VP 47a sign. VP 47sw sign.

Normal Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
Sept 15th - June 15th
7AM - 10PM
Summer Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
June 16th - Spet 14th
7AM - 5PM

Visitor Parking Lot 47 is a large campus parking lot located off of La Rue and behind the Tercero Dormitories. VP 47 accepts both A and C permit types and has several visitor permit dispensors throughout the lot. It is divided into two sections, VP 47a on the west side bordered by Dairy Road and VP 47sw on the eastern side bordered by Bioletti Way. The western half is going to be removed to make way for the planned Tercero South Phase II dorm expansion.


VP 47a seen from La Rue. VP 47sw seen from Bioletti Way.