Webster Hall was part of Cuarto. It was closed in June 2017 for redevelopment of the area. Yosemite Hall now stands in its place. Webster had 4-6 person suites in addition to a few doubles (which are like any other doubles but contain their own bathroom). Like Emerson, it was a three floor building with outdoor hallways facing a pool in the middle. 104 people lived on the second and third floors, while 57 lived on the first floor. Webster was also home to the "Communicating, Learning, Leading" Academic Theme Program on its first floor. The building also had a single elevator.

On Webster's first floor you would have found a small lounge with a T.V. although the T.V. is quite unnecessary as most residents kept their own sets in their suites. Also on the first floor was a Table Tennis table and a piano. There was a couch on the second floor landing as well as elevator access. The third floor common area was a 24-hour study room with Internet access.

Overall, a nice intimate place to live.

As with all suite style on campus housing, residents in Webster tended to interact with each other less than in the traditional style dorms. This was due to the ability to stay confined in a suite i.e. no community bathrooms and personal living rooms.

Webster was last remodeled in the 1999-2000 academic year. It was closed for that academic year for the remodeling.

Positive and negative experiences or aspects of Webster

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2006-05-22 20:04:59   It is true that I don't live in Webster anymore, although what is considered "living" is debatable. It is certain that I do not sleep there. However, I did live and sleep there during Fall 2005. From what I saw, the large majority of people did not interact with people outside of their respective suites. But in all fairness, there will be antisocial people in any dorm building, it's just easier to be antisocial in Cuarto. —TusharRawat

2006-05-25 00:26:08   True, being antisocial is easy in Webster. However, if you are a gregarious person it is REALLY easy to make friends! Especially when it is hot outside and everyone is at the pool. I made some really great friends here and it is really easy to have parties and to have get togethers in your suites. Also, sharing a bathroom SUCKS. What if you get food poisoning? Do you want to puke all night in a public bathroom? NO! Gross. It is important to make friends in the beginning of the year, though. People become less friendly as time goes on! —ValeriePeterson

2006-12-04 23:29:53   The best way to meet people is holding parties because you have alot of space. Bring in some speakers, food, and soda and bang on random people's doors and ask them if they are up for a party. If its a friday or saturday night and they are in their rooms it means the are looking to do something. If you host it they will come. —DonGibson

2009-09-30 17:46:14   I lived here as a freshman and the room I was in was smaller than all the other rooms in the suite. Also, nobody decided to clean the smashed fly carcasses on the ceiling. Anyway, as a disgruntled former resident, I feel that I must leave this: http://www.ucdbs.com/dormshankim

2012-08-28 01:39:40   This dorm is fantastic. I got laid the first day I moved in. Better than segundo. —reediculous

2015-07-03 01:38:05   Overall I enjoyed living in Webster Hall. As most people have said there are pros and cons to living in the Cuarto dorms, for me the pros far outweighed the cons. I lived in a 6 person suite and shared a room/bathroom with one other guy, we also had our own "common room" (small living room) in our suite. The living space in the cuarto dorms is far superior to the small traditional dorm rooms that are present in Segundo and Tercero, and the benefits of having a large room and our own bathroom cannot be overstated. However people are completely correct when they say that it is harder to socialize in cuarto, most people in traditional dorms leave their doors open leading to far more interactions between residents, this is not the case in cuarto where practically all doors are closed. Personally this wasn't a problem for me since I met most of my floor mates through intramural sports, but others might find it hard to meet people. If your an outgoing person living in curato suites won't harm your social life, however if your a shy person who still wants to meet new people I highly recommend one of the traditional dorms in the other complexes. —jakeaxe