Sign from their former location at 2800 5th St.

508 2nd Street Suite 207
M-F 8:30-5
(530) 757-8052

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage houses consultants and the agents that exclusively process the purchases of residential property. When starting a home mortgage application or request for prequalification; Wells Fargo's website will refer one to the home page of specific agent(s) that are close to the current address of the prospective home buyer. On the chosen agents homepage one will fill out an application to start a prequalification letter. Wells Fargo strongly encourages buyers to initiate the home buying process through their website. As with all transmission of sensitive documents pertaining to identity, please check the validity of website forms you use to submit information.

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2011-08-25 17:21:28   Besides shopping around to see which company can provide the best rates/ offers, it is worthwhile to have someone who is competent, timely, and provides a relatively hassle free experience. Daniel Chen at this office is someone who can provide this type of service. After a couple of bad experiences at various companies/ and agents, I just wanted to give out the name of someone who can make this process easier for someone new to this game. —csy