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Linda Silverstein
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Village Yoga offers 90-minute Sivananda yoga classes for beginners, continuing students (Open Classes), prenatal students, and children (offered through the Davis Art Center). Sivananda is a classical form of yoga which offers a holistic approach. Classes are composed of breathing exercises, physical postures, and relaxation. Leave Sivananda class feeling calm, focused, and refreshed, rather than exhausted and sore. Integrating Sivananda yoga into your life will help you become your best you.

  • Beginner Series - Consists of (4) 90-minute classes which start at the very beginning. After completing this course you will be prepared to attend the Open (all-level) classes.
  • Open Classes - Offered on Tuesday or Thursday evenings at the Village Homes Community Center or on Tuesday or Friday mornings at the instructor's home courtyard/studio, this 90-minute class is designed for almost every level of yoga student.
  • Prenatal Yoga - Offered to intimate groups of 2-4 expectant mothers whose due-dates are within the same few months of one another, prenatal classes are continually tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of the mothers. Prenatal classes may be taught in durations of 60, 75, or 90-minutes, depending on the mothers' needs.
  • Yoga for Children - 45-minute classes for children ages 5-8 and 60-minute classes for children ages 9-12 are taught at the Davis Art Center. These Sivananda-inspired classes are taught in a series of 6 classes and run continually throughout the school year. Registration must be done either in person at the Davis Art Center or online on their website.


  • Beginner Series - $50/4-class series.
  • Open Classes - Each new student's first open class is free. After that, $13/class.
  • Prenatal Classes - $13/class.
  • Yoga for Children - $10/class for younger children (5-8), $12/class for older childfen (9-12).

1/4" thick premium sticky yoga mats are available in light blue or purple and cost $20/each with purchase of Beginner Series, or 4 classes at a time ($24 sold without class purchase).


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2010-10-18 17:23:14   Linda's class is one of the best yoga classes I have been to. She opens and closes with a beautiful prayer bringing the true spiritual essence to the class and uses breathing techniques to warm the body and starts off gently moving through posses. the class is always a little different, she adjust each pose to the level of each student with personal attention. she makes sure all student are in the pose properly to best of their ability and each student is challenged appropriately. Her soothing voice brings the spiritual element as well a playfulness that lightens the mood. I feel amazing for days after her class. I strongly recommend it! And the first one is free so there's nothing to loose:) —TanyaLawrence

2010-10-23 09:31:28   Hello, I have practiced Yoga for 15 years, and am thrilled to have found Linda!! Her class is perfectly balanced with plenty of breathing, resting and gentle body work. The benefits are immediately felt each time I join her class, and I highly recommend her Sivananda class for anyone. Check it out; first class FREE! =) —Kris10rocks

2010-10-25 15:57:11   I finally learned to do a headstand, thanks to this class! Thanks Linda! —DerekDowney

2012-03-20 14:12:18   I have been doing prenatal yoga here for almost 4 months and I love it. I leave class feeling great and it has been invaluable for helping my body through the pregnancy. My ligament pain has been reduced and I am very flexible as a result of these classes. Linda specifically addresses the common problem of sciatica during pregnancy and I am grateful that I have not had to endure this painful condition, most likely due to regularly attending class. Linda is kind, authentic, knowledgable and encouraging. —Kristin

2012-06-16 13:16:55   I highly recommend Linda's prenatal yoga classes. I started going my 27th week of pregnancy and immediately wished I had started earlier. I continued going every week through my 40th week of pregnancy and I always, always felt better physically and mentally after going to class. Her classes are positive, relaxing, and empowering. My body is in much better condition even though the yoga felt so gentle. Linda, herself, is a totally awesome, warm, caring, and super helpful individual. She also has some rad tie-dye. —babishop

2012-09-10 20:44:52   I started taking private lessons with Linda at the end of April 2012, about 5 months ago. I am overweight, sedentary, and it was after I had a back episode that put me in bed and made me miss 7 work days that I decided I needed help. I found Linda through the Davis wiki and I think it is time to share my experience with the community. We typically meet 3 times a week for 1.5 h lessons. Each class starts and ends with a relaxation and she adjusts each pose/exercise to fit my body and my needs. It is incredible how her small adjustments make such a big difference. Linda seems to know my body more than I do and has shown me many muscles I didn't even know I had! A lot has changed in these last five months and I feel much stronger and healthier. I am enjoying exercise for the first time in my life and have even started swimming and going to the gym! I feel like a new person and Linda was instrumental to this change. She is patient, knowlageble, professional, and fun. I am now finally ready to join her regular class, but I will continue to pay for the private classes because I know they are worth every penny. I can't recommend her highly enough!!! —VeraMargoniner