This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Ice Cream — an American treat

Weekdays: 3:00pm to DarkWeekends: Noon to Dark
(530) 219-6637

Old school name and style with a fresh new futuristic look. The ice cream man Todd Miller and his daughter Sarah deliver ice cream to the locals in a bow tie and red and white striped vest. They have all the ice creams you can desire from, the Vanilla Sandwich bar, Big dippers, Push up pops, Ice tickles, Spider Man, Power Puff, Klondike, Choco Toco, Snow cones, sugar free bar, and soon soy items, and many more. They also carry candy and ice cold drinks. Prices vary from 25 cent all the way to 3.50 max.

They were approved by the Yolo County Health Department and are licensed In Davis and Woodland, so they can travel the region. If you haven't seen them in your neighborhood, they take requests, and can work where you are into their route. If you spot them at the Farmer's Market don't be afraid to scream ICE CREAM!

They provide ice cream for special events and parties, and are planning "special new features" for their van.

Founder Todd Miller works during the day as a Kraft Foods/Nabisco Sales Rep.