These are reviews of Wake Forest Apartments prior to the 2009 change in management

2004-11-27 03:24:59   I've lived at Wake Forest for slightly over 2 years now. It used to be pretty much impossible to get anything repaired because of the constant landlord change. Every 3 or 4 months we had a new landlord, so there was no way to get anything fixed. There were loose nails in my carpet (a complaint shared by my neighbor as well), which took almost a year to fix. The toilet overflowed about 30% of the time (regardless of what you put in it, forcing us to designate several towels for the sole purpose of throwing on the ground in these frequent plumbing emergencies) for about 12 months, before any attempt was made to check out the problem. My oven caught on fire (literally engulfed in tall flames) for a full 13 months before I finally complained to the City of Davis Code Compliance Line, and only then was it replaced. The garbage disposal hasn't worked in about 5 months but I'm too frustrated to do anything about it. The complex is under new ownership now though, and the new landlord is doing everything he can to boost its image. - SharonZimmerman

2005-01-15 05:02:15   For clarification, we didn't continue using the oven after the initial oven-catching-on-fire situation; we're not that stupid. The old landlady simply sent the maintenance guy to clean it, even though the problem was clearly mechanical; it would reach what I would guess is around 600 degrees when set to 350. - AmyZimmerman

2005-01-30 04:10:37   And I should be able to give my 2 cents (cause I live with the Zimmermans). Why we decided to live here another year I am really not sure, but thank god this year is our last. Being close to campus is nice, except - I have not gone to UCD since we've lived here so I guess I dont care about that...but, being right on 113 is rad. The complex is decorated with some nice Urban Art and we have some awesome neighbors. Ok, but seriously - we have had a way bad experience and will never EVER live here again - ScottBiggart

2005-02-23 15:48:13   I would also like to share my experience. The complex was cheap and dirty, and at the time I was able to tolerate it. But today it would piss me off. The street is noisy, being close to the Cuarto dormitories. What really turned me off to those folks was that they instituted a policy of charging you for painting the apartment when you move out, even though, according to the Davis Model Lease that they use, it is the responsibility of the OWNER, not the TENANT, to pay for painting costs when due to reasonable wear. It seems they arbitrarily defined unreasonable wear as "whenever someone moves out." It amounted to $130 out of the security deposit, which when you multiply by the 80 units in the complex, comes off as a handy sum of about $10,000 extra they can earn per year. Shuffling managers makes it hard to discuss the lease because they all have different takes on it. Still, if you accept that $130 as 11 bucks extra per-month rent, its not that expensive, but legally annoying. KarlMogel

2005-05-02 23:28:11   I live above AmySharonScott and would have to say that we have probably the best unit of the complex. The price matches what we got. Repairs have been resolved quickly thanks to newer stable management, but larger problems I’ve heard take awhile. The manager himself said that about 60% of the units are okay, while the other 40% need a lot of love, so you’ll take your chances if you sign up, since you can’t see the inside of the apartments. It can be noisy at times, but then again, apartments in Davis tend to be thanks to stereo technology and social music trends of college students. The units look like trash on the outside. —ErikChoy

2005-12-06 10:32:45   If you or someone you know leased a unit from Wake Forest Apts. for the 2004-2005 school year, left, and still has not recieved their security deposit refund, please respond to this post. I have bcome aware of more than one former renters from this complex who have waited 3 months now for their deposits and are taking the management to court. —MeGodfrey

2005-12-18 11:00:25   I lived at Wake Forest Apartments for 4 years. When I took posession of the apartment, it was filthy and took a week for me to clean. While there, I experienced a break-in, my car being stolen while parked in the covered garage and water damage through the front door and from leaks from the apartment above me. At the time I moved out, I was assured by the managaer that my apartment looked good and he stated that I would received my deposit in a month. I have not received it and my phone calls are not being returned. I am planning to take legal action. Please contact me if you are in a similar situation. MattGandara —MattGandara

2006-04-08 21:58:58   When we moved in, the apartment was not ready for us, the manager quit, there was no real lock on the door, the place was dirty like a garbage dumpster, and so on. Many things were broken or missing, and even the maintenance guy said it was one of the worst he had ever seen, he eventually quit with all the problems. They do construction and things of the sort at around 8am, very loud with jackhammers and what not. These few weeks, you get hot water every few days, the rest you have to shower at other people's places. We asked for a prorated discount because in the end, they never got the apartment ready for us (cleaned), and the NEW manager lady said she would give us a concession, found out the owner wouldn't let her and said he would take care of it, we asked every month for 6 months, now the manager says the owner will deal with it when we move out... and we have records showing that we couldn't move in because of the condition for about 3 weeks. When they painted the place, they painted right over all the dirt, there was a spider that had been painted on top of. Dusty beyond belief, thin windows that leak cold air that you can literally feel. When things break, all the time by the way, it takes them a few months to respond, sometimes never unless you push them, and it still usually takes awhile after that. There was some trash on our porch when we moved in, and when we tried to throw it away, they said they would charge us for the transportation/moving fee of the trash, although it was not our responsibility. We need a lawyer...even the manager said we should just get a lawyer. If you live here, don't expect to be clean, don't expect to shower all the time, dont' expect anything from the complex except for being ripped off and having your money taken away one way or another. It's also not a good sign in davis if after april, apartments are still for lease. —EvLiu

2006-10-16 03:19:27   Wake Forest is really a bad place to live. When you moved in, the apartment was extremely dirty. The manager does not act on anything they promise. Even I paid for the end of August, they request me to pay it one more time and without returning it to me. So No money back on deposit and neither keep their promise. So if you want to find a place to live, find somewhere else. You will regret if you stay there. There are many other places you can live, La casa de Florest or Sacramore Lane will be a good place. —EdwinWan

2006-11-16 16:23:32   I lived there too.. sad to say, i did not even get my depost back either... they lie.. they use excuses to say that they have to clean everything.. but i lived with only girls.. plus, we never damaged the place.. it was already in a poor status when we go there.. we had to clean it ourselves.. anyways, please don't live here unless you want to throw your money away to this rotten place. there are more better places to live from such as the drake apartments or anywhere but here... save yourself before you waste money. —ChiYang

2007-02-21 18:16:10   We got $120 deducted from our deposit for cleaning... and we cleaned like hell the last week... and thte place wasn't even cleaned when we moved in... we should get a lawyer.... —EvLiu

2007-03-01 11:01:37   I have been living here since my sophomore year, and it's not too bad for the price and the location. Although repairs used to take forever to fix, under the new management, it's getting done within 2-3 days at most. I am currently wanting to stay at my apt. but am in need of a person to fill the other room. So if you'd like to stay here/have questions and may be interested, do let me know by leaving a comment saying so. The rent for me since I am continuing is $520/rm starting Fall 2007. Utilities (internet/pg&e) come out to only about $40 for me. —PalakKapasi

2007-03-12 21:50:15   No dogs allowed here, only cats. —NicoleSams

2007-05-04 17:11:16   One of the worst place to live. When me and my roomates moved in, the apartment was ok. However, the main bedroom was not clean at all. There was still things inside the room and closest. None of the managers or anyone else came to clean it even after we reported it. We ended up cleaning it ourselves. Although the apartment was crapy, the manager (Tina) was super sweet because she tried addressing our needs such as when the heat was needed or AC. The pool was clean most of the time which was great when we went swimming. The bad thing about this place was parking and trash. The trash was so far away from us because we lived on the third floor. I high advise getting a lower deck if you plan to live here. good luck folks. —ChiYang

2007-06-12 01:29:37   Its not the management company, but the owners that are the problem. New managers and management companies are used to pretend that positive changes are upcoming. This complex, and Alvarado Sunset Apartments are both owned by the same people, and both complexes have this problem. As an ex-tenant of Wake Forest, I can honestly say that I am surprised that they haven't razed this complex completely. The Aggie reported that Alvarado Sunset lost a lawsuit in 2005 versus a student, and I heard that that Wake Forest had likewise lost a similar lawsuit about the same time. —Frankenbunny

2007-12-08 14:00:34   DO NOT LIVE HERE. I lived at Wake Forest for my first year in Davis. The apartments are in dismal shape, as are the common areas of the complex (pool, laundry room, etc). Maintenance and repair requests took very long to be completed (it took about 9 months for me to get a screen for my window). Also, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT BACK. If you read other comments, you will see Wake Forest management (whoever it is this month) has the charming habit of charging residents for their own cleaning and painting costs, which is contrary to their own lease, as well as California Tenant Rights. Overall, a decent place to crash for a month or two, but don't sign a lease if you expect your apartment to be maintained in living condition, if you expect more than one dryer to work in the laundry room that serves hundreds or residents, or if you hope to see your security deposit—and last month's rent, since they like to make you pay it even though you paid when you moved in—returned to you. I couldn't get out there fast enough. —askovach

There have been residents who received much if not all of their security deposits back, including the above resident to whose comment I am responding. I am not sure why this resident wrote such a mean comment as Management worked very hard to help her break her lease at the last minute and to help her get as much of her security deposit back as possible.

Every apartment must be in at least the same condition at the time of move-out as it was at the time of move-in, as indicated by the itemized move-in statement that all residents are given when they move in. If the statement was not turned in by the residents, the apartment is compared to how it should look at the time of move-in. Some residents choose to clean or hire a cleaner themselves to reduce the fees taken out of their security deposit. If this route is taken, Management may still need to hire a professional cleaner to meet the cleaning standards of both the new residents and Management. The easiest way to figure out this standard is to ask yourself, "Would I or the most meticulous person I know be upset if the Manager gave the apartment to me like this?"

The last month's rent deposit is meant for the very last month that a resident lives at the property. If he chooses to renew his lease, he will continue to pay rent in August like any other month. If she decides to move out after signing the renewal lease, she would still pay rent on the regular schedule [in August] until the apartment has been successfully rented to someone else. If the apartment was re-rented after August rent was due, Management will return any excess payments. Please understand that Management has to follow procedures to maintain fairness to everyone and to maintain organization.

As of February 2008, the manager and management company that manages the property have been the same since November 2006.WakeForest

2008-02-21 00:03:24   is this place really that bad??? they charge you $1100 for 2b which is cheap given its location. —ChingChing

The negative comments above are related to the previous management. Unfortunately, the positive comments don't make it to this page. Please come by to take a look and to judge for yourself.WakeForest

2008-09-21 03:31:55   live in wake forest over for summer session 1.. weird things happen at night next door where i lived, i keep hearing knocking in the middle of the night from our neighbors next door. The next morning i went over to talk to them because i was mad, but then i realized the next door was completely empty.. man i swear whatever it was knocking on the walls made me turn on my lights everynight i went to sleep. PLUS in the morning my room didn't have any SUNLIGHT!!!!! The day i moved out, my room's light burnt out..crazy forest i tell you. —2point0student

2009-02-26 10:14:21   They have a new manager since last summer. He has always been very welcoming and willing to help. He does his hardest to make sure things get done for this apartment. Sometimes, he even works on week nights to get work done. Also, I have called their office a couple times in the night when I got locked out. He actually picked up and opened my door for me.

my summary of my experience with this apartment:

GOODS manager - a friendly and energetic guy who works really hard. Also, he is the only young Asian manager I have seen price - great price. rent for the their two-bedroom was 1100 for 08-09 location - freaking close. they are right across street from Cuarto

REGULARS condition - regular college apartment; nothing more and nothing less to expect cleanness - just regular. better than the condition of how most of my friends live noise - no parties, but the buses stops right outside. stopped noticing them after a while. Pool - not huge, but goes from 3 to 7 feet deep.

BADS A/C - they are very old, but the apartments are only hot in the summer. Now I know to get a 1st floor to avoid the problem. Laundry - machines are old and they break at times. Parking - $180 for a year is not bad. But i think they should give every unit one spot.


2009-03-11 17:28:31   AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!!!!!! My friends and I live here right now. This place is way too old, The outside of the apartment was repainted, but inside some units, there are a cracks on the wall. Ceiling is also leaking. My friend had a covered parking space #11. THE CEILING LOOKED YELLOW BECAUSE PEE WAS LEAKING FROM THE CRACK UPSTAIRS! The management did not care about it, he told my friend to leave because he will not fix it. Anyways, I am moving out here quick when June comes. —wakeforestresident

2009-11-16 18:26:41   Don't live here unless you are planning to do your laundry elsewhere. There are only five washers and five dryers for the entire complex and the dryers never get your clothes dry. And there are no refunds. Sometimes the office isn't open when it should be. It takes a really long time to get things fixed. —Nana