Watch for the sign on I-80 to find the Dixon location

Woodland Location
Dixon Location
Walmart Store #2190 1720 East Main Street, Woodland, CA 95776 (inside Yolo Polo Plaza)
Walmart Supercenter Store #5139 235 East Dorset Drive, Dixon, CA 95620
6 AM-11 PM
West Sac Location
Walmart Supercenter Store #3652755 Riverpoint Court, West Sacramento, CA 95605 (next door to IKEA)
24 hours


Note: Controversy text has been moved to Walmart/Controversy

Walmart (often called Wally World) is that other big box store that isn't considered as "nice" as Target and is slightly cheaper for non-edible products. However, in March of 2011, several new studies have shown that Target prices are now slightly cheaper than Walmart link. The Dixon Walmart was upgraded to a Walmart Supercenter in the early 2000s and now features a grocery section comparable in size to that of most grocery chains, and seemingly cheaper than those in Davis. Its freezer section is particularly large and diverse. However, its location may make it unfavored for regular grocery runs. Generally, their prices are quite low. However, not all items are a bargain. You can find items cheaper at regular supermarkets if they are on sale.

The West Sac Walmart contains a QuickHealth doctor's office.

If you're going to the Dixon Walmart from the Davis direction: When you take the off-ramp, please don't slow down to 20 mph (or even stop) on the off-ramp while you try to figure out which way to go. Just keep the speed up and go up and over the overpass, and you'll see what to do from there. That would be great, thanks.

Northern California stores can receive anything ordered via their website at no charge. Since certain very heavy or large items can be extremely expensive to ship, Walmart may be a good place to acquire furniture or grills cheaper than many local stores.

On April Fool's Day, 2006, somebody placed a "Super Wal-Mart Coming Soon" sign at farm property on the corner of Pole Line and Covell.

In recent years, Walmart has begun dropping the "Supercenter" name from their stores. They simply refer to all stores as Walmart. This makes it difficult to determine which Walmart stores have full grocery departments. Many regular non-supercenter Walmart stores now have a small grocery section with produce and baked goods.

Generally, Walmart is known for its crowds, long lines, messy stores, and the type of people that their stores attract. Often people who have limited income flock to Walmart because they cannot afford to shop anywhere else. This often leads to a very diverse and eccentric variety of customer. Walmart is a place where people often go to people watch, or gawk, or stare, or take photos and post to

The Pharmacy At Walmart

Please note that the Pharmacy at Walmart is somewhat separated from the rest of the store. The employees in the Pharmacy are paid much better than employees in the rest of the store. The pharmacists are paid very high salaries that are competitive with the wages at other drug stores. In addition, the pharmacy technicians are also paid competitively. Full time employees also receive health benefits and depending on their type of plan often have low or no co-pay for prescriptions.

The Pharmacy at Walmart has a list of medications that only cost $4. There is also a list of $10 prescriptions for a 90 day supply. The $4 and $10 medication list is often seen as a loss leader. What this means is that the store loses money on the $4 prescriptions. The profit is given away in the hopes that customers buy products in the rest of the store to make up for the loss in prescription profit. Not all medicines appear on this list. It is only a list of common generic medications.

The low price medications are actually a help to people who have limited funds and can be a life saver for those who don't have much cash. The pharmacy also price matches other pharmacies. If you find a lower price at another pharmacy, you can talk to a pharmacist and see if you can get a price match. The pharmacy does not match wholesale club stores such as Costco.

General information:

These facts are irrelevant to Davis in particular, however they are interesting and may affect your buying decision.

Across the nation, Walmart sells half a million dollars of products every single minute of every single day. Walmart made the largest corporate donation to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in absolute terms. Largest contributions as percentage of earnings are unknown.

Walmart Supercenters, such as found in Dixon, common in the Midwest since their inception several years ago, are now popping up all over California. New locations in the Greater Sacramento Area locations include Citrus Heights, Roseville (across Highway 65 from the Target store), and Yuba City (adjacent to Highway 20). Wal-Mart reached a major milestone in March 2006 with its 2,000th Supercenter opening in Beaumont, CA.

Walmart sells fair trade certified coffee. Some of it comes (or used to) from Rosevaldo Jose Pereira in Brazil.

Walmart is also starting to sell many more organic products under the Wild Oats brand at a price lower than most other stores. You can often find many affordable organic products and this can save a great deal of money in the long run.


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2007-01-01 20:20:32   Walmart is not a Pictionary selling institution. —MattFrantz

2007-03-10 17:55:02   Their lines aren't nearly as bad as they were a few months ago, it's unfair to them to say that's a problem. Also, walmart isn't the only store who has self checkout, sometimes it's faster and easier. Albertsons, home depot, what about ATM machines (AT=Automated Teller). However this is problem with the store in Dixon... on more than one occassion I have left a bag behind full of merchandise after the cashier has assured me that I've got all my stuff. It's annoying and potentially expensive. I learned my lesson the hard way and although the savings are still well worth it, make sure you have all your stuff because it's easy to leave behind a bag or two on the little round about things they use. Now I literally go through my receipt the moment it's printed. Asking the cashier, "is that everything?" isn't enough. —TonyOrozco

2007-05-24 22:59:18   I LOVE WALMART —wesleywang

2007-11-06 22:38:22   I love Walmart. I go to the Dixon WalMart once a week. They carry Amy's organic entrees for lunch. My husband likes the Zataran's frozen entrees. All the items I buy for my family I can get at much lower prices than Safeway or Nugget: cheddar cheese sticks for my kids, whole wheat pasta including lasagna noodles (which I can't find anywhere else at this price). mini-bagels, basmati rice & school supplies. My kids like their clothes & electronics section. I just bought my boys new bikes they picked out (Mongoose dual-suspension mountain bike for $100 & Huffy black beach cruiser bike for $80). Walmart does a service to those folks who cannot afford or have the brains not to overpay at Co-Op or Nugget. And if you don't like the lines, use the self-checkout. I let my kids do all the checking out and bagging. They have fun & it saves me time. The only other store in Davis with self-checkout is the SaveMart (formerlly Albertsons). To avoid lines I go shopping at WalMart either Sunday morning, when people are asleep or at church ,or during the dinner hour (6-7pm0 on weekdays. And stop at Pedrick Produce on the way to get fresh produce. Recently I started going to the West Sacramento WalMart Super Center which is even bigger and the grocery shelves are full.—musicamyl

2007-11-07 10:05:37   Some people choose to shop at the Davis Food Co-op and Nugget because they prefer to pay something close to the true cost of food and household goods, in actual cash, right away. Instead of mortgaging part of the cost in the form of pollution, unsustainable transportation, trade-deficit labor and unethical marketing. When you think, "affordable," think long-term. —MattJurach

2007-11-08 17:59:19   Can anyone tell me whether or not the prices on groceries there are comparable to grocery outlet or winco? —AnnaF

2007-11-08 20:38:41   Some people choose to shop at wal-mart because we don't have the money to spend to buy more expensive food and some of us choose to pollute the world with useless t-shirts blaming wal-mart, heckling those who shop there, fighting for the removal of wal-marts, and telling poor people they should not work at Wal-mart because it is bad while at the same time offering little to help the person without any extra income. In the end until we can make food without harming the environment as much I choose this than telling a family to foreclose on a house, be a product of malnutrition, and not having a computer to post on the wiki(oh wait they don't shop there they go to nugget and the co-op). —Dean

2007-11-08 21:13:51   There is a Wal-Mart Controversy page already. I am not sure why there is a page about Wal-Mart on a Davis Wiki in the first place, since there is no Wal-Mart in Davis. But if you want to debate Wal-Mart, here is the place:


2007-11-09 08:25:43   I don't know if this should go on the other page or not but theres a big fight against Wal mart in Suisun

2007-12-17 10:51:11   The WalMart in Vacaville and Dixon haven't been carrying fenders lately for bikes. What a bummer. I guess Dixon's Wal-Mart isn't so "super", now is it? —ChristineLim

2008-03-28 17:27:35   You get what you expect to pay at Walmart: long lines and lost customer service representatives. Honestly when it comes to Walmart employees they can't help you find anything because they simply can't understand you or they don't know where anything is themselves. Case in point: Most recently I asked someone to show me where the Tofu was...He said, "Tofu? What's that?" I proceeded to ask another employee where an on sale in-ad item was. They couldn't find it! One employee asked another, then proceeded to ask another. I had an entire team of Walmart employees looking for an item and they just couldn't do it.

Final words: Go to Walmart and you're on your own. —senioritis

2011-04-15 11:50:43   If you're going to the Dixon Walmart from the Davis direction: When you take the offramp, please don't slow down to 20 mph (or even stop) on the offramp while you try to figure out which way to go. Just keep the speed up and go up and over the overpass, and you'll see what to do from there. That would be great, thanks.


2011-04-18 02:43:54   The Woodland location recently went through a remodeling, like many other locations I would guess. I have to say, it's a marked improvement from the way it was (not that I like shopping at Wal-Mart, but sometimes you have to). They made the isles bigger somehow, and the store just looks cleaner overall. —CecilioPadilla

2011-09-29 20:38:14   Wal-Mart is pretty evil. They are staunchly anti-union, they intentionally pay their full-time workers wages low enough that they qualify for medicaid. They absolutely DESTROY small businesses due to the fact that they can undersell and even run at a loss to drive their competition out of business, which is technically illegal. They are one of the biggest importers from China (I don't need to explain the working conditions over there for you). Watch this film and do your research -> Don't shop there, there are other inexpensive options that don't destroy the community. —ConsciousConsumer

2012-06-16 22:42:48   Wal Mart in Dixon is not "evil." What's EVIL are the prices in Davis for every little thing. What's evil is the price in Davis for a mere oil change at what passes for car repair shops there. At Wal Mart in Dixon it's only either $25 or $35 depending on whether or not you want the "older car oil special." From where I live in what's almost West Davis, the Wal Mart store in Dixon is the same distance as Target or even closer. And the employees are always there helping me and furthermore their Pharmacy did all they could to get my prescriptions down to their $4.00 rate even including calling the doctor FARTHER DOWN THE STREET IN "DOWNTOWN" DIXON to ask permission to split the thing into its two constituent drugs and bottle them separately so it would be covered under their $4.00 formulary. Anyone saying anything else apparently wants to pay upwards of $77.00 OR MORE for prescription medicines? I sure don't. I'm a substitute teacher and extra money like that doesn't grow on trees. I don't have health insurance or prescription coverage so I'm stuck having to find "low cost" or "free" clinics and get the prescriptions filled at Wal-Mart and this is for Blood Pressure medicine - which is, of course, from living broke for most of my adult life for reasons not Wal-Mart's fault. But if you don't like Wal-Mart you must be a self-made millionaire and can afford to have your prescriptions filled elsewhere.....but not me, thanks for your opinions but no thanks. —PaigeKennedy

  • if you're concerned about money, change your own oil and get your scrips over the internet. I shop at Walmart, but it's not the cheapest so much as it is the easiest. —mikeycrews

2012-09-21 06:59:36   There is no way internet prescriptions are anywhere near the $4.00 that Wal-Mart charges. The only option there is to shop overseas in which case there's a hell of a long wait for the thing to arrive in this country and pass through Customs at SFO. Sure, no expensive doctor visit but you're technically breaking the US drug enforcement law doing it that way. And car repair is more than oil changes. Being charged upwards of $700 for a $14.99 distributor in Davis when the problem was actually the ignition coil anyway, a mere $75 part, is way more than being ripped off on an oil change...which I hear are regularly in the $100 range in Davis anyway. And my original statement still stands. Anyone who knocks Wal-Mart is a self-made millionaire who wants public school substitute teachers to overpay for prescription medicines to the extent that we do without, which could be FATAL, or spend so much on the prescription that we can't do other things like EAT, pay our rent or keep our car running so that we CAN get to the job. You might as well tell me that St Luke's in San Francisco should be closed because the services are FREE and they're a money-loser, since that's where my doctor is and you'd get me started on the same schpiel. Self-made independently wealthy millionaire snobs. —PaigeKennedy

Wow, what a rant. By the way, an oil change at Davisville Express Lube is $27 with the coupon you can print out yourself, and last time I went it was done in under 20 mins. I think it's about $35 at Hoffmann Automotive. If you're hearing it's $100+, it might be time to doubt the honesty of your sources. —TomGarberson

2014-12-12 16:31:07   I kick myself every time for entering this institution, but I'm not sure there are many other big box stores in Dixon. —DavidBarnum