A Viking Shield, made by a Davis resident

Though it may not be immediately apparent, there have been many documented cases of Viking activity in the city of Davis.

  • The Viking Apartments is an apartment complex on D Street, reportedly home to several real Vikings.
  • Jason Fisk, a Davis High School graduate, was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings, though the connection between the football team and dark age norsemen is somewhat dubious. Fisk was not charged in, and possibly absent from, the very viking-like drunken boat-sex incident.
  • Davis heavy metal band Mortal Forever has been known to use Viking imagery in some of their song lyrics
  • During the fall semester of the 2007-08 school year, the Davis High School Viking Club was established. Dedicated to the appreciation of Vikings and Viking-related art (particularly Heavy Metal music), some members of the band Mortal Forever (see above) were members. The club was quickly disbanded due to lack of member participation.
  • Some Davis residents have been known to make their own Viking-related paraphernalia, such as Viking shields, or a Viking dragon head adornment for their canoe.
  • In Lake Berryessa, there is a cove where several rocks have been organized to spell out the word "Viking". This is known to have been done by a group of Davis residents
  • As part of their German classes, UC Davis holds a class on Myth and Saga in the Germanic Cultures, which includes study of the Norse Eddas.
  • The English Country Dancers occasionally face Viking raiders on their villages.