623 7th Street
NW corner F Street/7th Street
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Vissé P. Storm, DDS runs a busy family and cosmetic dental practice out of a converted house. She is a friendly lady but doesn't make small talk much. Her office is very high-tech. X-rays are instant and appear on a laptop computer along with full color pictures of your teeth. During long procedures they give you video screen glasses so you can zone out and watch a movie. They also try show you informational videos before most major procedures.


The old location on 3rd Street

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2007-08-06 22:58:50   I have been very happy with Dr. Storm. She has been really good with my kids and was even honest that my previous dentist (he is also in davis) had misdiagnosed me with 6 cavities. So I didn't have to have a bunch of work done. —HeatherFlood

2007-08-10 10:35:19   Dr Storm has been lovely & talkative the two times I've met with her. She did not misdiagnose any cavities, as the people below said that s he did for them. She's very, very nice.

However, I've not had good experiences with her hygienists. The first one merely dug too hard when flossing my teeth & told me that I must not be getting deep enough if it doesn't hurt when i floss. The second one was condescending and a bit abrasive (verbally), but at least she didn't hurt me. The third one is the reason I will not go back. Her name was Donna, I think. She KILLED my gums, and blamed it on my gums, saying that I wasn't taking care of them (I floss, have an electric toothbrush, use a waterpick and swish with Listerine every day. I'm ANAL about dental hygiene). She picked at my gums until my mouth was full of blood & my eyes were watering. Then, with swollen gums, a mouth full of blood, and with constant requests to open my mouth wider, she rested the suction thing (shaped like a hook) on the corner of my mouth, which set off my gag reflex b/c the hook part touched the back of my tongue (my gag line had moved up due to all the swelling, etc). You'd think I'd get an apology for that, but I didn't.

Before now, I never understood people who fear the dentist. I've had 4 baby teeth & 4 permanent teeth pulled (for braces), 5 years of orthodontic work (with a very ungentle orthodontist), 3 small cavities (8 years ago), and for most of my early 20's I went to a dental hygiene SCHOOL to get my teeth cleaned (cheaper), so I was basically practice. But not until now, at the age of 31, do I join the ranks of those who fear the dentist's office. —JessicaRabbit

2007-10-25 12:03:50   I've been going to Visse for years and have always been happy with her service. Visse is a wonderfully funny woman who take the guilt out of going to a dentist. Her prices are not low but she does great work and guarantees all of her work. Whenever she has filled a cavity for me she had always showed me the damage to my teeth and I have never thought she was doing extra work to try and get money out of me. Visse is the only dentist I've ever gone to that I didn't leave feeling like I was a horrible person because I don't brush/floss often enough. —SeanNittner

2008-10-22 12:12:31   I've been going here for a few years and have had good visits/service/experiences. The staff is amiable and considerate, it definitely feels like a community establishment over just a teeth business. —zachadelic

2008-11-05 15:08:08   The hygenists range from excellent to barely acceptable, although Anna in the office is great. Dr. Storm is a bit blustery, but competent. She is happy to up-sell more procedures to you, but isn't pushy about it. I've enjoyed this office as much as any dentist I've been to on most of my visits.

$ WARNING — they have a new oral-cancer screening detector (using special lights) that can detect oral cancers before they are obvious to the eye (apparently). It makes more sense for those who use any form of tobacco or pot, lots of alcohol or other risk factors. It also costs $68 and student insurance doesn't cover it. They do not ask if you want to pay for the procedure, they just say open up for a painless cancer screening. If you have student health, determine if you are at risk, and if you want to pay for it. Don't let them run up your bill. —NotTires

2008-11-19 20:14:51   as the older reviews say, I feel that Dr. Storm overdiagnoses cavities, and I recommend getting a second opinion before letting her drill up your mouth. I also think she may overcharge especially if you seem like a student who has no other option and parents to pay, AND she is likely to act like things are way worse than they are to freak you out — so you'll be more willing to pay up and get unneeded procedures. That said, her office is nice, staff are VERY friendly and helpful, and the best hygienist I've ever had, Eileen (maybe Aileen?) is there... if you're just going for cleanings ask for her and don't listen when Dr. Storm comes in and tells you some crazy talk like that she needs to peel back your gums for a quad scaling etc.

Also they now make you sign a form and accept or decline that cancer screening, which Delta doesn't cover. I'm skeptical but I'm sure it could save some lives... I declined a) because I can't afford it and b) because I was sure they tell a lot of people they have some kind of precancerous abnormal cell growth in order to make some skrilla. Maybe I'm just a total negative pessimist but the form says something along the lines of "there is a mouth cancer epidemic right now, so we are offering this test, we're just doing our part." The way it is written made me roll my eyes like "oh please, I'm sure it's for purely humanitarian reasons that you're telling college students they have cancerous HPV in their mouths." Bottom line: I will keep going to this office because it's convenient and it is an overall very pleasant atmosphere. If/when I need any work done to my mouth, I will definitely go to my dentist from home/somewhere else for a second opinion. —soledad101

2011-05-23 20:25:14   I enjoy going to the dentist but Dr. Storm is a dental-phobe's worst nightmare. She is gruff, sarcastic, and knows how to get every penny from student insurance. After no cavities for four years of appointments at home, I saw Dr. Storm and she diagnosed me with six. I have serious concerns that she over-diagnoses cavities for the money. The staff really pushes the new oral cancer screening and it is NOT covered by student insurance, if you refuse because you do not practice behaviors that put you at risk for oral cancer, the staff gives you a hard time and makes you feel guilty for refusing the service. Though Anna the receptionist is friendly, the rest of the experience is terrible. I switched to Dr. Jones and Johnson and couldn't be happier with their practice. AVOID THIS DENTIST! —dandysgirl

"2011-05-24 10:05:34"   Just like at her old place on 3rd & D, major inoffensive trees had to be cut down when Dr. Vissi moved in. Ah, well, as Kurt Vonnegut once said, "So it goes." Come summer she'll regret the loss of shade. —BrianOrr

2011-06-02 11:55:39   Saw her when I first got to Davis. The office manager assured me on three occasions my insurance covered the visit there, even once right before I went into the chair. Of course she made sure I had already signed the form stating that confirming insurance coverage is my responsibility and not theirs. As soon as I came out she told me the visit wasn't covered at all and that I had to cough up $200 to pay for a full set of x-rays, and an exam which was five minutes of Storm looking at my teeth and nodding. Trust costs real money when dealing with these people. —Alex1der

2011-07-26 15:16:32   I have been going to Dr Storm's office for quite some time. She has always been thorough in her exams, and spends more then adequate time answering my concerns or questions. I never got the feeling that she was doing unnecessary procedures. With the availability of modern screening tools and treatments at her office, she does offer options not available elsewhere in my experience. The office manager Anna is great as well. —thousandjokes

2011-09-23 08:53:53   The office manager Anna is fantastic. Friendly and everything a good support staff should be. The hygienists are the downfall here. Rough, rude and don't know what they're doing, they turn a cleaning into a nightmare. I also told Dr. Visse that it takes a lot to make me numb, that's always been a problem for me since I was little. After needing many many shots before and during my minor filling she then proceeded to tell me that it must be my diet and what I eat that causes me to need so many shots. Huh!? Between the painful cleanings and accusatory bedside manner, I think I'll be finding a new DDS. The equipment is sub-par at best and the whole office could really use an updating. —Antoinette

2011-10-02 21:56:24   Wow!! It never ceases to amaze me what people will say. First off any diagnosed cavities are diagnosed by means of x-rays, you either have them or you don't. If anyone thinks that a dentist drilled healthy teeth they are nuts..and bolts. No dentist would risk their losing their license. Hygenists do not pick at your gums until they bleed. If you are bleeding it's because you have unhealthy gum tissue. Someone even says that Dr. Storm has subpar equipment...like they would know?? "Then w/ swollen gums"...swollen gums are a sign of very unhealthy gum tissue btw...so apparently we have people that know more than their dentists here......know all about dental equipment..and probably have audio processing problems..a nice way of saying that they do not understand what was said to them. We also have an arborist that knows all about trees...and thinks that dentists over sell them..misdiagnose cavities and generally are out to get them and their first born probably so they can afford to have all of their trees cut down. Honestly it looks like someone had an axe to grind ..big time and rounded up a few friends to slander Dr. Storm. I do not know any of these people...nor would I care to, however I have been seeing Dr. Storm as my dentist for many many years and have never experienced anything at all like what some folks say so I guess you could say I am very happy with her services and her staff. The wiki seems to have some serial posters that would have the public believe that they are in the know about everything..maybe they should run for office. So why am I feeling like I'm in the know....because I know!!! —nedjenkins

2012-04-07 17:12:54   I had a really good first-timer experience here. I really liked Dr. Storm and both the hygienist and the woman in the office were super nice and just put me at ease with their manner. I'm a nervous person so that can be kind of a hard thing to do. I previously had been going to another dentist and my experience there was basically the opposite; the employees always made me feel like I was a low priority customer, which doesn't even make sense because this is dentistry, not sales. It will be a relief to go into Dr. Storm's and know that I will be treated professionally and kindly. I also love that they don't use or support fluoride. FYI, for anyone with a gluten allergy, the stuff they use in your mouth during cleaning is gluten-free! Might be the only place that has this.


2012-04-07 17:15:59   Oh, and I'm going to put a word in for my mom because she doesn't use DavisWiki, but she has been going here for years and LOVES it and loves all the staff. She's the one that finally convinced me to go here. —gurglemeow

2013-08-03 12:54:02   I thought I'd stop by an mention that I have been going to Dr. Storm's office for several years, and I have had consistently good experiences. Cheryl was my hygienist for most of my visits, and she did a great job. I do miss the clouds on the ceiling at her old office, they were so calming :)

I went to Dr. Storm's office after an 8 year hiatus from regular dental visits, and I was so glad She was the one I went to. I also want to hand it to Anna, at reception, she is always warm and patient, even when a million things are happening. —drpottsiv

2013-10-14 16:34:18   I recently moved to Davis and have been to Dr. Storm several times. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with her and her staff. She even suggests things that are good for my overall health, like probiotics and vitamins. She explains every part of the procedure she's doing and she's always very friendly. Her receptionist was able to explain my dental insurance and help me use it to my best advantage. On top of all that I recently got a filling there and bragged to my friends afterward about the spa-like treatment I got. Dr. Storm put rose-scented lip balm on me while she was working to keep my lips from chapping and afterward she gave me a citrus-scented hot towel to put on my face. I've never had treatment like this at the dentist before, but now that I have I'm hooked! I would highly recommend Dr. Storm to anyone looking for a fantastic dentist in the Davis area. —TristanFitzpatrick