This page is designed as a "foster home" for photos taken in Davis that don't yet have a designated homepage on the Wiki. The photos added to this page may be used freely throughout the wiki, and uploading photos to this page places them under the Creative Commons licensing applicable to all DavisWiki information. Try to add photos and list them by category; hopefully another page will "adopt" your photo soon. Looking for photos? Also check out the Clipart page.

Adding Photos

Before adding, check the Photo Requests page to see if there is already a request in place for a photo like yours. For help uploading photos, see Help With Images. Want help taking photos, or want to browse through other Wikizen's online photo galleries? See Photography



Davis Icons

Fauna (Animals)

Flora (Plants)




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2009-01-31 13:57:55   The only issue with this page is that a photo has to be uploaded here, downloaded, a page created and then uploaded to the new page. An alternative would be to just upload a photo to a non existent page and insert the [[Image... and [[Include(Seed)]] macros? See Brooks Bicycle Saddles for an example of what I'm talking about. —JasonAller