With the DavisWiki getting so much attention on a national scale, from articles in the New York Times to winning awards from M.I.T., it is proving to not only be a pioneer in the world of community Wikis, but also a seeming magnifying glass on the city of Davis itself. It would not be the first time Davis has been in the spotlight, but it now becoming apparent that Davis is a city to be reckoned with in the realms of technology and community. The wiki has brought us together for several years and is now on the forefront of local information services, edited by users like you constantly bringing it, and you, closer to up to the minute information than any other source that can be found to date for communities as a whole. With all of this being said, the Wiki is still growing and is still a work in progress. What do we love, hate or need to change about the Wiki?

The Purpose

One thing about the Wiki is it's ability to bring out the best, and the worst, in those who share it. DavisWiki allows us a free forum on which to add commentary in the things we share here in the city of Davis. It allows us to meet others of like mind and to also meet those who are opposed to everything we think and do. It is a tool, a lifestyle, information and play. It is a great number of things to a great number of people and allows to find those things we may enjoy or despise, including the DavisWiki itself.

This page is dedicated to finding a perfect solution one day, if not this one, to find the balance that best serves all of us.

By sharing all of our thoughts and concerns with what is wrong with the Wiki as it stands, and by confirming or reaffirming what is right with Wiki we can better understand the needs of the whole and bring that balance closer than it is today. With that being said, share you thoughts, your ideas, your likes and dislikes here. Share them freely and openly but with a modicum of respect for all the users here, especially the ones we tend to disagree with. Edit it through communication with other and with care. Help each other to create the Wiki we really want starting today. Basically the Wiki needs you, the members of the community, to help it continue to grow and become the best it can be. Add your thoughts, your ideas and help us to begin a true dialogue for the Davis WIki and for all sprouting Wiki communities out there.

The Things We Love

Comment boxes I Love Davis Community working together for a sole purpose. Access to informed details on people, places and things of interest in Davis in one location. Access to new people, friends and ideas. The Ability to inform with your own User created pages A dedicated team of people who can change the code when necessary

The Things We Hate

Comment boxes I Hate Davis Anonymous Hacks Trolls Sockpuppets Wiki-Vandalism Edit Wars Unnecessary New coding on the Wiki- Coding that detracts from, rather than attracts to the DavisWiki

Progress In Change

Created the Welcome to the Wiki page to help new users better navigate and learn the system. (2005 by JabberWokky) Created the use of RealName to avoid trolls-vandals (2006 by ArlenAbraham)


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