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Question: Is there any place in Davis that has power tools that I can use? I don't mind paying a membership fee or something like that, but I'm trying to build a go kart with my friend this summer and I don't have a power saw or a welder.

Question: Where is the best place to take a welding class during the summer?

Question (2-18-2015): Neither Rite-Aid nor CVS stocks boric acid powder. Where can I buy some? It's an effective roach control.

  • I buy it at Home Depot, found it in the pest control section, I forget the brand name, it come in a large white plastic squeeze bottle.
    • Helpful, but since HD isn't in Davis, I sent an (after hours) email to Davis Ace, and will report on their response. Also will check Hibberts when I have a chance -- thanks for the lead -DW

Question: Where is the best place in Davis to get food that is kosher for Passover? Nugget, Co-op, Whole Foods, or ?? Probably the co-op followed by the nugget... I know that safeway has a Kosher aisle ~Daubert

Question: Where can I dispose of electronics, such as blow dryers and iphone cords?

Question: Where can I buy a California state flag (bear flag) around Davis? Target was a no-go...

City hall should at least be able to order one? They fly it... We don't really have many state buildings in Davis ~SD

  • Try calling Sacramento Flag Works (3001 D St., Sacramento, CA 95816) at phone: 916-448-1187

Question:Where can I buy refined Tallow (beef fat), lard is easy to find in the supermarket but tallow is more difficult. I need to make some soap.

If you can't find tallow, there are plenty of other perfectly acceptable kinds of fat that you can use to make soap.

probably the meat lab ~SD

  • looks like they do commercial refining. You could ask very nicely if they would sell you a small quantity, but I'm guessing they deal in 55 gallon drums. -JT

Question: Where can i buy or borrow a typewriter to use. I wanted to make a personal message and wanted to use a typewriter.

Question: Where can I get a wide assortment of candies for diabetics? In big cities, grocery stores carry diabetic versions almost any imaginable candy— but it seems grocery stores in davis don't carry them?

  • Target or The Candy House of Davis (any local candy shop should make sugar free candy these days). Nugget would cheerily order some, & come to think of it the Co-Op should have that niche covered as well... ~SD
  • There's generally a sugar-free section at drug stores like CVS

Question: Where can I find egg rolls with meat in them? Every place I have tried egg rolls in there were only vegetables, not that I didn't enjoy them, but still, sometimes I like my egg rolls with shrimp or pork. hankim

Pretty much nowhere brohemian. I keep an eye out for meaty egg rolls & in town it's pretty much veggie... ~SD

Question: I have an electric organ that needs some restoration work (made in 1965). This is more complex than simply finding a piano tuner. Is there somebody in this county or in Sacramento with the skills to diagnose and fix whatever needs repair/replacement in the circuits and relays? JudithTruman

Dr. Rock who does amp repair for Watermelon would be able to at least point you in the right direction ~SD

Question: I have a flooded house. There don't seem to be any water damage specialists in Davis, and a Sacramento search turns up a whole lot. Does anyone have any advice on whom to contact regarding mold and other sequelae to flooding?

Only people I've seen around town, and the only people I've heard of are servpro Daubert Zebra can also do repair like that but they are shady to employees

Question: Does anyone know where I can seam weld a car chassis around Davis? I know you can get a day pass for the welding class at the craft center but I dont think I can bring a car in? Also does anyone know where there is a spot welder too?

* also GC Welding Services does good welding on the cheap ~SD

Question: Does anyone know of a general practitioner I can go to in Davis? I need to get my hyperhidrosis under control and hope to get a prescription for stronger antiperspirants or maybe a referral for some kind of other treatment. Hopefully one that takes Cigna?\

You should be able to call Cigna & have them tell you providers that are local & in their insurance network ~SD

Question: Is there any good 2010 St. Patrick's Day events in Davis? More specifically bar specials? Or am I going to have to go to SacTown?

C U in Sac ~SD I'm sure the Grad/Gpub had token events but for any real panache you need Sac.

Question: Where can I get my hands on some kaffir lime leaves in Davis? I've tried the co-op but it appears it's not there right now. :(

  • Local nurseries can order the plants for you, and they are pretty easy to grow in containers. They are somewhat frost-tender, so find a protected location for the winter. A south-facing wall is ideal.
  • Not in Davis, but lime leaves are also available at SF Market in Sac.

Question: Where can I get a watch battery replaced? My wiki-fu has failed me.

Question: Where can I get baptized, full immersion style? Thanks.

Question: Has anyone sold a guitar to a music store in Davis? Thanks.

I've had a friend or two do consignment or sale. It's brick & mortar but they are friendly reasonable folks. Also try CL but be safe ~SD

Question: Where can I get 120 medium format film developed? The only place in town that I know is Ritz but its closed now :(

  • The Longs (CVS) in the Marketplace shopping center could process 120 a year ago. This could have changed with the new ownership. May also need to send it out.
  • On the Ritz Camera page someone mentions that the UCD Bookstore sends it out to be processed, takes 3-5 days... I would give them a call.

Question: Where can I get candy apples? The Rocky Mountain Candy Factory ones in Old Sac are expensive. Is there anywhere else?

  • Farmers Market apples + Safeway caramel + a pot == candy apples. You can even get both at Safeway (plus butter, waxed paper and either popsicle sticks or kabob skewers).
  • They're easy to make. My mom made 'em when I was a kid.
  • also the nugget Deli case usually has candy apples, but it's nugget pricey...

Question: Where is the nearest extended-stay hotel to Davis? Or, is there a hotel within Davis that has long-term rates comparable to extended stay hotels?

  • check the map-, and "no", why?, "because its davis, and everythings more expensive"
  • Hallmark inn Davis will do you 6 months for around 35K ~SD

Question: Where can I buy blueberries? The Safeway at the Marketplace seems to run out of them all the time. If I can eat blueberries every week, that would be great. Thanks.

  • Blueberries are seasonal. They are available for a few months around July (national Blueberry month). There will be some appearing soon that have been shipped up from the southern hemisphere as their local summer months approach, but your best bet are the sacks of frozen blueberries over in the freezer section. While frozen fruit and berries have texture issues, they are harvested at the peak ripeness (unlike the fresh fruit and berries which are harvested at the peak shipping durability — of course, locally grown food items are ripe and fresh, which is why some people and restaurants seek it out).
  • Not as politically correct a response: Just the other day (late September) I bought some blueberries at the Save-Mart. They are from British Columbia (so, at least on the same coast!) and are quite sweet. —CovertProfessor
  • You can also buy blueberries at Nugget. They rarely regularly run out but when they're on sale for a hot price they may run low. -mowtov
  • Costco has been selling dried blueberries lately. —JonathanLawton
  • There are several local vendors at the Farmer's Market Wednesday and Saturday selling very fresh and tasty blueberries. —jsears

Question: Where is the cheapest place to get a singlespeed bicycle conversion in Davis?

  • Apex Cycles over on G St. has good prices and a knowledgeable owner.

Question: Where can I get a baby car seat inspected to make sure it's installed properly? There are a number of places in Sac that do this, such as firestations and a CHP station. Is there anywhere in Davis that does it? The Davis PD do not offer this service anymore.

Question: Where can I find yummy vegetarian dumplings with shittake, tofu, etc. in either fresh (restaurants) or frozen (stores) form? —il

  • I remember the veggie dumplings at Shanghai Town being pretty good and inexpensive. —SRB
  • If you want some to take home, Kim's sells them for a decent price and they are better than any you can find at the normal supermarkets.—ascapoccia

Question: Where can I get text etched into the frame of my bike? I want to mark the bike with something more permanent than the license stickers.

Ace Sells a dremmel etching tool for $25. Go on an etching spree after that. I'm assuming you mean hand etched/engraved not acid etching ... ~SD

Question: Who sells raw honey that's produced either in Davis or very very close to Davis? And where can I purchase it? (yes, am trying this for allergies) —il

  • Try the Farmer's Market, I've seen honey for sale there. I would guess that it would be fairly local, and you could always ask where it comes from. —AllisonEriksen
  • In addition Yolo Fruit Stand sells honey from woodland, which I believe is even closer than the ones offered at the Davis Farmer's Market. —MattHh
  • Up in Capay Valley or at least Esparto near there there are a couple stands that prominently offer raw honey for allergies. if you didn't want to drive up there (scenic) then ask someone at market from a Capay area farm if they know the person selling it and can put you in contact or deliver... —NotTires
  • I buy the Bullfrog Bee's Pure Orange Blossom, they also have many other varieties. It's sold at either the Farmer's Market or Davis Food Co-op. jsears

Question: Where can I find greek yogurt? —YooHyunOak.

  • Most grocery stores these days. It got trendy.
  • The Davis Food Coop sells several brands of Greek yogurt. While a couple are lowfat, the best ones have 20 grams of fat. —NoelBruening
  • Nugget Markets off of East Covell Blvd and Poleline carries greek yogurt. —mowtov

Question: Where can I get my hands on some Thai basil in this town? I tried making this dish with regular sweet basil but the bite is just. not. there. :( —il

  • I buy my fresh basil and mint from the Davis Food Co-op to make Pad Ka Pow and other dishes and they turn out pretty well. If it's still not to your liking, I would try asking your favorite Thai Restaurants where they purchase their basil. —ScarlettYing
  • You can also grow your own thai basil. It looks similar to the usual basil but a little purpler. -Matthh
  • There is an Asian produce stand at the Farmers Market that sells Thai basil. —SRB

Question: After registering for Intro to Linguistics on SISWeb, the location strangely reads RESSLR. Where is this hall? Directions from the Memorial Union or adjacent halls appreciated.

  • Oh, that's Roessler Hall. Do you know the grassy area behind the Bike Barn, next to the Silo? Roessler is a red brick building beyond that. If you walk from the Silo, you'll find Bainer Hall to your right. Just circle around the grassy bike paths (or cross the grass) and Roessler is right there in the middle of everything. -NumiaCairaguas

Question: Where can I find compression/pressure gloves in Davis? These are used for edema therapy purposes (applies pressure to relieve swelling). Here's a link to the kind of thing I'm talking about.

Question: Where can I find a cow costume, or just the bonnet and udder? —ArlenAbraham

  • You can see if MikeSiminitus still has his and is willing to part with it.

Question: Where can I find a Nintendo Wii at regular retail price? That is, among mearby stores that are known to stock them (Gamestop, Target, Wal-Mart, Costco etc.), where and when do I stand the best chance of purchasing one? And when is supply going to catch up with demand so all of this lining up to beat the scalpers nonsense is unnecessary?

  • This doesn't exactly answer your question but perhaps this info will help. I was able to find one at the Vacaville Best Buy, but I had to get there early on a day I knew they were getting some. And that was during the summer when there was no Christmas demand.

Bizarro World has oldschool consoles for sale ~SD

Question: Where can I find good korean bbq around the sac or davis area (any place like manna where the cooking is not at the table does not count)?

Question: Where can I refill my printer cartridges now that Island Ink-Jet has closed down? Is there any other place in Davis? If not, what about any surrounding area that I can get to with public transportation (Yolobus)?

Question: Where is the nearest place I can go to test ride recumbent bikes and trikes?

  • A few can be found in Davis. I have seen one or two models at B&L Bike Shop, Ken's Bike & Ski and the Bike Barn. If you want a better selection of models (short / long wheelbase, high racers, trikes, under / over seat steering, etc), Shingle Springs has a wonderful shop called Gold Country Cyclery.

Question: While I'm in the middle of Davis without a car, I need serious fashion help. I don't dress like my age group and would like to start wearing brand labels for a change, so I can fit in and feel better about myself (or more like, grow up). But I don't know where to look. Is there a mall nearby? I think the University Mall is for girls only fashion, but I'm a guy. Is there a bus I can take to get there? It would be great if I could reach a mall that has large quantities of label clothings and stores like Acrombie (sp). Any additional tips on how I can gain a sense of style, etc I will not ignore. Thank you, thank you! Wayne Froster.

  • University Mall has men's clothing, too, though I'm not sure about the selection. You could always go to Woodland's County Fair Mall by Yolobus 42A (it stops at the MU, outside Rite-Aid, and outside Albertsons, among other places). It runs hourly and on weekends. Your stop would be the first stop right after the freeway, right in front of the mall. To get back, just take Yolobus 42B.
  • You might want to check out the thrift stores around town and in Woodland. I'm generally looking at the girlie stuff, but people donate a lot of brand name clothes to the SPCA Thrift Store. There's some great stuff at the Thrift Store Outlet and Yolo Hospice Thrift Store in Woodland, as well.

Question: Where can I get socks? If it's not in downtown, then is there a bus route that will get me there? Again, thank you in advance. Answer:

Question: I live near RiteAid. Where can I get some distilled water? Thanks in advance! Wayne. Answer:

  • Rite Aid should sell distilled water in the same aisle they carry other types of water, but if not, try similar aisles any grocery store, such as Safeway. Among other things, distilled water has household uses such as cleaning and refilling irons. If you're on campus, the chem labs pipe in deionized water, I believe... take a look at the Drinking Water page for more on different types of water and possible sources.

Question: Where can I go to get a car thoroughly cleaned, inside and out? Answer:

Question: Where can I find an assortment of various quality paper for use in a printer? Answer:

Question: Where can I buy a bowl, spoon, and fork? I prefer a normal size bowl for rice or cereal. Thanks in advance. (RiteAid only stocks up on other kitchen cookware). Answer:

Question: Where can I find a caller and/or band for contra dance or square dance?


  • Usually the Third Friday of the month at Davis High School — here's the Sacramento Area Contradances page. (I hate to contradict Nicole about contra, but I think she's mistaken about "hard to find in California...") — DougWalter
  • Contra dance is hard to find in California... it seems to be a New England thing. However, contra dance is closely related to English Country Dance, and that we HAVE got. Try dropping in on practice and asking them; many of them are musicians themselves and may be willing to play for you, or they can point you in the right direction. And stay for the dancing! NicoleTheWonderNerd

Question: Where can we go out to dinner in the Sac area after graduation? Saturday, June 17th. Some place nice but not overly expensive, with good dining, drinks, and a nice atmosphere. Maybe something in old town?


Question: Where can I find a restaurant with outstanding Buffalo wings? Greater Sac region preferred, please.


  • Oh! You have hit a touchy subject with Craig and I. There are not a lot of great places around. In Davis, The Graduate is the best I've found. I am not sure about the small local spots in Sac, but Hooters is good (especially when the wings are extra wet) and a Wingstop just opened in Elk Grove. Haven't been there, but I am assuming it is similar to my favorite place in Minnesota, Buffalo Wild Wings. I've been working on people in the know to open a Buffalo Wild Wings in West Sac, but no luck yet. —JanelleAlvstadMattson

Question: Where can I buy litmus paper?


  • The UC Davis Bookstore has a wide variety of lab equipment, and should have litmus paper.

Question: Who makes the best Sangria in Davis? I mean a business establishment, not a personal family recipe.


  • In my opinion Sophia's makes the best Sangria that I've had in Davis. I've tried the Sangria at Seasons but it's a white wine Sangria instead of the traditional Red Wine kind and may be just a bit stronger. - MowTov

Question: Where can I find a Japanese open grill restaurant something like Benihanas? Where they cook the food and flip it around and all that fun stuff?


  • My Wife and I frequent Katana in Sacramento a fair amount. It on the corner of Fulton and Alta Arden. The owner Pham is cool, and the staff is friendly. The food is as good if not better than Benihana, withe better prices, and with a more personable "show" than other places. There is a Benihana in Citrus Heights at Sunrise and Madison, but it is significantly farther away, more expensive, and a LOT more serious than Katana. The cooking style is called Teppan Yaki or just Teppan, so you may want ot do a search for that if you want more info. - RogerClark

Question: Where can I find some butcher paper?


  • Maybe Teach Your Children? They have lots of teacher's supplies and butcher paper is a pretty common school supply. -Janelle
  • The Art Department in the UCD Bookstore carried butcher paper a couple years back. I don't know if they still do, but you could give them a phone call.-JT
  • IKEA
  • Office Max carries butcher paper in their art supplies aisle.

Question: Is there a FAX MACHINE anywhere on campus/near Davis that is free or really cheap for public use?


Question: I'm looking for a place in Davis or Sac that will take 8inch x 8inch digital photographs print the photographs on matte print in this exact size (8x8). -MichaelGiardina


  • Kinko's has a photo kiosk and a laserjet printer. Photo kiosks can be tricky. Basically, find a size that you know the photo kiosk does, make a new file that size and center your photo on the new jpeg with crop marks (if you need a border...).
  • Rite Aid has a photo kiosk
  • Longs Drugs has a photo kiosk
  • Wal-Mart will not print your photos if they look "professional"
  • Ritz Camera
  • Get someone in the design department who has access to the print lab
  • IET Mediaworks
  • Meyer Hall has a color laserjet me thinks
  • You can have your photo printed from PhotoShop at Office Max and it will print out at size.
  • Buy a day pass to the craft center and use their Epson 2200 (wicked boss pigmentjet printer)

Question: 2005-06-19 14:14:01   Does anyone know where I can buy fresh, red "Pasilla Chilles" ? These things like "Mongolian-Flavor-In-A-Fruit" ... Droool!!! but blah... I think my roommate got the name of this pepper wrong. —MichaelGiardina


  • Your roommate got the name correct! That chili is also known as Chile Negro and is the dried version of the Chilaca chili. You can find it in most grocery stores near the fresh chili pepper or in the "Mexican/ethnic food" aisle. Look for large black peppers in large plastic bags.

Question: Where can I find Shaman Smoke in or around Davis? Here is a picture of Shaman Smoke.


  • Try D-Zone Novelties and Newsbeat. If they don't have it, you can't get it in Davis. If it's not available in Davis, you can call the company or the distributor and find out where it's sold nearby. —ArlenAbraham

Question: What places make Italian sodas with cream?


Question: Is there anywhere in Davis that tunes pianos for a moderate price?


Question: Where is the best place in Davis to get a digital camera repaired?


  • I don't think anywhere in Davis is going to be able to help you unless it's very basic. Your best bet is to send it back to the mfgr, or to call the mfgr and find the nearest service depot. If it's a dSLR, there are a few camera repair places in SF and maaaaybe one or two in Sacramento, but for basic point and shoots, you're probably going to have to buy a new camera. —ArlenAbraham

    if the optics are broken that makes it sketchy but if it's hardware or circuitry iFix electronics does advanced hardware repair of all kinds

Question: Where can I recycle bicycle tires?


  • The Bike Church has a box for tires that are totally destroyed, and then if they're still usable you can leave tires with them and someone, someday will make use of them.
  • Ken's Bike & Ski also has a large box for recycling tires.

Question: Where can I buy a 5-gallon refillable compressed-air tank (used for car and bike inflating tires without a power air compressor)?


  • You can use a scuba cylinder and just attach the appropriate inflator fitting. No scuba shops in Davis anymore, but lots of scuba divers. Stop by PE29 one morning at Hickey Gym and talk to the instructors... they may know of somebody looking to get rid of a couple cylinders. Otherwise, Dolphin Scuba in Sacramento can sell you a new cylinder or check Craigs List since it sounds like you don't really need a "clean" cylinder.
  • Paintball people use compressed gas cylinders for their games as well, so you may be able to get a smaller or cheaper cylinder through that avenue and fit it as suggested in the post about scuba cylinders.

    Ace would love to gouge you on that

Question: Where's the best place to steal milk crates that are the bigger size so you can fit 12" records in them? Answer:

Question: Where can one find UC Davis postcards? Answer:

  • UC Davis postcards are sold at the UC Davis Bookstore. Rite Aid and Newsbeat sell Davis (but not UC) postcards. But hey, try making your own postcards! It can be fun.
    • The bookstore does not sell UC Davis postcards. Hence my query here.
      • They're in the UCD Bookstore, but they're often hidden. Check the pillar between the checkout area and the gifts section, across the walkway from the actual books. I was puzzled when they first moved there.
  • Newsbeat does in fact have UC Davis postcards. Or at least Egghead postcards, which I spotted out of the corner of my eye.
  • Longs Drugs in east Davis has a rack of postcards, most of which are cheesy "California postcards", but there are some UCD stores too.
  • Avid Reader in downtown Davis has a decent selection (about 25 different ones) of $0.25 postcards. Some are of Sac or SF, but mostly UC Davis oriented.

Questions: Where can I buy mace/pepper spray? Answer:

Question: Does anybody agree that Diet Soda in Davis tastes strange? Answer:

  • It tastes strange everywhere to me.
  • If you are from an area with soft water (e.g., the Bay Area or the east coast), the hard water here will make things taste flat.

Question: is there a local service that can transcribe mini DV tape onto a DVD?

Question: Where in Davis can I volunteer to help serve/prepare Thanksgiving meals to the homeless/underprivileged? Answer:

Question: Where in Davis can I find a store that sells cookie cutters? Answer:

  • Try Ace Hardware's housewares section — almost 100% sure they have 'em. Cost Plus World Market usually carries some cookie cutters as well. If both of those fail you, Dollar Tree has a small housewares section; Rite Aid and Longs may also have some alongside their bakeware or amongst their seasonal items. Bake a few extra dozen for the rest of us!
    • Thanks! We're testing out some new recipes.
  • I don't know how old this question is but if you are still looking and can get to Dixon there is an excellent baking store there called Every Baking Moment. They have everything. Also I epically fail at formatting. If you know how to fix this then go crazy.

Question: Does anyone know if there is a store in Davis that sells tahini (raw sesame seed paste) besides the Co-op? The Co-op only has it in bulk and the way they store it is unsanitary.

  • The International Food Market carries it. BTW, what is the co-op doing that's unsanitary?
  • The co-op has tahini in jars, near the peanut butter
  • Nugget Markets sells it in the international food aisle.

Question: Where can I find really good Dim Sum in the greater Sacramento area.

  • Search and ye shall find. Davis Wiki has an extensive Dim Sum page to address this very question. —ArlenAbraham

Question: (from Law) Does anyone have any recommendations for a law firm that can create a prenup agreement? —namohai

  • Joan G Poulos does work with family law and I am sure she could help you with a prenup. —HeatherFlood

Question: Where on the internet can I find Yolo County's health inspection records of restaurants? I can find it for Sacramento easily, but spent a while trying to find it for Yolo >.<

  • Good question. The answer is now on the Health Inspection entry. (I used a "phone" — an ancient bit of technology that is often viewed in the same way as writing in cuneiform on clay tablets, but it often works when the Great Google Oracle fails

Question: I'm looking for some permanent (and public) representation of a tiger in Davis. A statue, a mural—at this point, even something containing the word "tiger" (e.g., a tiger lily, "tiger" in a street name) will do. Any ideas? Wikizens, to the rescue!

Question: Where can I eat in Davis with a family of 3 kids ? Similar to the "upscale restaurants" page, can someone create a list of "family friendly" restaurants ?

  • Try starting with Caffe Italia. The atmosphere is very friendly. The tables are covered with white paper and the restaurant provides crayons. I used to love that kind of stuff when I was a kid (and, honestly, it's pretty fun even as a college student). Prices are upper average. This is more of a "let's go out for a special dinner" than "let's eat out here every weekend" sort of restaurant. Is that what you're looking for? You could also search the regular Restaurants page.

Question: Where can I find locally-grown unpopped popcorn kernels?

-I bought local popcorn kernels from the Farmer's Market last fall. They aren't always out there, and I forget the name of who sold them.

  • Jesse Jones from Dixon has in the past sold popcorn at the Farmers' Market, and also at Davis Food Co-op, but I don't know if he is at either venue in Feb. 08.
  • In season you can get them from Lloyd's Produce at the Farmers' Market.

Question: Where can I buy a black lightbulb/ blacklight flashlight?

  • The little ones for detecting counterfeit money are available at office supply stories like ["Office Max']. The big ones are seasonal at Halloween, Halloween Headquarters had some a few years back.
  • I bought one at Dragonfire Toys in Woodland about 3 years ago. Don't know if they still have them.
  • I ended up going to Walmart; it was around $3.50.

Question: Where can I go to get my driver's side power window, which has slipped off its gears (the motor works, but doesn't move the window up because its not attached anymore) and is inside the car door, back up without being charged $170 in labor? - SunjeetBaadkar

  • Guess I'll answer it myself since I found out, but Speedy's Glass does quick fixes for windows, but I ended up going to Triple A and getting John to do a great job for a price lower than everyone else for labor. That guy is incredible! —SunjeetBaadkar

Question: Where can I go to find info on how to sublease one's place? I have a house that I'm trying to sublease for the summer but have never done such a thing before. - SunjeetBaadkar

  • This topic would make a good DavisWiki page, it seems to me. —ElleWeber

Question: Is there a certified GM repair shop in Davis? I can't seem to find one. If not, where is the nearest one? —BrandonBarrette

Hanlees Chevrolet

Question: Where can I play miniature golf? - BlairGoss

  • I don't think there are any miniature golf places particularly nearby. The nearest I can think of is either Scandia in Sacramento or Scandia in Fairfield. There used to be one at Paradise Island in Sacramento, but I believe they went out of business a while ago.

Question: Where can I find mustache wax?

  • While much of the nation has to mail order this increasingly difficult to find toiletry, there's a supplier right over the causeway in Sacramento. Dale's Clipper Service and Supply" is at 3112 Fulton Ave. I can't attest to anything they sell, but they are close, and likely better than blindly mail ordering sampler packs until you find what you like. Of course, you can find the ingredients for homemade mustache wax and tweak it until you find the perfect mix for your own facial hair, but trying some pre-made ones gives you an idea of what you're looking for (they vary quite a bit). —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

Question: Where can I get a grilled vegetable sandwich with eggplant or mushroom(s)? The Vegetarian Options page suggests upscale restaurants. I'm looking for something a bit more downscale. —CovertProfessor

  • I know this is more upscale, but Tucos usually has some sort of veggie sandwich year-round; a couple years I remember they had a grilled eggplant sandwich for fall, and a mushroom one for winter (changing with what was in season - although, are mushrooms ever out of season?). —ElleWeber
    • Hmm, I don't see mention of one on their current menu online (as of 9/17/08) , but I'll keep an eye out. Thanks for the suggestion. —CovertProfessor
    • It looks like the online menu hasn't been updated since July. Tucos' menu changes pretty often, so they may have one now. Good luck! —ElleWeber
  • Answering my own question: Cloud Forest Cafe has one, and it's pretty good! I'd prefer one that is eggplant-oriented to one that is pesto-avocado-oriented, but this will do for now. —CovertProfessor
    • Not directly related, but possibly "to the taste", I used to have the mushrooms of the moment at Pluto's as a meal (along with the garlic fries, split between two people). Cloud Forest has a nicer, quieter atmosphere, however. —jw
    • Still answering my own question: Nugget has a pretty tasty portobello mushroom-oriented one. Not great for ambiance, though. :-) —CovertProfessor
  • I believe both Pluto's and Crepeville offer either an eggplant or portabella sandwich (or both). Also, Burgers and Brew has a portabella burger which is pretty tasty.

Question: Where can I get a 5-disc CD player fixed? I cannot seem to find anywhere local that does home electronics repair. ~ CindiDrake

Try bribing some starving electrical engineers.

Question: Where can I shred documents in Davis ? Suggestion : There is a city dump in Davis. Not sure of the address but its down pole line and then to the right. not too far though.

  • Our business uses Pride Industries in Natomas.
  • Office Max offers a secure document shredding service. The charge is $0.79 per pound. Only paper, staples and paperclips are acceptable for shredding.

Question: Where can I get fresh (no more than a few hours old), organic, locally-raised eggs? Thanks in advance! —H4rry

  • The closest I can think of is the Meat Lab. I'm not sure too many places sell hours-fresh eggs. —hankim

Question: Where can I find the driest playground in Davis (e.g., the one(s) where, after a rainfall, the slides won't pool water, or that have an all-weather surface)? The playground at Montgomery comes to mind, but I'm looking for one that isn't part of a schoolyard. Thanks! —KevinChin

  • There is a small playground on the greenbelt, off of Aurora and Baja in North Davis. Most of the equipment stays dry, and it has wood chips instead of sand. Slides will get and stay wet no matter what. Though I think the big cement slide at Community Park dries quickly. Best practice: keep some large, old towels (and extra pants for the kids) with you.

Question: When/Where can I find pickup basketball games in Davis? —pdj

  • If you do not have an ARC membership, try Central Park.—hankim
    • sometimes after hours / weekends at Davis Senior High School the gym was open for pickup basketball, look into that. Also the outdoor courts near the Rec Pool ~SD

Question: Where can I get a mirror? I need a 12x18 inch mirror to replace one in a fixure that I have. The Anderson Glass wiki page (or their own website) isn't much help and that's the only place I can think of off hand. What do you suggest? —JenniferCook

  • Did you try giving them a call? It looks like they do custom glass work, so they'll almost certainly be able to handle the job. —TomGarberson

Question: Where can I find a good "ethnic" hair stylist in Davis? —Babhari

  • "Ethnic" seems pretty broad, but judging by your user page, it sounds like you might be interested in Aaranna Hair Design. One of the owners, Farideh, seems to have been trained and done most of her styling in Iran. Aaranna is out on Lake Blvd., and is actually right next door to Abba, another hair salon, so whichever one you pick, make sure you walk in the right door! —TomGarberson

Hi Tom, thanks for your answer. I do supposed that term is a bit too broad. To be more specific, I was referring to black/African American hair textures. Babhari

Question: Where can I rent one of those 4 person bikes that are usually locked up in the movie theater parking lot? -MM

Hallmark inn I think those used to be owned by the hallmark for the bike loaner. This was F street lot?

Question: Where can I find a can of Vanilla Coke? I know Safeway sells them by the 12-pack, but I don't want 12 cans of soda because I'll probably end up with diabetes by the end of the week. But I just want to buy a can or 20 oz. bottle of Vanilla Coke. (Or, if 11 other people want to split a 12-pack from Safeway with me, that'd be awesome, too.) Thanks.

  • Most gas stations/convenience stores and liquor stores are probably going to have 20 oz. bottles. I can't speak to any particular one, but most will. —TomGarberson
    • Sodexo has answered my plea, and offers 20 oz. bottles at the Silo and at Scrubs. —SS

Question: I live in an apartment and even though I have lived here for over ten years now just never got around to it, so where can I grow some of my own vegetables and fruits that won't cost an arm and a leg? — Wes-P

Answer: Plant a winter garden now at the Experimental College Community Garden for $20. Also, the Davis Community Garden plots may be closer to you and are about the same price (half-plot after July is half-price). —JoRo

Question: Where can one play table tennis (ping-pong) in Davis, other than at the ARC?

I'm not aware of any other table tennis tables open to the public in town. —TomGarberson

Question: Where can I purchase a TapouT t-shirt in Davis? I want to be a TapouT brah for Halloween. Checked Big 5, they used to carry them but got rid of them because they did not sell. —hankim

Question: Where can I exchange coins in bulk for cash, store credit, etc. without paying the stupid 8 or 10% or whatever Coinstar charges? —TomGarberson If you have an account at First Northern, just show up at the Merchant Window. They will happily count your coin and either deposit it or give you bills. —jimstewart

Thanks! Based on the various responses, it looks like most credit unions will do it for free, most banks won't, and Coinstar will do it without any charge if you get store credit to one of a variety of places (including Amazon <3). I had previously only used Safeway's Coinstar knockoff, "Coin Master", which doesn't give you that option. —TomGarberson

Travis has a location in Vacaville that they count coins at... The machine they had in Davis was broken at the time

Question: Where can I get awesome apple pie? I've been in the mood for awesome apple pie. —hankim

Question: Where can I find a really nice stuffed animal? Specifically, a duck.

  • An actual dead animal that's been stuffed or one made out of fabric?

Question: Where in Davis can I get oat bread? (Real oat bread, not just wheat bread with a few oats stuck to the crust). —CovertProfessor

  • I would imagine Natural Food Works would have. —jsbmeb

Question: Where in Davis can I get red bean buns? Shanghai Town has red bean pancakes (and they're awesome!), but something a little less fried would be better (i.e., healthier). —CovertProfessor

  • Have you tried Hometown? —jsbmeb
    • I ate there once... thought it was OK, not amazing, and somehow never returned for a second try. Do they have them? I don't see them on the online menu. That would definitely bring me there for a second try. :-) —cp
  • I think they would. It's my experience that Chinese restaurants have 2 menus, one official and one not posted. They may have one because we have asked for special items in the past, and they have always been happy to oblige. Also I know for sure Ranch 99 supermarket in Sac has them. -jsbmeb
    • Hmm, worth a shot, I guess! There's something about red bean buns... they are highly addictive. For that matter, maybe Shanghai has them, too, if I were to ask — after all, I know they have the red bean paste... —cp
  • Not sure if you've already checked them out, but Red Orchid might have them. —tg
    • No, I haven't. I used to be a huge Red Orchid fan, but after their recent change of ownership I had a meal there that was literally inedible, and haven't been back since. Judging by the comments on the page, nothing has changed. Maybe they wouldn't screw up a red bean bun quite so badly? —cp
  • I don't think I've ever seen red bean in a true bun in Davis. The most common forms I've seen are Japanese, Korean, or Taiwanese and use pancake/waffle batter. Pretty sure Kim's Mart sells packs of dorayaki and individual servings of taiyaki. According to their official website, The Inconvenient Store sells dorayaki. Some of the sushi places might be worth a shot as well. When we find out for sure, we can do an entry on it! :)
    • Ah, more good suggestions. The Inconvenient Store also has mochi stuffed with red bean (and so does Ikedas, for that matter). That's pretty close to what I'm looking for, but I'd like more red bean and less mochi, since of course what I really want are the steamed buns. Maybe we should just make a red bean page for all the various forms in which one can red beans in Davis? —cp

Question:Where can I buy refined Tallow (beef fat), lard is easy to find in the supermarket but tallow is more difficult. I need to make some soap.

Question: Where can I buy scratched up/water damaged/wrinkled photographs? Doesn't matter if it's black and white, sepia, or colored. I checked SPCA and R&R thrift stores, they don't have any. —VKC

Where can a dude get a full body wax? With hard wax? Probably European Wax Center, or Davis Nails (ask for Nu)

Question: Where can I get some help updating my unlocked iPhone so it will sync with iTunes, or find out why I can't sync it with iTunes? —jsbmeb Unlocking your iPhone probably doesn't help it synch with itunes, Apple wants you in the pipeline. For Sim unlocks do it online or The Used Phone Store, for jailbreaks... you are on your own wax?

Question: Where can I refill a growler with beer that is more drinkable than sudwerks? —mikeycrews I talked to Beer Shoppe and they said in CA you have to make beer to fill a growler. Does that mean sukwerks is the only place in Yolo you can fill a growler?

  • Berryessa Brewing in Winters recently opened a tap room and their beer is excellent. A filled growler is $18 and refills are $10.
    • Yolo has stepped up the Growler game in recently history. Lots of craft brew in woodpile / Esparto / Winters now

Question: Are there any restaurants in town (Chinese or otherwise) that have steamed veggies and tofu, with sauce served on the side, as a regular item on their menu? (So far, Golden Sun is the closest I have found — they have steamed tofu as one item and steamed broccoli as another). —CovertProfessor Ding How has extensive vegetarian menu, I don't know off top if they have specifically steamed veggies but I know they have Tofu. Perhaps off menu / getting into the ear of a restaurant you are a regular at is the best course of action? My roommate chimes in over my shoulder that silver dragon had steamed brocolli with sauce that was "bomb" and most chinese restaurants should be able to do that: Veggies + rice cooker == steamed veggies Daubert

Yeah, I know I can request it, but I personally find continually asking for a special item not on the menu to be tiresome. Thanks, I'll check out the SD. —cp

Question: Where can I get a truly free personal checking account? Bank of the west is going to start charging me this month...Is there a preferred Credit Union people use? —["users/mikeycrews']

  • I've been happy with Golden 1 Credit Union. —cp
  • Unhappy with or just don't use USE cp? They offer free checking if you do paperless or sumat
    • Not unhappy with USE or the other credit unions, just don't have experience with them. I am pretty sure that G1 has free checking, too. —cp
    • I'll check out Golden 1. I really don't like the name, but that's probably not a great reason. Their online reviews seem the most positive of all the Davis CUs. —mc

Question: Is there a way to unsubscribe from all the junk mail I get multiple times a week? So much wasted paper. —MeggoWaffle

  • Collect all the prepaid envelopes and mail everything else back for free. —JT
  • tell the postman only to deliver stuff with your name on it, no resident etc
  • Cities can work with Catalog Choice to reduce some junk mail delivery. see NYT article —SH
  • Turns out there was a wiki page this whole time - see Junk Mail

Where can I? Find someone who will link the Daviswiki page on wikipedia to the Davis page(!!!), and put it prominent in the "things Davis is known for"

Where can I find a veterinarian (for cats) who makes house calls?

  • A reply on the Cat Clinic of Davis page mentions the Tri-County Mobile Vet Service, which does turn up some hits if you Google it. I know nothing further beyond that. —CovertProfessor

Where can I get cheap, reliable internet? I'm currently using Comcast at a rental home in West Davis but my promotional offer ended and my internet bill went from around $40 total to over $70 total per month. I'm only interested in internet and not tv or phone services. In the past after spending a few hours haggling with various comcast employees on the phone I've been able to get the promotional price again, but I wanted to see if I could avoid having to talk with anyone from Comcast. —MikeyCrews

AT&T is a bit cheaper, although their customer service is even worse than Comcast's (I know - shocking, right?). The connections are slower than Comcast, but more than sufficient for web browsing, streaming video, etc. You probably have to sign a 1-year contract. I also dealt with for a business account. Their service was extremely good, although I think they were a little more expensive than AT&T. Still probably cheaper than Comcast. There are some other options on the Internet Service Providers page, but I don't have any personal experience with them. Also, you can call up Comcast and threaten to change providers if they don't adjust your rates. Typically, they'll give you a new "loyalty" discount or offer you another "new customer" discount. The benefit of these reduces each time you do it, though. It'll probably be $5-10 more than your original promotional price. When it runs out and you do it again a year from now, it'll be another $5-10 higher, and so on. After several years, you'll only be getting maybe $10/month off your full-price rate. —TomGarberson

Question: Where can I get affordable voice lessons within my budget ($30-50 per lesson)? Lessons for non-Music majors by the Music Department is too expensive for me, so I would like to know of other options.

You might want to ask Area Music Teachers one of them keeps their ear to the ground usually. Also ask around Davis Community Choir or Davis Childrens Choir the people who do that are local music teachers with passion for singing. Watermelon music also should have a board up. Do you want all around basic lessons or do you want to work on something specific like projection or control etc etc? I will also ask my mother b/c I took vocal lessons in town when I was a young warthog... ~SD

Question: I want to play Munchkin and other table top/board games with other people in my age group (25-30). Where is the best place to do that? Or what's the best way to form a group? Back when I was a student the Coho had a message board people could post on, but I don't think such a thing exists anymore.

  • I have Munchkin in space, coupled with the clown wars expansion & the extra space vehicles. I would be up for getting down. I co-own it with a buddy of mine, who is also a twenty something (he is the youngest at 25 recently). Technically Bizarro world is trying to start (force) a tabletop/board game night on Thursday but it's week 2 of this endeavor & it's looking weak. Normally the Warhammer folks get down every other Thursday but it's not really panning out. There is a table top club on campus, usually meeting in the top of the silo. they play a bit of whatever but usually tabletop / MTG or Settlers of Cattan (something two separate unrelated groups of mine go absolutely nuts for settlers. Do you play Chess? ~SD

Post Script: Please remember to consider the importance of preview :D

  • I played the standard Munchkin when I was in grad school, but I think the expansions sound like fun. I've never gone to any game nights at any stores, mostly because it was a little intimidating. I've always been a casual player, and I was worried no one would have the patience to teach me whatever game they wanted to play. But I am open to learning! I'm an instructor, so I am a little worried that it would be awkward for me to crash a student club. Maybe if there were some grad students I would feel more comfortable? Also, alas I am rubbish with chess. —AM

PS: My apologies if I did something to the code. When I made my edit everything seemed OK.

  • I know how you feel. As a community member not a student I'm not so keen on crashing student clubs. Game night at stores is whack or super niche (WH40k, but those folks are happy to teach) Settlers of cattan is all the tabletop rage right now. Star Munchkin is very fun, & having all the expansions makes it even better. I'm not a chess shark but I do dabble (I'm not that good I swear). If you want to tabletop with our group of past 25 twentysomethings hit me up. As far as harping on the recent changes spam I was just giving you a hard time out of GP... It's funny cause I wound up being 1 less edit on R/C with my spree. Awesome gnomage with bolding the questions, the wiki thanks you ~SD
    • I may be taking you up on that offer soon! Thank you! And don't give me too much credit for the bolding, I'm just adept at the copy and paste. -AM