, but have advised homeowners to act on the assumption that it is. I happen to be very allergic to the blossoms; I don't know how common that is. —DonShor

2011-08-03 20:04:37   That's what I always strive for. Satifing my clinets and making them completely happy. I'm just going to get to the residents in West Davis first before them. I'll make them completly satisfied and they won't call them or anyone else. They'll just wither on the vine because they don't have any customers. —ToddJames

2011-08-03 20:11:41   Oh, I'm really happy because when I typed "computer repair" in Google, my listing for my site come up before Davis Wiki. Yea Whoa... Just makes Davis Wiki irrelevant to my business as far as getting new business. —ToddJames

2011-08-04 10:05:57   Not that I care, and this is certainly not aimed at Todd... it's just kind of cool:

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&q=computer+repair+in+davis http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&q=computer+repair+davis http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=davis+computer+repairJabberWokky

    Haha yeah, I did the same searches after he said that stuff about SEO. Wiki pages are the top results for a LOT of Davis-related searches. —tg

      Ha! Too funny. I'll keep the snarky remarks to myself. —cp

2011-08-04 12:52:07   That is a good question (what I recommend about a possibly poisonous tree such as Melia). It really isn't possible to remove all toxic plants from the environment. I urge parents of young children to be aware of toxic plants, to know that we are a resource for plant ID if they need to contact Poison Control, and to remove visible and attractive poisonous plant parts. So that would entail raking up and removing the fruit as it falls. A reasonable precaution with small dogs or any that tend to eat things indiscriminately. Having had lots of dogs, I know how variable they are in that regard. Size does make a difference. We lost a chihuahua mix who ate a stick of butter unbeknownst to us. My understanding is that dog poisonings are much less common than children. My semi-educated guess is that is because they barf things up. —DonShor

2011-08-06 21:35:55   good work there —StevenDaubert

2011-08-10 22:42:40   I didn't think it was sexist, although I don't know what her skills are; they weren't mentioned. If she's the one that had 45 years experience and nothing was mentioned of him it could have been the other way around. —BruceHansen

2011-08-10 23:21:44   He told me that it was his and his wife's business. What would you have said if you weren't trying to eliminate some info? —BruceHansen

2011-08-11 09:21:28   It seems to me that a high priority point is 45 years experience. —BruceHansen

2011-08-11 09:26:10   HAH! Thanks. —TomGarberson

2011-08-11 09:36:10   I got that you are upset and I won't pursue it any further. I was rather upset that you called my comment sexist and that was the line that I was pursuing or exploring here. Just to clarify, Mike is the one with the 45 years professional experience working on bikes. —BruceHansen

2011-08-11 12:19:31   errm... Pretty sure compassion guy was living @ H st cold weather shelter... At least he was when he got dropped off there after doing some poetry at a concert @ dhs that my other friend was at...


life treats you well? —StevenDaubert

2011-08-11 14:01:19   C'est la vie —StevenDaubert

2011-08-11 14:26:12   It's just a guess. Seems consistent with their general complaint, though. —TomGarberson

2011-08-11 15:27:48   I hope you realize that in seven and a half months, I will be forced to out you as Bob Dunning. —JabberWokky

2011-08-12 13:18:36   Everyone else was doing it.... —TomGarberson

2011-08-12 13:20:42   (No, I don't think it's worth reverting. I was just curious to see if I could start a frenzied revert war.) —TomGarberson

2011-08-12 15:47:09   Heh nice reverts. Those top 10 risks are idiotic. There may be risks, but "WE DON'T KNOW IF ANYTHING IS WRONG WITH THIS SO THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG!" isn't one of them (much less 10). —TomGarberson

2011-08-12 16:08:49   Probably just someone from Sac Davis who has a beef against Vito's/Paesanos, since those happen to be the two restaurants that got hit. —TomGarberson

2011-08-12 19:37:01   Thanks. You're probably right. Haha! —ScottMeehleib

2011-08-12 19:38:44   Seems like nothing ever helps, but I appreciate the sentiment. —ScottMeehleib

2011-08-12 19:45:34   Thanks. Your assessment is fair. I'm drunk and I feel like shit. I'm going to take the night off from the wiki. —ScottMeehleib

2011-08-14 12:51:10   harsh —StevenDaubert

2011-08-15 12:43:33   Huh? I got Scott's joke and that's why I restored the comma @The Bike People. You deleted good info about the field. —BruceHansen

2011-08-16 16:09:07   Oh your what? :) —TomGarberson

2011-08-16 20:08:12   No, but I know some people who live there. If I liked emoticons, I'd drop a deadpan face here. In all seriousness, that would jibe with what I had heard. It sounds like something happened to the power in town. —JabberWokky

2011-08-16 20:23:18   Ugh, I feel so self righteous and hypocritical about the Town Characters page. =( Normally I feel almost any new story or picture about Davis belongs on the wiki. —NickSchmalenberger

2011-08-17 15:32:29   It doesn't necessarily have to be cruel; though I couldn't think of a title to change it to that people would use descriptively without objectifying him. It's a tough scenario. "Samurai Lady" is someone doing wushu with a traditional sword, and doesn't seem cruel to me (if inaccurate, as Wushu is Chinese). Electric Trike Guy is a bit more borderline; what's interesting about the guy IS the trike, but it's the context that seems to be disliked there. To make a page based solely on a disability seems extra rough, doesn't it? —EdWins

2011-08-17 15:57:15   Actually, I meant he was being cruel in implying that the editors who work hard on keeping things fair here would allow something reprehensible. A heck of a lot of effort to keep things tactful and non-abusive has gone on, and he's implying that myself and many other people I respect don't give a crap about other people. That is cruel. —JabberWokky

2011-08-17 16:03:42   Witness that the comment above mine is a person thinking through the ethics of intent and presentation, seeing out another viewpoint to try to find the most reasonable way to handle a specific case. —JabberWokky

2011-08-17 16:34:01   Whups. Today is the day I make yet another edit I regret. Ah, well. Someday I will internalize the lesson: "Sarcasm should only be very carefully employed, and only when one is level-headed in the discussion". —JabberWokky

2011-08-17 16:48:47   On a more constructive note, I was over at EdWins profile and saw your note about the "Trike guy". I do kind of think it should probably go under "Unique Vehicles", as it's the vehicle (particularly the color) that is notable. I'm not totally sure, as I'm not sure it fits as a vehicle. —JabberWokky

2011-08-17 16:57:51   I remembered incorrectly — I thought somebody had said he used it as a wheelchair. Reading back, that was only idle speculation. I'd say it certainly falls under the category of unique vehicle. —JabberWokky

2011-08-17 16:59:44   that page was originally The Smelliest Man in the WorldEdWins

  • The whole "descriptive name in lieu of a known name" is tough in that case. The most respectful that seems to be apt is "Bert's Bees guy". He's certainly well known around town. The whole entry is thorny and difficult. I do agree with CP in that it is a title that says less about the subject and more about the wiki editorship. It's not so much that it's insulting or not... it's just not a good title. -jw

2011-08-17 17:10:15   Frankly, I found that name change somewhat offensive (the smelliest man one). But I had said my piece on it, and it's one of those things where the most persistent voice wins out. I'm not a big fan of sarcasm in lieu of trying to find an appropriate compromise, but I'm even less of a fan of revert wars. Plus, if I had responded at the time, I think it would've been a perfect example of editing while angry (I hear you can lose your wiki license for that). —TomGarberson

2011-08-17 17:43:21   Hopefully that is descriptive without being harsh or pointedly, comically non-offensive. —JabberWokky

2011-08-17 18:26:54   I had three people (one of whom was you) basically saying "I don't like it, but I don't want to get into the mess of changing it". So I figured I might as well make a best effort. I think it's a pretty good descriptive title and hopefully better in most people's minds than the other two. There's still one bit in there that really irks me, but I'm leaving it alone to try and keep the changes minimal. —JabberWokky

2011-08-18 10:40:11   I agree with the Vanguard links being appropriate with a different formatting, Mr. Dunning. —JabberWokky

2011-08-18 11:16:37   Blowing the lid off the Davis Media Conspiracy!! —JabberWokky

2011-08-18 15:26:20   No, not a business owner. Thank you for the friendly reminder. —ABataska

2011-08-18 15:27:00   the director of event and conference services is very nice —StevenDaubert

2011-08-18 15:29:40   Yes she is, it is a pleasure working for her. —ABataska

2011-08-18 15:30:57   BOOM —StevenDaubert

2011-08-18 15:49:20   *bullet ricochet noise* —StevenDaubert

2011-08-18 16:03:02   well if there was going to be a third it would have been just now and it seems like we avoided it —StevenDaubert

2011-08-18 16:19:51   When I started this project this morning, my ONLY goal was to update the information concerning my department on the Davis Wiki. I anticipated that it would take about 15 minutes, but instead turned into a day-long thread. The changes you just made are very much appreciated and was my only goal. Hopefully everyone now involved can please respect my decision to delete my account and no longer participate in wiki updates or conversations. —ABataska

2011-08-18 17:51:04   Good call on the organization welcome.

I wonder if we should add something to that about stories and anecdotes having value; that seems to come up frequently. Stories and experiences vs. rumors would probably be relevant as well. I'll take a crack at it if I get a chance tonight or tomorrow, if no one else has done so. —TomGarberson

2011-08-20 20:14:12   Making it promotional was a no-go. Deleting it is fine by me. —TomGarberson

2011-08-22 13:45:36   I first wanted to thank you for help organizing Red 88's page.

And to clarify on me deleting the 'managers note', Dante hasn't worked at Red 88 for a while, so I deleted that part. —NikhilDahal

2011-08-22 17:17:17   Yeah Dante is a good guy and he taught me a thing or two about the restaurant when i first started at KetMoRee. I am planning on a major edit on KetMoRee's page, if I run into any trouble I will ask you for some help. —NikhilDahal

2011-08-23 01:34:56   Yeah, thank you for helping me edit the Red88 wiki page. I just joined a few hours before but did not have time to learn the ins and outs. It was much appreciated! —KurtG

2011-08-23 13:00:20   you disapprove of shortening things/ the individual flair someone has for describing a year in two digits —StevenDaubert

2011-08-23 20:13:07   No, I was referring to the generic page you deleted. Then when I saw that you renamed the page, I made another comment on her user page. —BruceHansen

2011-08-23 20:28:54   Thanks. I'll think about clarifying it. I was thinking that I shouldn't have gotten on the wiki that early this morning. —BruceHansen

2011-08-23 21:01:26   Pretty sure the group exists. See the tanks at the ARC all the time. Where was the link to the page that was deleted? Hard time keeping track of things from a phone. —hankim

2011-08-23 21:15:46   Ah, maybe they want to remain secretive except when wearing their tanks like some campus crusade? Anyway, I may not be getting much work done without convenient Internet access, but I sure am getting lots of sleep when I am too lazy to do things from my phone. It is almost freeing in a Fight Club kind of way. —hankim

2011-08-23 21:34:09   These folk are good at cutting off internet access. —JabberWokky

2011-08-25 01:47:48   Don't worry professor, The Davis Association of Large Gentlemen and Aesthetic Ladies is not a joke. Just give it some time to let it influence the community. We believe that there is a difference between being physically fit and healthy than just pretending to be when it is most convenient (1st week of school, houseboats etc..) Feel free to stop by the ARC and meet a few of us anytime. —GuerreroVillarealLopez

    -I took the link of since I did not see a point in having it. The group is not about me nor did I start it. Maybe some day in the future it will grow deeper within the Davis community, enough to have links, but for now Hankim is right.

2011-08-26 00:07:34   Yeesh! Good catch.

"I'm not dead yet!" — Monty Python and the Holy Grail —JabberWokky

2011-08-26 00:12:55   As it states at the top of Death that it is for people, it would be better to have a pet related item at the bottom of the page as a "see also." Also I think the URC should be kept as they probalbly could provide some useful info to inquirers. —BruceHansen

2011-08-26 08:14:23   I totally forgot about the Death page. There was a reason at the time I didn't remove the URC, and I can't recall the exact scenario, but there were some tensions about something on the wiki. —EdWins

2011-08-26 13:17:54   It's an option to broaden Death to include people, pets and maybe other road kill or whatever. It seems that it would be better to have separate pages however. The URC didn't seem out of place to me or strike me as inappropriate as the link for the pet business did, especially as there was no non human context for it. —BruceHansen

2011-08-26 14:30:44   Sounds like a good link to start things off, thank you. —GuerreroVillarealLopez

2011-08-26 15:44:42   Could be an interesting article. I removed it because it's the (estimating) fourth or fifth jab Raoul Duke has taken at Rhonda that seems to have little to do with the subject of the page. —TomGarberson

2011-08-26 15:58:27   If it's relevant, I have no problem with a link to the article. I'm just kind of tired of knowing that whenever Raoul's name pops up on the Monticello page there's going to be another snide remark. Since his comment (as opposed to the article) seemed to be about Rhonda rather than about Monticello, I removed it from the Monticello page. —TomGarberson

2011-08-27 22:33:46   I went ahead and removed the stuff from Monticello again because it still felt like a dig, rather than actual information about Monticello. Reading the full article, whose link you added, may well provide some context, but it was behind the paywall for me (it seems completely random whether I hit the paywall when I go to the Enterprise these days). If you think there's good, Monticello-relevant information in the article, by all means add it. As I said yesterday, though, Raoul's frequent criticisms of Rhonda that aren't all that relevant to Monticello don't belong on that page. —TomGarberson

2011-08-27 22:52:18   It seems like a decent thing to have on the page. I'd tend to say that there's already plenty of Rhonda's opinion on the page, but I certainly don't think the quote, in full, is problematic. Am I right in guessing that it's talking about Star Ginger? There's still a little bit of context missing.

My problem with what's been written so far is twofold: one, it's very selective in its quoting and seems like an attack, rather than an attempt to add information. Two, it really isn't tied into the page—either the topic or the existing entry content. If the full quote were on there, or at least a relevant and fair portion of it, and if it were tied into the entry, I'd be fine with it. But because I can't actually read the article, I'm reluctant to try and write it up myself. So, as long as it seems like Raoul is using the Wiki as a weapon, I'm going to continue to delete it. But I've got no objection to anyone actually adding relevant information from the article to the Monticello entry. —TomGarberson

2011-08-28 12:24:39   Re: Monticello: I feel I must now dig at the point that you wrote the article, but in-jokes aside, that was a really well written summary. —JabberWokky

2011-08-28 17:36:57   Looks good to me, thanks for writing it up! —TomGarberson

2011-08-28 21:54:21   Hi Professor,

FYI: I clarified my follow up phone conversation with Bob Dunning on the Monticello page. It also sounds like you have some issues with me that perhaps you would like to discuss over a beer, glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage. Of course, perhaps we could have a Wiki party at the restaurant and I could meet all of the guys (and gals?) who seem to make this Wiki engine tick. —RhondaGruska

2011-08-28 22:25:47   I was reading through your restaurant reviews, and user 'thai' you don't have KetMoRee, and I was wondering if you have eaten there or not. —NikhilDahal

2011-08-28 22:41:19   I always called it 'Thai 2k', but it was '2k Thai food' I can see how you think KetMoRee is like that, but they have the nightclub, and if they didn't 'try', it wouldnt be happening. So yeah they do try, and it is quite/pretty/real successful In Davis (despite the comments, but hey if we believed in the comments, no businss in Davis would be successful) But they do Try really hard on the restaurant part, hell even though I'm A busser, I try to make sure that customer service is top notch.

They did do renovations within the restaurant, which helped the dinner service and nightclub (they opened a room that can seat 18 people table[which helped alot during graduation] and it can apparently hold an extra 50 people during picnic day)

2011-08-28 22:46:48   And the nightclub is like an 'all alcohol restaurant" as in once you start a restaurant, you have to try to maintain it, and make it successful (see the lines on picnic day/graduation) practically at any bar I'm pretty sure that's the same with any restaurant/bar that is open til 2am on the Thurs-sat —NikhilDahal

2011-08-28 23:04:13   I agree with you 100%, a restaurant will attract some people, and won't to others. And many people will come out on the weekend from Davis and from outside Davis(as do many other bars)

From my year working at Ketmo I think KetMoRee attracts all ages, and I can say Burgers&Brew does as well, I wouldn't know for the other thai restaurants as for I don't patronize at them(obviously haha), But I do agree with alot of what you say (please excuse all my spelling errors for I'm On my phone and it randomly goes to the next line etc etc) —NikhilDahal

2011-08-30 10:51:42   Thanks for the touch-ups! —TomGarberson

2011-08-30 16:14:16   Not the out-of-town thing that bothered me. Seemed like one of those slightly sketchy Tupperware party like things to me. Maybe I am wrong though. —hankim

2011-08-30 16:21:28   Reading their website, I guess they are looking for a pub/bar. Not sure if it qualifies as a job posting though (which makes it sort of off-topic and I am used to spammers just going for whatever is remotely on topic)? It's more like looking for venue? Just it being in the jobs section made me think they were looking for some kind of Tupperware-type thing. —hankim

2011-08-30 16:31:16   Might be wrong then. I guess the posting just hit all my suspicious spammer flags when it might be legitimate. —hankim

2011-08-30 17:19:00   Why would I be suspicious?


    On an unrelated note... have I mentioned how awesome the Beer Shoppe is? —TomGarberson

2011-08-30 17:42:19   Nyuk nyuk! I like the Enterprise well enough, aside from the paywall. Not the best newspaper out there, but it's pretty good for being so intensely local. The Vanguard's the only one I have a problem with :) —TomGarberson

2011-08-30 18:20:00   Yeah, on a more serious note, I think the Enterprise is OK, too. But I really don't get what happened. They made this big fanfare about going online, but then it seemed as though within a few short weeks they put up the paywall. (Perhaps the number of subscribers dropped precipitously?) I'm a print subscriber so the paywall doesn't affect me, and I get that newspapers are having a tough time out there, but I think they owed us a bit more communication about what happened (communication being their business, after all). As for the Vanguard, I know they're not your favorite, but they do often cover stories, or cover them in more depth, than the Enterprise does, so I value it for that. Plus they've got a number of regular commenters who are happy to point out any flaws in their articles, so that helps to fill out the picture. I particularly like it when Sue Greenwald or one of the other Council members comment — I feel like I find out more there than elsewhere. —CovertProfessor

2011-08-31 10:30:30   Thanks for cleaning up Dan's Cab wiki page! —dnm12

2011-08-31 13:24:47   Whack-a-mole? I was about to fix it, reloaded and saw that you had collided a second time. Whups! —JabberWokky

2011-08-31 20:36:51   it's getting to the point where there really isn't much left out —StevenDaubert

2011-08-31 22:58:36   According to Daubert TresHermanas has. 18% gratuity. Should it be added to the general info on the page?

(there have been no hater comments about it, but i feel that it should be added) —NikhilDahal

2011-09-01 01:30:43   no the wiki in general —StevenDaubert

2011-09-01 17:32:28   My source says they are closing, but they may be wrong. —NikhilDahal

2011-09-01 18:08:17   the only reason I don't constantly spew vitriol about the water rate hikes is I know that the people in power have already forced it thru and the backroom deals have already taken place. The public input/everything else is window dressing.

And yeah, I guess there is more content to be added but it's pretty full compared to when I started.

The test cell tower on 8th and L is an interesting one, I'm going to take a photo and make an entry —StevenDaubert

2011-09-01 22:49:13   Did queen of Sheba specify where they'd be opening in G st?

2011-09-04 12:05:34   I think the name of the place may have been Sno White Drive In, although I am speaking purely from internet research, with no local knowledge. They appear to have been a very successful regional chain in their heyday, on a similar scale of In-N-Out today. —JabberWokky

2011-09-05 19:35:08   you are right it is haha. i 'deleted my other wiki forever', but i realized i can put 'more up to date information' on alot of pages regarding the establishment i work for before the UCD school year starts. —DavisWiki1

2011-09-05 19:48:56   well we know who i am, so i dont want to cause any extra trouble/hassle. so i think i'll just keep this account —DavisWiki1

2011-09-05 20:07:12   i get what you mean. can i use the same email address to make another wiki? —DavisWiki1

2011-09-05 21:54:59   I thought the same thing and recommended the same in the past. It should work that way, in my view. —JabberWokky

2011-09-05 22:23:31   I had to make a new email -.- (I made my account name this because it is the same as my email address) - I'm not a fan of writing stuff down —ndah100

2011-09-09 12:31:31   I may have been putting on airs. That's more accurate. —BruceHansen

2011-09-13 11:24:08   re: User/EveWestBessier. Hi there, Do me a favor, you're obviously connected with Area Music Teachers in Davis. I noticed and respected how you edited the page. Today, user/williamlewis deleted user/evewestbessier because he arbitarily called it "an ad." We are endeavoring to provide information on Eve as a community asset, included a Comment field and more. It is not my intention to create an ad, but a more complete and useful Wiki for others to enjoy. Other musicians have similar, although less developed Wikis. Can you or someone restore EveWebBessier's wiki, provide guidance to what's going to be "acceptable" and keep things civil. I don't believe summarily deleted a person's Wiki is consistent with the Wiki's mission and ethos. Thanks in advance for helping me understand how we can avoid mis-communication on this issue in the future. I'm also available directly at fritzknochenhauer@yahoo.com should comments require privacy. —fknochenhauer

2011-09-13 21:28:24   Thanks for the clarification. I really need to look up some of the historical conversations and disputes one of these days... I agree wholeheartedly and think it should be regulated by the editing community. —Wes-P

2011-09-13 23:33:17   !!!! I had missed that. Fixed :) —TomGarberson

2011-09-14 12:57:31   Partly because I don;t want to get into some kind of "secret menu" debate, as has happened with others on other sites, for ordering a lasagna that does not appear on their standard menu... Partly just because I am in a bit of a bitter mood at the moment and want some time to think about it before I just post negative things about any establishment (save for the con artist Moller and his flying car scam) —Wes-P

2011-09-14 13:02:18   I will say this for you though: If you do want to try the Lasagna, they will tell you it's a "seasonal special" and it is served in a small casserole dish with rigatoni pasta and not the standard lasagna style pasta. It looks great, just was overly oily, overcooked and just a mess when I received mine. Maybe it was a rare case, they are new... But if this is the standard, I will avoid it and wait for others to arrive in Davis to check them out. —Wes-P

2011-09-14 15:00:21   I completely forgot about the Eggplant Parm. It has been a long time since I have eaten anywhere that even tries to serve it... ugh.. hungry now. —Wes-P

2011-09-15 04:01:55   I would have no problem removing the entire talk page on ethnic groups and ethnicism if it would avoid any type of heated and possibly hateful conversation. The point I was attempting to make was one that promotes pride, yes, but also seems to have an underlying segregationist aspect rather than one of inclusion for all. I would feel this way about an all Caucasian group as well. It does nothing to eliminate ethnicism, only makes the point that "we" are different much stronger in people's minds. I was just kind of wondering if I was in the minority in thinking this way, or if it does seem to bring more attention to the differences in people rather than point out there similarities in other's minds as well. —Wes-P

2011-09-15 09:42:22   I should let you borrow my copy of Pigments of the Imagination —StevenDaubert

2011-09-15 10:52:45   it's a good read, I have a copy if you want to borrow it

2011-09-15 13:26:28   cause it's scintillating though provoking angle on something that everyone is sorta mired it

and I know the author and he is cut from a different cloth —StevenDaubert

2011-09-15 15:08:10   I had honestly not thought of the ethno-specific groups in the light you had expressed. Thank you for giving me more to ponder on the issue and for aiding in my own personal growth as well. As a non-ethnic side, I am sorry if my recent question for 24/7 brought you any grief. I don't know why he would lash out against you the way he did... —Wes-P

2011-09-15 17:34:13   I think I may have come across a logical way to handle all of the cab drama, business drama in general, honestly. It is a requirement that all businesses have a copy of their business license as well as their sellers permits (if they are in that field) to be viewable on the premises and displayed for all to see who request it. Is this a possibility here? Simply request each business post a copy on the wiki to be visible by all... It truly would put an end to over 90% of the dramatic discussions, in my opinion. What do you think? —Wes-P

2011-09-15 17:43:59   Thanks for kicking in the sobering reality. The economic disparity along some lines is utterly terrifying. It's such a concrete issue, it crosses the various ways to look at racial equality and starkly demonstrates that something is fundamentally broken. After spending some time in DC, I'm hesitant to even call them racial lines, despite it being an issue of race: there are African-Americans locked in generations long patterns of destitute hopelessness, and others of the same race who are all college bound and very prosperous. It's not really surprising, of course, as race doesn't really have anything to do with capability... but the enmity between the two groups did startle me, and I saw it over and over from several different people. To give it an odd twist, I also talked about that specific subject with two first generation African immigrants who were happy to talk about the situation as they saw it, and while I couldn't quite grasp their perspective (their debate back and forth carried some assumptions I probably missed), both agreed that dating in DC was almost impossible if you're black and not clearly one of one of the two established groups. —JabberWokky

2011-09-15 21:49:17   I'm absolutely not trying to diminish racism or sexism as issues by themselves. I'm just saying that the mix of all social factors are really complicated and probably feed back on each other in different ways at different times and locales. In the end, a real little girl internalizes a terrible message. —JabberWokky

2011-09-16 01:18:06   well the solution proposed is the most elegant solution I've seen yet

but seriously you want me to condense my thoughts into such a restrictive medium in text, this is more of a conversation type deally than something that can be done justice in a written format —StevenDaubert

2011-09-18 18:50:13   I think that was the article, it had a good amour of information.

2011-09-18 20:23:01   A belated Welcome to the Wiki! —ndah100

2011-09-18 23:22:08   I've been recommended the first/other book in that series. I have two document boxes full of books that I have intend to read (there are a few other piles that are "semi-interesting", but those two boxes are recommended books or otherwise high on my list). I'm pretty sure Oryx and Crake is in there. To be honest, I've been writing two books and putting together another writing heavy project, which has been slowing my reading. Instead, I'm surrounded by piles of books about odd topics (Middle Eastern mythology, 1930s America and noir cinema) jammed full of post-its1 instead and I am constantly flipping back and forth through them looking for oddball references and details. In short I'm in "synthesis" mode rather than "reading" mode. —JabberWokky

2011-09-19 20:16:21   Covert-maybe you can answer this for me. On 24Taxi, cocoagale—has anyone ever met him/her? I'm curious because that name posts from the same IP as andrewnnodim. Thinking he's sockpuppeting himself —PeterBoulay

2011-09-20 09:43:00   I hate the cab drama, but I hate a liar even more. If you would like to ask them for yourself and hear the version I heard, feel free to email me and I will provide complete name and address info for you so you can hear it directly from them. —Wes-P

2011-09-20 12:10:31   Covert you know nothing about me. You have no right to trash the real computers wiki page and remove my comments. If a customer wants to write a review, thats up to them and there is no reason for you to go and critisize them. You have never been a real computers customer and you have no experience with the business. —Brian.Tangney

2011-09-20 12:20:39   only time will tell —StevenDaubert

2011-09-20 12:29:34   Covert I really dont want to have issues with you .. again. I just left a friendly comment on the RC page, which is more than fair against your comment. Can we just both agree that your opinions of eachother are a bit out-dated and start fresh? I have admitted time and time again that when I fisrt came on to the wiki I didnt get it and I made a mess of it but that was about 4 years ago. I hardly ever do anything on the wiki anymore and if I do, its mild and not self serving in a way that violates any rules. Please can we hit the reset button? —Brian.Tangney

2011-09-21 14:09:54   Yeah, I was totally confused as to why it was like that! —JenniferCook

2011-09-22 18:12:56   The C4L folk I've interacted with tend to support the ACLU. —WilliamLewis

2011-09-22 18:44:05   These people are libertarians, not republicans. —WilliamLewis

2011-09-22 20:04:50   Just randomly, I'd like to add that I find your posts and general attitude inspiring. I think I've said it before, but I still like to remind decent people that they give off an impression of loving-kindness. Sometimes they forget, as I often do. In my weak moments, you serve as a helpful model as to how I should be. —ScottMeehleib

2011-09-24 12:18:42   The Recent Changes content for every wiki is cached. In theory, Davis Wiki's should be updating nearly all the time, but there are occasional quirks and issues. —JabberWokky

2011-09-24 12:53:14   I have run into changes that don't show up on RC at all, but not for awhile. They always show up in the info page. Except for one sneaky little quirk that only applies if two people are both making a new entry at the same time with the same name. —JabberWokky

2011-09-24 13:11:10   Eh, a vet is a vet, am I right? Now excuse me, I'm off to leave my review of the incredible prime rib from Buckhorn on the Del Taco entry... —JabberWokky

2011-09-24 23:51:08   That is my first time looking on the right side of the edit bar.. Thanks for the heads up/tip Though —ndah100

2011-09-25 20:32:12   You want her side of the tale, including a complete lack of amusement by any of it, call her yourself. Her name is Hen Werner message me for her number.

I am sick of him putting outright lies on the page. I made a comment, amended it after getting more details and he wants to keep adding spin and insult. Fine. I'm not a child, but I believe in what's right and what is not, and PR BS to try to cover his shady butt is not right by any means. —Wes-P

2011-09-25 21:36:53   Sorry! Thought posting under his comment would make it clear that I was addressing him. I'll paste it on over. —MeggoWaffle

2011-09-25 21:42:19   True. I guess not everybody looks at 'recent changes' as a boredom buster like I do. —MeggoWaffle

2011-09-27 22:45:05   Yup. You were right about the 'coming and going' by wendy in the Davis enterprise. I've never seen the article before but now you mentioned it, it's a good read. —ndah100

2011-09-28 23:16:22   westlake would probably be different cause people are on the support westlake IGA kick

some over enthusiastic person probably added the yelp link and is probably astroturfing the westlake page ^__^StevenDaubert

2011-09-29 18:51:17   he references the company in the show, and the names match

this means you watched it as well.... —StevenDaubert

2011-09-29 19:39:43   would you be surprised if I told you both parties in the craft debacle received registered letters from LA offering air fair, accommodations, and the usual appearance fee?

Also I try to watch as little TV as possible, especially judge dramas but I have a friend who watches, I like that one guy who used to be a cop. I think it was Joe Brown. He has a finely tuned BS detector —StevenDaubert

2011-09-30 12:26:30   The Strelitzia comment fell short on virtually every criterion we've used in the past in trying to determine whether serious accusations should remain on a page. It also stayed on there for a long time and no one else came forth to support it, and the person who left it never answered the questions that were asked of her. It's analogous to the highly suspicious positive comments that we remove from pages all the time. You can't be certain it's BS, but it had a lot going against it and not much for it. Only, unlike the positive comments, the impact of leaving it on the wiki is significant. —TomGarberson

  • With all due respect, Tom, the criterion "we" have used in the past changes year to year as far as I can tell back to 2005. (And like CP, I disagree that it wasn't there). Additionally, it seems that it's still floating. A year ago, people used to throw tantrums over drive-by editors not using a real name. And then a regular wiki-editor posts something about a taxi, and the new complaint was "why isn't there a police report?" I think I remember even JW being concerned over the ever-increasing stringency on determining what remains. I don't mean this unkindly, just commenting. -ES

2011-09-30 13:24:25   You're welcome to revert the deletion if you feel strongly about it. Generally talk pages are deleted after the issue is resolved. —DonShor

2011-10-02 22:47:04   Thanks! I appreciate it. You were the inspiration for my "covert" name. I wanted to vent about my apartment complex West Village and not face possible repurcussions. I plan to read more of your restaurant reviews and get to know Davis a bit better. I love this place already! —ConsciousConsumer

2011-10-03 22:27:36   For some reason I see somebody getting arrested because they have allergies and are making calls all over town asking, "Do you have any porn?" while breathing heavily through their mouth. —JabberWokky

2011-10-04 09:38:09   Out of curiosity, why does it matter if DCR has a Tea Party bent? —EliYani

2011-10-05 01:33:00   Check out some of the reviews on the ramble. Also, how do we start a wiki page or an event on here for the occupy movement that is going on right now. Feels like there is a bit of a media blackout...http://www.occupytogether.org/http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolutionConsciousConsumer

2011-10-05 13:25:08   introduce yourself to me if you ever want to stop by my studio or better yet, try a class! -bikram yoga —erindunning

2011-10-05 21:45:24   You know, I wonder from time to time whether you are a professor in my department. —MeggoWaffle

2011-10-05 22:17:40   I know who you taught last summer. —TomGarberson

2011-10-05 22:34:00   Wuh-oh, good point. Maybe I shouldn't step on your toes in case I unknowingly take one of your seminars! Just saying, you seem to display an orientation to the world that is common in my discipline. —MeggoWaffle

2011-10-06 00:18:30   That's so funny, I was just proofing my changes and thought i'd better put that picture back up before somebody reverted my changes! :)) —Davidlm

2011-10-06 22:48:09   Thanks! You're a legend. —ConsciousConsumer

2011-10-07 20:21:59   Ahh, OK. If that's the case, then yeah. In fact, it might be worth noting the inaccuracy of the statement, if it's untrue. —TomGarberson

2011-10-08 13:29:03   interesting that you seed the Harrington page —StevenDaubert

2011-10-08 13:44:56   yes but the intriguing question for me is: Do you have Harrington on retainer (probably not) or do you know of him and his firm thru the political dealings / oldboy network

also nice table —StevenDaubert

2011-10-08 13:49:30   it just means you are involved in local politics

yay —StevenDaubert

2011-10-08 14:00:53   ppffttt please

you are too fastidious for legal troubles, Harringtons wheelhouse is aviation, etc etc etc —StevenDaubert

2011-10-13 17:21:24   I'm not saying this is relevant, as I don't wish for us to become a test case. This is purely for intellectual interest: There have been some recent rulings that might point to completely non-profit sites (like the Davis Wiki) being able to use entire articles. Personally, I'd question it ethically (there are plenty of legal things I'd rather not do out of respect for people), but it is amusing how it is out of an effort to protect newspapers in the internet age. —JabberWokky

2011-10-14 17:47:36   I would say that this video neatly fits both groups outrage. I was really hoping that that the tea party movement would turn into a non-partisan, grassroots housecleaning, and was sickened when it became red vs. blue, the media cartoon. Of course, I have some hope here, but I already see the media turning it into a spectator sport: ignorant hippies pooping... and honestly, some of the participants happily filling that rôle to earn "radical points" rather than concrete progress. Not that there aren't amazingly effective radicals scattered through history, but there have been a few interviews with people that just made me cringe. —JabberWokky

2011-10-15 19:47:43   image in question resides on another page, it won't work unless uploaded to specific page

That is where Doug went wrong, amazing how quickly a phone call gets to the heart of the issue. Text can be such a restrictive medium —StevenDaubert

2011-10-15 21:19:03   okay, I guess Peter was right then. It's all a little confusing. —ChrisDietrich

2011-10-15 22:31:33   I was told, in a good nature, that you think most libertarians are just pot-smoking republicans. This saddens me. I neither smoke/do pot and oppose republicans just as frequently as democrats. :-( —OliviaY

2011-10-16 02:07:24   it would appear you are reading far too deeply into things

get over yourself

I only noticed after the fact that you had indeed provided the requisite generic image help, I for one was feeling frisky and so I asked Doug (granted it was via the telephone) specifically where he encountered the problem with images, and then told him what he had to do. Nothing more, nothing less. —StevenDaubert

2011-10-16 03:05:21   seriously, I don't need you perceiving attacks / having a negative energy clouding my helping people on the wiki. In the future I won't share information about the technical aspects of a problem, I just figure you could relate.

P.S. Ali Baba hamburger patties are now pretty thin, I was nonplussed... —StevenDaubert

2011-10-16 12:08:35   text is a restrictive medium in more ways that one, lack of tone, and it's cumbersome —StevenDaubert

2011-10-16 22:03:02   Thank you for the edit, Professor! -NtnM —NTNMorgan

2011-10-18 20:15:25   I'm always reluctant to go that far, but great call... —Davidlm

2011-10-19 09:10:16   I thought that language on Liz Wise was also odd, but wondered if it might have been to highlight the fact that it's a one-woman business. Either way, I don't think it's particularly necessary; good edit! —TomGarberson

2011-10-23 22:50:32   How many restaurants is 'too many restaurants' in Davis? Your opinion? —ndah100

2011-10-24 13:31:09   I apologize for my laziness in sentence grammar. I loosely copied it off a flyer I received today. I appreciate the clean-up. :) I typed something similar on the occupy davis page if you wouldn't mind touching that up. That would be awesome. —ConsciousConsumer

2011-10-30 09:35:28   Hell to the yes! It's the Covert Professor! —AshleyHamidi

2011-10-30 20:21:52   yeah forgot the code break, good looking out —StevenDaubert

2011-10-30 22:43:14   I don't get what tl is thinking. —Davidlm

2011-11-01 01:38:58   Professor, I am mystified where and how you first saw Davis Taxi Service. —BruceHansen

2011-11-01 12:42:06   Thanks. And I thought it was incredible that DTS could be created out of nowhere. —BruceHansen

2011-11-01 21:17:32   More rulings supporting non-commercial use of news: here and here. Common wisdom regarding legal use might be different in a few years. —JabberWokky

2011-11-01 21:25:21   It's starting to feel a bit like Facebook around here, I need to "like" all you're comments... —Davidlm

2011-11-02 02:53:38   Thank you for your help on the HPA page! I meant to say this a while ago, but got a bit distracted, which is unfortunately not uncommon for me! But I figured it would be better late than never. Additionally, I need to thank you for your extensive reviews of Davis foods. I have used them on more than one occasion when unsure of where to eat, and they have been extremely useful! Keep up the good work. —ThomasReeder

2011-11-02 22:03:12   Probably has been said already, but luckily a Thai restaurant isn't opening up at the Borders locations

2011-11-02 22:16:40   I don't think mikini's would appreciate that hah. Looks like the Wiki has been calm for a while, hopefully it stays like that till the end of the year —ndah100

2011-11-03 18:12:50   Don't get offended, I wasn't talking about you when I said that but people from a focus group about how GM labeling would affect their purchasing decisions. I'm also not oversimplifying the other concerns I just won't touch straight up politics or ethics on the wiki. I wanted only to contribute some of the realities over health concerns. There are a lot of uneducated people out there who still think that somehow eating a piece of corn with bug DNA is going to give them bug mutations. It makes me want to cry. —OliviaY

2011-11-03 18:54:08   How about "your page that we have" or something, because in a way it's their page on the wiki (although they don't control it)? —BruceHansen

2011-11-04 03:14:40   golden rice and factory farms feed the world ^__~

and modern corn is totally GMO, all variants *__*StevenDaubert

2011-11-04 13:59:24   Hey CP - I only deleted it because it appeared twice within two sentences, and I felt that it was more of an editing/style thing. Was I the only one to see that it took over JoJo's twice in the same place? If I was wrong, thanks for the fix. If I was right, well - I'll fix it again, or you're more than welcome to. —ChristyMarsden

2011-11-06 09:59:24   If a page is deleted, do you have to start all over again for the page? Someone recently deleted ketmos menu page —ndah100

2011-11-08 21:03:06   We weren't thinking about history - at our peril. —BruceHansen

2011-11-09 23:28:12   I spoke with the one of the brother owners in person, and I spoke with the other over the phone. Long story short they really care about the food, and if what they have done with the interior is any indication of how serious they take themselves... —StevenDaubert

2011-11-12 00:39:53   redundancy is a wonderful thing —StevenDaubert

IDNE, I am tired of you ignoring parts of what I have said about GMOs and misrepresenting other parts, forcing me to have to go back and repeat the context of the conversation and show where you've gone wrong. I don't have the time for this, and I certainly don't need this kind of frustration in my life. For posterity purposes, the discussion is here. Please do not discuss this with me any further, as I will simply delete it. It is quite difficult for me to convey just how absolutely infuriating this has been without invoking various expletives that I am trying not to use. I think I could have a good, productive wiki discussion about GMOs with others who disagree with me, such as ES, NS, and OY. Not you. —CovertProfessor

2011-11-14 17:55:52   Whenever an event is recorded the flash illuminates the still camera, which takes a photo of you before the line with the light visible and red, and then after you are past the line and it's still red. Before it even gets to that it passes human review who watches a video of said event and makes sure it's actually a violation, before it's even passed to a PD —StevenDaubert

2011-11-14 20:44:17   KCSlater has some good jokes.. —ndah100

2011-11-19 15:51:18   Heh yeah, it looked OK to me :) It probably should go up in the main entry, though. I'll do that. —TomGarberson

2011-11-21 19:35:40   Yup, I agree that was probably it. More of a realization that she has become what she once hated. It made me feel really bad for her. I do think that the comparison of Friday's events to the situation in Greece so many years ago is unwarranted. —WilliamLewis

2011-11-21 20:08:05   Deserted by dessert? That would leave us in a chocolate desert. —DonShor

2011-11-21 23:51:16   Someone speaking at the rally today referred to that movement as "Occupy Davis." I question your reversion. —BruceHansen

2011-11-23 23:38:17   We can be sure that's what she said. People are weighing that in light of pepperballs and tazers by the freeway in March 2010 and the recent arrests at Mrak. —BruceHansen

2011-11-24 12:29:04   "Because of her actions, or lack of actions, since the event itself. She has been slow to take responsibility, slow to condemn the actions, dribbled out bits of information (some of it conflicting), and not shown any indication that she is capable of bringing about real change. She reacts to events and to negative publicity, rather than being proactive."

Fundamentally, the Chancellor is the face and voice of the University. Tragedies happen, even in the best of times and under the best of planning and with great forethought. Even ignoring the entire specifics of the event itself, one of the key roles of a Chancellor — as that face and voice — is to respond with calm and certain communication in the aftermath of an event like this. Even with zero culpability in the events that led to the police action, even if Pike acted as a rogue, unpredictable element, then her response was slow, incoherent and — even to this date — carries no firm and unequivocally stated steps to move forward in any direction that might benefit the institution she speaks for. She speaks passively of the actions of others, and displays none of the characteristics that are needed in a leader of a major university.

In summary: even disregarding the event itself, her poor response to it causes grave concerns for her core ability to lead the University as Chancellor. —JabberWokky

  • I agree completely. Well said. —cp

2011-11-24 12:38:36   I will also note that there appears to be a large segment of the UCD student body who hates the whole Occupy issue and fracas over the pepper spraying incident and just wants to go to class. They are vocal elsewhere, but their point of view seems to be wholly unrepresented on the wiki. I'm not sure how to cultivate capturing that perspective in parallel without running a very high risk of nasty, dismissive acts (which have already happened). —JabberWokky

  • I think there are two groups that need to be distinguished here. The first is a very small group who defends the pepper spraying of the protesters. I have zero sympathy for that group; anyone who watches those videos and who thinks the cops were justified has lost their sense of empathy and has issues with violence and dominance, in my opinion. The second and larger group are those who are upset that their classes are being canceled and disrupted — they've worked hard to get into UCD and to stay in UCD, and they don't understand the logic of canceling classes in order to protest high tuition. I have a great deal of sympathy for this second group, which is not to say that I think those who skip or cancel class are wrong, just that I can see both sides of the debate. —cp

    • I have not heard of any of the former who have ties to UCD (and I don't think any had ties to Davis at all), merely kneejerk blowhards trying to either shock or pander to simplistic views. Of course, I am not dismissing the possibility that there's somebody in Davis who, through either ignorance or dogmatic trust, believes it was a reasonable act. However, I was entirely referring to the latter category. Twitter, Reddit, and Slashdot have all had very strong commentary from self-proclaimed students to the effect that they are compassionate to the situation, but there is an entire institution suffering. Some have supported Occupy, some have not, but most are upset that their classes are needlessly disrupted (the "needlessly" being their opinion).

      On another topic, there are some good interviews out there with UCD students. By and large in the media slice I've been following, the student body is sounding very articulate and able to present the situation well. There's a bit of comparison in my mind between Penn State versus UCD in this — or at least their ability to withstand media scrutiny — and UCD is coming out ahead.

      • JW, there were some students in the town hall (at least one or two — I didn't listen to the whole thing) who defended the police's action. There are those über-militaristic types out there. As for the latter category, I know it from talking from my students, so I've done my best to walk a balance between accommodating those who want to protest and those who don't want any disruption. I agree that the UCD students overall have come off very well. —cp

      Sarah just popped her head around from the kitchen as I read this aloud and said, "Penn State students came off as rabid idiots, and UC Davis students had valid points of view?" in a statement of mock shock. -jw

      • Actually I think the first group has just plain lost their minds. I cannot see the first sides points as valid...just can't. —PeterBoulay

        • I agree. —cp

        • That is, I believe, what I said: their reasons are not related to the action. They are taking a position based on incorrect information, or based on prior dogmatic beliefs about law enforcement entirely unconnected to this event. Thus, they are not commenting on the actual pepper spraying event no matter how much they might insist they are. I've heard people talk about how the crowd of students were forcing the cops inside a tight circle, or blocking their access to escape by physically barring access to the police car. In one case, the person was saying that it was justified because of the bricks being thrown at police in normal uniforms (i.e., no riot protection). The rest are simply siding with "their side", which has nothing to do with the pepper spraying and is merely a dogmatic, kneejerk response.

          In completely unrelated observations on the commentary, I've heard two ex-UCDPD officers who watched the video state that the spraying was totally uncalled for and way over the line; one said that their action would have been to peaceably wait, merely standing there to observe in case there was a need (implying that there wasn't really one given the circumstances he saw on the video). The other commented that the current chief was the worst boss he's ever had in law enforcement (this was shortly afterwards, before CK made her comments). -jw

2011-11-24 20:47:40   Thank you! Hard to edit from phone —MeggoWaffle

2011-11-24 21:15:55   Possibly add the Apex cycle break in to the front page? If I remember correctly the Comic store was added to the front page, it'd be unfair if Apex didn't. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. —ndah100

2011-11-25 12:35:31   I should have known that you'd be looking on different pages CP. Imo no space in front of an outside link edit ends up looking more like one space than if the edit has a space. I'll knock it off unless I hear differently (Those doggone voices I hear). Sometine there might be a talk page about it. —BruceHansen

2011-11-25 13:12:46   In the article I don't see the link for Occupy Davis since I changed it to Occupy UC Davis. Since this is a long article, it seems helpful to have these links as well. Normally category links belong on a page, but I don't know that these are category links. I didn't put Matt Carmichael; it probably should at least be in the article.

2011-11-27 23:52:51   Interesting — this was my first time shortening a URL, I wanted it to be easier for people to share. Thanks for the heads-up. —MeggoWaffle

2011-11-28 17:06:59   I took an "intense" class with Linda Bisson years ago; I rather liked her. —EdWins

2011-11-29 16:47:58   Agreed, got caught up with a conference call. Will work on it more later, or you're welcome to fix. I was going to add in a first level and replace most of the new first level ones into second level. —TomGarberson

2011-11-29 17:03:48   Agreed. It astounds me that the UCD lawyer got a salary increase of $45,000. His raise is more than most people make in a year. That money alone could cover about nine TA stipends at 50% for a quarter. And as they're paying admins more, they're removing the computers and phones from our department and charging us for printing, which essentially forces us to conduct our work for the university using our own personal resources. Fun stuff. Too bad I'll be here at least six more years. —MeggoWaffle

2011-11-29 17:34:07   I've got no objection to it, as long as folks don't think it detracts from the seriousness. I'm going to finish sorting the news reports by date and then head on out. —TomGarberson

2011-11-29 23:47:33   No problem. I took about 200 pictures that day, there were bound to be a few good ones. —MeggoWaffle

2011-11-30 02:42:48   "UCD Police Pepper Spray Seated Protesters" heading with seven categories - This heading serves the purpose that I was proposing with "Introduction." 1 - 7 represents a lot of content that was totally missing in the toc. —BruceHansen

2011-11-30 21:39:53   I removed a common lie that has been circulating around the Occupy Movement. Corporate personhood predates the Citizens United ruling by a century or two. The ruling did not establish any new rights for corporations. It simply held that the FEC's restrictions on "electioneering communications" 60 days prior to a primary election or 30 days prior to a general election were a violation of the first amendment. These restrictions applied to corporations (including non-profits like the ACLU) and individuals alike. The "electioneering communication" standard used by the FEC was especially troubling. It held that Fahrenheit 911 was not an electioneering communication because the point of the movie was to make money. If you actually care about your message and aren't motivated by profit? Too bad, the FEC wants to regulate you. —WilliamLewis

2011-12-01 09:48:17   The "inequity" refers to the (IMO erroneous) conclusion, and the conclusion thus explains the accusation. It's not my conclusion, but understanding that there's a segment pushing the idea that Occupy is racist is important to note. That has nothing to do with any actual racial makeup or even any actual fact, it's merely a statement that some people are using their conclusion that there is inequity to pitch that the Occupy movement is racist. It seems to be the popular move in the last couple decades to try and marginalize groups and individuals you disagree with (doubly horrific when it causes blase about actual racism). —JabberWokky

2011-12-01 09:51:40   If you follow my tortured statement above, see this edit where I tried to work it into the phrasing. It could probably be clarified even more. Something along, "accusations of racism are based on claims of inequity, drawn from the observation that" or even "...drawn from the perception that". Something along those lines might make it more clear that the "inequity" is referring to a conclusion, much like "racist". —JabberWokky

2011-12-01 10:20:49   The term racist? Yes, that's the going angle on various websites with words like "patriot" and "red" in the domain name. It's not helping that the likes of David Duke and various Nazi groups have tried to "support" the movement (and been kicked out of a few gatherings). Even FOX has dabbled in it of late. It's certainly one of the handfuls of mud being slung. —JabberWokky

2011-12-01 10:24:55   Incidentally, keep in mind that this is all in relation to an act occurring in Davis Occupy: people yelling "White Power" protesters. I wouldn't have even raised it otherwise. —JabberWokky

2011-12-01 19:20:51   Ah, yes. It is conjecture, the same as the conjecture that the people yelling are white supremacists. I think it's a slightly more likely theory given that it's being yelled at a particular group (as opposed to, say, Farmers Market vendors), and it fits in with the same stereotypes that are causing the thrown coins. But yes, both explanations are certainly conjecture. I just thought the first was on fairly shaky legs, as it didn't seem to fit the pattern (one group targeted, and the coins also being an aggressive act mocking the stereotype of Occupy among detractors). —JabberWokky

2011-12-04 14:27:44   Thanks. I think it's pretty shocking that so many are unable to see through admin rhetoric. —MeggoWaffle

2011-12-05 12:19:11   I'm surprised that you guys are so surprised. Nick simply started expanding to a list that had already been sitting there for about a year. To get on his case about expanding such a list is like getting on somebody's case for expanding the list of animals on the town fauna list. It's almost like, hey we don't actually want a list of *all* the animals, just a random sampling. —ScottMeehleib

2011-12-05 12:31:33   For example, it looks like you added the Advertising category at some point. Why should some categories be added while others omitted? Am I the one missing something? I think Nick and I are both confused as to what the original point of the page was to be, if not in the end comprehensive? —ScottMeehleib

2011-12-06 09:03:08   Hey, is there anything in particular that could make the Businesses page less icky? While still including broader information than the old Businesses page did? I've made a suggestion or two on the talk page already. —NicholasBarry

2011-12-06 19:31:36   When I visited the camp on the quad over thanksgiving, I talked to somebody there who nicely explained the etiquette of living there. Luckily I had a house to stay in, but I asked him about the goals for the protest such as full funding of the University (which I think is appropriate as in the master plan you have referred to). He said that there wasn't consensus on full funding as a goal, and the only consensus was on establishing a democratic means of recalling the chancellor. I think thats not a bad goal, but if thats in response to the Chancellors response to the protest, then what was the protest for before that? It also occurs to me that the Regents and Legislature are probably more likely to sacrifice the Chancellor than setup full funding anyway. The protests I have attended were at the state Capitol which I think should be a more effective venue than the quad and even those seemed like a circus to me. At least the person I spoke to on the quad said that they had made some trips to the Capitol and Regents meetings to lobby though for some of their goals. —NickSchmalenberger

2011-12-06 20:00:03   I think protests without clear goals are a common problem in post industrial societies. Unfair labor practices and pollution in foreign countries are even more abstract here than police actions in Berkeley, so hype and fear mongering are rampant. I wish the protests at the Wisconsin capitol had worked, they seemed much clearer to me than the Occupy movement. I think recalling Scott Walker still has a chance though. I thought this blog post was good http://stavvers.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/cargo-cult-activism/ although I have to admit I found it as a sort of confirmation bias. —NickSchmalenberger

2011-12-07 21:00:24   dude, i help Fara edit her page. I have been going to her for the past three years. what is the problem with you saying I am associated with the business. you are allowed to delete a comment if it is a false statement. I haven't had this account for long and I just started leaving comments on people's pages. —mahmoudrezanaemeh

2011-12-08 17:43:36   That annotated fact sheet is great. Thanks for sharing. —MeggoWaffle

2011-12-13 06:27:27   You wrote: "I don't know why you're quibbling about this." For the record, we are not quibbling; we have a difference of opinion. Your position is "If the ducks hated bread, they wouldn't eat it." I do not agree with said position. Again, this is NOT a quibble, but a ocean-vast difference in our respective positions. —jasoncw

2011-12-22 18:46:30   That article you just posted needs wider circulation. Do you have any ideas how to work it into Linda Katehi? —WilliamLewis

2011-12-23 04:26:40   you are also reading far too deeply into my poorly phrased words that started it off —StevenDaubert

2011-12-24 03:45:22   would you define your dog as big? and perchance with lots of extra skin? —StevenDaubert

2011-12-24 13:49:19   sigh another edit conflict, we have a habit of multiple edit conflicts in a day

also, yeah, I totally went there with the include

break yourself —StevenDaubert

For a short time, the page read only:


But then, there were comments: Erm...not sure if leaving a comment here will despoil the wonderful emptiness of the page right now, but thanks for the suggestion about the Davis Dollars article - I added links to other media, and a photo from the recent Enterprise story. —NicholasBarry

  • Yep. It looks despoiled. Feel free to revert at will :)

Hey CP, we had a discussion about this a couple years ago. I know it seems weird, but hairstylists (even owners) tend to move around a bit throughout their careers, while keeping their own clientele. So it makes a strange kind of sense to have two separate pages. But we'll probably have more of a discussion... ;)) -Davidlm

What happened to your page. —JT

2011-12-26 20:30:51   I see your point. I'll keep an eye on them. —Davidlm

2011-12-26 20:46:32   Glad you reverted back too, as I always liked you page as well. My gf and have eaten at almost every restaurant in Davis (the ones worth going to at least) so I'm always curious what other local connoisseurs like your self have to say.

Regarding DW frustration, Sacwiki still needs work! :) Its actually been a nice sanctuary for me, when things get out of hand over here. I feel like I can get back to some of the real reasons why I started editing over here, i.e., sharing local knowledge, documenting, etc, (probably helps that I lived there for a while, too). Also, the mapping stuff they are doing over there is pretty awesome, which I like a lot.

Totally understand your feelings about original wiki aesthetic though. I actually think the WYSIWIG pretty nice, but I know skillful use of the non-WYSIWYG mark-up can be pretty fun, and it has its own way of building community. I'll miss parts of that, when it goes away, (if it does). —jefftolentino

2011-12-26 23:01:56   CovertProfessor, I want to thank you for your support on the identity issue. I have been in situations before where I am the only voice on gender-related issues, and it is not fun. It's definitely nice to not be alone on that front. —ActionFigureBarbie

2011-12-27 10:27:25   Ok got it. Thanks. —DavidFritsch

2011-12-27 10:43:16   Snapped a pic of you walking your "pet" edited for privacy:P —EdWins

2011-12-29 17:33:19   I've entered a bug in our bug tracker about the link edited behavior you saw on SacWiki. It's a known nit that I'd seen before — good to know you saw it in the wild. It'd be great to know about when you encounter issues like this! You can always shoot me an email at philipn@gmail.com or throw it up on the page here. —PhilipNeustrom

2011-12-31 00:14:39   Happy New Years Covert, hope all is well. —ndah100

2011-12-31 00:27:33   plz revert my bouncer page, I meant to edit in good way, however I am in MobilE, and it Won't work. —ndah100


1. This is a bad idea, by the way, for books that you want to keep. I know better.