This page is for discussing the contents of Vini Wine Bar.

Here are some comments that I deleted from the Vini Wine Bar page:

2012-10-11 06:20:25   Little concerning that no one has really posted about their experience here yet after several months of operation.


    I think we waited with baited breath for the opening for so long most are simply enjoying the place. It's a little concerning that you can't extrapolate on the place based off of the owners comments above. Jeff obviously cares about his customers and the experience. I don't think it's anything but splendid (then again wine is lost on my boorish palate)

2012-10-11 15:05:58   Yeah, because the owner's comments are all that matters. —DavisLurker

    simple solution: DavisLurker, go drink wine here and post your experience.

    No, but like everything else on the wiki it provides an insight into how things are. One can reasonably extrapolate. Also why don't you stop by vini and edit the wiki with your experiences. ~SD

2012-10-12 11:10:55   The next time you post, without signing your wiki name, I am going to remove it. Follow wiki rules, please. —DavisLurker

In my opinion, the first comment by DL was at best borderline, since it wasn't about someone's experiences with the bar, the owner, etc. From borderline, the discussion degenerated quickly into an off-topic discussion that threatened to go even more off-topic, given that there was a threat made based on several misunderstandings about the way that the wiki works. Thus, it seemed best to remove the whole thing. If others want to weigh in and defend these comments as being important to the content of the page, here is the place to do that. —CovertProfessor


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2012-10-15 13:31:57   Agreed that most of it is off topic. The initial comment and initial reply are somewhat related to the page, but they could just be replaced by a request on the page for people to share their experiences at Vini.

Speaking of which, I've been meaning to get down there and check the place out. Maybe sometime this week... —TomGarberson