45400 County Road 28H
(530) 756-2400

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located in the rural outskirts of Davis on County Road 28H. Human and miscellaneous waste products are conveyed to the plant through the mighty powers of the local sewer system. Upon reaching its destination, the raw sewage is treated, and the resulting sludge is pumped out to the neighboring Davis Wetlands, which is just east of the plant.

"Treatment Plant Exposure" is a huge problem to the local wildlife. Many animals have died and will continue to die due to it. In the first two weeks of June, 2005, a good Samaritan brought in ducks he found 'not moving' near the area to the VMTH, along with a few deceased corpses to be disposed of. Some died quickly, while the others were treated at a relatively great expense. Problems include dehydration, avian cholera, botulism, heavy metal toxicity, and all kinds of microbial infections, especially gastric and respiratory ones. Poor things.

The old waste water treatment plant was located at 24662 County Road 102 in an unincorporated area of Yolo County. A solar farm known as PVUSA was built on the location in 1986.

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