This page is a place for the Wiki Community to discuss the issue of exiting and new pages with content that may be more appropriately stored on neighboring wikis such as sacramento, vacaville, woodland, winters, westsac, and dixon. See also Nearby Wikis.

  1. There are neighboring wikis and more can be created

  2. Sometimes there is distant content that warrants a local page so that Davisites can share their experience of that subject.

  3. It is possible, and sometimes more appropriate to use and interwiki link to share the existence of a non-Davis Wiki page with the Davis Community. [wiki:wikiname:"Page Name" Display Name for Page]

  4. There is some content that doesn't serve the goal of this wiki to "to explore, discuss and compile anything and everything about Davis"


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2009-05-17 16:23:21   This is a long term issue that started prior to the existence of other local wikis. There have been a few recent business listings created that return this issue to the light. If this is the Davis Wiki, and there are also wikis for other localities when is it appropriate to have pages here for content that is geographically tied to locations other than Davis? For some things I think that the "radius of common interest" certainly extends beyond the borders of Davis and into reality such as Adventures Outside of Davis and Snow Sports. It isn't like you often get the chance to ski in town and many people in town are interested in skiing. On the other hand a write up of a business that is not in Davis when there are businesses in town providing the same service doesn't seem useful, and if that content isn't on the wiki for the community in which it is located is a real disservice to the other wiki. —JasonAller

2009-05-17 17:33:07   That is a wonderful summary of the way I feel on this issue. —JoePomidor

2009-05-17 20:58:11   Let me throw an example out there for discussion: smog check places. Based on reviews and prices, I ended up having my last smog check done at a Woodland location. A Davis page of a Woodland smog check place eases comparisons between Davis and Woodland locations, and might help to answer the question, "is it worth a trip to Woodland?" In general, I like Davis-centric pages even when they aren't of Davis locations, though of course at some point it becomes silly. People might reasonably disagree about what that point is.

On the other hand, if we think that the wiki should always promote Davis businesses over non-Davis businesses, regardless, then such places should not be included. I don't think I would take that position myself, but I would understand it. —CovertProfessor

2009-05-17 22:51:16   With the addition of neighboring wikis, one answer seems to be to provide a general link, as some have suggested. For example, on the Davis Wiki's beauty salons and barber shops page, there could be a link and text suggesting that nearby cities of West Sacramento, Sacramento, and Woodland have Wiki sites with their own local businesses (linked to a page that lists all local wikis?). That type of reference would have worked for the smog place, as well. I don't see this as promoting Davis businesses; I see it as providing some kind of content boundaries and organization that will serve the wiki community in the long run. Like a well organized file system. I think it's the secret secretary in me... —robinlaughlin

2009-05-18 00:00:13   I agree with CovertProfessor: the Buckhorn is a notable local restaurant, where "local" is not inside the boundaries of Davis, but it is popular among people in Davis. The wiki documents Davis, but living in Davis is not bounded by the municipal borders. The SNR entries for Davis and Sacramento are from distinctly different perspectives and benefit from being localized. I tend to think that duplication and cross pollination (via manual copying) is better than the logically minded appeal of cross indexed links. Obviously, there are exceptions, but the general rule I like is: if it's worth having a link, it's worth having an entire entry from a Davis perspective. Possibly with a bottom note similar to the "For more widget sources, visit the widgets entry" line: "Also read the Buckhorn entry on the Winters wiki and the Woodland wiki". That cross indexes for the reader and also allows a local take on the local entry. Hopefully they will return the link, but that's also a matter of their local wiki standards and traditions. —gnomeEvan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

  • As an amusing followup thought, the largest employer/institution in Davis is technically just located near Davis. The Davis community, however, uses Jo-Ann's fabrics in Woodland and the children of Davis wind their way through the corn maze there. The community uses Yolo County services located in Woodland, at 3am hits the Dennys-eses in Dixon and West Sac and 12 hours later might enjoy the wildlife near the causeway. More than one Davis residence is furnished by the IKEA in Wëšt Såc or from the WalMart in Dixon. However, the Davis perspective on WalMart (or wetlands and their ties to UCD research or stone fraternity symbols, or which farm stores are close) is different than that of Woodland, Dixon or West Sac. -jw

2009-05-18 10:07:33   I personally agree with robinlaughlin. This option a) Avoids redundancy. b) keeps all the reviews in one place so if you want to read the reviews for a business you don't have to check 5 surrounding wikis. c)Increases the liklihood that listing information will remain up to date. If the business now closes 1 hour earlier, it would be a simple thing for one of the local pages to be overlooked and not reflect the new change. For an example of my opinion in practice see Organic. —MasonMurray