This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


1770 E 8th St.
(East Davis in Davis Manor shopping center, next to International Food Market, R & R Thrift and Shangri-La Restaurant)
Sun-Thurs 10am-10pm
Fri & Sat 10am-11pm

Videos To Go is cheaper than Blockbuster, and is independently owned, like 49er Video. The ownership and management changed in May 2007. Their selection of new releases isn't great, but if you have a VCR or want to watch an old movie, then this is certainly your place.

WE ARE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. The last day to rent is May 24th, 2009. We will be closing on May 31st. All of our inventory and fixtures are for sale. So far our DVD prices range from $5.99-$9.99+tax for most titles. Videos To Go would like to thank all of those who have supported us for the last 26 years.

Rental Prices:

New Releases: $3.25 + tax for 1 night. Most of the New Releases are $3.25 + tax for 4 nights. Regular DVDs: $2.80 + tax for 4 nights VHS: $1.87 + tax for 4 nights 5 DVDs/VHS for $7.46 + tax everyday of the week (excludes new releases and hot titles) Prepay 10 DVDs for $27.17 + tax Blu-ray New Release: $3.94 + tax for 1 night Blu-ray library title: $3.71 + tax for 4 nights.

Pre-viewed DVDs for Sale: $7.42 + tax. Pre-viewed VHS for Sale: $1.86 + tax.

Method of Payment accepted: Cash Check MasterCard & Visa: $6 min. required. (but they can add a credit to your account)

Membership Requirements: 1. Driver's license / California ID 2. Credit or debit card 3. Two phone numbers

Welcome to Videos to go. Here is some information that will hopefully come in handy for current and future customers: We are a privately owned business and we need to protect our inventory and at the same time try to keep our prices fair. For this reasons we would like you to know our policies and provide some information on how we came about them. Thanks to my staff, friends and loyal customers, Videos to Go has begun and will become a better video store. Hopefully the following information will help create a helpful dialogue between management and customers. We welcome any suggestions at

As of May 1st, 2007, Videos to Go is under new management. We do hope that you will have a better experience if at any other time you ever had a negative experience. We will be beautifying the store and making our stock more accessible. We are currently trying to sell most of our VHS so that we can buy more DVDs and provide a better selection. Most of our New Releases are changed to 4 night rentals after a few weeks of being released. Our prices are lower than other rental stores, even with our late fees. For example, if you keep a 1 night rental 1 extra night, the movie will only cost you $4.00 with tax included. If we do not have a title that you are looking for we will add it to our list and will order it for you for rent or purchase. The purchase price for a new DVD will vary, but we will only charge you our distributor price+tax+shipping. We show our customers the screen so they can see for themselves that we are charging them our price. Purchase orders are usually ready by the following Wednesday. For those of you who do have trouble returning movies on time: Of course we would prefer that all movies be returned on time (by 8:00pm on the due date). The way I see it is return your movies on time and have a better chance of finding the movie you are looking for in stock. But of course life happens and we understand if you do not return a movie on time. Our late fees are very low ($0.50-$1.00/day). Our employees call our customers daily to remind them that their movies are more than 3 days late. We try very hard to avoid resorting to charging your credit card for the movies or reporting you to a collection agency. I just don't think its fair. So as long as you let us know that you will be returning the movies you will never get an unexpected charge on your credit card from us. In almost 4 years that I have been working in this business I have yet to see someone get charged for unreturned movies. Yey, please help us keep it that way!. Policies on Faulty DVDs and VHS: From time to time we do get a few faulty DVDs in circulation. We do apologize for this. To help avoiding this we have just purchased a new DVD repair machine that we will put to work as soon as it arrives. We will try to go through every DVD in stock to improve the rental quality of our stock. We would appreciate it if you let us know if a DVD is faulty so that we can take it out of circulation until it is fixed, sometimes the physical appearance is not enough to determine the quality of the dvd. In the mean time we will gladly give you a credit or exchange for the same titled movie and receive an extra day on your movie. Faulty DVD/VHS have to be exchanged within the rental period. This is because for most cases the DVD can be fixed with a simple clean. If you do not bring the DVD within the rental period then we lose the opportunity of renting the movie and thus lose a customer who would have wanted the movie you returned late. So please do not think that just because the DVD did not work on your DVD player it is not working and think that it will not matter that you have returned it late. If you cannot bring in the faulty DVD or VHS then just give us a call to notify us. Reserving Movies: We do offer same day reservations. This is so all our customers get a fair chance of getting the movies they were looking for. About 90% of those who make reservations forget about them and we are left with a movie on the shelf waiting to be picked up and by the time those who made the reservations decide to calls us back (after we have called them as soon as we get the movie in) they tell us that they forgot, changed their minds or worst of all had gone to the BIG Chain store to get the movie. Very annoying to us and those customers who could have left happily with their movie. About the beautification of the store: I do have to admit that the store did have some funky smell, but it was because our back doors used to be opened in the morning to let some "fresh" air in, but instead a funky smell was let in from the outside. So thanks to finally noticing this, cleaning the store more efficiently, adding some plants and of course B&BW wallflowers the store has a nice pleasant smell. We are working very hard to reorganize everything so that it is easier to find. We hope to have our finished product by the end of the summer or even earlier. Do not be discouraged from coming in to the store before seeing the final product! If you can't find something right away please ask, it might be on our AFI, Drive In, or our new section that we are still working on. We do hope you will be pleased with the beautification. For those of you who have commented on our successful progress we honestly thank you, because due to all the positive comments you give us more hope and strength to keep it going.

So please come in and see for yourselves that Videos to Go is on the road to becoming better than before. Thanks, Management

Other video rental options in Davis include the Davis Branch Library. If you can't remember the name of that hip and interesting title you were hoping to mention at Roma, try their "Cult" section.

The store has been taken over by Expressions Hair Design.


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2005-02-26 18:13:10   Do they have a list somewhere online of all the videos they have? —EmilyAnderson

2005-03-06 23:23:13   I love their selection of films, they are often the only place in town with the movie I want. Some examples: The harder they come, Sweet sweet back's badass song... —MikeSiminitus

2005-10-11 00:25:03   Stores like this one are the reason I love East Davis. It's perfectly functional but not pretentious —ShayneErw

2005-10-11 00:59:12   Wow, VHS rentals are still only $2? I remember those being the prices when I went there as a kid (10 years ago) (I remember way back before davis had a blockbuster....) —RyanCastellucci

2005-10-17 16:22:08   Best video/dvd rental store in Davis-great prices and very friendly service. If you don't see what you want, they will reserve for you. —MyaBrn

2005-12-22 11:21:32   I take back everything nice I said before. We had a terrible experience there yesterday. The employee accused us of not returning a dvd we rented last weekend, when i said i had returned it he essentially called me a liar. Even though there were big stacks of rentals that behind the counter, he refused to look for it. I tried contacting the store today to speak to owner/manager and a man with a heavy accent said the owner was never there. i asked for a mailing address where the owner would receive my letter and the man refused. I then asked for the mans name, he hung up on me. The quality of service has really gone down. Update as of 1/2/06: After i wrote management a letter and made a complaint to the BBB, the DVD was found by the store. They didn't bother to call me though, I had to call them to make sure. —MyaBrn

2006-05-29 22:22:14   MyaBrn, I work for Videos To Go, and I'd just like to say that I'm really sorry this happened. I recall this incident, but I wasn't working during those days. However, we fired the guy for being so rude and unwilling to help customers. —BabiBlujay

2006-09-19 19:47:36   They have SNES games for rent. I haven't seen a place that does that in years. —MichaelMurray

2006-09-19 19:53:07   I owe Videos To Go a lot of money for a way overdue movie that I though I turned in. Does anybody know if they're lenient on this kind of thing if I just talk to them about it? —JohnDudek

2006-09-20 12:02:54   I went in for a look the other day, and the whole place smelled so musty that I had to leave. —AlexPomeranz

2007-06-17 21:22:01   New management and ownership began 5/1/07. —HBLoyola

2007-07-09 16:25:27   Yay! My boycott may end.I will be back since its really out of the way to go to 49'er. BTW- thanks for the update , I wish i had bookmarked the page to see the response to my comment... —MyaBrn

2008-03-05 10:53:59   I went to 49er video last week because their copy of Darjeeling was rented out. I ended up paying like 2 dollars more there for a rental. I highly recommend checking this place first, though it would be nice if they carried a few more of the new releases. —GregMediati

2008-06-29 16:17:48   Hey Dudek, this response is about two years too late, but yeah, they're pretty cool about late fees.

This store is awsome. They have a lot of oddball stuff, as well as the hits. —DavidFeliz

2009-09-11 20:29:50   This was the greatest video store ever! They always had the movie I was looking for even if it was fifteen years old. I will miss this place dearly. Goodbye Videos To Go... —arynkoo