This is an archive of reviews of Wake Forest Apartments during the 2010 to 2012-02 management period.

2010-08-24 10:29:52   Theres a new manager (old one was so sweet) this one doesn't seem nice. place is ridiculously run-down. AVOID. don't live here... rent is not that much of a deal either. —iamkareno

2010-08-24 10:38:45   AVOID LIVING HERE. I lived here for only one year and my car has been broken into twice parking in my own PAID designated parking spot. Just last week, my car and two other cars parked in the same parking lot windows were shattered. Out of rage, I left a note on the cars that got vandalized saying "Let's complain to management about their security." I received a call back from one of the victims and it turns out he is the weekend manager. He told me that this is ALSO the second time his car got broken into this year parking in the complex's parking lot. He spoke to the main manager and she is unwilling to do anything about it. SAFETY IS DEFINITELY AN ISSUE. I am moving out of this place. They are not even taking any measures to provide a safer environment for its tenants. OUTRAGEOUS. —iamkareno

2010-09-29 12:47:55   The old manager was the reason we decided to move in despite the clearly dilapidated conditions of the apartment and the apartment building. The new manager is bullshit. She won't be in the office when she's expected to, and has taken 2+ hours for lunch on at least a few occasions. How the fucking hell are you supposed to get problems taken care of if the management doesn't care about being in the actual building? UPDATE 2010-09-30: After writing a strongly worded letter to the manager, we got a walkthrough and she took note of all the needed inspections. She was very friendly and apologetic (I, still angry, was kind of rude) but they don't take responsibility for things like stains on the carpet or moldy-looking crap under the sink. She did give us a 4 day concession on rent which was really nice. Remains to be seen whether repairs will be done, but I have a different opinion of the management now. —rrenati

2010-11-12 00:30:22   NOT RECOMMENDED! Try this on your own risk. [Not joking.] —JayChou

2011-01-20 11:46:29   The new manager is so cool! When there is a problem she tells the maintanance to fix it right away AND she calls you back. She even got us a new heating system. I'm glad she is not leaving this year! —xue

2011-02-17 17:25:22   the new manager WAS great. she's gone, at least as of today (02/17). this is the second manager change in the span of one year. i wouldn't recommend living here. LINDA I MISS YOU! <3 —rrenati

2011-04-12 20:16:29   I've lived in Wake Forest since December 2010 and I love it here. It may not be the nicest apartments but everything works and it's so close to the bus lines, shopping areas, and campus. If there is ever a problem with something the maintenance guy fixes things very quickly. There has been a lot of change in apartment managers but I think the manager we currently have is fantastic. He is always very nice and helpful with all situations. Overall I would definitely continue to live here and would recommend it to others. —nwhelan

2011-04-15 14:22:33   The new management makes all the difference! Look at the dates of these comments before you decide anything! Really close to campus, reasonable price, and with the new manager, I would definitely recommend living here. Nothing too fancy, but great college apartment! —GoAggies

2011-05-09 14:56:57   The apartments may be a bit old but recently the management are making an effort and time to keep up with maintenance and problems. The new manager is AMAZING! Great personality and easy to deal with. Takes time to listen to complaints and improves on the apartment. But mostly he had the pool clean so YAY!! —YangLor

2011-08-24 07:12:55   We've lived here for a year now, and we've seen four different managers come and go...the place is absolutely disgusting (bugs everywhere, mold, dirty appliances and stained countertops are considered "normal" at Wake Forest) and the management is hardly anywhere to be found even though the sign on the office door says "we're open" all the time. On top of that, we get woken up at least a couple of times every night in the early morning hours by super loud party people at the pool who have no regard for the well-being of others, and the management doesn't do a thing about that! So much for a nice place to sleep and study in... The A/C and heater does NOT work at all upstairs, so in the summer and winter, we'd have to cope with horrible heat waves or else cold drafts even though we pay for PG&E ourselves. We get weird people knocking trying our front door handle sometimes at night, but then, that might just be those drunk party people by the pool...That said though, I;ve got to admit there are a few, if only a few, upsides to living in Wake Forest. The proximity to campus and the U-mall is definitely a plus, as is the convenience of living next to the oxford circle dining commons (I have a voluntary meal plan. Overall, though, I would not live here again. I don't think the pros of living here outweigh the cons, and I've since found a much friendlier and quieter place to live in. —BAW

2011-08-27 20:10:51   I am moving out of Wake Forest in a few days. I've lived here for one year and we had about 3 different managers. The earlier managers were "meh" to horrible but the current manager Carlo really made the difference for me. He's one of the most caring managers I've encountered thus far and stood by me when I needed help with apartment issues. Yes, Wake Forest isn't as up to date with all the other new apartments but it's modest. The location is close to campus so that is a plus. But mainly, a lot of appliances and things became broken over the year, but maintenance was very caring as well. —TraNgu

2011-10-18 21:22:46   WHATEVER PROMISES COME OUT OF THE MANAGER'S MOUTH, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT IN WRITTEN FORM! My roommates and I lost an extra $1170 to Wake Forest's first/last month's rent because the previous manager said that we didn't have to pay for August 2011 if we continued to live there. As soon as management changed, we received a form from management, a month later, saying that we didn't pay for the month of August 2011. The form also stated that if the amount was not received within 3 days, we will be evicted from our complex. The most outrageous thing about this was that we received the form on a Friday after the office closed, which won't be reopened again until Monday! We couldn't do a single thing besides wait and hoped for the best. On Monday, I went to speak with the manager and she was super rude to me, insisting that it was my fault for being mis-informed and for not paying August 2011's rent. She made it sound as if everything was our fault when in fact the previous management said we didn't have to pay for it. But, because the previous manager "said" it and we didn't have it in written form, we couldn't refuse to pay the rent.

The new manager therefore made our last month's rent (that we paid for when we moved in 2010) the rent for August 2011's rent and asked us to pay for last month's rent in the following month (October 2011) along with Octerber's rent. Because of this, my roommates and I are even more broke and are super worried about paying for November's and December's rent. (Like many other college students and families, we are living pay check to pay check.)

The overall message: GET YOUR MANAGER'S WORDS IN WRITTEN FORM AND MAKE SURE THAT THEY DATE AND SIGN IT THEMSELVES TO ENSURE THAT THEY CANNOT BLAME YOU FOR FUTURE PROBLEMS! Same goes for your monthly rents: make sure they scan a copy for you and that they date and sign it. We had an issue where the management said that we didn't pay half of the rent when in fact we did. The scanned copy of our checks and their signatures verified that we did pay in full. —jjx

2011-10-26 10:39:09   The new manager is rather gruff, and she seems to be managing two apartment complexes so the office is closed half of the time. It's pretty frustrating. Also, the washers and dryers seem to always be broken. There is little to no actual maintenance and now I have to take my laundry to a laundromat. I wouldn't recommend living here. —KurtSassenrath

2011-10-27 15:49:17   This place is absolutely distinguishing (as another reviewer had said)! There is absolutely NO reason for anyone with a $400-500 limit for rent to move in here. This place smells like shet, and everything in there is falling apart.

In the few short weeks I've lived here, I was flabbergast. The place was horribly designed, and I think I detect traces amount of MERCURY in the paint (which was hastily splashed onto the walls). Cheap, and totally uncaring for tenants health. The kitchen sink and the bathrooms never have hot enough water, and the bath tub and toilet is disgustingly dirty even after huge amount if cleaning/disinfecting. Oh, and our AC did not work once since I moved in, complained day one, and was still not fixed when I moved out. The room I lived in smelled SO bad, that even after THREE air fresheners it was still shetty smelling. ALL my clothes/stuff that had ever been in that room needs to be washed/cleaned, because I can't get that nasty smell off it.

And now, for the neighbors. While generally some are pretty nice, most are inconsiderate of other tenants. After several complains to the office, and to the person in question, the loud music/noise continues to shake my bedroom. Nothing better than waking up at 9am in the morning to hear someone beating up your room, and coming back in the evening to hear it continue.

I don't know what came over me when I signed a one year lease with this place (maybe it was the super cheap rent or the lies that was said by some reviewers on DavisWiki that they have changed since 2009, which they haven't), but I was glad to have found someone to take over my lease. If you're not on a budget, look elsewhere. This place is the most disgusting place in the city of Davis. —LazyNerd