The apartment complex viewed from Wake Forest Drive.

1313 Wake Forest Drive , across the street from Emerson Hall
Office Hours
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10am-5pm, closed for lunch; Wed 1pm-5pm
Heating & air conditioning
Covered & uncovered parking for a fee
On-site Laundry
Cats & Dogs welcomed
Pool & spa
BBQ area
Cable & Internet access for a fee
Instaconnect wireless Internet for a fee
Very close to UCDavis campus

**2-Bedroom apartments are (858 sq ft) $1400-1500 renovated or (890 sq ft) $1500-1600 renovated and 2-Bedroom townhouses are $1600-1700 [Fall 2017]* each with either a balcony or patio. Deposit is $500 and the application is online with a $45 fee. The swimming pool is almost always clean. (The seeds from the trees nearby keep falling in.) The complex itself is extremely close to campus, the Oxford Circle Dining Commons (called "OCDC" for short), Starbucks, and Rite Aid. Street parking can be difficult, but there is a private parking lot for which you can purchase a permit. Caveat: Don't park in the parking lot without a permit as you may get towed.

While Wake Forest Apartments is right next to the U-Mall, the hot-spot in Davis for massive amounts of crows, the property is not affected by the annoying birds.


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2012-05-04 16:14:40   FPI Management Inc., is pleased to announce we have recently taken over another property here in the Davis area. We remain dedicated to customer service, tenant satisfaction, and over all enjoyable college living.

Wake Forest is located one block from the UC Davis campus and University Mall Shopping Center. The staff at Wake Forest is working diligently to improve resident relations. If there is anything we can to do to enhance your living here at Wake Forest, please stop by the office and let us know. Our goal is to enrich your living experience at Wake Forest.

Thank You, Wake Forest Management —KaciWalsh

2012-05-09 16:49:46   It seems that the management must have deleted the negative comments from last month because they're afraid of losing tenants. There is mold growing in most bathrooms of the apartment complex. The place seems to be falling apart and one apartment had their bedroom flooded due to water leakage problems. Everyone that I have talked to have only complained about the problems. The new management is horrible. The woman is conceited and gives a death stare each time someone asks her to fix something. I had a simple question and she basically started yelling instead of answering yes or no. Last month I heard her ask random people to write good comments on this page and it seemed like as if she was ordering them. The last person who left a bad comment was asked to write a good one when the person came into the office. YOU SHOULD AVOID LIVING HERE. If the management had been nicer it wouldn't have been that bad. And this is the fifth management change since a period of one year. —sarahdavis

2012-05-11 09:35:41   As Management at Wake Forest we understand not every resident is going to be completely satisfied. We would like to address the issues brought about on the Wiki. The building was built in the 1960's and yes there are maintenance issues, which we are working diligently to repair. We ask that you please comment only on issues which take place in your own apartment, when you comment on issues in other apartments you do not know the whole story (i.e. how long it took for the resident to actually tell management there was a problem). Management does have a process in which it needs to follow in order to resolve work orders. Sometimes what may seem like a small fix to a resident actually is extremely costly. As for the change in management we apologize for the inconvenience to the residents. For the comments regarding the manager, we express remorse for those who feel as though she is not sympathetic to your issues. There is a lot going on in the property and management is trying their hardest to reverse the stigma of Wake Forest Apartments. Management did ask one resident to write a GOOD review do to the fact his work orders where resolved in a timely matter and he seemed satisfied. Obviously this was not the case and again we apologize. At the time the he was ask he was the only person in the office, besides maintenance. It is not uncommon for managers to ask people who seem to be happy to let others know. It happens all the time in business. Management feels as though the things are changing for the positive and little by little enhancing the community of Wake Forest. We ask our residents to please understand we cannot change everything overnight.



2012-05-29 13:16:53   I have had only good experiences so far at Wake Forest apartments. The management is very approachable, attentive and quick. Requests for repairs are sometimes even fixed within a few hours. With the past management, we couldn't even get a clear answer to general questions about the apartment, and it's nice to finally have a reliable management staff. Kaci is always friendly, on top of her stuff and seems like she really cares about the people that live here. Unlike the previous management, she is always in the office and deals with issues in a polite and fair way, which can be a relief in certain situations. I would definitely recommend this complex to people looking for a well-run complex close to campus. —sarahsk

2012-06-08 09:39:30   It's close to UCD campus, you can move in with already existing tenants as a roommate without much hassle as some complexes I looked at, there was still an enormous amount of paperwork signing needing to be done even if you were moving in mid-semester with already existing tenants - the better complexes farther from campus with weight rooms and in-unit washer-dryer and working air conditioning, things like that, and need I say again FARTHER FROM CAMPUS seeing as how Davis seems to be a city that strongly discourages having a car in spite of the fact that if you have to WORK anywhere it won't be IN Davis which necessitates having a CAR - if Davis is a town full of college graduates they sure aren't very smart, are they, with policies like that!!

Yes, I looked at complexes farther from campus but this one, the roommates were more willing to HAVE me as a roommate seeing as how I'm a public school math and science substitute teacher, whatever that means for being an undesirable roommate (!?!?) and there was less hassle as to moving me right in mid-school-year with just one signature on the existing lease (at the time). Yes parking is hell, and I do commute to every school district within a 75-mile radius (or so it seems), but that's just the trade-off for living in Davis close to campus.

The washer-dryers work, and if your apartment's Comcast keeps getting shut off for whatever reason there's a Starbucks right across the street in U-Mall whose wi-fi is always on (I asked back in December when our Comcast got shut off on me the first time and I have online classes through Johns Hopkins that I need working dependable internet service for).

However, even if you go to UC Davis, and you have to have a car to commute to work somewhere in the Bay Area or wherever (in my case also up in rural Colusa County) you do have to weigh your options of being right here in this particular PART of Davis versus South Davis or farther north up by Safeway in that area or off of Pole Line in North-East Davis, or perhaps Dixon if you didn't just need to walk to UC Davis every day or every few days. I'm talking to Grad students or Extension students, here.


2012-07-13 15:25:11   The management in the past has not been up to par for a while and I have lived here for some time. But I am pretty pleased with how fast and efficient the new management is. Stuff has always been falling apart or broken so my list of repairs is always long and the past managers have taken their sweet time to repair them that I forget about it after a while and until it becomes a problem again. Now every time i go the list just gets shorter and shorter and the wait is a little while but nothing as bad as it was before. Thanks for the new improvements in repairs and speediness kasey, it definitely makes living here not a pain anymore. —olielihe

2012-09-01 11:45:34   Living here is bitter-sweet. Yes, if you go in and tell them about a problem with the apartment, maintenance tries to fix it within two days. Yes, the rent is reasonable for the location: 5 minute bike ride to campus. However, the water is always being shut off. At first, management did a good job at letting tenants know when the water would be shutting off within days of notice. Lately, they seem to shut it off whenever they feel like it. All of a sudden, there's no water in the apartment, and if you've already started brushing your teeth, too bad. If you've put soap on your hands, too bad. If you had to get ready for class, too bad. At the moment, the water is shut off... guess who can't shower: ME. —vamagu

2012-11-03 01:30:20   What is with the random shaking of the entire apartment complex? —JacksonMichael

2013-05-27 20:25:51   I usually don't write reviews or anything but I just had to for this place. I have been staying here for about 5 months and I cannot wait to get out. Heres the story that just did it for me. I went home for the weekend and the management decided to install AC inside my room without notice. The worse part was, they decided to sand down their BAD installation and got dust literally EVERYWHERE. There is a thick layer of dust on all my stuff. They did not bother to cover ANY of my furnitures and just left it as is. Whatever you do, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. They need to seriously replace their management. They have no respect for others properties. —TrietNguyen

2013-08-31 20:30:45   DO NOT LIVE HERE unless you're very desperate for a run down place!

Pros: - it's close to campus -okay price -not so bad overall state of rooms

Cons: -BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE (They do not listen to you, but give you attitude instead, VERY RUDE PEOPLE) -once you move in, it seemed decent, then everything starts to fall apart. Like old appliances. -One time, the pipes were broken then they took FOREVER to address the issue. -ONCE AGAIN, they just take their sweet time. DO NOT LIVE HERE, UNLESS it's your last option!


2013-10-14 11:43:54   Property manager is inconsiderate, rude and very self motivated. She has an excuse or an answer for everything. She pushes away questions and condones violation of the lease contract because she is lazy. She looks like she has a lot to hide and something to prove with the owners of the property here. Maintenance is reflective of management, including the owners. My own personal issues with my living situation were unaddressed until I threatened to sue them. My fridge didn't close all the way and they said I just "needed to slam the door hard so it'll shut." And the door to my room was stuck and wouldn't open unless I used abrupt force and when maintenance came to fix it, he left shavings all over the floor. The bathroom and kitchen sink made weird noises. The walls are really thin so you can everything your neighbors are doing. It's not that us tenants are asking to have our stuff fixed right away, we just want them fixed in a timely manner. In the winter, we'd like to have hot water and heating, in the summer we'd like to have properly functioning air conditioning. The typical stuff that good property managers assure all their tenets have. I've lived in Davis for 5 years now and at 4 different properties with managers that treated me like royalty. Lots of illegal stuff go on here and dismisses it all so I guess it's no big deal her tenants are doping in and out. I've had managers who stand up to these sorts of issues fearlessly and they actually cared for their tenants and their well being and safety. Please don't be stupid like me and get caught up with their web of deceit and carelessness. —austinchang

2013-10-16 14:36:14   I have lived at Wake Forest Apartments for the past two years and my roommates and I really love it here. Admittedly, the apartments may not look beautiful from the outside, but they are really very cozy. We also love Kaci, she's very sweet and always responds to our needs efficiently. You really can't beat how close the apartments are to campus and the U mall. It's unfortunate that some people have had such a negative experience here, because that is the exact opposite of the way that my roommates and I view the complex. —paigesteffy

2014-07-10 17:09:18   Rumor has it, the management here is at odd with some other nearby apartment management. Now while I don't know if this means they're always at argument or whose fault it is or something else or whatever. This is totally just a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt —Cyclonus

2016-11-17 17:57:36   I've lived here for over six years... mostly in the sweet spot between one awful management team and another. Kaci was an awesome apartment manager and kept things running smoothly. I never had a single issue for six years. I didn't understand why people hated Wake Forest so much until she left and the new team took over. I had my first off-hours emergency (a bathroom pipe started spraying water everywhere and flooding the apartment) and lo and behold... the new management had failed to pay the maintenance cell phone bill so I couldn't get through to anyone. This whole complex is now a mess. Case in point: Recycling is crazy because most of the new tenants speak little to no English, but recycling signs aren't provided in Chinese which seems odd. The new manager seems to think that distributing flyers about our responsibilities and that she will try to be here two days a week is a good way to deal with that. It makes me sad because I've lived here for so long and have loved it. I'm looking for a new place to live. —sandyolkowski