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Cabinet (2017-2018)
President: Violet Nguyen
Internal VP: Nhien Nguyen
External VP: Matthew Nguyen
Meeting Time
Wednesdays @ 8 pm
Meeting Location

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) is a social and cultural club at UC Davis founded in 1981.

We promote Vietnamese culture on and around campus to everyone interested in the Vietnamese culture; share current events and social issues surrounding the Vietnamese worldwide; and provide philanthropy to Vietnamese-based organizations year-round.

VSA at UCD is among the most active Vietnamese Student Associations in Northern California.

We strive to continue the Vietnamese traditions, for fear of it becoming extinct as the new generation replaces the old. We must continue to strengthen and continue the Vietnamese language and culture! And we can only do so with the participation of members - like YOU!

Our two biggest events of the year are Bike-A-Thon and Culture Show. Bike-A-Thon is a full day of activities and adventure in which participants from VSA and all over California bike from Davis to Sacramento and back. Culture Show is a night where we showcase Vietnamese culture through acting, singing, dancing and more! We are always looking for new participants and volunteers for Bike-A-Thon and performers for Culture Show so don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested! Many people who don't come out to weekly meetings come to our two big events and thoroughly enjoy them.

CHECK US OUT! Join our Facebook group and/or sign up to get monthly newsletters. VSA is where you can meet tons new people and possibly make some lifelong friends.

Former Cabinet


  • President: Tony Le
  • Internal VP: Tiffany Pham
  • External VP: Chi Nguyen


  • President: Austina Nguyen
  • Internal VP: Tony Le
  • External VP: Huy Nguyen


  • President: Steven Chu
  • Internal VP: Dalena Tran
  • External VP: Nancy Le


  • President: Steven Chu
  • Internal VP: Bryan Bui
  • External VP: Phuong-Anh Tu


  • President: Crystal Huynh-Kim
  • Internal VP: Suzie Lam
  • External VP: Jonathan Minh-Man Tran


  • President: Linh Ho
  • Internal VP: Vincent Lin
  • External VP: Crystal Huynh-Kim