This page is a part of our Wiki Bureaucracy formed so that we can do things like open a bank account for Davis Wiki.

Bylaws are rules that govern the internal operation of an organization, in this case Davis Wiki. Our bylaws should cover how directors are selected, how meetings between directors are conducted and what the directors titles and duties are.

This needs to be done very quickly so that we can open a bank account. We should draft bylaws and I hope that we can get needed input this weekend so that we can have something to give to the bank on monday. Our bylaws should be specific to the operation of solely Davis Wiki. An umbrella and general non-profit organization is being formed as well, but what concerns us now is the entity that is Davis Wiki itself.PhilipNeustrom

Example bylaws:

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Bylaws of the Davis Wiki.



Community consensus: General agreement among individuals with Membership in the Davis Wiki greater than or equal to 2/3 of those active in a discussion.

Article I: Name and Purpose

Section 1: Name

The name of this organization shall be Davis Wiki. The main website of Davis Wiki shall be

Section 2: Purpose

The Purpose of Davis Wiki shall be as follows:

Article II: Membership

Section 1: Eligibility

The Davis Wiki's website is free for anyone to use. Only members of Davis Wiki shall have voting rights. Membership of Davis Wiki shall be open to all persons who have established an account at Accounts on Davis Wiki constitute a usage of Davis Wiki. Membership is granted to any single person who holds an account on Davis Wiki.

Section 2: Bans

Membership may be revoked in an act known as a "ban." A ban shall occur due to administrative need or from community consensus surrounding the individual's actions. "Administrative need" is the general need to protect the Davis Wiki from acts such as repeated vandalism, spamming, or denial of service attacks. Any member with the appropriate privileges may, out of adminstrative need, ban any user subject to later debate and overturning through discussion and community consensus.

Article III: Board of Directors

Section 1: Composition of the Board of Directors

The Davis Wiki Board of Directors shall consist of five individual board members. Each board member must be a member of Davis Wiki. The General Director is a board member.

Section 2: Selection of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, sans General Director, is to be selected by an annual vote, occuring during the time of the annual fundraiser. Voting is open to all members present during the election. The election will be conducted using Choice Voting (Single Transferable Vote). Specifically, a Single Transferable Vote election using the Droop quota and Meek's Method will be used. Members will select four board members in a four-winner race. The four board members selected will then vote to select the General Director.

Section 3: Duties of the Board of Directors

The full administrative authority of the Davis Wiki shall be vested in Board of Directors, and the Board shall oversee the general direction of Davis Wiki and the General Director. Board Members may hold officer positions. Board Members are expected to attend meetings of the Board of Directors.

Section 4:Meetings of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall meet quarterly, at a time of their choosing, to discuss matters relevant to Davis Wiki. The board may meet more often than once a quarter if they see fit. The board must notify members of their meeting time and location, and the meetings shall be open to all members.

A meeting may be held provided at least three board members are present.

A vote of the board shall pass if it receives support of greater than or equal to 2/3 of the present board members. The Board may over-rule the actions of the General Director through a vote.

Article IV: Officers

Section 1: Officer Positions

The General Director, Treasurer, and other directors shall be the Officers of Davis Wiki.

Section 2: Selection of Officers

All directors shall be selected by the General Director. The Treasurer shall be selected by the board.

Section 3: Duties of Officers

The Chief Executive responsibilities of the Davis Wiki shall be vested in the General Director. The General Director shall see to it that the Davis Wiki is maintained. The General Director shall have the authority to select all officers that are not selected directly by the Board. The General Director's selection of an officer can be over-ruled by a vote of the Board.

The Treasurer shall have ultimate financial responsibility over Davis Wiki, and shall ensure that Davis Wiki remains operational and fiscally sound. The Treasurer shall manage all Davis Wiki accounts, investments, donations and revenues. He or she shall execute all responsibilities given by the Board of Directors, General Director, and these Bylaws.

The role of director corresponds to a specific administrative task. Members serving as directors are expected to carry out their specific tasks.

Section 4: Meetings of Officers

Officers meet once per fiscal quarter to discuss Davis Wiki matters. They shall also meet upon the call of the General Director, or two (2) General Administrators of Davis Wiki.

Article V: Amendments

Amendments can be brought up at any time and will be addressed in the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors. Amendments will be effective immediately or upon a date agreed upon by those passing the amendment. A good faith effort must be made to inform all members of the amendment prior to a vote.