Von Howard actually used to be a professional musician and teacher until things went all wrong.

Now he is an old drunk that resembles Charles Bukowski but with frizzier hair. Guitar in hand, he frequents Downtown, mostly on G street in front of Woodstocks. The odds are he has asked you for change. If you ask him to play a song, it will be well worth the dollar tossed in his direction.


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2005-01-07 19:03:10   He truly is an excellent guitar player. He's provided entertainment during many-an-evening, especially around Little Prague. And even though I probably wasn't helping him, I've gladly thrown some change his way. He's a value-added begger. Most people just ask for change and tell you some lie. This guy is honest and talented. —JaimeRaba

I saw this guy a few days ago, and he has a dog now! We gave him a dollar because we were playing with his puppy, and he played us a rousing rendition of the Beatles "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away". —AllisonEriksen

2005-10-26 21:30:21   I saw Von one time, when I was chillin' with my budy Isaac from Crap Duvet, and we were talking to Pat Proctor, who found out his dog's name is Ewok, because of the sounds he makes when he bites you. —JohnDudek

2005-11-15 18:55:53   If this is the guy i'm thinking of, I gave him ten bucks so he could get his guitar fixed and he insisted on giving me a really nice 25 foot guitar amp cable in return. —ThomasGray

2006-08-23 15:52:15   He occasionally plays on the patio at Bistro33 on Saturday nights. Call ahead to find out when, sit on the patio, have a drink, eat a little dinner, and enjoy the music. —RussellAnderson

2009-04-28 12:21:57   Is this the guy that's taken to playing harmonica & guitar in front of Pete's in the afternoons? It doesn't really sound like it though due to the musical ability difference between the two. Someone should snap a pic of one or both of them. —MasonMurray