The primary resource of the Davis Wiki is the editors themselves... what they have seen, remembered and known. Other resources have been written about Davis that are good sources of information. This entry is intended to be a wiki editor resource for sources of information in Davis, not a direct resource for people just looking for information about Davis, so rather than listing, say, individual books, link to the books entry. This is basically a link list of resources for wiki editors willing to visit these sources (people and places) and read through or ask them for information that they have. If you're looking for general wiki topics, check out the Wiki Community.


Carry a notebook or even just a blank card and pen. If you see something around town that is neat, jot it down and add it to the wiki later. Make sure you add enough detail so you'll remember it later and have enough to search for more information (or allow other wiki editors to help you expand the information). A few keywords are often not what you want... try a full sentence. Or if you carry a device that lets you edit the wiki make your edit while looking directly at the source material.

Talk to neighbors and strangers. In lines while waiting, many people are willing to take a moment and chat; the town you live in is a good topic, and you can learn things outside your own circle.

Take photos, either with a camera or your cell phone. Your cell phone might not have a great camera for photos actually used on the wiki, but it is a great way to make a note about something that should go on the wiki. Many photos on the wiki have been taken with cell phones and serve as useful illustrations of the topic. Carrying a camera is a habit that most of the most active editors have. A photo is a wonderful starting place to work out from, even if you never use the actual photo itself. Also check the photo requests page for new ideas.

Random page is also a cool place for finding ideas.


There are some books about Davis or that mention parts of Davis in them. The Special Collections room at Shields Library has the entire set of UCD yearbooks available for browsing, they're in the glass cases in the reading room. The Society of Wiki Historical Researchers is a good group to talk to about these and coordinate with.

The local media covers current events and past archives are available in Shields Library on Microfilm. In 2007, the microfilm reading room added two brand new microfilm scanners. Bring a flash drive and scan images from 100 years of Davis Enterprise and California Aggie. It's easy, it's fun, and it's interesting to see how things were different, or the same, in the past. Physical copies only go back a few months. Regional and national media would pick up on the most important developments, but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Find the dates when Davis made national news, then dig through The Bee or bigger papers.

Federal and local records, such as land ownership, births and death records are available.


Some groups manage archives, libraries or have internal records that would be useful. Friends of the UC Davis Arboretum springs to mind, for instance. They may have old photos they are willing to donate that would be phenomenal on the wiki.


It would be nice to have a list of individuals who have been central to certain aspects of town and aren't quite keen on using the internet or the wiki, but are happy to relate stories or clarify points on certain issues.


CityWiki is a place to share templates and ideas about how to improve your wiki with other wikis. The Gnome Headquarters has similar but less specific aims.

Ward's Wiki has a lot of stuff on the philosophy of wiki, as does Meatball Wiki.