The Wednesday Night Time Trials are a series of 10-mile cycling time trials sponsored by Wheelworks and the Mad Cows Racing Team. Held every-other Wednesday evening from Spring until Fall, the time trials are an individual race against the clock to see how quickly each participant can complete the 10-mile course. The time trials are free and open to everyone, though you must fill out a waiver to race and try really really hard not to get hit by a car. No pre-registration necessary; just be on time!


  • The course is open to traffic, so it is essential to stay to the right shoulder and yield and be courteous to vehicles.
  • While waiting at the start, please do not obstruct the roadway to through traffic.
  • Bike helmets are required.
  • Participants must sign a USCF waiver prior to their first time trial.
  • Participants must be on time.
  • Participants are sent out every 30-seconds, ordered on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • No drafting.
  • Shout your number as you cross the finish line.

Course Info

Putah Creek Course

The Putah Creek Course is a flat, ten-mile out-and-back course along Putah Creek Road between Davis and Winters. The start/finish line is roughly three-hundred yards west of Stevenson Bridge Road. Participants will start from this point and head west towards Winters. At the five-mile point, participants will turn around and finish back where they started. Both the start/finish and turnaround points are marked on the road surface with permanent orange spray paint. Warnings are also painted approaching the turnaround point, and someone is stationed at the turnaround during the time trials to make sure that participants do not miss it.

If you drive, it is recommended that you park along Stevenson Bridge Road to minimize the disruption of local traffic as much as possible.

Bulkley Course

A flat 10 mile out-and-back course on Bulkley Road south of the Davis city limits. The start/finish line is on Bulkley Road, near Tremont Road. The course continues five miles south on Bulkley Road to the turnaround and returns five miles north on Bulkley back to the start/finish line.

It is recommended that you park your cars on the shoulders of Tremont Road.

2009 Schedule

Every other Wednesday at 6 pm (on the Putah Creek course). The first time trial was on Wednesday, May 25, 6:00 PM on the Putah Creek Course.

More infos:

Course Records - Putah Creek Course

Full results can be found on the Mad Cows website: and .

  • Men's Record - 19:31 - 30.74 mph (Paul Mach, April 22, 2009)
  • Women's Record (?) - 22:57 - 26.14 mph (Molly Van Houweling, March 25, 2009)
  • Team Time Trial Record - 19:55 - 30.13 mph (Stephen Dey, Shawn Rosenthal, Tyler Dibble, Jim Wingert (didn't finish), Zach Kimsey (didn't finish); April 25, 2007)