2008 Show

Once a year, Davis is home to the largest Volvo show and swap meet on the West Coast. Volvo enthusiasts come together at Central Park for the VCOA Volvo Show and Swap Meet to show off their high mileage, high performance, and rare vintage models. Over the past 10 years, the meet has grown from about 10 cars to over 120. The show is accompanied by a raffle, a barbeque and awards

The show usually takes place in Late April or Early May, usually on Sundays. More info can be found on the VCOA website.

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Do you think some of the enthusiasts know where to find volvo parts? I would love to fix mine up —StevenDaubert

2008-02-28 00:09:46   There is a swap meet at the show that you can usually find anything you need for reasonable prices. Otherwise if you're searching online, is a pretty good parts supplier. —AndrewHartman

2010-05-10 05:51:48   I missed this year's show! Just found out about it. I tried visiting the website listed above but didn't find any info. Is there an email sign up for notification of next year's date in Davis? thnx —kettle

2011-01-24 13:51:29   The link for the VCOA website needs updating....but here's how to find out when the next Swap Meet in Davis is (Sunday May 15, 2011)

2011-01-24 13:55:44   Here's the Sac Area Volvo Club link: and the Bay Area Volvo Club link: