Volleyball is a sport that requires a handful of people and, a ball and a net. Get the ball from a sports store, grab some friends and hit one of our local places to play!

Places to Play

The Sand lot in Walnut Park

  • Walnut Park has a sand lot
  • on the south east side of Bainer Hall at lunch
  • Community Park north of the solar panels.
  • Open gym volleyball is played in Davis Senior High, two or three times a week, depending on the season. The floor fee is $5. To get more details, check the Event Calendar at http://www.sacvolleyball.com. Update April 2008: The hours have changed. On Fridays and Tuesdays, they play 9pm to 12am at the Davis Senior High Gym. On Sundays, they play 5pm to 7pm also at he Davis Senior High Gym. Dean (dinokitadani@yahoo.com) runs the open gym.
  • The ARC and the Pavilion also provides several places to play. If you ask one of the member service assistants, the people in the blue uniforms, to setup a volleyball court in the main gym. If you feel that it is too busy in the main gym then you can ask them to setup a court in the Pavilion as well.
  • Davis Athletic Club Up until this summer there was an open gym with Volleyball games Tuesday and Sunday from 6 to 9 PM, and Thursday (still ongoing) from about 6 (6:30) to 8 PM. Due to some repairs needed in the gym (has to do with protecting the lights on the ceiling), the management suspended the volleyball sessions on Tuesday and Sunday (summer 2010). It's supposed to resume in September. To play you either need a membership or you can buy pinch cards.




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2008-04-25 23:48:47   There's about 24 players on friday nights which allows 4 6-man teams. There are people that are starting out to people who are experienced. All are welcome and more nice that other places where they're more clickish. —atwong

2008-04-25 23:50:07   Oh yeah... the median age is around 30 to 50. —atwong

2010-08-18 03:13:46   Davis Athletic Club is the only place in Davis where, to my knowledge, you can drop in for Volleyball three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. To be honest, it's the only reason I bought a membership, so I hope they keep it that way. Neat atmosphere, great games. —PassingThrough

2010-08-19 13:41:46   Hi! I am new to Davis and am looking for a place/time to play some decent/semi-competitive pick-up sand volleyball. Any advice??

Thanks :) Gail —gail.dasilva

2010-08-19 13:43:35   PassingThrough, I missed your comment before! I also play indoor... what time do people play?? Thanks! —gail.dasilva

2010-08-19 17:41:16   Hi Gail, right now at DAC, they play on Thursday evening, in the "soccer room." I can't remember the time but it starts around 6 PM if I remember well. I would call the club before showing up. :)

As for the Tuesday and Sunday sessions, the games start at 6 PM (include the time needed to set up the net and to warm up). At the moment they're repairing the lights (what protects them) in the gym, so volleyball on these days will resume in September. Hope this helps! —PassingThrough