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Welcome to the Davis-wiki, a city-wiki for Davis in California, USA.

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Neighbors must be talked about, true?

There is a concept behind the small-case spelling on wiki-nodes, I retrieved it here. In difference to camel case and url (evite "-") the clean linking language is not determined by any technical rules. Wiki is overfed with information: big case and color go along with each other telling you: Attention!. Thats too much. The color is enough. The language on the wiki-nodes is supposed to be the same for all wikis on all engines in all languages. It is no problem if it contrasts to the use on other pages on your wiki, but please: the wiki-node concerns something bigger - all wikilandia. Thx for surfing around on the nodes a bit and googling wikinode. MattisManzel

  • can the [:FrontPage:front-page] become ["Front Page" front-page]? (that's the standard linking around these parts)

MattisManzel, 2007-09-01: See the changes here included on oddwiki-hive / city-wiki-center: Davis-wiki and check the different feeds for the center-wiki, please. Thanks.