The Wack House 



AlegreWay East Davis                             


Garage- 80 

Backyard- 90

Events 4



WACK530 is a music collective created by RobbyMoe Reeves a High schooler at Davis senior high school. “Wack” was Originally a radio show on KDRT with the intention of uplifting teen artists and inspiring a teen scene in Davis. Inspired by the flourishing sac scene and exhausted by the lack of all ages shows. When covid shut down the station others plans ensued




Ours to Yours-4/15/22


Summer Lovin-7/14/2                                                                                                                     


The first show called “Ours to Yours” was on April 15th 2022 and was held at “The Wack House”.


  • Otis Winn
  • Stella Maze 
  • The One Train
  • Albatross “Josh Williams”
  • RobbyMoe Reeves


The second show was held on July 14th 2022 In the backyard of the Wack House and was called “Summer Lovin” 


  •  City Smog
  • The Lobes
  • Stella maze
  • Funky Monkies
  •  Lily & Ruby (FKA “She Would”)


 The Third Show was on September 17th 2022 in the wack house’s garage titled “Fracas” Fracas was four different DJ sets.


  •  Ryan Balcom
  • Otis Winn
  • Amelia Chase
  • RobbyMoe Reeves, Kathleen Doherty  


The Fourth show was set to be on the 30th of September but was postponed till January Because “Its time to find a real venue” - RobbyMoe’s Father.

On January 23rd of 2023 “Jam 4 Justice” was held at watermelon music’s the Mellon ball. A take on the sac scenes “emo’s against” series of fundraisers. Jam for Justice was all queer artist cover’s. Wack was able to raise around $500 for The Sacramento LGBTQ center.


  • Stella maze (Florence and the Machine)
  • She Would (Courtney Barnett)
  • Oscar Wisnia, Alexzander, Eli, and Pranav, (Elton John)
  • Graven Image (Judas Priest)
  • Otis Winn & Josh Williams (Lou Reed & Velvet Underground) 


Team Members 

Nola George - Graphic Designer, Photographer, Videographer, Co-Host