Visitors to Davis's farmers market may notice that there is a vacuum in a tree across the street from the market. The vacuum tree is located on the corner of 4th Street and C Street, in front of a big white house.

Though the origin of how this vacuum ended up in the tree is still a mystery, one possible scenario of this vacuum's fate is that it was put there by an art student. The message the student might have been trying to communicate is that we need to return to nature and break the control of society from sucking our souls out. Though there is a rumor that the vacuum was first put there by the first settlers in Davis, since it is in front of the oldest structure in Davis. The settlers would have put it there since when they first moved to Davis there was actually no electricity in Davis. So they would not have needed the vacuum. Upon closer inspection of the vacuum, one must note the date engraved on the back of the handle which reads "Jesus was here- 97 B.C." (rumor). Another possibility is that some random person just put it in the tree. Yet another possibility is that the vacuum was intended to control leaf litter before it became a problem — in other words, to nip it in the bud.

This disproves the old adage that "nature abhors a vacuum."

Some people visit it during farmers markets and it is a spectacle for anyone who encounters it.

Physicists have developed an equation to describe the appearance of large sucking and cleaning devices in large plants. The tendency of a vacuum to appear in a tree is called the permittivity of tree space, and is represented by the equation:

ε0 = 1/(c0µ0t), where c0 is the speed of light in tree space, µ0 is the magnetic constant variable, and t is the average number of squirrels found in the tree.

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