This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


1300 East Covell Boulevard
In Oak Tree Plaza, you know, by Pole Line Road and Covell
5am-1pm Mon-Fri., 5am-12:30 Sat-Sun
(530) 758-0390
Payment Method
Cash only

Variety Donuts served doughnuts and doughnut holes. They also supplied the UC Davis Coffee House with donuts. It was replaced by another donut shop called Pink Dozen.


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2007-06-08 11:37:59   This is my local donut store. They are friendly and nice, generally. They serve a standard kinds of donuts, that are very tasty on a Saturday morning. —RocksandDirt

2008-02-03 13:13:13   Great cinnamon twists. —DavidFeliz

2008-02-08 10:01:45   i love this place! i really crave for them at times! long live variety donuts! hail to the owners! —davisrox

2008-08-16 13:32:33   I am stressing out this weekend to finish a huge project and around lunchtime Sat. I started craving donuts (fuel of writers everywhere...) I decided to go to Variety Donuts, not realizing they close at 12:30 on the weekends. Not only did they let me in the door after they were technically shut (turning the donut case lights back on and everything), but after I realized I didn't have enough cash for donuts they gave me a half dozen for free, saying "pay me next time." I will pay them back with interest: the donuts are delicious. I might get the project done now after all... —PhoebeAyers

2009-01-22 11:03:53   The folks who run this place are saints. My son and his friends stopped by before school once a week from 10th to 12 grade, until they graduated last summer. Anyone who can tolerate a bunch of teenage boys weekly gets my vote for excellent customer service! —NotSure

2009-06-17 01:39:44   I love variety DONUTS! The people are so nice. There's no donuts at Nugget for a reason. Get them here and support this awesome store! —GreezySweezy

2009-09-11 20:23:21   Great apple fritters - crispy edges are the best! —arynkoo

2009-12-24 19:33:54   These doughnuts are great — much better than the ones at Fluffy Donuts, in my opinion. The jelly doughnut is full of tasty jelly. Crullers are very good, too. And they will often throw in an extra doughnut or two if you are buying near closing time. But the main thing is how lucky Davis is to have local doughnut shops rather than big chains which are nowhere near as good. —CovertProfessor

  • I've never seen a city of size without a local donut shop. —KellyM
    • In California, yes. In other states, for a town of ~65,000 people? Very likely not.

2010-05-26 17:33:17   apple fritters from here are amazing, all of the donuts are always solid (in a non literal sense) and the family that owns it is very nice —StevenDaubert