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2008-01-16 16:47:26   For a long time the foccacia supplied to stores was coming in a bag that specified the contents both as "1 pound" and as "14 oz" (2 oz short of a pound). I found this distressing. Probably this says more about me, but I bet that's no defense with the FTC. The foccacia's pretty tasty, incidentally. —oliverevilo

2008-01-22 20:14:10   great pizza and asiago bread 9/10 —KaiWan

2008-01-24 22:30:04   YES! this is the BEST pizza place in davis. I crave their cheese pizza on a regular basis!!! if i'm in a bad mood their pizza always cheers me up. the guys that work in there are super nice and really friendly. i love everything about this place and would recommend it to anyone. :) —kaymac

2008-02-01 19:20:09   Yummy, yummy pizza. They might want to change their voice message on the answering machine though. It says that they're closed until Jan. 5th...of next year? —GabeDavis

2008-02-01 20:56:34   This pizza is fantastic. The best in Davis and really reasonably priced! When I went in tonight, there was a #11 listed on the menu board. It was some sort of spinach-pesto pizza. Does anyone know if this is a regular menu item or is it a special? —havanese

2008-02-10 20:16:12   This place is awesome. I'm here nearly everyday around 4 or 5pm cause its right near my work and its cheap and the employees are awesome. —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-02-17 14:05:59   Amazing bread. As an amateur bread snob, I thoroughly approve. :] —AlisonBree

2008-02-19 21:54:40   Great pizza, but sometimes they charge extra for getting 1/2 and 1/2 (split topping) pizzas... Wish they were open later. —mj

  • I get half and half all the time, and im not charged extra. I think they just take the price of the more expensive pizza (if you are ordering from the set menu). Im not sure about custom topping orders —MattHh

2008-02-28 09:38:28   I love this place! I'm pretty snooty when it comes to breads and I wholeheartedly approve and praise any of their daily baked, superfresh breads. Oh, and the pizza is definitely the best in Davis (and actually in a lot of places I've been to for that matter). —AmberHMa

2008-03-03 17:27:33   BEST. DANISHES. EVER. —BillKendrick

2008-03-14 16:47:00   *PUBLIC NOTICE* Village Bakery hires "illegal aliens" to drive down the wages of American citizens and also to avoid paying taxes to the government! This unlawful business owner needs to be fined and have the spot-light focused on his illegal business practices, which are taking place right now, in the city of Davis, California. Go ahead and ask the Owner Mr. Aziz Fattahi, "Who bakes your bread?"

And if you are an "illegal alien" and need a job, I'm sure Village Bakery has room just for you. If not, the Owner could always let some hard working American go. It's a simple cost/benifit analysis.

The American citizens that work at Village Bakery are hard working people that are not paid what they are worth because Aziz Fattahi knows that he can hire an "illegal alien" to do the same job, for half the hourly wage.

Village Bakery's bread might be okay, but Village Bakery's illegal operation is NOT!!!

Think twice before you support this business with your hard earned money! Thank-you for your time.

1776 until Infinity! Don't Tread On Me! —LetJusticeBeServed

  • awesome. since i don't support nationalist biggotry i'll be sure to stop by there.
  • I agree with Jessica and dude, you're an idiot again. Any undocumented immigrant has some sort of social security number, whether its fake or someone else's. The owners use those numbers to pay taxes on the wages for these undocumented immigrants. Yes, undocumented immigrants pay taxes, they are taken out of their pay check. This is why the feds are reluctant to crack down on undocumented workers, it's huge tax base. -JamesSchwab

(It might be a good idea to consider: if you were trying to incite a reaction here on the wiki, could you craft a diatribe more loaded with hooks to lure people into a flamewar? Keep in mind if you go into this thread guns'a'blazing... that might have been the goal when this was posted. Also note that this person claims to be an ex-employee. —jw)

2008-12-15 17:18:07   Aren't illegal immigrants usually paid "under the table", and hence taxes would not be taken out of their salaries? —johnfisher

  • Not always. Often, they're employed under someone else's social security number, which means that the employer pays normal income taxes, SS taxes, FICA, and all of that stuff. The only step missing is that the taxes are never reconciled on a 1040, which means that the government just keeps the withholding for the number of exemptions listed. Since more people get refunds than have to pay additional taxes, this means that illegal immigrants often pay more in taxes than legal residents. —BrentLaabs

2008-03-15 00:22:52   I really like Village Bakery. I would buy more pizza there if I actually knew that the owner wasn't giving money to the murderous government in D.C. like "justice server" says. —PxlAted

2008-03-15 12:11:57   I would be worried if the owner is abusing undocumented workers by not paying them a fair wage. Many businesses will do this; hire undocumented immigrants, pay them well under minimum wage and threaten to call INS if folks complain. I have no problem if any owner wants to pay any worker a fair wage for hard work...immigration status is irrelevant.

But, do we have proof of this? Besides the overly enthusiastic complaints of someone who remains nameless?

On a different subject, the bread here is some of the best in town and the pizza is amazing, and the service has always been great. —AndrewPeake

2008-03-16 12:52:39   The pizza here is very very good, I really enjoy the veggie pizza. The asiago cheese bread is incredibly good (& addicting). —As to this little argument above, the term "illegal alien" is a bit out-dated. JamesSchwab's "undocumented immigrant" term is more suitable. Also, a decent minded person would be concerned about how these immigrants aren't being paid fair wages- if what you say is really going on. Further, most of the "illegal aliens" I have worked with are some of the most hard working people I know, unlike the many young American workers who have had little work ethic. Making "hard working Americans" the victim seems a bit ridiculous to me.


I love the food at Village Bakery but....The business practices of Aziz Fattahi the owner have convinced me to look elsewhere for fine breads and pizza. They have a reputation treating employees at the production facility poorly and exploiting migrant workers. Not only is the bulk of the labor force undocumented these employees are underpaid and encouraged to lie and cheat to help the bakery save money. So next time you get a $2 slice of pizza do it knowing you are eating on the back of someone less fortunate than you. —KellyJack

—You choose to avoid Village Bakery's amazing food because you claim the labor force in the production facilities are treated poorly and underpaid? If that's the case, I couldn't imagine how long your list of avoided businesses is. —KirkSigander

2008-03-19 10:58:26   There are some serious allegations here by a couple of folks. Does anyone have any real information to back it up? I would be surprized if there was a lot of "illegal" labor being exploited at below minimum wages, as you can't live in or near davis for that, and you can't afford a car if you need to commute. So, I'm confused. —RocksandDirt

  • There are quite a few undocumented immigrants living and working in Davis, living in crowded apartments 2-3 to a room. I worked for a restaurant in Davis and all of our full-time kitchen employees were undocumented, about 6 people. I use to give them rides home and would event be invited over for dinner. Its possible to live in Davis on minimum wage when you have two families living in a 3 bedroom apartment and each adult member works at least two jobs. However, I would not doubt shady business practices. The owner of the restaurant I worked for would often time not pay the immigrants the overtime they worked. - JamesSchwab

** I'm not doubting that shady business practices exist, I'm asking for some kind of back up for the allegations in this article. You've provided some (an explaination of how undocumented folks make it work in davis), now does anyone know some who work at village bakery? The comment below indicates that it's not all workers that are undocumented, and while the work might be hard, 10 yrs is a long time to stay if it's 'abusive'. —RocksandDirt

2008-03-19 11:17:38   I know there is at least one legal worker in the baking facility: my brother-in-law, a US citizen, raised in Davis, has worked in the bakery for about 10 years. It sounds like an awful job, which may explain the status of some of the employees. —NoelBruening

2008-03-19 20:58:07   This place is my saviour — awesome bread and pizza. It shows how crappy almost all other Davis places selling pizza or bread are. (Actually, all others that I've tried.) Why can't there be more places of this quality? —JoFeuerstein

2008-03-26 11:51:18   The problem that people have with Village Bakery has to do with the way Mr. Fattahi tries to underpay workers. This occurs two ways; first he hires people and tells them that he will pay a certain wage and then pays them less on their checks. Mr. Fattahi had to go to court for this in 2006, lost and was forced to pay at least some back wages. The other thing he does is to change employee time cards after shifts and reduce the total hours that they work. These practices are what has led to the poor reputation Village Bakery has as an employer, hopefully this sheds some light as to why there is bad blood between workers and the Village Bakery management. —mamaLopez

2008-04-02 17:12:51   The last time I went the kids running it where very rude. We ordered a whole pizza that they said would be done in 10 minutes. 20 minutes later we asked if it was ready, no they said 10 more minutes. 20 minutes later we asked again and he said in a little bit. Then 1hr 40min from the time we ordered the previous cashier who took the order asked us what we where waiting for, we told him that we were waiting for the pizza and he told us that we were silly because it was sitting on top of the rotating pizza heater. Yeah thats why we asked if it was ours. If customer's are in their interest and I have been going there for years, the owner should do something about it. I haven't been there since that incident and don't plan to unless something changes. —mickey

2008-04-04 08:30:33   Running a retail and wholesale business with excellent products is not simple or easy. Aziz has fallen short on occasion, but who is perfect? The charges about immigrants without documents are easy to make and difficult to refute (although a statement of some sort would be welcome). But what can he or anyone really say, beyond "not accurate?" I have a lot of sympathy for the business owner faced with allegations. —DougWalter

2008-04-04 10:21:58   Village Bakery DOES hire illegal immigrants. This is a well-known fact throughout Davis.

Also, take a look at the recent changes due to the Village Bakery page, aziz deleted all the comments having to do with his illegal alien employees. This just supports the fact that he employs illegal immigrants. I would like to thank DougWalter for reposting the deleted comments.

Any true american would not support Village Bakery. —GeorgeBush

  • Brent?
    • This one isn't me. -BL
  • Almost every restaurant in Davis employs undocumented immigrants...and the agricultural, dairy, and meat industries also rely on undocumented immigrants. So, I guess a true American doesn't eat food? -JamesSchwab
  • Undocumented immigrants, what do they do? They cook your food, mow your lawn, build your house, clean your office, do your laundry, and in many cases take care of your kids. Therefore a "true American" should live in a run-down shack, eat grubs off dirt, wear filthy clothes, and have his kids run around in poopy diapers. And I believe that those making uninformed, disparaging and stupid remarks about "illegal immigrants" probably do live like that. The rest of us can live like civilized human beings. raevella
  • Please read Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, by Anthony Bourdain. You know those extremely expensive, fine dining restaurants that you can't afford to eat at? Illegal immigrants are probably touching your food and cooking it. THE HORROR. —KellyM

2008-04-04 11:01:41   Cite your source, please. Well known by whom? Based on what evidence?

Aziz appears to have deleted the negative comments because they implied extremely negative things about his business and business practices. That doesn't mean that they were true, or not true. It does not imply anything about whether or not Aziz actually does what the comments suggest - only that Aziz doesn't want those comments posted.

What gives you the right to say what a "true" american would do? Would a "true" american only support your opinion or your political positions? Wasn't this country founded on the principle that people should be able to express their opinions even if those opinions disagree with the majority? I believe that was enshrined in the First Amendment of the Constitution. —IDoNotExist

  • I'm pretty sure that's Brent, who likes to make jokes like this using provocative or cute usernames. At the very least, it is deadpan satire. (Also, Aziz is no longer just deleting the flamebait or deleting the entry, but has moved on to just removing all negative reviews and strangely a single positive review, but that's a different issues). Incidentally, I still think the original comment was calculated to be inflammatory, and the author has been very successful in that effort. YHBT —jw

2008-04-25 18:13:59   hmm... people making "statements" without hard proof. If I remember correctly, you have the right to stand up to your accuser. Hiding as an anonymous coward sucks. —atwong

2008-04-26 17:33:33   that also reminds me.. i know wheat prices have gone up and prices are the same but please please please, don't lower the quality (ie. please go back to the old sausage and the old sauce). I'm willing to pay for more quality pizza. —atwong

2008-04-26 18:57:41   One of the girls there makes the best slices ever. She didn't really know what to call it since she sorta just threw it together, but it had spinach, olives, feta cheese, bell peppers, onion, and zucchini; there was barely any cheese and it had pesto mixed with the sauce. It was so amazing. —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-05-05 00:00:34   I got the salad and a vegetarian pizza slice. Although it was very tasty indeed, I was a bit disappointed. Perhaps it was all the hype from reading the reviews. Prices were reasonable. I'll probably be coming back. —BenLee

2008-05-24 20:30:08   I had their vegetable and pepperoni slice. It was just okay. It wasn't bad but it isn't as great as some of the reviews above claims. If you go there, order their vegetable slice over the pepperoni slice. —justinhu

2008-06-12 17:35:50   I recommend going on Wednesdays or Thursdays during the day and asking the cute girl to make her spinach veggie specialty. I never knew lemon on pizza could be so yummy... —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-06-12 20:49:22   You can vote for your favorite Village Bakery pizza here:

2008-07-08 17:43:59   Best pizza in town. The roasted red pepper and goat cheese is amazing. —aml0515

2008-08-05 14:53:32   I tried a slice of pepperoni pizza, and it was incredibly greasy and the crust was thin and bland. The sauce, however, was good. I'd try it again, but I'd go for different toppings. —Kiran

2008-08-05 20:48:42   The quality of the pizza one gets for the price is amazing. Seriously one tasty pie. I guess the one drawback is that you have to pick from what is there if you want it fast. Still whatever you happen to get will be pretty good. They have a little pastry case (kinda pricey)... I only had the tiramisu, but it was some pretty good cake. —csy

  • The prices of the pastries goes down after a certain point in the day. Its like half off after 4pm or something. I forget the actual discount and the time. —SunjeetBaadkar
    • Yes, it's half off. I don't know the time either. —JoFeuerstein

2008-09-05 18:30:08   Sadly, Village Bakery bread is no longer sold at the south Davis Nugget. Happily, they come to the Farmers' Market every Saturday and is still available on site and at the Davis Food Co-op —Deacon

2008-09-12 21:30:25   The best pizza to get is a vegetarian with pepperoni added. —AmandaGarrison

2008-09-13 11:50:28   Last night my family shared a spinach pizza (sub red sauce for the usual caesar and light on the cheese, that's our favorite), a tiramisu and a berry tart. The total (with the discounted pastries) came to just over $21. The quality of the food we bought can't be beat in town for twice the price (with the possible exception of one of the taco trucks). Combine that with a cool evening outside in the shade, and it's one of my favorite dinners out at any price. Last night's pizza was amazing. It's always good, but last night they made the best pizza I've ever had. This was the first time we've ordered it with 1/2 the cheese, and I think that made the difference. It tasted much more balanced this way. The crust is unbelievable, and I was glad to be able to taste more of it. Also, one of the best things about VB is that they don't overdo it on the sauce. Many places seem to think that the more ingredients they put in the sauce, the better. Woodstock's especially, but many other places in town make a sauce so thick and packed with dried herbs that it's too cloying and heavy for a dish that should be a platform for a handful of simple complementary ingredients. VB complements their lighter, traditional Neapolitan style crust with a simple crushed tomato and garlic sauce (I don't know what's actually in it, but not much more than that, I think). I haven't bought pizza anywhere else since we started coming here.

My only minor complaint is that they put lemon juice on the tomatoes, which, while it makes them really tasty, is obviously from a bottle. All of the other ingredients are seem like the best available, and the bottled lemon juice flavor is slightly incongruous with the rest, but it's barely noticeable and didn't keep last night's pizza from being the best ever. —MatthewPearson

2008-10-21 12:41:31   oh yeah. delicious —ChrisWaterstraat

2008-11-11 00:09:20   O-M-G THIS PIZZA IS TO DIE FOR! I LOVE IT...and it is REALLY inexpensive. I love getting a thai iced tea from 2k and going over to Village for a veggie pizza slice...OMG SO DELICIOUS! The bread is really what makes the's no symposium pizza but for the price by-the-slice it EASILY beats out Woodstocks in my book. One time I had a less-than-happy experience when I purchased the last piece of veggie (which was old and kind of cold-looking) after being told they were totally out. After I bought the slice I left, came back for napkins and saw the waiter shame-facedly place a HOT, NEW veggie pizza in their display thingy...I was really sad. Aree Rating: 7.5/10 —ArianeMetz

2008-11-11 21:21:40   OMG - pizza from heaven! If only they did salads and T-shirts like Pizza My Heart... (it takes a "Village" you know...and a little pizza on the way never hurt anyone). These guys are the best pizza in town - - - and have fantastic breads, muff-cakes, goodies and the like. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!! —bhdjtd

  • Actually, they do have salads, but they are all pre-made and usually only sell a dozen or so a day. They run out a lot (I bought the last one they had today and its only 6pm), so you gotta get in early. —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-12-18 19:55:05   I went today at noon for the first time. I had a slice of cheese which was excellent and then I saw they brought out a fresh vegetarian so I got up and asked for a slice. The girl gave me two slices for one and it was VERY good. I will be back for sure, this place is like the Hotdogger of pizza. —GreezySweezy