This BBQ was held at Slide Hill Park on Thursday the 27th at 3:00PM-9:00PM. This BBQ was special as it celebrated 1 year of the Wiki. There was cake and beer and good times. (Anyone ever figure out how to make the microwave popcorn?)

People who came: (Add yourselves!)


See the amazing stunts Philip did on the unicycle! - AndrewLeonard Phillip made a lovely cake! Insert delicious food here Good food, good friends Elusive Mr. Grathwell Even the Poe-lease showed up


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2005-10-28 13:49:06   Can we organize this page according to when people showed up? Sorry I didn't make it... —JackHaskel

2005-10-28 14:07:10   <shields>Wouldn't it be better to sort by user name?</shields> —SteveDavison

2005-10-28 14:52:59   i alphabetized it, i can't remember the order of arrival for everyone, if we really wanted to we could all do it ourselves, ie "i can between these two people" —MichelleAccurso

2005-10-28 15:15:40   That was actually a joke :) —JackHaskel

2005-10-28 16:12:57   I like the unicycle pic. And I really had fun last night. Leif's hat was rocksome. —JaimeRaba

2005-10-29 16:34:08   A month is a long time. Is there any interest in having micro-gatherings, say a weekly lunch at a downtown restaurant? Pref. a different place each time -we could review it. —SteveDavison

2005-10-29 22:30:22   Jaime suggested to me that I host my show during the a wiki BBQ, which would certainly be fun, but would have to be planned out months in advance, and we would probably need a nearby internet connection to make it happen (wireless works). That is, if it is hosted on a thursday, it would be live. I do have remote recording capeabilities now, ready to go at a moment's notice, but hey, what about a live discussion amongst wikians and some wikivangelism. —KarlMogel