Walking is another way to get around town. Most humans are quite capable of walking, it only requires a working pair of legs (though some people may also walk on their hands too). It provides good exercise, and a chance to take in the scenery and perhaps pick a flower.

Walking during night time may (but is unlikely to) be dangerous in some places due to the lack of visibility or the greater potential for crime, though this can be somewhat overcome by taking the walking bus. Other ways to stay safe include taking martial arts and self defense classes and working on cardio. Perhaps growing a beard, if one is biologically inclined. Hardshell guitar cases also make excellent self defense weapons, but that's just a fraction of their true potential.

Pedestrian–Bicycle Interactions

Almost all bikepedestrian accidents are caused by the pedestrian or the bicyclist looking at each other, stopping, and getting confused. To avoid such a fate, try this:

  • Pedestrian: Walk in a straight and predictable line. And stop texting.
  • Bicyclist: Maneuver around the pedestrian. Pass on the left if possible. Ring your bike bell.

Also, bicycles are supposed to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, but such a sight is rare, especially on campus.

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