This entry refers to a mostly departed wiki that is feeling unloved and wants to move to Topeka.All information here is for historical reference only, or because the wiki feels like it. It's getting really dark in here. Goodbye cruel world.

Goodbye! You are now leaving the community wiki for Davis, California, USA! This is the final page on the Wiki. You must turn around and go back to see the rest of the Wiki. This project was an interconnected community effort to explore, discuss and compile anything and everything about Davis — especially the big, irritating things. This entire site was maintained by the people who used it: Anyone could have edited this website! We hope you enjoyed your stay.

If you're new, you should have checked out the Introduction. Or perhaps tried reading a random page: But do you listen to directions? No.

Davis Wiki has been part of the local community for over five years and is a founding site of the Wiki Spot project, which provides a home and interconnectivity for all kinds of wiki projects. Goodbye from the wiki! Don't you wish you spent more time here?

Featured Page

Featured Page

"Where The Sun Shines" Photo Picnic Day 2016 - Courtesy: CO

Picnic Day 2018 Edition 104! "Where The Sun Shines" 🌞

The Picnic Day Board:

We feel that our theme showcases not only the sunny and bright environment of UC Davis but also the cheerful people and their warm expressions on Picnic Day. The Board of Directors is dedicated to planning this event to give our students and community a day to look forward to.

A day full of laughter, awe, and inspiration. A day where you can milk a cow, watch dogs race, and see the latest student-created fashion strut the runway. A day where we can celebrate the accomplishments of our UC Davis students, departments, and organizations. To demonstrate our discoveries with the community and entertain our inner child-like hearts.

A day where the sun shines. 🌞

Wiki/April Fool's Day, 2010/You could have explored


City Life

Food and Drink

Davis Orientation

UC Davis

Computer and Internet

Today's Events

For upcoming events check out the Events Board. If you know of any events, post them at the bottom of the Events Board page!

And be sure to check out the regular events that happen for the day..

Davis Issues

Davis Wiki

The Aggie ran a news story about the Davis Wiki on February 25th.  However, since students are free to publish anything on these pages, it is essential to remember that student newspapers are not consistently reliable, up-to-date sources of hard facts and cannot be taken entirely at face value.


Davis Issues

Some pages dedicated to issues of interest:

​And some issues that are no longer "hot":

Mystery Picture

Mystery picture

Do you have a good Mystery Picture? How's your Davis knowledge? Where around Davis was the following picture taken? Take a guess!

04/14/2018 - By CO

Please edit this page and add your own picture! Instructions for changing the mystery picture are available in the "info" page for this page.

Unsolved Mysteries! Guesses and spoilers! - Older mystery pictures are saved and cataloged. Here are some helpful non-binding rules on what makes a good mystery picture.



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Wiki News

Wiki News

2014-12-26 Oh my god, so many changes. Read about them over here!

Check out the archive for older news....

Check out the discussion for commentary on the news...

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