Inside the Veterans Memorial Theatre, one of part of the VMC complex.

203 E. 14th St. (between Davis Senior High School and the Davis Branch Library)
For reservations call: (530)757-5626
February 24th, 1974

The Veterans Memorial Theatre is a 325 seat house and is perfect for meetings, conferences, dance recitals, live theatre and music. The theatre has a box office, concessions area, green room and the trained staff to ensure you will have a successful event. For more information on equipment or theatre specifications go to

For information on upcoming shows go to

Adjacent to the theatre, the Veterans Memorial Center contains a 60 foot x 80 foot multi-purpose room which seats 425, a 40 foot x 40 foot club room (seating 120), a large kitchen with commercial food preparation facilities, and a 28 foot x 32 foot game room (seating 75). It is used for the annual Holiday Meal and recently for Davis is Burning. For more information go to

The Veterans Memorial Center is internationally renowned for its Yoga and Pilates classes as well as church services, community meetings, and various multi-cultural weddings. There is a marker stone out front.

For reservations, contact the Community Services Department.

The recently completed addition to the theatre

The dedication plaque in the courtyard listing some of those involved in establishment

The previous sign for the theater, year of replacement unknown

Out front there is the Aileen Johnson Bench and the Chiles Memorial Rose Garden.

Also check out the Davis Veterans of Foreign Wars website:

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