1931/1933/1935/1937 E 8th street in E Davis near Grocery outlet/Dollar Tree
Office Hours: NONE
(Please fill in hours)
cell phone of landlord
No manager on site. Landlord is residing in Millbrae
rental price keeps increasing each year.

VJ Manor is a fourplex made out of cardboard box. It is owned by Vijendra Singh, the slum landlord.

Features & Amenities

No pool, no laundry, no great free things (except cockroaches). One AC jammed into the window upstairs that only cools that one single room, washer hookup, fridge included. Wall heater in downstairs living room that in some unit works, but still does not heat the upstairs bedrooms/bathroom at all, while in other unit it doesn't work, or PG&E drilled a hole on it to prevent tenants from using it due to high CO accumulation. No "extra" amenities at all, a small courtyard comes with each unit. No pets allowed (have plenty of cockroaches as pets. kitchen has sink, oven, fridge. No microwave, no garbage disposal, no dishwasher. Linoleum is the first linoleum laid down since the 1970s when this fourplex was built.


Apartment is located on E 8th and can be accessed by Unitrans L line.

Bicycle - it's about 1.5 miles from UCD

Pedestrian - closest shopping store is Grocery outlet and Dollar Tree.

Parking - one carport/unit

Floor Plans

If you know the different apartment sizes with their corresponding rent, you can put the information in the following table for easy reference: Apartment is about 950 sqft $1200 per month, Deposit amount: $1000

Worst apartment you can live in Davis.


This place is a such a shame, no need for photos.


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2014-10-05 11:39:44   I lived in your unit not too long ago! Wow, I guess you know the place like no other because your description is very accurate indeed. The only additional comment I would add that although the landlord ask for the same amount of rent from each tenants, each unit is actually different when it comes to amenities and conditions. If you're lucky, you get the decent one, if you're unlucky you get the shittiest one. And like written here, the slum landlord definitely has more layers of skin on his face than most others and will not be shy about that at all. Oh, and he'll trap you into the rental saying he is making a special deal for you. Gossip: it's not a deal. Everyone else pays the same...and again, the units are totally different and should be charged accordingly. But what do you expect from a slum landlord? Oh and the hoarders got evacuated, I know this from the PhD student who is still living there (at least last time we met- which was back in June this year). And yes, her place is the shittiest, so make sure you rent that accordingly if she decides to move out...especially if the rent has really gone up to $1000-$1200!!!! I think the number for that unit is 1935...just thinking how the numbering goes...I may be wrong though...right side of the fourplex, first residence! —TinaFaraday