Weber's Yolo Saloon was Davisville's first saloon. The simple one-room building owned by George Weber [1835-1914] was originally located on the northeast corner that is now First & B Streets and was later moved to the southwest corner of 2nd & G Streets, which has since become Davis' corner of ill repute. At the time of the move around 1875, this prime location was purchased from William Dresbach for $400. George Weber's Yolo Saloon & Billiard Parlor was a popular retreat until George's death, though alcohol could not be sold legally until after 1911.

George Augustus Weber came to Davisville from Ohio via the overland Nevada route. Prior to the founding of Davisville, Weber worked for William Dresbach as he saved money to open his saloon. By 1869, he had become a successful businessman and property owner, including farmland at the intersection of Russell Blvd. and County Road 99W. With this to offer, he proposed marriage to the 19-year old Ann Hunt that same year and the two settled at 223 C Street until 1880; a large Victorian home on the northeast corner of 2nd & E Streets became the family residence until 1963, when the Brinley Building was constructed on the site. Together the couple had four daughters and Ann was instrumental in establishing a Catholic church in Davisville.

George's second oldest child, Harriet Elisha [October 10, 1872-December 14, 1961] became librarian of the Davisville Library in 1910, which was then housed in the Buena Vista Hotel; after Yolo County assumed operation of a newly constructed library, "Miss Hattie" became the town's first paid librarian and held that position until her retirement in 1955. George's youngest daughter, Gertrude Frances Weber [September 27, 1885-March 14, 1961] married Al Green "Sam" Brinley in 1916. The relative newcomer to Davisville became a Southern Pacific agent and on his retirement in 1947, established Brinley's Real Estate & Insurance Office which was passed on to his son, John W. Brinley.

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