This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


1740 E. 8th St. (In Davis Manor shopping center)
Open 24 hours

The Wash Mill was a laundromat that primarily served East Davis; they were in business for 40 years. When they closed, the price for the washers was $1.25, and the dryers were $0.25 for six minutes - but they were pretty industrial, so it would take you about $0.75-$1.00 to wash a load, depending on the load.

There was some furniture in there labeled "Old Mill Stream", which is presumably a prior name for the place.

They were forced to close in January 2013 when the landlord would not renew their lease. Goodwill wanted to move into the space formerly occupied by All Things Right and Relevant, but said that that space wasn't big enough, and wanted the adjoining space occupied by Wash Mill as well. Some found it ironic that a company dedicated to helping lower-income people would deprive East Davis of its only laundromat, given that many people walked to the Wash Mill. The Vanguard wrote three articles on the subject. (here, here, and here).


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2007-07-22 14:27:47   Free wifi here with "instaconnect" accesspoint. —atwong

2007-10-09 19:47:01   Whenever I pass, it's usually pretty empty. —BreeButler

2009-01-25 20:29:25   i use this place weekly and everything works great and its kept clean —adamc328

2009-12-16 17:31:52   The cheapest washer is now $1.50. —amovolky

2010-05-25 11:10:08   Pretty basic place and it's not in the best neighborhood in Davis (some degree of riffraff associated with the Dollar Tree next door and a couple of homeless people milling about), but it's clean, inexpensive, and everything works the way it should. MASSIVE dryers cost 25 cents for 6 minutes and they work amazingly; it only cost me 75 cents and 18 minutes to dry a standard load of laundry (jeans included!) Probably would have gotten it done in 12. Would definitely recommend this place if you need your laundry done fast and don't care about frills. —AdamV

2010-08-20 09:03:52   Great place. Very clean. I put three loads (including jeans, sheets, and towels) into one of the big industrial dryers, and everything was dry in 30 minutes. It's also VERY cheap here; basic wash is $1.50, or the front-loaders are $2.75 (not a bad price, considering you can fit two-three times as much compared to the top-loaders). Right next to a Dollar Tree, if you get bored and like lead poisoning.—zombiek

2011-11-12 01:19:25   they have a magazine dating back to 2004 :o I skimmed through it but apparently other people still read it I shall call it The Wash Mill Magazine... may it live forever...


2011-12-23 20:08:28   Used to come here all the time before we became fancy folk and got our own washer/dryer. Almost every other time we were there a worker was cleaning and scrubbing—it's nice the owners really try to keep it clean. The dryers get insanely hot, which is nice, in my opinion. I got into the habit though of only putting one quarter in the dyer to start and make sure it got hot before I put in the rest as occasionally a dryer might not work and would blow cold air. There are notes on which you can mark machines that are out of order so other patrons know. You can also inform the owner of how much money you have lost by leaving a note and she/he will send a refund, though the owner got persnickety with me over this so that's why I started testing the dryers with one quarter before putting all my quarters in. There's free wi-fi, which is sweet! And I haven't seen this 2004 magazine bobjonesbobjones speaks of, but there is often an interesting array of reading material. The best part is, we never ever had to wait for a machine. There are some times that are more busier than others, but it's always been great in terms of instant washing gratification. —ActionFigureBarbie

2012-12-23 08:58:59   There's a sign in the window that they're closing in January so Goodwill can move in. —rhamm