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V.I.P. Studios Photography is a photography studio servicing the greater Sacramento Valley and Northern California. The studio is located in a two-story yellow house in Davis that is dedicated full-time to photography. V.I.P. Studios Photography offers photography services for weddings, maternity shoots, babies, families, high school senior portraits (Studio55 Seniors), UC Davis graduation portraits, executive headshots, commercial, events, passports, visas, and photograph restorations. Owner and staff are available to travel for any assignment.

The studio offers cutting edge products/services such as metal and bamboo prints, gallery wraps, albums, designer holiday cards, and much more. In addition, the studio offers a wide variety of framing options and the owner's design experience can help you decorate any wall in your house or business.

There are deals and promotions on their Facebook and Yelp pages. Their current deal is for Professional Headshots:

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See the comment archive for solicited (presumably) comments from 2009 through June 2011.

    2007-06-09 23:08:32   Getting the proofs and my first order was quick and timely just as they said. I put in reorders mid-May. I called yesterday and apparently they'll be ready in JULY. Not 7-10 business days but 7-10 WEEKS. They'll be nice the first time but screw you over the second. And they're incredibly expensive. Now that people do not have to go to them for yearbook pictures, I suggest shopping around or borrowing friend's old cap and gowns and taking your own pictures. —JoAnnaRich

    2007-08-14 15:21:33   This place sucks. The main photographer does not know how to take pictures. She counts on luck to get the decent pictures. They're over priced! Highly do not recommend. Sears Portraits, J.C Penny or even Walmart is better and cheaper than this place!!! They charged me $50 claiming that I did not returned my proofs, when I PERSONALLY walked it in! B.S Studios is what this place should be called. —Sam

    2007-10-13 23:38:14   I noticed that someone (probably a representative of VIP Portraits) made a copyright-related edit on this page today.

    When my wife and I got married in mid-2006, we retained copyright to our wedding photos by paying extra and granting the photographer permission to use the photos for her business purposes. She definitely wasn't thrilled about the arrangement, but I wasn't willing to ask anyone but my wife for permission to use our wedding photos as I saw fit. Plus, I think she (the photographer) reluctantly recognized that this is the path down which progress is taking us.

    I haven't worked with this studio (VIP Portraits), but if like me you're unwilling to pay for photos for which you don't retain copyright, you might try negotiating. Very little is ever set in stone, and persistence and chisels can take care of that which is set in stone. :)


      2007-11-27 13:57:06   I'm a UC Davis Alumni and over the past years, I've seen my friends photos taken at this studio, V.I.P. Studios and I've been very impressed time after time. My friend's print quality are very professional looking and they were posed professionally in the photos. You don't get these qualities by getting your photos taken at the mall or the stores like Wal-Mart. The prices that my friends paid for their high quality prints at V.I.P. Studios were exceptionally reasonable. Based on the quality of work and services that I've seen my friends get from this studio, I would highly recommend anyone have their senior portraits done at V.I.P. —StephenH

      2008-03-07 16:02:46   My roommate just showed me her senior portraits, and I was very impressed. The poses and expressions were natural and the picture quality was fantastic! I am graduating in the spring of 2008 and I will definitely be going to VIP Studios. My roommate recommends this photographer to all of our friends who are graduating if they want to have a fun, laid back shoot that produces awesome photos. —kikiwiki

      2008-04-06 21:49:03   I just got my senior pictures taken and it was a great experience. I hate getting pictures done but the environment was comfortable and the photographer was very professional and yet still hilarious. She also was open to how I wanted to be photographed. I just received my proofs about a week after my photos were taken and I have so many shots to choose from. Recommended if you want high quality photos and not cheap prints like you get from the mall. —WendyWoo

      2008-04-15 23:49:31   Had my sitting today and found it to be quick and pleasant. The photographer actually listened to what kind of poses I wanted, and let me pick out props and say no to ones I didn't like. I've been places before that tell YOU what to do for your own picture and that's no fun. I would recommend them for portraits if you're looking for a place with a more personal feel. —AynReyes

      2008-05-15 19:29:45   I had a terrible experience here. The photographer was rude, she didn't ask me anything about what I wanted and made me feel really uncomfortable, which showed in the pictures. I would not recommend this studio. —ShanaRose

      2008-06-09 19:17:48   I took my senior portraits in April, everyone at the studio was so friendly. I recieved my proofs in a week and as soon as I got my order in I recieved my prints in 3 weeks. The time that everything took was all expected because it says all that on the order form, nothing was late. My prints came out great and they look way better than anything I could have pulled off. When I first looked at the order I was a little overwhelmed with the prices, but I feel like I really got what I paid for when I look at how nice the quality of the prints came out. Plus they were very nice to me about editing one of my poses because I didn't like the background color. The photographer knows exactly what she's doing. I'll be using this studio again. —Adaleen

      2008-06-09 21:39:28   Evil. I'm sorry, but she screwed over Unitrans BIG TIME a few years ago. The picture quality was terrible, and when I asked for a re-print because you couldn't see faces, she asked me what my opinion mattered. When I told her my employees didn't want the pictures they paid for because they were terrible and it wasn't just what I thought, she said that in the grand scheme of things, the $20 each person paid for the pictures didn't matter. YOU DON'T SAY THAT IF YOU'RE IN BUSINESS. She ended up not talking to me because I'm a student, and would only do business with my General Manager. She eventually gave us reprints, except that it turns out she took a terrible picture to begin with so she only argued because she couldn't do any better. Big bummer. Big, big bummer. She wouldn't work with any of my co-workers, either, because "we're students" and beneath her. —ChristyMarsden

      2008-06-11 19:29:44   I totally recommend this place for senior portraits! I was surprised to see how fast they gave me my order. They are also very friendly and will do anything to help. For example, there was a problem with two of my pictures and they simply reordered them and I got them in 3 days. The photographer is so friendly and made me feel comfortable during the photo session. The results were great! The photos are very high quality. For example, the paper is very nice and so is the retouching. I have no complaints! —leahgue

      2008-08-07 14:27:08   I came to vip studios in june to get my grad photos and had a great experience overall. The staff was helpful and had my pictures ready in a resonable amount of time. I was very pleased with the quality of the photos and was happy to hand them out. Looking at all the photos in the studio i would definitely reccommend this place to families and other graduating seniors. The photographer is also good at positionig you for great shot.


        2011-07-01 14:17:32   Pretty efficient. However, I felt that my photo was a bit too "retouched" because my teeth were a bit too white. Other than that, I have no complaints. —ConnieP

        2011-07-01 14:29:51   I called a few days before my actual appointment and they were nice about letting me reschedule another time. The photographer was funny and she try to loosen me up, she even let me look at pictures after taking it. When I did not like it, she let me retake it. The proof came in 1 week from the time I took the pictures, so it wasn't too bad. —LisaChu

        2011-07-04 17:39:52   I got my graduation pictures taken with VIP Studios. They looked wonderful. There were many different proofs to choose from. The turnaround for proofs and the pictures were quick. —kchen

        2011-07-05 12:48:47   The proofs came really quickly and so did my order which I had delivered to my house. The only bad thing I would say is that they are not open on the weekends and there isnt any mailbox for you to drop off your proofs/order so I had to pay USPS to ship it. But overall a nice pic end with UCD. —conntang

        2011-07-05 13:52:01   I took my graduation photos here and had a pleasant experience. The quality of the pictures undoubtedly exceeded my expecatations. Ara was very friendly and attentive during my photo session. She took a lot of pictures of me using a variety of poses, props, and backgrounds. I received my proofs just a few days after my photo session, which was great because I needed to place my order just before graduation. I had so many great proofs/prints to choose from that I had a difficult time narrowing them down to a few. I had a lot of questions regarding my order and pricing and everytime I received the assistance I needed. All of my family and friends were very impresses with my nice, professional graduation portraits. Thanks VIP Studios! —Cogaz

        2011-07-08 13:31:50   I am pleased with V.I.P. Studios Photography. The staff is really friendly and courteous. One need not be afraid to ask questions. Aria, the photographer, was nice as well. She tried to make the photo shoot as fun as possible by making conversation and by making a positive environment. (I forgot which song, but a sad Rhianna song started to play on the radio. As a result, she had the lady at the front desk change it.) As for the work, I wasn't pleased with 50% of my proofs at first. They looked like they were of low quality. However, when I picked up the pictures that I ordered, I was amazed! They turned out 100% better than what they looked like on the proofs. That made me happy. i must admit that the pictures are somewhat pricey, but since they are college senior pictures, I can see how it's worth it. I would definitely recommend this studio. One thing I would like to note though is follow up on your order. The lady who I ordered pictures with told me that my order would be done in two weeks. but i didn't receive then until the fourth week after i initially ordered. i think the policy is that the pictures would be done 2-5 weeks after the orders are made; but i felt since she told me an approximate time, it would have been nice if someone called me to let me know the status of my order. —AntonetteAnunciacion

        2011-07-11 12:46:55   I decided to get my senior portrait done after graduation when I had more time. V.I.P.'s online appointment setup is easy to use, and my actual appointment went smoothly and quickly. The photographer, Ara, is extremely friendly and clearly knows what she's doing! The turnaround time for the proofs was pretty quick, and I had a hard time choosing which pose I liked best! When the portraits came in two weeks later, I was pleased with the retouching job she had done on the stray hairs around my neck. My parents love the finished product, and I'm really pleased I chose to capture the end of my Davis career with a senior portrait! —SamanthaDullea

        2011-07-25 14:43:14   My experience with VIP Studios was fantastic. I felt kind of awkward going into the appointment and was afraid that I was going to end up with tons of pictures with fake smiles but Ara made me feel totally comfortable. I ended up with a bunch of great photos in a variety of poses to choose from. I received my proofs and following prints very quickly and can honestly say I was completely satisfied with all my interactions with VIP Studios. —StephanieVilla

        2011-07-27 20:25:44   I came here for taking senior portraits. When I received my order of picture, there was a faint print mark on the picture, so I brought it in and informed them to see if I can get a replacement. They were really nice about it and processed a new order for me right away. Overall, I had a nice experience with VIP. The ladies there are pretty cool too =) Great place near campus for taking senior portraits! —CZhou

        2011-07-29 09:29:07   I received my portraits recently and I am very, very satisfied. They are good quality, and they did a wonderful job with touch-ups! I've received many compliments from many friends, and I am recommending the studio to friends already. One dislike: too much of a jokester and/or inappropriate jokes and comments. I left the photo shoot feeling uncomfortable and just glad it was done. I would suggest an improvement in that area. The portraits, however, are awesome, and so was the time of delivery. It overrides any discomfort from the photo shoot and makes me want to consider going to VIP for my next event. It is pricey, but to me it was worth it. —AnkoryRamirez

        2011-08-02 13:19:39   Absolutely LOVED it here. Ara is an awesome photographer, my pictures came out great. Plus she's freaking hilarious. I brought my dogs and she handled them like a champ and the photos with them came out super cute. They were quick to call me and update me on the status of the prints. Totally recommend this place :). —SamiraGhorbani

        2011-08-13 11:03:54   Taking your Grad Pics here is fast and easy. The people are friendly and helpful. Just make sure you don't drive past the house looking for something that looks like a commercial building, yes the studio is inside the house at 501 K street. Its right on the corner of K and 5th you can't miss it. —ScottNichols

        2015-06-13 17:47:29   I had my professional pictures done at VIP studios Photography. Ara is fun, friendly and creative in her work and she really does it well. I recommend everyone to this place. —kkatundu

        2015-08-12 15:08:53   I dropped in to the studio without an appointment and Ara was able to get me in right after the client she was working with. I needed custom sized photo for an online application. She took the time to read the instructions and let me know the process and quote me a fair price. Luckily she did not have anyone booked after me and I was able to have her resize and submit the digital right there and then. There were beautiful portraits on the walls and I found out that the studio has been in Davis for a long time and that Ara has been in business full time. —isohn0702

        2016-03-27 18:25:08   I walked into V.I.P. Studios at 3:00 with an urgent request, and by 4:30 Ara had gotten me to smile enough times to get a bunch of good portraits for my City Council Campaign materials. Over the weekend she professionally retouched the headshot we selected, and voila it was incorporated into my canvassing brochure. I couldn't be more pleased. Her work was responsive, delivered ahead of schedule, professional and very reasonably priced. BTW, getting me to smile naturally is no easy task. —Matt_Williams