430 F Street , Suite D
Appointment only, Mon - Fri: 9am-7pm
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Warren Jones, CMT offers massage therapy drawing from many years of experience as well as training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai massage, Acupressure, Sports Massage & Reflexology


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2009-12-01 14:21:19   I have received several treatments from Warren and have found them to be extremely relaxing experiences. He uses a variety of techniques and a firm yet gentle touch to release tension- doing an amazing job on muscle tension in my neck, shoulders, and back. Warren is a sensitive and responsive therapist and and I leave his office feeling both calm and energized. —RainbowVogt

2009-12-06 16:55:52   Warren is an extremely good massage therapist and a great person. My work requires my back and shoulders to be tense for hours at a time, and Warren actually loosened the knots so much during my last appt. that my shoulders were a 1/2 inch lower! Yay Warren you rule! —KaiSmart

2010-02-01 12:01:49   Not only is Warren a great massage therapist, he's absolutely one of the all-around best people I've met. Wonderful, relaxing massage and no more pain! Thanks Warren :) —Mummers

2010-03-09 08:37:43   Warren is without compare. He is able to read my physical and emotional state, and adapt his technique to my needs at each session. He utilizes a variety of techniques, and is the best massage therapist I've ever been to. I suffer from chronic pain, and his services have helped me greatly. I've been to at least a dozen massage therapists, and he'll always be my first choice. If you are looking for someone who takes your healing seriously, I'd check him out. —leftylibby

2010-03-09 17:22:01   Warren is the best massage therapist I've encountered in Davis. He uses a combination of techniques — I particularly favor deep tissue massage and reflexology. He completely respects my wishes and attunes himself to my energy. He takes his work seriously and is a consummate, sensitive professional. In addition, he is an artist, musician, and humanitarian . Davis is lucky to have him! If you've never tried massage before, go to Warren! You won't be disappointed! —troutlake

2010-04-13 14:51:40   Great massage therapist and relaxing presence. I think he is the best in Davis and I'm really picky. Good for people who need a lot of pressure to loosen knots. Also a great musician! —AvaLorraine

2011-03-18 15:25:39   Great massage. I felt like he really listened to what I needed and wanted out of my experience. —yadayada

2011-08-25 13:10:27   warren definitely listens to his clients and can do soft touch all the way up to extremely deep and amazing massages! he mastered perfectly the depth and strength of the massage. it wasn't too hard, and was exactly at my threshold. he is also an energetic and very positive human being! —AmandaMaples