Utterly Inane Suggestions are not meant to be taken seriously by the Wiki Community. They include:

How about we only create entries for businesses after they have gone out of business?

  • Not sure if this counts as inane. —CovertProfessor
  • This way, we can collect all of the information on the business and it will always be up to date. Actually, we should write up an entry on a business and then destroy the business so that the information will always be complete and up to date. —hankim
    • Destroy the entry or destroy the business? ;) —NickSchmalenberger
      • Woops, stupid ambiguous pronouns. I meant destroy the business. —hankim

New rule of thumb: every photo has to have a cow in the frame. They can be live cows, or subtle cows (a la the bunny on the cover of every issue of Playboy).

All Talk page discussions have to occur right after enormous meals of hot food so that everybody feels like just waving their hands, agreeing to anything and getting along quickly so they can take a nap for a few hours.

All dates should be as established in the Discordian calendar

Everybody signs every edit based on the day of the week. On Tuesdays, we all sign as Daubert, on Wednesdays, we sign as TimeTravellingThomasJefferson, and on "Angry Anti-spam Fridays", we all sign as WilliamLewis. Of course, that will mean a large number of pirate hats will have to be worn on Fridays.

Does posting photos count?

ijhediiiting haas to occcure whilwe riidiing a bikee/ typoeing on teh hanedlbarsss

Create a wiki-posting drinking game

  • This is not inane, it's awesome! —TomGarberson
    • And quite possibly lethal. —JoePomidor
      • Lethally awesome! -tg
        • Tinier reply! -jw
          • Hah -tg
            • eh -wl
              • o!

All edits on Fridays have to contain puns. This is enforced by — and creates — its own strict and heinous punishment.

  • Pun-ishment? Is that really necessary?