This page is for discussing the contents of West Davis.

I'm starting a project suggested by JasonAller: creating sub-pages for each category on each of the neighborhoods. Doing so makes it so you can use the [[Include(West Davis/X)]] macro and easily create lists by area. For example, Churches could easily contain both a list by denomination and a list by neighborhood. Likewise for restaurants (possibly a sub-page there, due to size), and so on. I thought I'd get a talk page going here to get feedback on it, while I work on the first neighborhood. —TomGarberson

  • We tried some includes earlier and people didn't like them. I only mention this to acknowledge there was an argument against them — I think they are by far the best way to handle lists outside of an actual tag system. -jw
  • If people don't like it, it'll be easy enough to revert/delete. I'm just going to do West Davis for now, and maybe add an example of the geographic organization on another page or two as a demo to see what people think.