The front page of Davis Wiki on April 1st, 2006

On April 1st, 2006, the DavisWiki became the MyDavisWiki, "a place for friends". This was a spoof of the (popular in 2006) site MySpace. Colors and layout were changed to make the Wiki look similar to MySpace, users were picked out and "featured", and very mainstream and pop music played on the user pages as well as any other pages with a comment box on them (just like MySpace user profiles). The Wiki Sandbox, which sported several comment boxes on that day, roared with a cacophony. Most pages had random titled background pictures, as well.

The music was randomly selected from:

  • Ace of Base - The Sign
  • The All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret
  • ATC - Around the World
  • Black Eyed Peas - My Humps
  • Dashboard Confessional - The Brilliant Dance
  • Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Goin' Down
  • Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
  • Nelly - Grillz
  • Pink - Stupid Girls
  • Sean Paul - We Be Burning
  • Vengaboys - Boom Boom Boom Boom
  • The Village People - YMCA

A typical page on Davis Wiki.


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  • This was hilarious. I enjoyed it immensely -Janelle
  • I was actually quite upset by the whole thing. In other words, I was fooled. —ZacharyNorwood
  • I loved this joke; probably because I wasn't fooled, and got to see the comments of people who were. I give the DWiki crew a HUGE thumbs up. Trying to top this next year will be hard. — AllisonEriksen
  • Why's there music playing? — TusharRawat
  • I must say I was upset, then tried to be positive about it, got more and more upset, then figured it out and had a good laugh. I haven't been fooled on April 1st in a long, long time. Great job! - SharlaDaly
  • This was beautiful Philip. You really freaked some people out - even though in a way it was more overtly a joke than last year's April fools day. But I do have to say this first year was better because it seemed more real - and my picture was in the flash animation. Even I was fooled briefly the first year, but since you asked to borrow my camera this year I was in on the joke. And I love that horrible picture of Duax as part of the Cool New People. - RobRoy

Wonderful. Just lovely. The dragon print background really complimented my user page. —JillWeinstein

Simply amazing. —AndrewBanta

Personally, I thought it was tacky and pulled my page for the day in response. Let's not have a repeat of this. I take issue with the professionality of it. Yes, it was a great April Fool's Joke. However, it took away the reputability of the Davis Wiki as a resource for people looking for information on Davis. —MatthewKeys

  • Does a day go by that doesn't include you deleting your page? — RobRoy
  • God knows we were all suffering terribly not being able to view your page. — TravisGrathwell
    • I'm sorry you had to suffer. —Matt
  • MathewKeys it teh gas for wiki luv machine. He's in, then out, then in, then out, then in, then an explosion. 9 months later there will be Davis Wiki Jr, the bastard son of too much one-handed typing. — MichaelGiardina
  • Wow. Lack a sense of humor much Matt? It was April Fools for christ sakes. I'm pretty sure I laughed for ten minutes straight after going to Philip's page and hearing "Rob a jewelry store tell em make me a grill". Grillz is now forever Philip's theme song in my mind. —ZacMorris
  • It -was- myspace day after all. Myspacetactisity had to be honored, did it not?.... :) It was April Fools Day and most people here enjoyed it, so it was well worthwhile. Any "damage" that was done is gone by now. Such is the nature of Wiki. I'm looking forward to next year's version! Besides, how was any of the information on the Wiki hurt that day? I didn't see/notice many practical jokes, contentwise. —JosephBleckman
  • Matthew, obviously haven't been around the Internet for more than a year. April Fool's Day is a highly popular joke amongst geeks and thus many internet sites. Numerous "professional" sites had joke formatting/content up:
    • Yahoo!
    • Google
    • Flickr
    • Microsoft Developer Network
    • Slashdot
    • LiveJournal
    • check the Wikipedia for a full list. — ArlenAbraham
      • It was pathetic and pointless. Not very professional at all for anyone looking for resources on Davis. —MatthewKeys
        • I think that is exactly the idea on April Fools Day - pathetic and pointless. Thank heavens for a little break from the seriousness of life - SharlaDaly
  • The practical joke was hilarious and apparently enjoyed by everyone but you. And a number of pages and/or content relevant to the Daviswiki have been added as a result. That makes it useful to the community. Likewise, I encourage you to add content to the community that is useful to and appreciated by the community as a whole, and is not simply autobiographical and/or internet-drama oriented. Also, please check your facts about daviswiki diversityCraigBrozinsky
  • Where's the assumption of professionalism coming from? I'm pretty sure I was in my underwear when I made most of the logos, for example. Hell, I'm in my underwear right now. That's not exactly professional, is it? —MikeIvanov

I was so pissed that when I realized I'd been had, I had to make a donation. —PaulThober

This was an excellent April fools joke in particular, and there were several good ones throughout the area. I'm impressed. —JaimeRaba

2006-04-04 18:07:56   i think it's ironic. all of it. mydaviswiki was funny because there had been some talk about people coming in, creating pages, and then doing nothing. some people even left claiming the wiki was "the new myspace" and of all those people, mr keys is one to speak up about it, while his page has been called "myspace overflow" and very "lj drama-esque" from it's constant comings and goings when things bother him. i freaking loved the mydaviswiki, it was excellent, such a damn eye sore but the music was so cliche myspace and the ugly schemes.... excellent job on this year's april fool's! —MichelleAccurso

2006-04-04 19:56:50   Considering the short duration of April Fool's Day, I don't think it cast the Wiki in a negative light. Props to the team who pulled it off! —CindySperry

2006-04-05 00:15:29   I was saddened by this. I knew it was just for April Fools' Day, but I felt like my page had been soiled with the evils of bad music! —KarinaSummers

2006-04-05 06:01:13   I'm still hoping to get the Star Wars "Imperial March" as the music for my userpage. —BrentLaabs

2006-04-09 23:57:58   I was completely fooled. My train of thought went something like this: "I came to the page after typing in the typical I thought.. no this isn't my wiki.... tried .com no luck... where's my davis wiki??? googled it... same thing..... oh no!!! the daviswiki team wouldn't do that!!! But... same info right? Damn it is my daviswiki.... Well... let's just get the info i came here for and hope someone comes to their senses.... damn music... where's that coming from? Davis wiki!!!! NOOOO!!! wth with the tacky ass wallpaper...... sigh i gotta get out of here." Next day I came back... "whew they came to their senses" Today, over a week later.... realized it was an april fools joke.... *sigh* —CarlosBarahona

2006-04-10 08:57:22   ZOMG can we get over this yet? It's done, it's over, ain't nothing you can do to fix it now. —CindySperry

2006-04-10 12:21:53   I would like to reiterate Arlen's point, since it seems to have gone ignored, that some of the very most "professional" websites in existence, such as yahoo & google, conducted major April Fools pranks as well — So is MatthewKeys holding us to a hire standard than Google or what? —KrisFricke

  • Dear Kris, Had Philip not deleted my comments, you would have seen that I said "Screw it" and that I don't care about professionalism anymore. All I care about is the abduction and/or tipping of cows. That's it. Thank you, Management.