Comments about Vini Wine Bar prior to its opening:

2011-05-15 22:34:22   Anyone know anything about this place? —TomGarberson

  • It's on second street, and it's coming soon! —RalphKramden

2011-12-27 20:33:09   Is this place ever going to open? —MikeyCrews

2012-01-19 22:29:08   Veni (Vini), vidi, nunquam aperta. —TomGarberson

2012-02-21 18:36:43   When in the world is this going to open? They have their hours on their door and I saw someone in there pouring wine one day, so I thought they were open. I made plans to go there with my boyfriend the next week and we showed up and it was closed! I understand that things happen that push back opening times but whoever owns this should at least inform the public about when we can realistically hope for this place to open, because I was really bummed the other night and I feel like they are pulling one over me already! —RobinMarie11

2012-05-20 15:02:53   Ok really, when is this place going to open? This is starting to seem a bit rude! They appear ready to open, so if something out of their control is holding them back, shouldn't they tell us what it is and when we can *realistically* hope for it to open? I'm getting so frustrated I'm wondering whether I will bother to go if it ever DOES open. You can't just sit there using up a space forever that some place that would actually open up and serve the public could utilize. —RobinMarie11

  • In a May 7 note on their Facebook page, they wrote, "Anticipate final approval by planning commission later this month which clears the way for ABC to issue my license."

2012-05-21 00:15:17   I walked by on May 11 and there were people inside so I thought it had opened, but when I walked by this Friday it was empty. —kaylajoy

2012-05-24 14:40:54   Umm, I have ZERO confidence in this place lasting more than 6 months. How on earth could it take so long for a place to open? Too bad, because it's definitely a neat idea with a lot of potential. But I'm kind of boycotting the place on principle. Still, if I hear good things about it (assuming it ever actually opens), I will check it out. —cerise

  • It does make you wonder how so many businesses can't afford to stay open down town, yet this business can afford to remain closed for over approaching two years. I'm currently not a huge fan of the enomatics as they add an element of sterility and mechanization to what is otherwise a very human experience, but if the price is right I won't let that get in my way. — mikeycrews

2012-05-25 15:10:10   @ cerise That is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever heard. There are a laundry list of possible reasons why the Vini Wine Bar took so long to open.

Alcohol serving establishments have to go through a very lengthy process before opening their doors due to strict California alcohol regulations. Davis might have an especially strict policy on approving alcohol establishments in downtown due to the recent controversy surrounding Picnic Day. Go ask the owner of De Veers about his experience with opening - the bar didn't even have their alcohol serving license when they opened. They were able to open before getting it because De Veers is part restaurant. What can a wine bar do without an alcohol serving license? If you've managed to walk through downtown and looked inside the Vini windows, you would have also noticed that the owner went through a great deal of renovations to the interior. Installing the equipment/plumbing necessary for 88 different wines is a time consuming and costly task to say the least.

You are obviously not a wine person because if you were, you would be well aware that importing/exporting alcohol from different states/countries is a bureaucratic nightmare for even the smallest winery - let alone a wine bar which will stock 88 wines from around the world. In the United States, every state has their own rules and policies on alcohol distribution so wine importers are basically dealing with the regulations of 50 individual countries. Importing from outside the country? That's an ordeal in itself that takes time. Jeff Day probably went through countless hours of negotiations with wineries and wine distributors around the world to ensure that the Vini Wine Bar is 1) Fully stocked at all times and 2) Periodically changes the wines to meet customer demand.

How on earth you can throw out such reckless judgment based solely on a delayed opening is beyond me - you make it sound like you already found cockroaches roaming around your wine glass. I see several people on this page complaining about the delayed opening as if they are entitled to something.

Good day to you. —Darkfallin

  • @—Darkfallin Wow. Who are you? Are you the owner or have some personal connection with Vini? Instead of being so overly sensitive to people's and potential customers anticipation of the opening, why not be gracious or not comment at all? I hope your future communications on the wiki are a bit more friendly, especially if you are part of the business. —jsbmeb

@jsbmeb I'm not in any way affiliated with Vini Wine Bar but I do understand how much effort it takes to get such an establishment opened. It's one thing to anticipate a grand opening, its entirely different to bash said business while uninformed. That said, I will delete a few of my comments. —Darkfallin

I had a similar reaction to Darkfallin. There are many reasons for a delayed opening that are out of a business owner's hands. —CovertProfessor

2012-05-25 21:02:03   I understand some of the complexities that attend to serving and selling alcohol in California. OTOH, Vini has set a record (has it not?) for longest time leasing a space in Downtown without being open. So I won't pick either "side" in the above comments, and I am amazed that they haven't gone bust before getting open. —DougWalter

2012-06-03 15:07:23   I do understand that dining and food businesses have a ton of obstacles that get in the way of opening, my main complaint was more that there was no sense of when this would happen or effort to inform waiting customers as to what was going on; they said it would be this date and then it wasn't more than once, and then I came on here to get info about when it would open and there was nothing. I guess it's like a roller coaster line — I don't mind waiting as long as I have to as long as the signs with the time estimates are accurate. When I end up waiting 3 hours instead of 1 with no courtesy notice as to why I get a little frustrated.

But now that they are supposed to be opening by the middle of the month that is great. I look forward to it and hope it happens! —RobinMarie11