The water of life, commonly known as whiskey, comes in many delicious and quickly inebriating forms. The most well known whiskeys are Bourbon, Irish whiskey and Scotch, there are many other varieties that are just as great giving the whiskey lover a reason to keep on drinking to try them all. Whiskey is an all natural product made from different varieties of grain mash depending on the type of product. The sugars from the grain mash(es) are fermented, distilled (concentrating the most important important ingredient alcohol), and aged for in some cases over 20 years in oak vessels. Drinking Whiskey

To the novice whiskey drinker the product may seem to burn, taste bitter/strong, and be generally unpleasant.

Whiskey is much cheaper by alcohol volume than beer and wine (when compared to products of similar quality) because it is much more concentrated.

It is recommended that the beginner first become accustomed to taking shots.

If taking shots is already easy for you, try sipping it, first invest in a tumbler.

If you find that the burn is not tolerable try adding ice to cool down the liquid.

You should soon become used to the burn and it will gradually over time become unnoticeable, it may even have a sweetness to it.

You will soon be able to pick out the delicate flavors in your glass.

Find your favorite varieties of whiskey and continue enjoy.