The Confederate, or Common, Violet makes a nice shady ground cover.

Violets are groundcover plants, typically herbaceous, with edible flowers. They are food plants for the caterpillars of several Fritillary butterfliesViolet cultivars that are bred to be particularly colorful are usually referred to as pansies.

Douglas' Violet (Viola douglasii) is a yellow violet that is native to Davis and found in most of Yolo County. It grows to be about 4-8" tall. It prefers seasonally moist habitat and bears a single flower on each upright stem. Each flower has five bright or deep yellow petals with brown veining and brown outer surfaces.

Confederate Violet (Viola sororia) is a non-native perennial ground cover featuring unscented bright white violets with striking lavender throats and deep purple lines on the petals petals from March through June. Each flower has a leafless stalk up to 4 inches long. Otherwise, the foliage is green year 'round producing dense clusters of 1"-3" heart shaped glossy leaves growing 4-8" tall. It tolerates average, but moist, well drained soil and grows equally well in sun or part shade, self-sows and tolerates mowing; can be invasive. Its native range is eastern North America from Canada to Mexico.

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